EAGEAP says: "an Applicant without travelling passport will forward a non-refundable total payment of $315USD"
Hello, I am Miss Young. I received several letters about an organisation called EAGEAP. I did not know them, so I had to find out what was behind their website, http://eageap.org/. Go to the homepage to see more stories.

See the letters below. First let us have a look at the EAGEAP website:


EAGEAP homepage



European American Global Employment Aid Programme serves as an umbrella for coordinating all works for less privileged and disaster assistance.
(EAGEAP) provides member NGOs with a framework for consultation, coordination and advocacy on behalf of people forcibly displaced or otherwise affected by conflicts, natural disaster and oppression. It addresses issues relating to the protection and assistance of less privileged, unemployed and internally displaced people, as well as operations, security and coordination in disaster response.....

About Us

1. We are mandated to serve the needy people of the earth; to relieve their suffering and to promote the transformation of their condition of life.

2. We seek to understand the situation of the poor and work alongside with them toward fullness of life.

3. We seek to facilitate an engagement between the poor and the affluent that opens both to transformation.

4. The need for transformation is common to all. Together we share a quest for Justice, peace, reconciliation and healing in a broken world.

Contact Us

Subsidiary office honkong
African-Asian-American Subsidiary office in Hong Kong at
#41400 Salisbury Road
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Telefax: + (852) 301-0648

Zonal office
Abidjan, at 103 Avenue B. Amona 65 B.P.6127 Abidjan Cote D Ivoire , West Africa. EAGEAP Programme overseer / Consultant
You can contact the zonal overseer by e-mail through this address:
Tele/fax +225-20482951

Head office
601 W. Boise Ave. P.O BOX 8433 Cleveland Blvd. United States.
Tel/fax: +1(423) 376-029

Info4eageap@yahoo.com Head office

Consultant4eageap@yahoo.com Zonal office

Zeigler2associates@gmail.com Barrister





1) No application will be processed without the payment confirmation for the application-processing fee. Therefore applicants are advised to return their forms along with the group payment confirmation for the application-processing fee.
2) The official rate for the application processing fee is $200 USD per applicant and it non refundable.
3) Members without travelling passport will pay an extra fee of $115 USD for the processing of the United Nations Emergency travelling certificate. In all, an Applicant without travelling passport will forward a non-refundable total payment of $315USD. All group forms and payment confirmation should be forwarded to the zonal office the same time.


Benson Dr Bishop Gregory
Deputy Superintendent
Rebecca Sis Mary Smith
Financial overseer
Teddy Dr. Robinson Walker
Programme. Overseer.
Anita Mrs Rebecca Beckley
Secretary to the Prog. Overseer
Ann Ms Ann Graham
Chair lady.
Mike Dr. Mike Johnson
John Mr Paul Williams
EAGEAP Financial Director.


EAGEAP have three international branches with our head office located at
601 W. Boise Ave. P.O BOX 8433 Cleveland Blvd. United States


Head office contact information
For enquiries on the programme do contact the International office by e-mail through this address
601 W. Boise Ave. P.O BOX 8433 Cleveland Blvd. United States
Tel/fax: +1 (423) 376-0293

All interested Applicants from European countries should contact EAGEAP any of our international office London or Germany
Contact person at EAGEAP office in London

jones Contact person
Mr Mark Decker

You can contact the Zonal programme consultant / Overseer by the below contact information
Basil Street, Knightsbridge, London SW3 1AH

European applicants can also contact EAGEAP office in Berlin with the below contact information.
richard Contact person at EAGEAP office in Berlin
Mr Daniel B. Matheron

Kurfurstenstr 544 10787 Berlin, Germany + 49-1-834-482-0020861


EAGEAP Asian and American co-ordinating Administrations has been emerged to the African co-ordinating African administration since the year 2001 after September 11th incident. Although the office in Asia still exists, but it does not function fully as an independent administration, all instructions come from the African co-ordinating Administration. All interested Applicants from Africa, Asia and America continents should contact EAGEAP office in Africa through the main office in Abidjan, at 103 Avenue B. Amona 65 B.P.6127 Abidjan Cote D Ivoire , West Africa.
EAGEAP Programme overseer / Consultant
You can contact the zonal overseer by e-mail through this address:
tel/fax +225-204829514

richard Contact person
Mr Richard Jefferson


African-Asian-American Subsidiary office in Hong Kong at
#41400 Salisbury Road
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Telefax: + (852) 301-06481


Contact person


EAGEAP have been taking a lot of interest in implementing these programmes mostly for African and Asian unemployed and less privileges ones. Since the past decade, Africa has the highest records of war out break and highest numbers of less privileged today.
Hence the implementation of EAGEAP Employment recruiting programmes has mainly been for Africans and Asians.
Today we are happy to announce to the world in general that many less privileged have resettled in different countries through EAGEAP while many unemployed citizens of the third world countries especially Africans and Asian have gotten nice jobs and owned houses through our employment programmes.
Interested groups for the programme should forward their group information that contains the following: names of group members, dates of birth and passport numbers, name of resident country and contact telephone number for the group. The Programme consultant and overseer for each Zone will forward reference file numbers to the groups whose application and personal information were received at their reception.


