englesenita4realluv says: "i promise you i would not disappoint you"
Hello, I am Miss Young. I received this story from a friend. His nickname is Guppy. After a divorse, Guppy joined a dating site and begun to chat with a younger girl. But it turned out to become an expensive relationship. Go to the homepage to see more stories.
To: Miss Young
Sent: Monday, May 29, 2006
Subject: Re: 419fraud

Hi Miss Young,

I will try my best with this mail in telling you all
the details so that in the future other people will
not be tapped like i have been....

First my datas:


I am a carefull person but as well quite naive.
Still today i cannot believe that all this is just a
big lie.I tought that i did everything to protect me
from the beginning,but it was not enough.
Those people are very organised,they probably have
already a story with a scenario ready with all kind of
datas,like phone numbers,travel agencies,names etc...
Every times i asked for web cam or passport
number,either they could not afford for it or the
passport was stolen the next day.
Apparently Nigeria is a country where people cannot
walk in the streets without beeing agressed.
I used to work in Africa for a few months and i knew
how it was working over there,specially corruption,but
when you are fooled by your own swiss bank,what can
you do?Change your bank relation....yeah i did it...
I have been looking around the internet,asking support
from my local police office,wrote to the US
embassy,interpol...etc Nothing they could do.
In UK police does not even consider your case if the
amount of money stolen is not above thousend of
I even downloaded a program for trying to track down
IP address but my IT knowledges are not good enough to
use the datas i got.
Those people are still today online and it would be
easy,i guess, to catch them or to block them from
internet,even if corruption goes up to the top
political members from a state..I have many stories
about Africa that i could tell,but nothing to do with
419-fraud,but still about corruption.

Here is the story that I have.

I met ENGLE on a dating site called MEETIC.
She told me that she was from US and that she was on
holidays in Nigeria to visit her mother.
After a few tchat,she asked me a favor.She was running
out of money and her plans to go back to US were
postpone and so she was needing money.First she asked
me to send her money through the well known WESTERN
UNION,and she would have been sending me a check
back.But i refused and then she sent me a check
entitled to my name that i could exchange,get the cash
and then sending the money through
W.U. I accepted and when i got the check i went first
to the BARCLAYS bank here to ask them if they could
tell me if this chaeck was a real or fake one.They
told me that i could go to my personal bank,the
UBS,and that they would have controlled if the check
was real.I did it and i asked the lady behind the
counter to control the check before putting the amount
on my bank account.She told me,by mistake,that when
the check would have been verified the money would be
on my account.Few days later i check my account
balance and the money was there.So i thought that all
this was true and then i sent the money through
W.U. Guess what?a few weeks after the bank called me to
tell me that the BARCLAYS bank returned the check as
it was fake.One hour later the amount of money was
withdrawn from my account and they were nothing to do
against that.Believe me i did everything to try to get
back this money,but nothing to do,as my bank gave me
the money on my account the same day as i gave them
the check,as they trusted me.Even after i told them to
verify the check.They did the mistake and they never
wanted to accept that it was their fault.

Engle the woman of this story if she is a woman,still
goes online today with the same id, i believe that the
name you will see on the historical of our
conversations.She has different id ad well on the
dating site MEETIC,with different pictures and ages
and locations.
I am joining you her fake picture and as well the
interesting part start at ENGLE5,where she start to
ask me to help her to cash a check.On ENGLE10 i am
tellling her that i found her on MEETIC with a few
differents nickname.

After the check was returned to me,i played the
idiot,which i am, for a few conversations to see until
where she would go.Then it was too hard tp keep for me
and i told her the all story.Today i am not anymore in
contact with this virtual body.

