Euro-Afro-American- Lottery says: "the lottery management is ABSOLUTELY LEGITIMATE"
Hello, I am Miss Young. I received this story from a friend. Let me call him Victor. Victor won the lottery. Or did he? Go to the homepage to see more stories.
Dear Miss Young:
I am send you this menssange, because I want to fight together with You angaist this people, that use the web for make ilicital thing as fraud, etc.
At same of You I received a notification that I won in a lottery US$820,000 I reply them and they make a procees but I need to den it the amount of US$620.00
Thanks God that I not stupid and investigate it and in my search i found your web site and I see your situations.
Its not the first time that someone contact me with a proposal, in one time they send me an e mail and told me that one of my family died and I was a benneficiary of the big amount of money but for reales it I need to send money, I never send money, beaces I did not understand if they have my money ( a lot of money) why I need to send any amount for reales the funds.
I will send you attach the menssange and please put in your web site for help to other inocents. and down of this menssage you will found all the menssagee that I received.  There are more, but i make a selection, I just cpoy and send you their mail not my answer, because I always say that I dont send any money.
I hope that You reply me because I want help to finish with this kind of frauds.
I look foward for hear from You soon!
From: Hon. Greg Moyo
Euro-Afro-American- Lottery
Headquarters: 1a, Bexon Court Carlton
Nottingham shire Nottingham NG4 1SQ Essex
United Kingdom

No : 125  St Michael's street
Plot 2A  Harrison  Drive
Ontario Or  235 Kings Street  West
Toronto , Ontario

Customer Service: 680 NCA 85914
Ref: EAAL/851OYHI/04
Batch No  Lotto 6/49
Draw Coupon : Match 6+B

                             WINNING NOTIFICATION

Attn: Dear,

  We happily announce to you the draw of the Euro-Afro-American
Sweepstake Lottery International programs held on the Saturday, 1st April  in
Essex United Kingdom and Canada. Your e-mail address attached to ticket
number: B9564 75604545 100 with! Serial number 46560 drew the winning numbers 
4 /6/8/12/34/38   with a bonus #14, for LOTTO 6/49  under the  choice of
the lottery in the 2nd category of daily three. You have therefore been approved to claim a total sum of US$820,000.00 (Eight Hundred and Twenty Thousand United States Dollars) in cash credited to file EAAL/9080118308/04.This is from a total cash prize of US $1100,000,00 Million dollars, shared amongst the first One Hundred and thirty (130) lucky winners in this category world-wide. Please note that your lucky winning number falls within our
Afro booklet representative office in Africa as indicated in your play coupon. In
view of this, your US$820,000.00 (Eight Hundred and Twenty Thousand United
States Dollars)would be released to you by an accredited commercial  Bank in
South Africa.

Our African agent will immediately commence the process to facilitate the release of your funds as soon as you contact him. All participants were selected randomly from World Wide Web site through computer draws system and extracted from over 10,000,00 co! companies and personal e-mails. This promotion takes place annually. For security reasons, you are advised to keep your winning information confidential till your claims is processed and your money remitted to you in whatever manner you deem fit to claim your prize. This is part of our precautionary measure to avoid double claiming and unwarranted abuse of this program by some unscrupulous elements. Please be warned. To file for your claim, please contact our corresponding agent in South Africa immediately you read this message for quick and urgent release of your fund,
contact information is as follow: -
Name .Dr Nelson Dube
Tel:  +27-73 -31-81-653

Please be informed that all winning must be claimed  within one month of play . To avoid unnecessary delays and complications, please quote your reference/batch numbers in any correspondences with our designated agents.
Congratulations once more from all members and staff of  this program that has successfully won this competition.

Thank you for being part of our promotional lottery program.

Yours  Sincerely,

Hon. Greg Moyo
United Kingdom Zonal Co-coordinator
Mrs Kenny Martin Asst Sec
Mr.Grey Johnson
Canadian/American  Zonal Secretary General.
Switzerland Zonal Co-coordinator For African Winners

Dr Nelson Dube
African/European Head Office
Baumgartenstrasse 15
Postfach 686 Geneva
CH-8201 Schaffhausen
For the inability to withdraw the sum - US$635.00 direct from here, see the payment chapter - Re/attached. 
Note also that the lottery management is ABSOLUTELY LEGITIMATE AND REGISTERED WITH THE LOTTERY COMMISSION and has no access to your  bank account now and after the fund transfer; therefore cannot infringe in it.
If you don't comply within few days left, your prize payment would be terminated. Be warned!!!
Yours Faithfully,
Nelson Dube
Euro - Afro American Lottery
Zonal Agency

(1) NotarizationStamp Duty Fees US$280.00
(2) Funds Legalisations & Validation US$355.00
Dear Victor,
I am very happy to tell you that I have suceeded with any partner who assisted me financially to realize this fund to his destinated bank account in Paraguay.Now I am in Paraguay for investment projects with my new partner.
Like I told you during my contact to you that We need financial assistance to go about this transaction which you were not able to come up with.Please you should not offended.
I have left a cashier cheque of USD$800,000 which will be sendt to you from my secretary in Benin.Her name is Mrs Grace Maibro.
I have passed your information to her.Please contact her in Benin to enable her send the Cheque to you via your house mailing address through FedEx courier company in Benin to your destination in USA.As soon as you recieve the cheque let me know so that we can enjoy together for God has done.
I will pass my telephone numbers and fax when it is ready.
Please send the mailing address,including zip code to her too.
Thanks and God Bless
Muri Clement
See more examples on Paraguay letters here:
Dear Mrs. Maibro:
   Im writing, because I received an e mail from Mr.
Clement and He will send You a money (US$800,000)
for me when You receive notify me for give You my
got your e-mail today including your mailing address where your cheque
can be send to. 

Before writing this mail, I have gone to the courier service company to
dispatch your cheque as instructed by my Boss and on getting there with the $85 my Boss gave me for the delivery charges, they demanded for the insurance coverage bond because it cannot be dispatched without insurance bond. I went to the Insurance Company to obtain the Bond and they said I have to pay $355 only including VAT on the face value of the check. Actually, before my Boss travelled on Saturday, he gave me only $85 for the courier delivery charges but your check could not be delivered
without insurance coverage and I do not have any money with me. 

I advise that you should send the $355 today so that I can go back and get
the insurance coverage done and dispatch your check immediately. 

 Therefore, all you have to do now is to wire the money ($355) via Western
Union to enable me obtain the insurance and go back to the courier and send
the check to your residential/contact address and send you the tracking
numbers once it is sent. 
You should send the $355 through Western Union Money Transfer with the name of my driver  below;-
 Name:Prince Elias Ekweoba
 ADDRESS : Cotonou,Republic Of Benin
 Text Question:Who are You?
 Once you make the payment,Kindly send me the Western Union payment
information to enable me go back to the Courier Company and dispatch your
check tommorrow.

God bless you.
 Yours sincerely,
 Mrs Grace Maibro
I am still waiting your conclusion with my boss
I received an almost identical winning certificate 6 months earlier. The name of the beneficiary was different, but the certificate number, 3950010, was the same!
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