zeigler Barrister Abraham Zeigler
US Immigration Advocate
791 W. Boise Ave. P.O BOX 6493 Cleveland Blvd.
Tel/fax +1 (661) 885-5920

Successful applicants will have their entry visas processed from their country
Of choice for employment and housing resettlement programme. All entry visas will be applied for from the respective government right channels for the visas depending on the system of Government being operated by the country. All visas and other documents for each group will be applied for on behalf of each group by the US Immigration Lawyers .The groups for the US programmes, will have their documents processed from the US Department of States- Federal Bureau of Immigrant Affairs in Washington. EAGEAP has no authority to authorised applicants documents. Immigration Lawyers are experts on this field. It is the duty of the US Immigration Lawyers to apply for all needed documents direct from US Federal Bureau of Immigrant Affairs and also apply for the US labor certificates from the US Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) and immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) whose regulations requires that Aliens (person) seeking to enter US on basis of employment must obtain the US Labor certificates, which Will enable Alien to work legally in the US. The US Immigration Lawyers files an application on behalf of the individual Alien or applicant to the INS and the Department of State respectively. The actual admission of the Alien and the granting of authorization to work in the US is the responsibility of INS. The handling of documents processing by the US Immigration Lawyer and Refugee Immigration Lawyers has made the processing of all documents for applicants very effective. When the processing of the entry visas is completed, we will forward confirmation of the authorized visas by fax to the embassy at the group’s home country and the same copy will also be forwarded to the group.
We will then contact the Consular in your country and arrange for the day the group will appear at the embassy for the issuance of the visa seals in your passports. The visas can only be issued to the group members whose names have already been filed down as at the time the documents were being processed. Without the presentation of the confirmation of the authorized visas to the consular, the Visas will be denied to the group. Applicants are therefore advised for their own benefits not to appear at the embassy without the copy of the confirmation of the authorized visas or before the confirmations are forwarded to them or the Embassy.
On receipt of the authorized visa confirmation by fax, groups that have no US embassy in their country or group that doesn’t want to appear at the Embassy can mail their international passports by DHL to the head office or to our office at the group’s chosen country for resettlement or for employment and housing resettlements for the issuance of the visas seals in their passports. The DHL to and fro mailing cost of passports is at the expense of the group. Before mailing the passports by DHL, Group members should makes sure that they mail their passports along with the copy their group visa confirmation. Any group passports received at our office by DHL without the confirmation sent along with it will be returned without any visas.


The US Bureau of Immigrant Affairs have made arrangement to assist participants without international passports with the UN Refugee Emergency Travel certificate, if they are able to fulfilled the needed requirements for the processing. The requirements include the following
1. Scanned passport photograph for each participant applying for the document and should be sent by e-mail attachment.
2.Names of participants, dates of birth and name of participants’ resident country.

The processing of these documents will commence immediately the requested requirements are forwarded but will be finalised when the forms are returned by fax along with the payment receipt for application and UN Emergency travel certificates.


EAGEAP - Superintendent
Steven Williams

. Here are some of the letters I received:  
  Dear Miss

I need your help please...i hear about EAGEAp from my friend but i cannot to believe that proggrame...and i want to know about this proggrame...i have to looking internet but i'm not sure..please tell me again whats mean EGEAP and this proggrame is valid or no..thanx.....
Dear Miss Young,
Thanks ever so much for your wonderful site. I came across this esteem site when some group attempted to perpetuate their criminal act. From the information on your site I am convinced that this is a fake group that has written me. Please keep up your good work in spite of threats from those that oppose your great job. The good people are more than the bad people so keep on the good job. However, you could be of additional help by ascertaining whether this site: www.eageap.org is genuine. It looks like the UESA' s site.Please help me to verify and if it is a 419 site than let this be whistle.
I look forward to your advice with thanks in anticipation
HELLO Miss Young,
The reason I'm contacting you is that i have reached the info. you have listed on those fraud people who call them selves EUSA..i have received messages on another program called EAGEAP..i like to thank you for helping me and other people to avoid such issues.
Appreciate your kind consideration and help.
  Dear Ms Young,
How are you,I hope and pray that you are fine. Have you heard about this new
offer that i have got from my friend. I have posted an profile in an
matrimonail site she contacted me from there saying she is intrested in me
and in her third email she asked me to join this programme called
they have a website too

the intresting this is that now i have got another simlar kind of email from
one another member of the same matrimonial site so please investigate about
it and please reply me back telling me all the reality about these kind of
Truly Yours

The EAGEAP website has many things in common with the UESA fraud.

  • Big parts of the text are identical.
  • The picture of Ann Graham is used both in EAGEAP and UESA.
  • Most of the EAGEAP email addresses are free email addresses. A proper organisation would not do that.
  • The eageap.org email addresses do not work. Maybe they have been closed for fraud?
EAGEAP also has many similarities with the YASPS scam.
Ms Ann Graham
Keep away from EAGEAP !
Do not send money to them.

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