Drice says: "Everything i have told you is the truth"
Hello, I am Miss Young. I received this story from a friend. Let me call him Don. Go to the homepage to see more stories.
Don From: Don
Date: Aug 11, 2006
Subject: Right now im in the process of being bitten by a 419

Dear Miss Young
First of all, i would like to thank you for hosting such a great website, because it has definately saved my life. Right now i am being contacted by a person who claims to be a girl of 19 years of age. This girl or (wateva they are) is asking me to help her retrieve a deposit box with 16 million dollars in it from an insurance company in France, and promised me 20% of it. She said that her father put it there before he died, and can only be collected by a guardian or friend(me) of the beneficiary(her) and not by her. I ask my self WHY ME??? I live half way around the world. She also said that it was "GOD" that helped her find me, she has seen many profiles on www.hi5.com, before she came in contact with my profile. She sed she knew from the bottom of her heart that im the one god has sent to help her. I reckond it was a load of bollocks from the start. She sent me deposit and agreement certificates that look alot like creations on microsoft word. She also set up a hi5 profile for god sake!!! you can read it here  http://www.hi5.com/friend/profile/displayMyGallery.do?userid=82987057&artistType = ..and to top it off, the profile even comes with pictures!!! Christ this is the "REALEST FAKE" thing that has ever happend to me in the entire time ive spent on this rock.
Please put my story on your home page so the whole world can enjoy it.. because i certainly did..
Drice,simple and easy going

Email 1

Hi  Brother,

How are you doing today? I need you to read this mail attentively to understand what i am about to tell you, i know you will be wondering after reading this letter why should i trust you or even choose you but i want you to understand that i simply follow my heart and obey the voice of God Almighty because the very moment i came in contact with your profile, i became convinced within my heart that you are the person i have been looking for. I also believe i can trust you because i  believe you are a Godly person. but my only fear now is that i hope and pray you believe what i have to tell you.

I  am doris, i am 19, My mother was an African American while my father was from the french speaking colony of Cote D' Ivoire, i was living with my mother not too far from Charleston building, 601 57th Street, Charleston West Virginia USA.  And i attended Charleston senior High School, 1201 Washington Street  E, Charleston, WV.  I lost my mother sometimes ago and after her death i came to meet my father for the very first time in Cote d' Ivoire, though he was also living in the States (OHIO) He told me he worked with Oha Insurance Solution, INC. 155 East broad street Columbus, Ohio 43215 USA. before he relocated back to Cote d' Ivoire to set up his own Insurance company.

Exactely two months and one week that i came to meet my father with the help of US Consulates he died, he was very sick when i came to meet him. But before his death? he told me that everything he worked and laboured for in his life time is deposited in a security company as a family valuables and he gave me  the documents and my father told me that the total money inside the trunk box 16 Million Dollars. the money he wanted to used to set up his own insurance company, but when he fell sick, he knew should anything happens to him his relatives will kill themselvies over the money forgotten that he has a daughter who is in the States with her mother, that was why he secured the money with my name in a security company pending on when he will get better but unfortunately he couldn't make it he died on my arm.

The reason i am telling you is that i am just a girl of 19 and there is little or nothing i could do on my own and again if my late father relatives find out that my late father left that kind of money in my care i don't know what they might do to me, so i need you to help me contact the security company and claim the deposited safe box for me as my friend or parental guardian, and take me along with you. Because i have always wanted to visit your country,  when my mother was alive but i never had the opportunity till now. If you do this for me i will offer you 20% of the total money for all the inconveniences i might cause you. Please i requested for your trust and understanding.

I am presently living in my late father family house at Av houdaille, plateau 132 BP 4713 Abidjan 01 Cote d' Ivoire . Please if you have a heart and believe in God Almighty don't ingore this mail. Once i receive your responds i will forward to you my telephone number so that you can call me Ok !!!

Please and please forward your respond to my private email address( dd004luanda@yahoo.fr  )DO NOT FORGET OK !!!

