AAWPEP says: "Any group application received after the dead line will be cancelled"
Hello, I am Miss Young. I received this story from a friend. Let me call him Aidan. Go to the homepage to see more stories.


Even I've been bitten :(.
7 days back I registered in a matrimony website.Some1 called Mary Randall contacted me the same day and showed interest in me. Next mail she sent her photographs and after that she sent a mail advising me to come over to US under AAWPEP programme ( Anglo-American World Poverty Eradication programme). On the parallel, I've been hunting corners of internet trying to find a lead on AAWPEP or anything as such. I checked list of UN funded NGOs/programmes, the email profiles..etc but found nothing. search based on "un emergency travelling certificates" got me to 419.bittenus.com website where got to read the story under EAGEAP...

As of now, I sent my photographs, sent a fax and got the brochure that i've attached...

I'm thankful to your website to have reached the truth



1st contact on Bengalimatrimony.com:


28 yrs, 5 Ft 8 In / 173 Cms, Christian : - , Star: - , Vermont , United States of America.
Education: Bachelors - Arts/ Science/ Commerce/ Others .
Occupation: Administrative Professional .
i am a Godly woman and i am looking for a husband as it is the will of God for a man and a woman to ...   
Message:  Hello I went through your profile and ha....    

Hello I went through your profile and has not been able to let go.My name is Mary Randall from usa and will like to get to know you and who knows what the future holds.I hope to get married soon but i am willing to take it a step at a time.My email is forevermaryforyou@yahoo.com . expecting ur mail soon Mary Randall

Bengali Martrimony
  2nd contact , she mailed me:  
Mary From: mary claybourne < forevermaryforyou@yahoo.com>
Date: Oct 2, 2006

Hello my dearest ,
Thanks very much for your reply. What a romantic, exciting moment it was when I received your mail. It may not have been filled with the most erotic or sexy note expressions but it was just what i needed) It was the tonic i was waiting for.....oh t hanks for that.You never know what it means to write to someone and then get a reply for your effort.I am not concerned about your nationality, race, age and religion. Love has not language "Love is a symbol of eternity that wipes away all sense of time,
removing all memory of a beginning and all fear of an end." Age does not protect you from love
but love to some extent protects you from age
Well I am a happy woman who enjoys life in all its forms. I have a very fulfilling job where I work with amazing people each day. I have a family I adore and who reminds me each time I see them how great life can be. I surround myself with a great group of positive thinking friends who would do anything for me, and I would do anything for them in return. I enjoy being in a crowd at times, but I enjoy spending time with only a few people as well. I love to travel and see new places, so I try to travel as much as I can especially on official duties. I have learned to take life as it happens as I remember everything happens for a reason.
My hobbies are reading, watching movies, swimming, listening to music and traveling.
"The essential sadness is to go through life without loving. But it would be almost equally sad to leave this world without ever telling those you loved that you love them.
"Sometimes the one thing you are looking for; is the one thing you can't see."
The type of man who attracts me is honest, direct, and reliable - who can be my "pal". I like a man who's playful one minute, and philosophical the next. Above all, companionship, honesty, and idealism appeal to me - and a sense of humor! My ideal partner is a very passionate person who knows how to fully enjoy life.  has a highly active imagination when it comes to trying new things. More than most people, he knows how to value the pleasures of romance and is not afraid to pursue those feelings when the timing is right. He also has a strong intellect, with a penetrating thought process and a continual curiosity about the world around him. I like treating my partner well and also like to be treated as one. My instincts tells me you have all this qualities in you,you are welcome to my world and I will be expecting more of your mails.I will send you my photograph in my next mail.I am hoping to hear from you.
Love is a gift;Yet love is a debt. Take the gift of my love and pay your debt when love calls
Mary Randall

.ANGLO-AMERICAN WORLD POVERTY ERADICATION PROGRAMME is a Humanitarian assistance to refugees or less privileged persons as an international responsibility, rather than an act of charity. Anglo-American World Poverty Eradication Programme (AAWPEP) is a body of collective international non-profit, relief and development organization.
Anglo-American World Poverty Eradication Programme (AAWPEP) serves as an umbrella for coordinating all works for the welfare of refugee, less privileged, disaster assistance and employment for unemployment citizens of third world countries, AAWPEP provides member NGOs with a framework for consultation, coordination and advocacy on behalf of people forcibly displaced or otherwise affected by conflict, natural disaster, unemployed and oppression. AAWPEP can also assist individual’s immigration issues. It addresses issues relating to the protection and assistance of refugees and internally displaced people, as well as operations, security and coordination in disaster response.

