Fountain Frontline Promotions says:
"you will need to secure the Anti- Terrorist Clearance certificate which will cost you about $8,960"
Hello, I am Miss Young. I received this story from a friend. Let me call her Sally. It is about lottery fraud via text messages on cell phones. Go to the homepage to see more stories.
Miss Young my name is Sally. I received a text message on my cell phone on November 26, 2006 stating that I had won $226,000.00 CAD. It was sent by Fountain Frontline Promotions. I was told in the text message to contact I proceeded to do that and was then emailed back by a person named Lisa Di Silva ( She said to send all the info for my cell phone to so he could verify my winnings. I also did this and received an email back from a David Edward verifying my winnings and he enclosed a copy of the Winners Certificate. He stated that I would have to pay a fee of $420.00 USD for legal fees to prepare my Affidavit of Claims from the High Court and procure classified clearance papers from the IRS to back up the release of my funds. I emailed this David Edwards back questioning the fee and asked if there was a website I could go to so I could verify their company as I has never heard of Fountain Frontline Promotions or Global Frontline before. He emailed me back stating that this was a not the good old lottery and this program was designed to create an avenue for financially endowed individuals, organizations and companies to plough back to humanity. He never did give me a website to view.I emailed back and told him I could not afford to pay the $420.00. He proceeded to email me back and tell me The Fountain Frontline Promotion is a program designed for Mobile phone users only. He also said that their sponsors were Orange Mobile UK and AT&T Wireless USA. He then said that their appointed financier could send me the funds to pay the fee and it would cost 10% of my winnings as a commision which I could pay back after receiving my winnings. I figured what the heck 90% of $226,000.00 was still over $203,000.00 so I emailed the financier at I received an email back from the financier stating that he would forward me a check for $9380.00. This would cover the $420.00 USD remittance fee and I would also have to secure the Anti-Terrorist Clearance Certificate for the sum of $8960.00. I got suspicious, went on the internet and typed in Anti-Terrorist Certificate. The very first thing that came up was about the Nigerian scam that has been going around. That is how I came across your website. Have you heard of this scam using text messages? I am enclosing a copy of the Winners Certificate for your collection.



Hi Sally,

Advanced Fee Fraud started more than 30 years ago as ordinary letters. They moved on to faxes, and now emails is the most popular medium. It is not surprising that they also use mobiles as in your case. These criminals will use any medium available.

I would like to publish your story on my website to warn others. Could you send me a copy of the emails you received?

Hello again Miss Young. I'm glad you replied. By all means post our story on your site. I am sending you the emails I received from these people but unfortunately some of my replies are missing because my MSN for some reason won't save my sent items. I did reply to and tell him I did not want to deal with him after talking to my neighbour who is a police officer. I also sent this man copies of 2 European Union Scam Warnings that I found on the internet. I just couldn't help myself. Please keep me informed if others fall into this scam. I think I will call my mobile carrier next and tell them what's going on.

From: Lisa Di Silva <>
Sent: November 27, 2006
Subject: Fountain Frontline Promotions

Dear Winner,
I Congratulate you on behalf of all the staffs here.
32 mobile phone numbers were randomly selected from over 20 mobile couriers worldwide. cingular , verizon, T-mobile, Telus Mobility, Orange mobile, Aliant Telecom, Sprint mobile, Rogers, e.t.c. Your mobile number was picked from the 2nd category in
the 1st draw, which made you a grand prize winner.  
To facilitate the release of your prize, you are required to send the below information to our legal officer ( Barr. David Edward ) for verification.
 Mobile Number :
 Amount won :
 Full Names : 
 Contact Address/ Tel :
 Age :
 Occupation : 
Send information to Barr. David Edward. Email :
46 Boleyn Road E7 9QE

London, United Kingdom.
Tell : +44-701-114-1295 
Upon receipt of the above information , Barrister. David Edward will verify your winning's and issue out your winner's certificate. Once this formalities are concluded , the remittance department will effect the release of your fund to you.
 Once again, congratulations.
 Lisa Di Silva

From: David Edward <>
Sent: November 27, 2006
Subject: Information Received

Attn : Sally,

This is an acknowledgement of your mail. Your winnings is under verification. We are going through the verification process to ensure that you are the registered owner of mobile number : xxx-xxx-xxxx. I will get back to you in 24 hours.

Barr. David Edward.
Legal Officer


From: David Edward <>
Sent: November 30, 2006
Subject: Winnings Verified/Funds Approved

Attn : Sally, 
I am pleased to notify you that we have verified your winnings and your funds have been approved. Kindly find your Winner's Certificate on the attached file.
It is imperative I let you know that you are required to pay the sum of $420,00USD for legal fee. The legal fee is meant to prepare your Affidavit of Claims from the High Court and to procure classified clearance papers from the Internal Revenue Service ( IRS ) to backup the release of your funds. This documents will exonerate your funds from Money Laundering or Drug related funds.
Kindly forward your Winner's Certificate to our remittance department and request instructions regarding how you will pay the legal fees. The Remittance Department will release your funds to you upon receipt of your Winner's Certificate and legal fee payment.
Email :

Also advice how you wish to receive your funds. Either via Certified Check or Wire Transfer to your Bank Account.
Note: Your winning information should remain confidential until you receive your funds.
Once again, congratulations!
David Edward.



Sir I received notification that I had won $226,000.00 CAD through Fountain Frontline Promotions and they are asking for a fee of $420.00 USD for legal fees. I was informed by David Edward to contact you if I had trouble paying this fee and you could help us. I have 4 children and my husband is currently unemployed so $420.00 USD is a lot of money for us to pay out at this time.



From: Bahaar Jassim <>
Sent: November 30, 2006
Subject: Re: Prize award.

Dear Sally,

I received your mail. I spoke with Mr. Mavin regarding your winnings and assistance. He adviced that after you make payment for the legal fee, you will need to secure the Anti- Terrorist Clearance certificate which will cost you about $8,960.00. This is due to the international monitoring of all large-scale financial movements after the september 11th 2001 Terrorist attack on the America , the Anti-Terrorist Clearance Certificate must back up the moving of funds above $100,000. The document certify that your funds are not meant to finance Terrorist Activities.

I will issue out a cheque of $9,380 USD payable to you which will cover your legal fee and Anti-Terrorist Clearance. Once you get the funds, you will contact Mr. Mavin and request how you can pay for these fees in order to initiate the remittance of your funds.

After you receive your $226,000.00 CAD, your will return my $9,380 USD including 10% of your funds as agreed.

I hope the 10% commission is okay by you. Get back to me as soon as possible.


End of story.

P.S. The scammers emails were not sent from London, but from Nigeria.


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