Her full id name on yahoo messenger is :


englesenita4realluv (01:21:12): hello
guppy (01:21:21): hello engle
englesenita4realluv (01:21:50): how are you?
guppy (01:22:10): i am fine ..finished working and you?
englesenita4realluv (01:22:21): well about going to sleep
guppy (01:22:53): oh yeah i hope your day was great..and i wish you sweets dreams baby...
englesenita4realluv (01:23:41): yea thanks and i hope you too had a great and yours too was great
englesenita4realluv (01:23:43): sleep good
englesenita4realluv (01:23:59): well please i need your help
guppy (01:24:02): thank you i talk to you tomorrow..take care engle
guppy (01:24:06): ok
englesenita4realluv (01:24:07): can you help me cash a check?
guppy (01:24:15): how?
englesenita4realluv (01:24:22): over there
englesenita4realluv (01:24:35): i would send it to you
guppy (01:24:50): really..?
guppy (01:25:09): why is it not possible by you?
englesenita4realluv (01:25:16): yea
englesenita4realluv (01:25:27): well because i can't cash it over here
englesenita4realluv (01:25:32): can you help me?
guppy (01:25:38): and will i be able to cash it?
guppy (01:25:42): yes of course
englesenita4realluv (01:26:16): ok can you give me your full name,address,zipcode and phone number?
englesenita4realluv (01:26:30): so i can send you the payment?
guppy (01:26:46): yes....   XXXXX XXXXX
guppy (01:26:51): WAIT
englesenita4realluv (01:27:17): the check sorry
guppy (01:27:45): XXXXX XXXXX  ;   C/O XXXXX.  ;   63 XXXXX  ;   1901 XXXXX  ;  SWITZERLAND  ; 
guppy (01:28:03): 0041 XX XXX XXXX
englesenita4realluv (01:28:15): how is that?
guppy (01:28:16): but then what i do with your money?
guppy (01:28:26): what
englesenita4realluv (01:28:38): you would send it to me via western union money transfer
englesenita4realluv (01:28:51): can you please help me arrange the address?
guppy (01:29:33): ok...did you copy the address?
englesenita4realluv (01:29:44): well arrange it for me
guppy (01:29:52): ok
englesenita4realluv (01:30:09): what is your zipcode?
guppy (01:30:36): after every " ; " put at the next ligne..my zip code is 1901 XXXXX
guppy (01:30:49): ok first line
guppy (01:30:56): xxxxx xxxxx
guppy (01:31:02): second line
guppy (01:31:16): c/o xxxxx
guppy (01:31:22): third line
guppy (01:31:28): 63 xxxxx
guppy (01:31:33): fourth line
guppy (01:31:37): 1901 xxxxx
guppy (01:31:40): last
guppy (01:31:43): switzerland
guppy (01:31:46): ok?
englesenita4realluv (01:31:59): what does this means c/o xxxxx?
guppy (01:32:57): just write the way i explained you and then it will be ok..it means  c/o   means  by
guppy (01:33:19): and then it is the name of my father
englesenita4realluv (01:33:46): it is 2000 pounds
guppy (01:34:26): ok...so i will have no problem to cash it for you?
englesenita4realluv (01:34:48): yes no problem
englesenita4realluv (01:34:59): and do you know western union money transfer?
guppy (01:35:07): and you trust me?yes i know
englesenita4realluv (01:35:46): ok you would send it to me through there
englesenita4realluv (01:36:09): yes i trust you ever since we have been chatting i watch that you always say the truth
englesenita4realluv (01:36:20): or are you dishonest?
guppy (01:36:51): ok you may..i never took money from the others it is usually the opposite
englesenita4realluv (01:37:35): do people take money from you on here?
guppy (01:38:01): no here in switzerland my ex wife
englesenita4realluv (01:38:58): oops that is bad of her
englesenita4realluv (01:39:15): ok you would get the check very soon
guppy (01:39:24): and then?
englesenita4realluv (01:39:25): do you live in a small town?
englesenita4realluv (01:40:34): you would help me cash it and send the money to me through western union money transfer
guppy (01:40:36): xxxxx is not too small..
guppy (01:40:48): yes..ok
guppy (01:40:58): did you take my phone number?
englesenita4realluv (01:41:22): yes i did
guppy (01:41:35): give yours
englesenita4realluv (01:41:47): ok well, maybe two weeks after i get the money i would come and visit you