 AAWPEP have co-existed with the American unemployment committee, started in 1998 to help children orphaned by war, widows, the poor, the sick, the starving and to care for the unemployed citizens of third world countries. We are committed to meeting the needs of these people regardless of race, religion or creed.  AAWPEP is one of the biggest and more effective Relief Agency in the world to day. Incorporated in Boise city, Idaho state, U.S.A and meeting the needs of millions of people all over the world through only four international branch Offices located in Cote D’ Ivoire, West Africa, UK, Hong Kong, and Canada. AAWPEP has consultative status and working relationships. AAWPEP have been assisting in areas of shelters, job foods and other humanitarian aides for years. AAWPEP have also been resettling Refugees from different parts of the world since 1998. With the introduction of AAWPEP Employment and Housing Resettlement Programme, many citizens from third world countries have owned houses with well-paid jobs in United Sates, United Kingdom, Germany and Canada.
 AAWPEP is working to ensure that displaced refugees and unemployed citizens of the third world countries receive the protection and assistance they need to survive.
Since 1998, the U.S. Committee for Refugees and unemployment has championed the protection of refugees and creation of jobs for the unemployed around the world.
 USCR goes to the scene of refugee emergencies, often before any other observers to

  • Talk to refugees one on one,
  • Record human rights abuses,
  • Devise a strategy to provide temporary safety and essential relief,
  • Alert the public to the critical unmet needs of refugees in crisis,
  • Urge decision makers to intervene humanely in refugee emergencies,
  • Take steps to restore refugees to secure, productive lives

AAWPEP responds to emergencies with speed, efficiency and expertise, establishing leadership and laying the groundwork for other international relief organizations to offer assistance.



We regard all people as created and loved by God. We act in ways that respect the dignity, uniqueness and intrinsic worth of every person - the poor, the donors, our own staff and their families, boards and volunteers.
We celebrate the richness of diversity in human personality, culture and contribution.
The resources at our disposal are not our own. They are a sacred trust from God through donors on behalf of the poor. We are faithful to the purpose for which those resources are given and manage them in manner that brings maximum benefit to the poor.
We demand of ourselves high standards of professional competence and accept the need to be accountable through appropriate structures for achieving these standards.
We are stewards of God's creation. We care for the earth and act in ways that will restore and protect the environment.


