Ernest Igwe says: "let me know if I can stay in your house when i come over to your country"
Hello, I am Miss Young. In this story I get in contact with a company that smuggles "conflict diamonds" by diplomatic courier. Go to the homepage to see more stories.

From: igwe ernest <>
Sent: September 11, 2004


kindly, permit me to inform you of my predicament though I apologise for any inconveniences it might course you but I write you today based on the fact that I 'm being left alone in this part of the world and I must not hesitate to confide in you.I am Ernest Igwe, and the only child of late Mr and Mrs Appolus father was a very wealthy oil dealer here in Lome-Togo,

Before he was murdered by his business associates while I lost my mother five years ago in a motor accident and my father took me so special because I am motherless. before the death of my father on the 6th Aug.2002 in a private hospital here in Lome-Togo, he secretly called me on his bedside and told me that he has the sumof(USD$11MILLION) deposited in a trunk box with my name as the beneficary,in asecurity company here in lome he also made me understand that it was because of this money he was poisoned by his business associates while on a business outing with them and he instructed me to look for a foreign partner who will help me transfer this fund out of my country and invest it wisely in his country.

The purpose of this mail is to seek the transfer of this money to your country before this peoples will kill me too as I'm now hiding in a local hotel here inLome-Togo and I will compensate you with $1m of this money if we can negotiate and reach a compromise because you will also assist me to invest this money properly in any lucrative business in your country and l hope you will not turn me down because I am counting on you for my dear life.

I am waiting anxiously to hear from you,
My regards to your family.
Ernest Igwe,.

I offer to help Ernest.  

From: igwe ernest <>
Sent: September 13, 2004
Subject: More Details

Dear Miss Young,

Thank you very much for your reply to my message,without wasting time I will like this box that contains this fund be move out of this country to your country of choice where this fund will be invested.

A certificate of deposit was issued to my late father on the day he deposited the box with security company here in lome-togo ,for confidentiality sake he decleared the contents as family treasures not as money to avoid eye-brows;I will like you to promise me that you will keep the confidentiality of this matter within you and me.

As i have already told you that i am an orphan my life and hope is in this fund, I have spent a lot of money for the monthly demmurage for the safe-keeping of this fund in the security company and now I don't have enough money to continue the monthely payment two month to this time,kindly hurry up so that this box will leave Togo to your country where we can invest it and you take care of the investment while I continue my education.

I would have send the CERTIFICATE OF DEPOSITS but there is low internet connection,kindly give me your tel/fax to enable me send it to you,please I will like you to contact the security company today and instructing them that your my late father business partner you want the consignment (CODE 004575)deposited in there custody by Late Mr F.IGWE,to be delivered to you in your country by there dipomatic courries to avolid custom check in airport.

And once you contact them I like you to get back to me immediately so that i will go there to testify that you were my late father business partner and the consignment will be destinated to you where you want it to go.

Once the consignment move from here I will by my ticket with the remaining money with me and join you in your country,for investment and continuation of my education.

This is their Contacts

TEL:00228 930 6508 /FAX: 00228 222 0287

I am waiting anxiously to hear from you,
My regards to your family.



The name of the security company is identical to an American company, and the email address is a free email account from "".

I send Ernest my telephone number and a picture of me.

From: igwe ernest <>
Sent: September 15, 2004

Dear Sister Young,

Goodday and how are you doing?.

I must tell you that you looks very beautiful in your picture and can't just wait meeting you in person.

I attached below the certificate of deposit and a copy of my international passport for your perusal and i will also like you to send me copy of your international passport as well so that we will know each other very well.

I want to thank you specailly for your assitance and I promise you that you will never regrate being of great help to me because you will get your ONE MILLION share of the money as soon as the box is deliverred to your home address and note that in no situation must you let the security company know that the box is containing MONEY for security purpose.

Sister Young,I have being thinking of lately if you can accept me in your house when i come over to your country because most of the time some white people seems to be close minded when it comes to dealing with a coloured skin but i do beleive you won't mind my colour of skin thereby treating me like a second class citizen.

Please let me know if I can stay in your house when i come over to your country or should i look for a house of mine own.

Awaiting your responce.