englesenita4realluv (01:41:57): my phone line is not good now
guppy (01:41:59): give me yours...
englesenita4realluv (01:42:03): i would give you later ok
guppy (01:42:04): ok cool
guppy (01:42:08): ok
guppy (01:42:38): we anyway will talk again
englesenita4realluv (01:42:51): ok goodnight and sweetdreams
englesenita4realluv (01:42:56): chat with you tomorrow
guppy (01:43:00): ok same to you
englesenita4realluv (01:43:02): and what are you doing now?
guppy (01:43:11): i will read
guppy (01:43:15): and to bed
englesenita4realluv (01:43:22): ok
englesenita4realluv (01:43:23): kisses
englesenita4realluv (01:43:25): bye
guppy (01:43:26): kisses
guppy (01:43:29): bye


englesenita4realluv (23:02:31): hello
englesenita4realluv (23:02:34): how are you?
guppy (23:02:55): hello fine and you ? i am happy to see you...
englesenita4realluv (23:03:06): and i am happy to see you too
englesenita4realluv (23:03:10): what are you doing?
guppy (23:03:50): i am watching a movie about the biggest airplane crash
englesenita4realluv (23:04:11): and where was that and when?
guppy (23:04:41): it was in canary islands around the 80 th
englesenita4realluv (23:04:49): wow
guppy (23:05:16): two 747s flow into each others
guppy (23:05:36): one was taling off the other was crossing the runway

englesenita4realluv (23:06:24): and did any death occur?
guppy (23:07:01): yes the biggest number for ever...more than 500 dead
guppy (23:08:08): anyway and you what are you doing?
englesenita4realluv (23:10:11): hello
englesenita4realluv (23:10:19): sorry i got disconnected
guppy (23:10:45): yes i realized..what was the last message?
englesenita4realluv (23:11:46): i ask if any death occured?
guppy (23:12:06): yes more than 500 deaths
englesenita4realluv (23:12:18): wow
englesenita4realluv (23:12:22): and any injured?
guppy (23:12:47): on one plane just one survivor..the other tenth of them..
englesenita4realluv (23:13:24): all died except one person?
guppy (23:14:00): one plane yes...two planes collided
guppy (23:14:21): on one plane one survivor the other some of them...
englesenita4realluv (23:14:28): and what happened to the second plane?
guppy (23:15:25): one plane was rolling for taking off the other was crossing the runway on which the first was taking off
englesenita4realluv (23:16:04): ok so how many people survived from the two plane?
guppy (23:16:31): i think not more than 30 of them
englesenita4realluv (23:16:54): oooh that was too bad
guppy (23:17:16): yes really a chain of events..
englesenita4realluv (23:17:58): and but then had not started working as a pilot?
guppy (23:18:22): i am more afraid by car that by plane...
guppy (23:18:45): when you have a crash it is the total number of casualties
englesenita4realluv (23:18:47): why by car?
guppy (23:19:42): because it is more dangerous..more crazy people on the road...driving under the influence of alcool
englesenita4realluv (23:20:12): well you are correct buy some people would be more afraid in the air than on raod
englesenita4realluv (23:20:15): road
guppy (23:21:05): yes probably..but for me better not..i have the feeling to have always a protecting angel..
englesenita4realluv (23:21:31): you are funny because you are on air
guppy (23:22:39): yes...you know there is an expression but i do not know it in english..it is like when someone of your family pass away and then people think that his spirit protects you
englesenita4realluv (23:23:50): in switzerland?
guppy (23:24:25): yes and the rest of europe..
englesenita4realluv (23:24:54): oooh ok
englesenita4realluv (23:24:57): never heard that
guppy (23:25:33): well...a kind of believe...what did you do today?

