Prof Charles Soludo says: "I was only joking"
Hello, I am Miss Young. Charles Soludo is a very common name in fraud letters. You can see some of them here, here, here, here, here and here. This story is a chat I received from a friend. Let me call her Mona. Go to the homepage to see more stories.

Ms. Young,
Can you help me to find out if I am being scammed by Mr. Charles Soludo as well! He has been in contact with me for a few wks now. He knows that I want to adopt a child and states that he can help me please contact me so I know what this is all about I don't want to get my hopes high that this is the real Charles Soludo and he really is trying to help me!

This is the first email that I received from him I will enclose it with any others that I may have saved, Please let me know what you make of all of this I really appreciate anything you can tell me, should I continue to speak with this person?

Date: January 16, 2006
my I ask whom this is since you wanted to be added to my contact list! Thanks

From: Charles Soludo
Sent: January 17, 2006
Subject: RE:


Yes, Charles of Nigeria. I can assist you but I would like to know how you found my email address?? I don't know that I am on here when you are since I am sure our times are different! May I ask whom do you work for?  

From: Charles Soludo
Sent: January 18, 2006
Subject: Re:

I have gone through your mail. You are very sure of what you said. My personality is worth opening for people to know. I am Prof Charles Soludo of Central Bank of Nigeria. Governor apex bank. I came across your email contact when my cousin staying with me in my building was happy chatting with her friend. Jokingly I asked her to show me what she was doing. I decided to know what this chatting is for because I see it as wasting time and energy and I search for Mona via msn member which I am one of them. And I came across your email and plead for you to accept my email as your friend beside what is your age and why do you asks is fun to know.
Sorry if I have entered your privacy ok I am indeed sorry
Bye you can forget about it ok I was only joking

It is very scary when a man gets your email that you do not even know that is all that I was trying to say and I wondered out of all the many people how you decided on mine to write too! I just do not want anything to happen to my computer it is part of my life and business. I am a prof as well as you and work in the medical field. So I reply on this computer and just do not want anyone to destroy me or it that is all. It is hard to trust people now days and I did take a chance on you! I am a single parent and I am now 35! If you want a friend age should not matter right? Now that you have ask a woman her age which you know men should not do how old are you and tell me more about you. Can you tell me what time you are on the computer? So how many other people did you try to contact and how many did not accept? I have friends from your country here they work in the hospital as well. I am just a person out here trying to do what God put me here to do and that is help others and bring light to places that do not have it shine on them. Maybe that will help you understand why I ask the questions that I did! Sorry you took offence to them. I understand if you do not want to write back it is okay, but I will not understand. Please tell me how you went on msn and viewed the names if you can and will not that I am going to try it I just did not think they kept a data base like that! Do you still think you are wasting time and energy?

From: Charles Soludo
Sent: January 18, 2006
Subject: Re: Re:1/18/06

No way, I don't think that either you or I is wasting time. I care for your friendship and nothing more. I am a busy man and do not have much time for this," please understand where the word time wasting come in" however I should be the one asking you not to be upset because I coursed this whole thing . I take the blame please forgive me Mona if you can.

Your question is possible perhaps you do not know.

I was willing to find one. In fact if I must be candid Mona I can not say how I came across it but if you give me little time I will find it out again and pass the information to you is from msn ok. It is not bad, at all Mona. We are not wasting time. I am glad you understand me I am not upset for any reason rather I am the one who should be sorry for haven entered your privacy. Why not come on line now so we can talk I am in the office right away.

Care to know about me Mona, Charles is my name. I became a Professor of Economics at the University of Nigeria in 1998 and in 1999 I was appointed Visiting Professor, Swarthmore College, USA.

I have worked at the World Bank both as a short and long-term consultant since 1993. I have also worked at the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa.

A lot to know about me but one thing about me is that I am very free with people and life. Nothing worries me.

God is on your side ok. How long have you worked in the hospital? Listen in case you reply and I do not get back to you on time note that is not all the time that I come here.

I am always on air. But I will always make out time for us and do not worry, whence I come to your country I will look for you. Let me have your number I will call you as soon as I am chanced.

Telephone conversation will be nice for us. I program my self because I will not leave my work to come and chat. When ever I need to be with you I will call you and we can chat as friend ok.

Prof Charles.