One of the most frequent arguments against immigration is that it leads to
Unemployment. But in principle there is no reason why this should happen. After all, immigrants are consumers as well as workers, so their arrival will also create new jobs to meet the demand they create. Certainly some people will have to change jobs, often getting better ones, but the country as a whole will often be better off. However, immigration may lead to a temporary increase in inequality.
The belief that immigrants reduce employment for native workers often assumes that the number of jobs in any country is fixed and that the arrival of more people will somehow dilute the available number of jobs. This is obviously false. If the population goes up, this creates more consumers whose needs have to be met, and this creates more jobs. Indeed, even before immigrants have found work for themselves they will be creating work for other people, who will be employed growing and distributing the food that immigrants eat, building the houses they live in, and driving the buses they ride on as they search for work. These extra jobs may not be as obvious as those, which immigrants themselves do, but they are nevertheless created.
The argument that immigrants are displacing native workers also assumes they are competing for the same jobs. But very often this is not the case. One sector that has long relied on immigrant labor is construction. Rising levels of education in Southeast Asia, for example, make local people unwilling to be builders. South Korea has struggled to keep out immigrant workers, but in 1996 the Ministry of Construction and Transportation conceded that it would have to import more foreign labour to build the country's first high-speed railway line.
Moreover the range of jobs that nationals reject seems to be widening. Taxi driving in the US, for example, used to attract native white and black workers. Nowadays, it is an 'immigrant job'. In Washington, DC, the Taxi Operator's Association estimates that over the last 25 years the proportion of drivers who are foreign born has raised from 25% to 85%.
Bringing people in to do such work can actually increase employment for the native population. The clearest example is domestic service, where employing a low-skilled person as a nanny can often release a woman to a high-level professional job. Millions of women want to, or have to, work outside the home but can only do so with the support of immigrant workers.
The neutral or beneficial effect of immigration would seem to be confirmed by unemployment data. Countries that have had relatively high immigration in recent years - Australia, Canada, Israel, Hong Kong and the United States - have not had unusually high levels of unemployment during periods of peak immigration. In Australia, for example, the overseas-born make up more than 20% of the total population and there has been extensive research on the economic impact. This has concluded that migrants have created at least as many jobs as they have occupied. A similar conclusion has been reached in Canada where 16% of the population is foreign born. A report from the Economic Council of Canada concluded that a steady level of immigration does not cause any unemployment, mainly because the number of firms expands to create new jobs.
This is not to say, however, that some groups of workers will not lose out as a result of immigration. The latest research from the United States suggests that, while the country as a whole is better off, those at the bottom of the employment ladder, and particularly the previous group of immigrants, may in the short-term face higher unemployment or lower wages.

AAWPEP are not the employers but rather we serves as a channel where by the employers can gain access to talented and motivated persons of both sexes to be part of this groundbreaking Poverty campaign by employing them through our employment programme. In this regards, applicants must meet the following requirements.
An applicant should be able to at least read and write in any of the following official languages: English, French, Dutch and Spanish.
Applicants should be in the working class of 18- 50years old.
Applicant should be in good state of health.
Applicants should also bear in mind that there are different types of jobs and for that, it may not be easy for us to locate an applicant to a specific job that he or she is trained for,


for a start, applicants should be ready to work in any field before we can relocate the applicants to a specified job he or she is trained for.
Special preferences will be given to applicants with higher qualification during the placement of jobs in US, UK, Canada and Germany.





Interested Applicants who wants to apply for resettlement and Citizens of third world countries who want to apply for the AAWPEP employment and Housing resettlement are advised to apply in group to the presiding AAWPEP Administration for this programme at their continental zone.
A group should consist not more or less than 4 to 6 persons and they can be resident in the same country.



 A group application is not yet considered until the group list and reference file number is received at the head office for approval. All groups that have received their reference file numbers from their Continental Administration will need to forward names and passport numbers of their group members along with the reference file number issued to them by the zonal office through the secretary. The members of each group without travelling passport should forward the following requirements for the processing of UN Emergency travelling certificates.
  • 1) Applicant’s Scanned passport size photograph
  • 2) Names, dates of birth and name of resident country
  • 3) Height measure and colour of eyes

The group information, reference file number and requirements should be sent by fax for approval by the approval panel at the international corporate head office through this fax numbers. +1 (631) 956-910 or +1 (407) 641-947All approved groups will be notified and their approval certificates for the programme will be forwarded to Barrister Fredrick Robert and Associates for the onward processing of their documents.
Thereafter, all Successful groups will receive AAWPEP official application forms by e-mail attachment, as it will help each member of the group to receive the original copies of the form. Each applicant will need to complete his or her application form. Each group will need to forward their processing fees to their zonal office.
Payment confirmation will be forwarded to the group on receipt of the payment by the Zonal office. An official application confirmation will be needed from AAWPEP head office by the US Bureau of Immigrant Affairs to facilitate the document processing. AAWPEP will only forward application confirmation for group who returned their completed application forms along with the official payment confirmation fees.
Disqualified groups application will receive no further replies or notification from the head office or your zonal office.  







