Mr. CHARLES SOLUDO says: "send courier charges 550 us dollars"

Hello, I am Miss Young. This story is about Charles Soludo, which is the name of the governor of the Central Bank in Nigeria. His name is popular among scammers, and you can read more stories about him here: first, second, third.

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I received this mail from S.Y.:

Hello Sir,
My name is S.Y. , and i am from Pakistan, Mr CHARLES SOLUDO the governer of the CENTRAL BANK OF NIGERIA, telling me i have my contract payment in bank, and now he telling me first i send him courier charges near about 550 us dollars, then he will send me my payment , I want u conform it realy i have my payment in bank or not , coz he send me some approval documents about my payment, plz send my mail reply as soos as possible, i shall be thankfull to u very much,

I told him that it was a scam. A few days later he sent me this:

Hello Madam,
How R U , I sending u phone number and my approval documents, The phone no. is 234-1-4369534, And my documents is attach with my mail,

I sent S.Y. this answer:

Hi S.Y.
This IS a scam. I would also like to receive $35.7m, but all this scammer want is YOUR money.

Do you have a contract in Nigeria worth $35.7m?? I doubt it. Here are some other fraud letters using the name Charles Soludo:

It is correct that 234-1-4369534 is not a mobile phone. But that does not mean that it is a telephone number to Charles Soludo. Here are the correct telephone numbers of the Central Bank: I suggest you call him on one of these numbers.

The documents you forwarded are bad forgeries. It is very easy to see that they put your name on top of some older documents, and they made some other changes as well.

On the "Foreign Payment Allocation Approval" the letterhead is missing information like address, telephone number etc. After the place where they inserted your name, the top of the letter V in APPROVAL is missing, and the wing of the eagle is deform. The bottom of the letter A in APPROVAL is missing. First when they put it in the original amount, and second time when they corrected it "US$35,". The background where they inserted your name the second time is incorrect. They also inserted "23/9/2005" as a date where it was supposed to be which day in APRIL 2005 the document was signed. It is obvious that the signature is a forgery. It does not even give the name of the person signing the document.

The "Payment and Transfer Approval" looks nicer, but is also a fake document. The letterhead is also missing the address, telephone number etc. It says "Lagos-Nigeria", but as far as I know, the headquarters of the Central Bank is not in Lagos, but in Abuja. The letter refers to the "approval received from Federal Ministry of Finance", but the two documents are both dated "23/9/2005". That is not realistic. It also says your nationality is "United States of America". If they owe you that much money, I suppose they know your correct nationality! Look at the background behind your name (twice), "United States of America" and "$35,700,000.00" (twice), and you can see that it is incorrect.

Please do not send any money to these criminals. ...

A few days later, S.Y. was back:

Hello Madam,
plz i want u once again conform my bank draft, i sending u my bank draft, plz u varify it, and tell me its true or not, i shall be thankfull to u very vey much,
and madam one more thing i have a new mail in my mail box about uk overseas international lottery ,
plz tell me madam about it , u know about it or not,
i shall be thankfull to u very very much,
my bank draft is attach with my mail,,,,,

Hi again S.Y,

The bank draft is also false. The backgroundpattern must be "CENTRALBANKOFNIGERIA" repeatedly in green letters. If you look at the pattern behind the boxes with date, and behind the amount, and behind your name, you will see that the pattern is broken. The horizontal line under your name is also thinner than the rest of the line.

If you received an email about a lottery that you did not participate in, it is a scam.

You will probably receive more of these emails in the future. Please ignore them.

S.Y. also sent me a passport. A closer look at the passport shows that the "Date of issue" is present, but the "Date of expiry" is missing. The signature has been copied from a document with white background, and the lower part is missing. You can see the remainders of the original signature in the words "birth" and "Signature".

Beware of fake documents. They might look genuine, but take a closer look at them, and use your common sense.

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