You have just taken me by storm! I have never had anything like this happen to me and I have been using a computer for a long time! I would like us to remain friends and get to know one another as you say you are busy a lot and so am I so it is hard to find me on here a lot of the time! I run my own clinic at the hospital on mondays,tues,wedns. The rest of the time I assist with residents and interns training them in a primary care setting. I am up for a wonderful promotion this month but it has not been reviewed by the board yet. I have been in nursing for 11-12 yrs now I have been in the federal system for 3 yrs now! I have been called hard headed and to independent in my life. I like to think that people that say that do not really know me!! I just found it so interesting of all the people out there how you came up with my email address to try that was all! No hard feelings here! By the way how old are you? I would love to adopt a child from your Country can you help me do that?? I have wanted to adopt a child now for about 3 yrs I know it is expensive but maybe you can help me get the cost down! I just want to help a child have a better life. Just to let you know we are very opposite I worry about almost everything!! Well I better close this is getting very long and I want you to truly read it!!
Talk with you soon
I advised Mona to stop the conversation with the false Charles Soludo. This is her answer to me:  

Thank you for getting back to me I was just wondering if there was any way to get people like this and legally have them do time in jail or anything like that. I will take your advice and stop the coorespondence immediately. I have not heard from him now in 2 days so maybe my last email has put a stop to things I don't know!

A few days later, Charles is back. This time he is on his knees:  

From: Charles Soludo
Sent: January 25, 2006
Subject: Re: Hello!


I am sorry if I got you upset. I only wanted you to feel what I felt when I received your mail. I am not being defensive. Perhaps that is how you understood it like you said every person has individual fault.

Giving away a heart can hurt ... having a broken heart can be life threatening, even to the strongest people. But, receiving one is the greatest gift. Don't you understand? We planned happiness for each other. I was not happy when you quote that people said if I am whom I claimed to be then I will not be using hotmail, claiming what that I am no longer Charles I was not happy the way people talk about who they do not know o.k. you must agree with me Mona is not right that people will talk about you when the do not know you.

Mona, now let us play hide and seek. Should you hide in my heart it would not be difficult to find you. But should you hide behind your own shell, and then it would be useless for anyone to seek you

Sometimes someone says something really small and it fits right into this empty place in your heart and some times it fits wrong into this empty place in your heart. Life would go on smoothly if we only knew what to do with it. Because laughter is the one true thing everyone will always need. I need your happiness that is why I have to write for you to know that i have respect for you.

All I need is your happiness. If not for the kind of respect I have on you and being the fact that I asked you to be my friend all this would not have happened and people would not start talking any how.

I'll give you the moon at night and I'll give you star that lights your eyes believe me I'll give you the sun that made just one more dawn So another day may come and I'll give you my heart and soul as a true friend listen Mona, I'll be there to catch you when you fall When you ask me what I give to you Mona I'll give it all.

Go on doubt thou the stars are fire, doubt that the sun doth move, doubt truth to be a liar but never doubt that I love and care for you and your son yes I do. I am a nice friend Mona. I will make it up to you. I will call her and beg her to give me her address so you too can find out. I will make available my family pic to you. But learn to know who cares and love you.

That I am married does not mean I'll not be nice friend Mind you this is what I needed from the first day I contacted you. So forget every other wrong now and let's move on. I understand your feelings and I want to make it up to you but promise me you will not listen to what people say. That you will believe in your self. You have the right to ask anybody what ever you wish. Do anything you wish but not telling me that people said. Just tell me you deem this matter like this and I will understand you best. I am sorry.


To much to late!


From: Charles Soludo
Sent: January 26, 2006
Subject: Can i ever be forgiven by you?


Stop. i said i am sorry i should have let you know ok i tried the best i could to know who you are . to know about you and why you asked me to assist you adopt a child. and the only way i should have known that you are not one of those people who adopt children and use them for kiddney transplant is to follow you the way i did. ok i know you will not find it in your heart to forgive me. but i want you to know that i have always told you time with out number as the acting charles soludo that i am a busy man but you would not understand. yes i am happy you went this extra mile to know the truth ok i am prude of you. like i have always told you i need nothing from you but love to see you happy. tell your son that i am sorry i have to behaviour this way. that if there is time i will loved to help. Mona you and are the best of friend because all my life i have always know that true friends comes after misunderstanding. i am not stupid i told you in my last mail . this is because i know there is no way i will get you all that you required and to make you feel happy i promise you so that i will get to know you better. i hot your feelings bad. i am not worth writing you again but Please for christ sake forgive me and forget this whole matter. i am not a criminal i do not want to scam any body because i have not done it before and will never do it.

i understand this whole issue from the first day you asked me for assistant beliving me to be the real charles. Listen Mona i know that nothing i say here today will make you forgive me but allow me to say what i have to tell you before you have me killed in your heart. i am the only son like your son just like your child. i remember how i lost my only sister who passed on the year 2003. all this join togerther was my reason for knowing your intention, now that i have found out and have seen your pictures in my life time. i just want to say that we all have fault. the way i see things can not be the way you see it. to crown this Mona have you seen why i said i hate people talk about who they do not know. Prof charles is a good Nigeria that will never support evil. and to protect his image i have to act what i did so we can find your mission first.