Take care of yourself for me and get back to me asap.




Please tell me.... Are you really telling me the truth? Is what you are saying about your money true? Or are you just pranking me. You cant imagine how my heart is racing right now. I cant believe im gonna become very rich as soon as i help you out because at the moment my family is struggeling financialy. You sound like an honest person, and i will agree to help you out as soon as possible. What is your phone number?



Email 2

Hi Don

You have view my pics do i look like someone that can lie about the death of her parents, or is there anybody in this world that can lie about the death of his/her parents? I don't think there is. Everything i have told you is the truth. I have no reason to lie to you what will i gain. I should be the one who should be skeptical about entrusten into your hands, everything my late father worked and laboured for all his life. My inheritance, my future but because i have committed everythin into God 's Hands, i trust you i believe you are not going to disappoint me.

Just to tell me more about myself and how serious this is to me.

My home address where i was born and raise :  601 57th Street, Near the Famours Charleston building, Charleston West Virginia USA.  And i attended Charleston senior High School, 1201 Washington Street  E, Charleston, WV USA. 

My late father worked and lived at Ohio, He told me he worked with Oha Insurance Solution, INC. 155 East broad street Columbus, Ohio 43215 USA.

My present resident address :  Av houdaille, plateau 132 BP 4713 Abidjan 01 Cote d' Ivoire.

I am 19 years of Age, kind, simple and a very private person that is why giving you all this information about me is not too good for me because it simply out of my way of life but i have to do it because i don't have a choice, i pass many people and many profile before i came in contact with your contact information, Then i decided to contact you.

I will be going back to the States, that is after i have spent some time with you. because i cannot live any where else in this world except the States, If you have a heart help me Please Ok !!! I promised you, you will be glad you did.

As of my telephone number, i will suggest we keep this at a low profile for now because the telephone is the home phone and it is not safe for this kind of discussion, if you don't mind we can chat if there is anything that we need to discuss one on one to reduce the risk of someone eardrop my conversation with you, i don't have a private line. I hope you understand me, when the time come i will ask for your own phone where i can talk to you then i will give you a call.

Tell me more about yourself, just a little once i recieve it i will forward to you the contact information of the security company and all the deposit details and the deposit documents my late father handed over to me before his death. Please get back to me asap OK !!!  Miss Doris




Hey Doris

Firstly, i would like to let you know that im not an idiot. Anyone can just say a bunch of stories about their parents and make up crazy addresses. BUT!!! for some odd reason, deep down in my heart i believe you. Yeah i guess it is the lord telling me to believe you, and im hopping that you can form a mental picture of what kind of person i am. I am a person who takes serious matters seriously!!! and im also VERY honest and trustworthy, hope the lord told you that!!! ...

I was just skeptical because i received a spam email last year telling me that i won 5 billion dollars i think. Then they told me i had to send them $3000 dollars before they can give me the money.. yeah it was a load of crap. Thats why i was skeptical bout your email. But i believe you now...

You said ive seen your pics.. well i havent actually, or i dont remember. Can you send me a pic of yoself or direct me to a webpage or profile where i can view your pics.

keep in contact

from a new friend


Email 3

Thank you very much for believing in me OK !!! I want you to know that it is not easy with me as well especially as we have never meet physically before, but because i am a child of Faith and a believe of the lamb of God almighty i have decided to entrust my whole life into your hands.

copy below and paste to be able to view my profile on Hi5 and see my pics.


Now that everything is clear to each other and we have decided to trust each other, my full name is Drice Doris Leroy.

