Clifford Obiekwe says: "I know what I am doing and I am 100% sure. Okay." Cliff
Hello, I am Miss Young. I received this story from a friend. Let me call him Billy. Go to the homepage to see more stories.

Hi miss young

i have a story for you i have pictures , bank draft and death cert ok so please reply

i got so mad when i saw that it was a scam and deleated all messages i only send you those that i down load but it was three email addresses
The law firm
The bank (
The contact <>

what i did is contact them so they think i am still interested i hope that they will do thank you for helping they took over $15,000.00 already when i found out it was too late i am a fool miss young that is all i ncan say

thank you



From: Clifford Obiekwe <>
To: billy
Sent: Sunday, July 09, 2006
Subject: Pictures

Like I have said on the phone, I have already given you my pictures earlier. But if you misplaced it, I will give you again. This is to show you that I am too sure of what I am saying. I am too confident of what I am saying so I do not fear.
After you paid this last money to the lawyer, and you did not confirm the transfer in your account within 48hours as already promised, you can sue me. Yes.  You can do whatever you deemed fit. Yes. Because I know what I am doing and I am 100% sure. Okay.
The pictures are attached both withy my wife. Okay.
Have a nice day my dear brother, billy.

ID card

cliff and wife

  cliff 1cliff 2cliff 3

Stop OrderDeathcertificate

To: billy
Sent: Friday, July 14, 2006

Plot 239 Adewale Olubuse Avenue South West Ikoyi Lagos
Tel: 234 80299 51515
Attn: Billy
Dear Sir,

We are in receipt of the mail you sent on the July 14, 2006.


The Branch Manager that would be endorsing the Draft will not accept to do that and will not do that because on the National Banking and Financial Ordinance and Act of 1994, and in accordance with the Act of the Dud Draft and Cheque of the 1996, the moment the second signature is appended, the Draft is as good as money. This is because the Draft will automatically be converted to money and then non-negotiable. Also, it is against the law to scan a fully certified and Endorsed Draft, Bill or Cheque/checks with the prior consent and express approval or the parties involved.


Hence we can not sign the Draft before scanning. It will only be signed the moment it is about to be dispatched to you, so that you can collect it over there.


I will re-attach the Draft again for your view.

We apologize once more for the delay and the inconveniences, these might have caused you

Yours faithfully,
Mrs. Flora Ilo
Manager of Transfer


To: billy
Sent: Friday, July 14, 2006
Subject: RE: balance

Attn: Mr. Billy

Dear Sir,

We have received your mail.

The amount needed to be paid after all that you sent is $1,000 (One Thousand
Dollars only)
. It should be paid through Mr. Obodo as you have done the last

It is to our joy and fulfillment to service and represent you.

Yours faithfully,

Louis Anthony LL.B
From: Clifford Obiekwe <>
To: billy
Sent: Friday, July 14, 2006
Subject: Re: Bank

Thank you for that. I like to hear that. I like to hear that we shall soon meet. I like to hear that so I can prove myself and prove to you that all those things you heard are wrong. Yes. I am happy to hear that, my dear. Okay.
Please keep me posted. Okay.
The email from was sent from IP address That is an Israely satellite connection, often used by Nigerians.
The emails from and  were also sent from This means that it could be one single scammer playing all 3 characters!

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