March 27, 1977, the Canary Islands after a long delay, A KLM B-747 was instrucked to taxi down the active runway to the take-off point. Within moments a Pan Am B-747 was also intructed to taxi down the same runway to the take-off piot. the KLM was cleared for take-off. As the KLM was rolling down the runway to take off, the Pan Am B-747 continued to taxi down the same runway in heavy fog. Upon the KLM rotating for take-off it came into contact with the Pan Am B747 crashing into a ball of flames killing all on board both plane. Both planes burst into flames. This was the worst death toll in aviation history. 583 killed out of 644.

englesenita4realluv (23:26:26): went to the beach,also to the gym, did some running and painting and i studied
guppy (23:27:52): i see a full day of activity...how is the weather?are you close to the beach?south of nigeria
englesenita4realluv (23:28:07): yea
englesenita4realluv (23:28:25): well it is ok
guppy (23:29:14): ok..you have to study for your job?lawyer?
englesenita4realluv (23:29:57): yes
guppy (23:30:26): when will you be finishing your study?
englesenita4realluv (23:30:37): in November
guppy (23:31:17): so in november you will be lawyer?you will get your licence?
englesenita4realluv (23:31:44): sure i will
englesenita4realluv (23:31:52): after my exams
guppy (23:32:46): ok nice for christmas you will be done...and then it is easy to find a job?
englesenita4realluv (23:33:21): well that would be january and yes it was be very easy for me
guppy (23:33:56): because you are specially clever and intelligent?:--)))
englesenita4realluv (23:34:09): well if you say so
guppy (23:34:49): ok did you think about your request from last night?
englesenita4realluv (23:35:15): yes
englesenita4realluv (23:35:24): you can't help?
guppy (23:35:42): yes i told you i could
englesenita4realluv (23:36:28): well it would be sent to you soon ok



englesenita4realluv (23:36:35): so have you eaten dinner?
guppy (23:37:25): yes i did i went with a friend of mine..the only one because is the best one..i know him since the age of 16..we went to an asian restaurant
englesenita4realluv (23:37:54): wow and you guys are still together?
guppy (23:38:42): yes..we lost eachother for a couple of years and then we met again..
englesenita4realluv (23:39:07): so you live close to each other now?
guppy (23:39:52): yes now...but he will move soon in an other city...
guppy (23:40:24): but it is ok switzerland is small
englesenita4realluv (23:40:27): why does he not like your company?
guppy (23:40:50): well he is going to leave with his girlfriend..
englesenita4realluv (23:41:34): are they getting married?
guppy (23:42:17): no they have been both married...maybe in a couple of years.........do you have a good connection here at home?because i want to buy a house and i would like you to tell me what do you think of this type of house.do you mind?
guppy (23:43:17): it is on   www.artchibau.com
englesenita4realluv (23:43:30): ok i would
guppy (23:45:38): you were sincer when you said yesterday that you would come to visit me?
guppy (23:46:55): are you there?
englesenita4realluv (23:48:17): are you there?
guppy (23:48:37): yes i am
englesenita4realluv (23:48:58): so what house are you talking about?
guppy (23:49:18): are you on the site?
guppy (23:50:00): it is a house made of wood and called " zen "
guppy (23:50:55): they use a way of construction called Fenshui...
guppy (23:51:12): it is japanese way of living
guppy (23:52:12): it is to canalize the energy of a house by using this technique and as well the way of arrengement of the rooms and the furniture
guppy (23:59:08): are you there?