Below is the contact information of the security company


Person to contact : ENGR. PAUL KUBAH 

E-mail : infordr@dr.com

Tel : +225 05673963

Fax : +225 22505884

The name of Deposit Mr Michael Leroy

The name of the beneficiary Drice D. Leroy

The trunk box ref/Reg Number : 0192837465

Contact the company via their email address and call them immediately after you have mail them and request for the deposited trunk to be release to you as my parental guardian i have already spoke with the director, paul kubah on the phone and he is aware of everything but he doesn't know that the trunk box contain money, nobody is aware that the trunk box contain money. My late father deposited it as a family valuables, please let it remain like that, under no circustance must you tell the company what the trunk box contain because if they know that the trunk box contain money, we can nolonger gurantee it safety, PLEASE.

Everything is now in your hands, my future, my hope and everything my late father worked and laboured for all his life is now in your hands, if you handle it well and succesfully retrieve it from the company you too will never lack again in your life.

I will scan the deposit documents into computer later, once there is any need for it i will forward them to you.

And endeavour to get back to me as soon as the security company respond to you. Please don't forget to call them after you have mail them for them to know how serious this is to us. OK please.


Drice Doris Leroy





yea ok... before i do anything, just a few more questions..

So how will the release process work?

Will they post me the trunk?

Do i show any identification?

Does Mr Kubah already know me and know where i live/age?

Does it involve any bank account numbers?

..Tell me more on what i have to do and what is going to happen... oh yeah nice pics by the way.. ure pretty...


Honestly speaking my sweetheart i don't have answers to all this question i am very sure the security company will have answer to all the questions but the only one i can answer correctly is the fact that, i only introduce you to the man on the telephone as my parental guardian, who is going to contact them on my behalf and claim the trunk box. I didn't even mentioned your name i just told him my guardian.

If you will be able to come down here in person i will be very happy, but i want you to contact the company first to find out if your present will be needed or if they can ship the safe trunk box to you in your country these are what you also have to find out from the company. After you have forward a mail to him please endeavour to call him and ask him what ever question you feel you need you know i have hand over everything to you.

Don't waste time contact them as soon as possible OK !!!




I thought i should just forward the deposit documents the company issued to my dad the day he deposited the safe trunk box to you, i have attached the documents, view attachment;

please contact the company as soon as possible because i am really fed-up in this fuckin.... place!!!

Get back to me asap after you have contacted the company and have news to give to me;

Take care of yourself for me ok!!! I care, i think i will will more comfortable if you let me see some of your pics OK !!!



I forward to you the deposit documents, i am writing to find out if you have recieve them or not.



And also to find out if you have contacted the security company,



Hey sweetheart LOL

Gosh this is becoming more REAL by the day, and after evry sunset. I got ya documents, and dont worry.... im contacting the company this weekend when i get home ...

and i thought uve already seen my pics...its on high 5.. use my email to search for me on hi5...

c u later sweety.. haha ure funny

oh im emailing Mr Kubah now...

dont worry... il try my best ok.... tak curr apple pie... lolz


I am waiting OK !!! Please make sure you also call them. OK !!! My inheritance, my life is what we are talking about here, your future too because after everything you will never lack again if you manage you own share of the money very well. I have seen your pics before, i saw it even before i contacted you. It just that i have so much on my mind. I hope you understand me.

Take care of yourself OK !!!



Hi Don,

How are you doing today? I just feel like to say hi to you, in hope you are alright and fine with your studies. How old are you if i may ask can you call me on +225 05676698 OR you send to your telephone number so that i can call you.

Take care of yourself for me OK !!!



Is everything Alright, have you been able to contact the Security company as you promised. Please get back to asap OK

Drice Leroy


yeah i contacted him, and he said that he is gonna send me the trunk.. how bout i tell him to send you the trunk instead.. then after you get your money, you can send me my share of the money...

 c ya...

Drice But i called the company immediately after i read your mail and they told me they have not heard from you. Please my dear if you know you cannot help me simply say so, so that i can be able to look for someone else who will be committed to this.  
Don hey miss young, this was the entire conversation i had with drice. In the last email that i sent to drice, i told her a lie by saying that i contacted the company already. I knew excactly how she gona reply and when the reply came, i ws right.  
End of story

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