With Love


I write to Ernest, but he does not reply. After some time, I decide to contact the security company. This is their answer:  

From: "INTER CON" <>
Sent: September 25, 2004
Subject: Delivery Arrangement

Attn:Miss Young

In acknowledgement to the receipt of your email requesting claim and diplomatic delivery of your parnter's consignment deposited in our custody to you via a special diplomatic coverage service.We hereby forward to you the following information/procedure on this delivery method based on our diplomatic shipment code of conduct and our diplomatic shipment rules and regulations,you are therefore obliged to note the following:

1.The consignment as soon as ready for shipment will be accorded diplomatic immunity that is,it's custom,immigration,police and other security agents check free in all the airports,seaports,or boarders in which it is liable to pass through till it reaches it's final destination.

2.The cargo shall undergo an official change of ownership to your name as the new beneficiary and shall be deliverred to the name in your international passport or I.D Card which you will provide and it is only you the bona fide owner/consignee will claim the cargo on arrival to its destination Point.

3.The cargo will also undergo an insurance coverage incase there is any lost or damage or any other incident that might occur on the cause of delivery,that means it is coverred from any risk that may occurs.

Therefore,based on the above reasons you are requested to forward the following:a copy of your international passport or I.D Card,your contact address for the delivery of the cargo,and the delivery charges of (USD$6,856.00),we urge you to make the payment of through any MoneyGram office nearest to you to our cashier's: (MR. AKEEM EDWARDS),ICSS Lome-Togo,so that the cargo will be shipped along side with other cargos that is scheduled for shipment to other part of the world by next week .

Your earliest responce to this mail will be highly appreciated.


Rev.Philipe Jean-Claude
(Director Of Operation) -- ___________________________________________________________
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Hmm, they want $6856 regardless of place of delivery. Lets us give them a delivery address in the western end of Alaska, and ask them some questions:

Dear Philipe,

I showed your letter to my friend Louis, and he had a some questions:

1. Why is the consignment given diplomatic immunity?
2. How high is the cargo insurance sum?
3. In USA it is unusual to pay delivery charges before the delivery has been made. Is this different in your country?

Please tell me what I should tell Louis.

The delivery address:
Young, M
4312 Abbott Rd. Anchorage
Alaska 99507

My passport is on the russian embassy at the moment, so I send you my picture in stead.

I hope to hear from you soon,

Miss Young

From: "INTER CON" <>
Sent: September 27, 2004
Subject: Re: consignment 7545


We advice you to follow our directives for your own good because this delivery is very sensitive and most be treated with all diligent and for your information,our company has been using this diplomatic delivery arrangement to move African Diamond otherwise known as CONFLICT DIAMOND to Europe and America since the United Nation emposed embargo on African Diamond due to the Sierra Leone Civil War and all our clients are always willing to pay any amount just to secure the smooth delivery of their cargo to it's destination because they can always gain back their money once sold their goods.

I advice you to consider this factor because i see no reason for you to spend such amount in securing your cargo if the contents does not worth it.


Rev.Philippe Jean-Claude.


From: igwe ernest <>
Sent: September 27, 2004
Subject: Re: Dearest

Hi Miss Young,

Thanks for your email.

I was told by the director of operation of the company that you have been able to contact them.I was a little bit sick that was why i have not been able to reply your mail but whatever the case maybe i shall like you to co-operate with them so that the box will be moved to your country as soon as possible.

You Look real nice in your picture and i beleive every man will die to be your friend.



I am not going to co-operate (read: pay) the security company. I send a long letter to Ernest. This is the last part:

... I have had some time to think about out little business deal. And I think that my conclusion will make you sad, but hopefully it is not too late to make everything fine again. As the only proof we have of the existance of your fathers fortune is the Certificate of Deposit, I have talked with the American Embassy in Togo about it. They tell me that it is possible that it is a forgery, and that it was not made in december 2001, as it states. The simple reason, is that the company did not exist at that time! They could not tell whether it exists today.

Dear Ernest, I think that Inter-Con is planning to steal your money, if they havent done it already. Moving the trunk from Togo to somewhere else, is they best way, they can make the trunk disappear, and you (and me) will be the big loosers. The consigmnent will not be insured during the transport, so you will loose it all. On top of this I would have payed them almost $7,000 for nothing.

Therefore I think that you and I have to meet in Togo and together move the trunk to a more trustworthy security company, to ensure that it does not suddenly disappear. After this we can plan how to get the trunk out of your country.

Please give me you opinion of my plan.

Yours truly, ...


Ernest never answered me.

Much later, I heard about the Inter-Con company again in the Komivi Aklom story.


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