guppy (00:40:10): hi engle

englesenita4realluv (00:40:20): hi
englesenita4realluv (00:40:22): how are you?
guppy (00:40:34): i am fine and you?
guppy (00:41:04): did you get my messages offline?
englesenita4realluv (00:43:21): yea i did
englesenita4realluv (00:43:40): i am sorry i had a problem with my comp, so i was not online
guppy (00:44:33): no problems..can you give me some explanations because i am a bit confused
englesenita4realluv (00:45:28): about what?
guppy (00:46:26): i saw you on meetic with three differents nick names three different ages and with a detail for the best point about your look?
englesenita4realluv (00:47:34): when?
guppy (00:48:38): well today and yesterday...but when it is not really important...for me it is a bit confusing
englesenita4realluv (00:49:25): well i did open a new, when my account was closed
guppy (00:51:29): i met you under the nick name coollovegiver...and then it disappeared..so i searched for you and then i found one under pendalike2 and hort2handle..with three different ages..one 30 years old,one 39 and one 26...and on two of them you were saying that the best part of your body is your chest????
guppy (00:52:46): so how old are you really?why so many differents nick names?i know that for women it is free..why do you have to register again?
englesenita4realluv (00:53:32): because my account was closed but i did not open that with  the other two nicknames ok
englesenita4realluv (00:53:53): it is my friend that made the terrible mistake which made me open an account my elf
englesenita4realluv (00:53:55): self
guppy (00:54:15): well it is you on the pictures...unless you have twins
englesenita4realluv (00:54:27): that is why you have three accounts
guppy (00:54:44): so who did open them?
englesenita4realluv (00:55:10): the other two was made by my friend for me that got a husband on meetic and she helped me to open that before i came on meetic myself to do a good account
guppy (00:57:05): cool he should have told you that he put two differents ages...and why your chest as best part of your body...?so now you are on which account?what would you think of me if i would have three differents accounts?
englesenita4realluv (00:58:24): well i am sorry
englesenita4realluv (00:58:36): coollovegiver is mine ok
guppy (00:58:53): ok wait...
guppy (00:59:25): well is not any more valid
guppy (00:59:38): the two left are..wait
guppy (01:00:24): hort2handle,26 years old and the other one is..wait
englesenita4realluv (01:01:05): yes they are no more valid
guppy (01:01:08): pendalike2,39 years old
englesenita4realluv (01:01:13): nobody is using iit
englesenita4realluv (01:01:16): them
guppy (01:01:25): no they are still on the datas base
guppy (01:01:36): not anymore cooloovergiver
guppy (01:02:04): and they say that the best part of you is your chest...even if it is true...
guppy (01:02:19): i think it is confusing me
guppy (01:02:36): you know engle...
englesenita4realluv (01:02:48): it was her mistake ok
englesenita4realluv (01:02:50): pardon me
englesenita4realluv (01:02:56): and stop all this
guppy (01:03:17): i will..but i just want to ask you one thing
guppy (01:03:50): honesty and truth....are premium for me...are you with me?
guppy (01:05:07): are you with me on that?
englesenita4realluv (01:05:28): on what?
guppy (01:05:43): honesty and truth between us
guppy (01:06:36): i met so many strange people since i am on meetic that i want to be sure and i want to put my trust on you..sorry but it is important for me...
guppy (01:08:02): are you there?
englesenita4realluv (01:08:29): yes i know
englesenita4realluv (01:08:39): and i want to put my trust also on you
englesenita4realluv (01:09:59): and i promise you i would not disappoint you