You do not have to nail me on the Cross may be because the webmaster just told you the truth that i did not tell you from the day you asked for adoption Mona. Listen can i get to speak with you at leat to tell you how sorry i am and plead to mike that i hgave wrong him before God and man? can you do me this favor before you say final bye to me cos i know you will never want to look at my face again. i take the whole blame with reason. if you belive this is a scam you make mistake Mona. Cos i never asked you to do me any favor about money rather i said i will do everything for you but you should go home and look for ticket fee that is US$5000.00. The reason is because if i am a scammer i will be asking for 200, 300, 100 so that it will be easy for you to send with out doubt but Mona i said this so that you too will understand that i mean no harm . well words can not express your kind of person that i have just lost as friend but i pray you find it in you to know that i do not mean evil yes i do not.

my number is +234 8026006207. with this you or the web master can come for me . but i am not fake. i meant no harm Mona Please Understand i hate to hot WOMAN how can i let you understand .

i wil miss you Mona for ever i am very sorry . Mona you forgive i need you not for anything but nice friends please my Mona do understand. this is us and final.

Charles .

Whom ever you are,

There is no way I can remain friends with you after all the lies unless you can bring the child to me that I ask you for at your expense!


From: Charles Soludo <>
Sent: January 27, 2006
Subject: Re: Can i ever be forgiven by you?

Dear Mona,

I never knew you would even find it in your heart to mail me after all i made you to pass through. So you mean you have given me a second chance. I will advice you write back to the webmaster and find out how possible it is for you to adopt a baby here. Maybe this time you will know what I mean. My concern is that I lied to find out the common truth. I asked for give ness and I was forgiven. Now, my dear Mona, I am very sorry that you passed through all this in my hand but I now know that indeed you need a child to call your own. I am happy now BECAUSE I was reading my bible after all you and I went through something pushed me to psalm 59 from 5 and 8. You know what I became happier than before and I jump up and said THANK YOU JESUS for given me. a second chance. So when I open my box I read your mail and guess what Mona you give me a second chance.

I am sorry to inform you that this will not be possible. Reason: you have started lacking trust in me and nothing I do will make sense to you my dear Mona. If I have the power to bring one for you I will to please you and to show God that from my heart I cried to plead for all I did to you.

If you doubt my word then check out for this 'there is no way I can remain friends with you after all the lies'

But I tell you one thing. Forgiveness from your heart will grant you a blessing from God but if you still remain in your old way I doubt if you will receive what you ask as for me I know I am forgiven by you and by God.

But if you say you will never forgive me well fine but God knows I asked for your forgiveness from my heart. And he knows I never meant harm. listen write the webmaster cenbank find out how kids are being taken away by those who claims the need to help them and after all the will use them for kidney transplant so I did not make mistake in any way but what mess me up was the fact that I never knew you are real.

Unlike those murderers that uses kids for transplant. I pray that God forgive them too. Mona if you want to know my kind of person feel free and come over to Nigeria if you can I will assist you by taking you to the right place you will process the issue of your child. I am just happy even though is from the wrong way to know who you are that is my happiness just feel o.k. and adopt your child God will be with you and. Remember to ear is human to forgive is divine.

Can I have your number I want to speak to your son? Will you ever grant me the grace? One thing Mona is that forgets what happened is all a protocol that wills unit us I so much believe that nothing will ever come in between us now that we have known and find out who we are. We need one another Mona. You can help me Mona. I can be of help to you. You are yet to know me so why worry much. Tell me Mona that all your life you have not lied to some one and that that person did not forgive you and still remain your friend when he /she finds out that you are thoroughly sorry?

Well I have made my self clear I love and respect woman is a promise I made to my self because my mother she showed me and my only sister who dead the month October 2003 love when she wanted to separate with my father when we were small, we both cried and begged her to stay even when we knew father did not deserve her and she look up to God and stayed for us. I just do not know how to make you understand that I never meant evil but to find out what you real want. You are very careful and God knows I would not have taken advantage of you. Because is not in my blood. Ask your self can a criminal still write some one who has known him? what if the person accept him and then jail him but I know that I am innocent of what ever allegation that is why I still need you as a nice friend.

I am an only son so I know what it is that your son feels but thank God I have my family today with me and God with us

Think about us Mona.


At this point Mona stopped answering, but Charles keeps writing. When will he give up?  
If a stranger contacts you and uses the name Charles Soludo, drop him. You can be sure that it is a scam!

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