All application forms filled by the group must be return together at the same
Time. Any group application received after the dead line will be cancelled except with special reason or permission before the application forms were submitted.






1) No application will be
Processed without the payment confirmation for the application-processing fee. Therefore applicants are advised to return their forms along with the group payment confirmation for the application-processing fee.
2) The official rate for the application processing fee is $150 USD per applicant and it non refundable. 
3) Members without travelling passport will pay an extra fee of $110 USD for the processing of the United Nations Emergency travelling certificate. In all, an Applicant without travelling passport will forward a non-refundable total payment of $260USD. All group forms and payment confirmation should be forwarded to the zonal office the same time.





For information on method of payment, please do contact your zonal Consultant




Head office contact information
For enquiries on the programme do contact the International office by e-mail through this address
601 W. Boise Ave. P.O BOX 6743  Cleveland Blvd.   United States.  
Tele/fax: +1 (631) 956-910 or +1 (407) 641-947




All interested Applicants from European countries should contact AAWPEP any of our   international office London or Germany
Contact person at AAWPEP office in London
You can contact the Zonal programme consultant / Overseer by the below contact information
Basil Street, Knightsbridge, London SW3 1AH



European applicants can also contact AAWPEP office in Berlin with the below contact information

Contact person at AAWPEP office in Berlin
Mr Peters Joe
Kurfurstenstr 544    10767  Berlin, Germany
+ 49-1-834-482-002566




AAWPEP Asian and American co-ordinating Administrations has been emerged to the African co-ordinating African administration since the year 2001 after September 11th incident. Although the office in Asia still exists, but it does not function fully as an independent administration, all instructions come from the African co-ordinating Administration. All interested Applicants from Africa, Asia and America continents should contact AAWPEP office in Africa through the main office in Abidjan, at 431 Avenue C. Amona 54 B.P.7327 Abidjan Cote D Ivoire , West Africa. AAWPEP Programme overseer / Consultant
You can contact the zonal overseer by e-mail through this address: 
Tel/fax +225-24387321



African-Asian-American Subsidiary office in Hong Kong at 
#41400 Salisbury Road
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel/fax: +852-301-0602



AAWPEP have been taking a lot of interest in implementing these programmes mostly for African and Asian unemployed and less privileges ones. Since the past decade, Africa has the highest records of war out break and highest numbers of less privileged today.
Hence the implementation of AAWPEP Employment recruiting programmes has mainly been for Africans and Asians, Middle East.
Today we are happy to announce to the world in general that many less privileged have resettled in different countries through AAWPEP while many unemployed citizens of the third world countries especially Africans and Asian have gotten nice jobs and owned houses through our employment programmes.

Interested groups for the programme should forward their group information that contains the following: names of group members, dates of birth and passport numbers, name of resident country and contact telephone number for the group.  The Programme consultant and overseer for each Zone will forward reference file numbers to the groups whose application and personal information were received at their reception.





Groups for the US program will have their documents processed from the US Department of States- Federal Bureau of Immigrant Affairs in Washington. AAWPEP has no authority to authorized applicants documents. It is the Immigration Lawyers who are experts on this field. In this regard all needed attention from the applicants by the immigration Lawyer must be given by applicants. The applicants without delays must carry out all instruction from the immigration office to the applicants through the immigration lawyers.
It is the duty of the US Immigration Lawyers to apply for all needed documents direct from respective Authorities and also apply for the US labor certificates from the US Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) and immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) whose regulations requires that Aliens (person) seeking to enter US on basis of employment must obtain the US Labor certificates, which Will enable Alien to work legally in the US. The US Immigration Lawyers files an application on behalf of the individual Alien or applicant to the INS and the Department of State respectively. The actual admission of the Alien and the granting of authorization to work in the US is the responsibility of INS. The handling of documents processing by the US Immigration Lawyer and Refugee Immigration Lawyers has made the processing of all documents for applicants very effective. When the processing of the entry visas is completed, we will forward confirmation of the authorized visas by fax to the embassy at the group’s home country and the same copy will also be forwarded to the group.
We will then contact the Consular in your country and arrange for the day the group will appear at the embassy for the issuance of the visa seals in your passports. The visas can only be issued to the group members whose names have already been file down as of the time the documents were being processed. Without the presentation of the confirmation of the authorized visas to the consular, the Visas will then be denied to the group.
 Applicants are therefore advised for their own benefits not to appear at the embassy without the copy of the confirmation of the authorized visas or before the confirmations are forwarded to them or the Embassy. On receipt of the authorized visa confirmation by fax, groups that have no embassy in their country or group that doesn’t want to appear at the Embassy can mail their international passports by DHL to the head office or to our office at the group’s chosen country for resettlement or for employment and housing resettlements for the issuance of the visas seals in their passports. The DHL to and fro mailing cost of passports is at the expense of the group. Before mailing the passports by DHL, Group members should makes sure that they mail their passports along with the copy their group visa confirmation. Any group passports received at our office by DHL without the confirmation sent along with it will be returned without any visas.