guppy (01:10:11): ok that is done for me...great...thanks...i appreciate...i am on middle of my series of flight..tomorrow i am on stby...hope they do not call me..as i am so tired....you went out last night?
englesenita4realluv (01:10:38): no i was indoors watching tv
englesenita4realluv (01:10:41): and you?
guppy (01:11:37): i have been working..late..as usual.and today twice to london..i saw my mom..and ate with her...she is so great...i love her
guppy (01:13:03): i am as well looking for a bigger place if you come to visit me...here..
englesenita4realluv (01:13:10): wow, mother's are always great
englesenita4realluv (01:13:25): and i love mine too very much
englesenita4realluv (01:13:31): that is why i am with her
englesenita4realluv (01:13:32): ok good
guppy (01:13:44): yes why she left usa?
englesenita4realluv (01:15:12): because when she divorced my dad, she had no option than to return here to start a new life
guppy (01:15:42): ok..she wanted to stay in usa?but she could not?is that?
guppy (01:16:14): do you have other family member in usa?beside your dad?
englesenita4realluv (01:16:38): no she just came back on her own
englesenita4realluv (01:16:49): yes my brother is in california
guppy (01:17:23): ok...would you live in an other country that usa?
guppy (01:17:52): lets say middle way between usa and africa?
englesenita4realluv (01:17:55): well maybe
guppy (01:18:37): well...florida and europe is only 10 hours far and nigeria europe is about 6 hours...
guppy (01:19:03): europe could be a great place for you to see your family
guppy (01:19:32): and there are many usa companies here in switzerland looking for employees.eheh
englesenita4realluv (01:19:54): well then i would like to stay in europe
guppy (01:20:20): your dad is american?and your mother she is from nigeria right?
englesenita4realluv (01:20:30): yes
englesenita4realluv (01:20:37): but was based in usa
englesenita4realluv (01:20:42): when my dad met her
guppy (01:22:19): ok...what your age?even if i do not really care..it is just to have a correct picture of you...sorry if i am direct..i am like this..hope you like direct people
englesenita4realluv (01:23:13): 30
guppy (01:23:24): i like the pictures you sent me..specially the one when you are repairing the wash bin
englesenita4realluv (01:23:25): i was born august 20th 1975
englesenita4realluv (01:23:32): wow thanks
guppy (01:24:11): would you mind to be with a man like me 40 ?
guppy (01:24:29): even if i do not have your belly?
englesenita4realluv (01:24:47): yes i would not a problem
guppy (01:25:14): so maybe you could train me to have the same belly as yours..
englesenita4realluv (01:25:34): yea i would i promise you that when we meet
guppy (01:25:44): :-)
guppy (01:26:15): ok...did you send me your check?
englesenita4realluv (01:28:04): not yet
englesenita4realluv (01:28:17): but very soon
guppy (01:28:32): ok...you know i could switch on my web cam ..but i am afraid of your reaction..as i am tired...i have back eyes....
englesenita4realluv (01:29:19): oooh ok
englesenita4realluv (01:29:32): no problem i have seen your pic on here already ok
guppy (01:30:31): well....i hate that..but it is coming...do not forget that in three dimensions i could be better..
guppy (01:31:23): terrible is it'
englesenita4realluv (01:31:50): well it is dark
guppy (01:32:06): well now if you run away it is ok..well wait a bit
englesenita4realluv (01:32:16): and i can not even see your well
guppy (01:32:29): do you see something?
englesenita4realluv (01:32:38): yes i di
englesenita4realluv (01:32:39): do
guppy (01:32:52): ok...do not laugh
englesenita4realluv (01:33:09): no i would not
guppy (01:33:19): i do not see you anyway
englesenita4realluv (01:33:49): what do you mean?
guppy (01:34:06): i do not see you if you are laughing or not
guppy (01:34:45): well it is too hard for me ....i will switch it off..
englesenita4realluv (01:34:46): well i am not laughing
guppy (01:34:51): ok
guppy (01:35:49): do you have questions for me as i made you so many questions tonight?
englesenita4realluv (01:36:25): yea you did because of the profiles you saw
englesenita4realluv (01:36:30): so how many kids?
guppy (01:36:50): at least three....-)
englesenita4realluv (01:36:54): good
guppy (01:37:02): and you?
englesenita4realluv (01:37:31): yea me too
guppy (01:37:46): do you still see me?
englesenita4realluv (01:38:59): no
guppy (01:39:42): ok because i switched off the cam..it is embarasing...
englesenita4realluv (01:40:36): well it is ok
guppy (01:41:21): what time is it by you?
englesenita4realluv (01:41:31): 12.40am
englesenita4realluv (01:41:39): i would soon be going to bed
guppy (01:41:42): ok one hour less
guppy (01:41:55): ok
guppy (01:42:40): well it was nice to talk with you again
englesenita4realluv (01:43:35): and i am happy i did talk with you again too
englesenita4realluv (01:43:54): have a nice time
englesenita4realluv (01:44:01): and goodnight and sweetdreams
englesenita4realluv (01:44:02): bye
guppy (01:44:04): ok bye baby..sweets dreams
englesenita4realluv (01:44:09): see you tomorrow
guppy (01:44:19): yes...big kisses




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