Elvis Michael says: "this is my business and not for someone else" Elvis
Hello, I am Miss Young. I received this story from a friend. Let me call her Marian. Go to the homepage to see more stories.
Miss Young:
I saw your webpage just a momet ago, and I decided to forward this emails for your page.
Thanks for your help and God bless you.


On 7/5/06, justkk20 elvis <justkk20@yahoo.com > wrote:

Dear friend,

With the information obtained about your personal data, I cash-in with the hope of a mutual relationship with you in the near future. My Name is Dr.Elvis Michael I am the Personal Assistants to First Lady Late Chief & Mrs. Stella Obasanjo,wife of the president of Nigeria who die on saturday 22nd of OCT 2005 last Year .

We have unanimously resolved to confide in you for the claiming of the total sum valued $24,000,000 from the central bank of Nigeria But before her death i have final transfer this funds to Security company In Accra Ghana. where it will be for a safe keeping to avoid any trace because of the Anti-Corruption Task Force and EFCC set up in Nigeria
This found was accrued to us through the Federal Government of Nigeria (F.G.N) as a ressuit of over invoiced contract in this sector and which is unaccounted for and there has been no trace of said surplus fund.
I have concluded arrangment in the guise that the fund belongs to a foreign sub-contractor from your country,as a turn-up contract from the development of the RAW MATERIAL RESEARCH and DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL(RMRDC) contracts. As soon as you declare your capability and acceptance to claim said fund from Africa Accra Ghana.
We shall process the payment in your name to enable you receive it in cash of which the country and every other useful information will be disclosed to you in due come.
 please we like to have your phone/fax number and full address. We shall discuss percentages of interest as soon as we hear from you.pls send your mail at my private Email id Thanks for your
anticipated co-operation and be guilded accordingly. Cordier

Dr. Elvis Michael
Marian Date: Jul 5, 2006
Subject: Re: URGENT FROM..........................
To: elvis00222@walla.com

Are you kidding? i'ts so cruel to read an email like this when I haven't enough money to live with my 6 years old son.
Please if you are telling the truth,  scan your IDENTIFICATION WITH PHOTOGRAPH and send it to me, and also your telephone number.
Elvis On 7/6/06, elvis00226 mba < elvis00226@yahoo.com> wrote:
Hello Marian,
Greetings to you:
you will surely benefit from this transaction and
you will never regret knowing me that is a promise for you.
Meanwhile I appreciate your interest in this pending issue but wish to remind you that your complete devotion will be required through out its duration.
Firstly, I will like to clearly to make you understand that this business is legal as far as I am concerned, you have nothing to worry about in this transaction, as far as this claim is concerned. as the personal assistance of the deceased, I make bold to say with full authority that this business is 100% risk free and legal so you should remove your
mind from doubt I will send you all the evidence you need as far as you will also follow my directives and instructions to enable us achieve success in this transaction.
as you already know, I have all the deposit documents, which I will send to you for your perusal later after you complied with my request for the benefit and safety of this transaction. this means that if you adhere everything will work out smoothly without any problem in this business dealings on your behalf, as I explained earlier, This found was accrued to us through the Federal Government of Nigeria ( F.G.N) as a result of over invoiced contract in this sector and which is unaccounted for and there has been no trace of said surplus fund.
Alternatively, I suggested that we may need a help of a lawyer to enable things work out well for us who will automatically act your legal representative attorney who will confirm the payment to you as the fund owner with also of my help and my underground work everything will work as planned. the reason why I decided to disclose this deal to you is because I believe you are the one who has the ability to work with me in this deal and also I believe you are old enough to handle such a business, which we are going to invest with the money after is transferred into your account.
Frankly speaking, I will need to see your identity, scanned copy of your international passport or any form of identity. And your postal and residential address and your direct and confidential phone and fax numbers.
 Lastly, be informed, thereafter we will entered into mutual satisfactory agreement, which has to be done before the transfer take place. we have to enter it urgently to enable us understand each other very well and know where we stands and trust each other in this transaction, or i may suggest that you come down here in Ghana so you can see everything with your own bear eyes and i think that will be more ok if may say.
this is my contact number and my id in attach:- 00233 242 053 723, call me for more clarification.
I expect your mail soonest, remain bless bye.
Dr. Elvis Michael

Marian wrote:


Elvis On 7/8/06, elvis00226 mba < elvis00226@yahoo.com> wrote:

Hello Mrs Marian,
Thanks for your mail.
i don't understand what you mean by saying that this is not my real ID, this is my ID i can't send someones id to you because this is my business and not for someone else.
And to let you know that this is not a fraud, i have every documentation to prove that to you.
send me your id also and also you contact information so that we ca proceed forward in this transaction.
i wait you urgent response.
Dr. Elvis.

Marian wrote:

I'm sorry, but the ID you sent to me was edited if you scan your physical ID the scanner print the texture of the ID's material, so, what are you playing?

Take your ID in your hand, put in on the scanner, scan it, and then send it to me, also I called to your phone number, and guess what? doesn't exist.
Elvis On 7/14/06, elvis00226 mba < elvis00226@yahoo.com> wrote:

00233 242 053 723 call this again.
i will re-scan my id at noon and send you again.
Marian I have no money to do long distance calls at this moment, but you may call me at 55(88)111-4444, today July 14th. 2006, 10:00 pm, call me from your phone number 00233 242 053 723, if I see your number in my caller ID, I will be glad to talk with you and begin this transactions.  
Elvis On 7/14/06, elvis00226 mba < elvis00226@yahoo.com> wrote:
Hello Marian,
you lied to me, why?
is this how you want us to do this business, you gave me a wrong number and you told me told you, why are you doing this kind of shit at the first stage and you want me to believe you in handling over 24 million united state dollars in your hands?
If you want me to trust you, you have to be honest with me and you full devotion also and always believe in God to make this achieve be succesfull.
So i want you to send me your right number and your infomations so the we can proceed further in this transaction ok, and for me to know you are seriouse in doing this transaction with me.
i wait to hear from you soonest.
i will still send you my id ok.

Marian wrote:

That is my number, I'm in Country code 55, area code 88 local phone number 111-4444 so, who is kidding? I'd be waiting your call at 10:00 pm now are 10:44pm and you never called.

Date: Jul 14, 2006
Subject: Re: Get back to me your informations ok.
To: elvis00226 mba <elvis00226@yahoo.com>

And you must to be honest, you are whom needs help, so, you must work with all your cards open, because if there is a minimum chance to believe you are trying to do a fraud with my bank account, I'll never give to you my account number. So, try to call again, and again, and again, and make sure of send your id and stop promises, if all this is true, you aren't doing for free, and from the begining isn't legal, is not your money anayway. But you need someone from another country, ok give me enough confidence to believe you, I won't millions of dollars, I only want a house for my child, and in this moment Ionly need 1,000 dlls to pay a surgery and have money to pay the school of my child during the period after the surgery which I will not may to work.
Stop this game, you are a fraud.
End of story

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