The US Bureau of Immigrant Affairs have made arrangement to assist participants without international passports with the UN Refugee Emergency Travel certificate, if they are able to fulfilled the needed requirements for the processing. The requirements include the following
1. Scanned passport photograph for each participant applying for the document and should be sent by e-mail attachment.
2.Names of participants, dates of birth and name of participants’ resident country.

The processing of these documents will commence immediately the requested requirements are forwarded but will be finalised when the forms are returned by fax along with the payment receipt for application and UN Emergency travel certificates.



Since its creation in 1981,North American Organisation for Migration (NOM) has helped more than 11 million people to start new lives in their own and foreign countries or through resettlement abroad.
Each immigrant has a unique story to tell. Many were fleeing deprivation, danger and fear of persecution. Others were simply seeking a better life for themselves and their families.
The personal accounts contained in this section of the NOM website tell the stories of some of these immigrants - what they experienced and how NOM’s intervention has helped change their lives.
The stories were made possible by the many governments who contribute to NOM’s activities; our international and non-governmental partner agencies, and the dedication and commitment of NOM’s 3,500 in North America.
On receipt visa confirmation, we shall forward the group data’s to the office of the NOM for them to give instruction to the Airlines to issue the ticket booklets to the successful applicants whose groups visas has been authorised and confirmed by fax.
All successful applicants will receive the one-way tickets at the airline sales office in their country or at the sales office closer to their country after the processing of their documents. International flights, Air France and other airlines have been chosen for the trips, in some countries where Air France do not operate, alternative Airline will be provided for them

 The North American Organization for Migration (NOM) and other charity organisations arranges transportation to US, UK and Canada on loan basis for the group’s trip.


Less privileged and successful applicants are expected to repay the cost of their transportation after they have settled down in their new resident country



Before the departure date, all group members are expected to have their medical reports needed for the trip. The processing cost is on group reimbursement. Directions of the documents will be given by the US Department of Health.




We have received a lot of questions on why should payment be made to the zonal offices and why should the zonal offices instead of the head office issue reference file number. This programmes was designed to assist, protect and improve the welfares of the less privileged and citizens of third world countries around the world. Formerly this programme was being presided or rather administrated by the international Head office in the US but we later found out that the purposes for this programme was not met

The opportunities were not getting direct to those who needed it most. Most citizens of US and other immigrants in US were applying for their families and friends who were back home in their countries, thereby making it very difficult for the less privileged and citizens of third world countries who have no friends or family in the United States not to benefit from the programme. There were a lot of people in Africa, Asia, and Middle East etc who did not know about this programme until the presiding of this programme was transferred to zonal offices and since then many less privileged citizens of third world countries have benefited from this programmes.

Sincerely in the humanitarian service
Hon George Mc Donald
AAWPEP - Superintendent
Former Adviser to the Republican party- US

I had not heard about AAWPEP, but it is very similar to the fraud project EAGEAP. Please keep away from them. They want your money, and can not give you anything in return.

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