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Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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Hi Dear,

l saw your profile and go through it and willing to contact you, I have to introduce myself for you, I am Miss. Promise Njide, the only daughter of late Chief George Njide, I wish to request for your assistance in my efforts to procure the transfer of my inherited funds for investment ventures Overseas.

I have Five Million Five hundred Us Dollars ($5,5000,000.00) Dollars in my name as the next of kin with one of the Security Company in Europe and I will require your assistance in receiving of the consignment and pay it  in your local account for investment purposes. As it is my desire to come over to your country to further my education while you take goodcare of the investment, I will be glad to give you 15% of the total sum and 5% in any expencies you made in this project and your co-operation.

I will be very appreciative if you can return to me with urgent dispatch to enable me advise you on the modalities.

I am awaiting for your immediate response.

My Kind Regards!

Miss. Promise Njide.

Please reply to me with this my private email. (promise_njide01@yahoo.ca)


Dear friend,

Thanks for responding to my mail.

Hope all is well with you.

The consignment contains money which my father deposited in a security company in Europe during one of his official trip overseas.He deposited it as family valuable for safety reasons,though the consignment contains a hugh sum of money,USD$5.5million dollars.The security company does not know that the consignment contains money for security reasons.

I can not retrieve it my self due to the fact that I do not have money to travel there and will not like the money to be brought to Africa because of the situation of the country.

I prefer China,because there are lots of investment opportunity in China and China is a peaceful country and Chinese are honest and hard working people.

For now,I do not know how much you will have to pay the diplomat as frieght charges for bringing the consignment to China.

I will find out from the security company and will let you know.in my next mail.

I like to have your full name and address inculding your telephone number to forward it to the security cimpany so that the diplomat will contact you on his arrival in China.

Thanks and have a nice day



Dear friend,

Glad to read your mail this morning.

I believe all is well with you and you are also in good health.

Yes,I know that the amount of money that we are talking here is a hugh sum of money.

I have the certificate of deposit which the security company gave to my father when he deposited the trunk box in their costudy as edvident which I am sending it to you through attachment for your perusal.

Please try and get back to me as soon as you finish reading this mail,so that I will let you know when to contact the security company.

When contacting the security company,please do not disclose the contain of the trunk box as they do not know that it contains money,because my father decleared it as family valuable.

Thanks for your understanding.

Have a great day



Dear friend,

Thanks for writing back to me.

I am glad to know that you did receive the certifiacte that i sent to you yesterday.

Despite the fact that we have not seen each other yet ,but from all indication,I know and believe that you are an honest man and will not cheat on me and will not harm or kill me to take away the money,but rather you will invest it for our mutual benefit.

I have attached you my Id card,there is something I want to put clear to you,my father's name is Robert George Njide..He was a cocoa  merchant in Ivory Coast.

The name of his company was Njide and sons cocoa  produce Ltd situated in Bouake,which was among the companies that the rebels burnt during the political crisis in my country,which I am sure you are aware of it.


Well,you just have to believe me that it contains money,if not how could my father go and deposit an empty trunk box in Spain and paid money for keeping it,you know this is impossible.No normal human being can do that.

I have already told you the amount of money in the trunk box in my previous mail according to what my father told me,and I know he can not be telling me lies.

Please confirm the receipt of this mail and my Id card in your next mail.

Also try and sed your full name and address and also your picture so that I will forward it to the security company to enable them to contact you for necessary arrangement.

Thanks and have a great day



Dear friend,

I am glad to know that you have receive my mail and also my Id card that I sent to you with the mail.

The Situation In Africa,expecially in my Country Cote D'Ivoire is nothing to write home about.

We have many resources,which the country is well noted for its cocoa product,but we have poor government,that is why we the masses are going through all this problem.

You didnot give me your full name in your mail and how come you gave me the same name for your name and also for your address.I don't understand that.Please write your full name and contact address together with your phone number which will enable the diplomat to reach you when he arrives China. in your next mail.

I want a full size picture of you.

Endeavour to send these vital information in your next mail so that I will forward it to the security company in Spain.




Dear friend,

Hope all is well with you over there.

Thanks for your mail and the content well understood.

I want you to understand that My parents are all death,bith father and mother.

My father deposited this money in a trunk box in a security company in Spain during one of his business trip in Europe.Few months after his arrival to Abidjan,he died of food poision in a private clinic here.

No my father was not a civil servant nor a public official,my late father until his death was a business man who deals with the importation and exportation of cocoa product in and outside the country,thta is why he had to make so much money.

I am out of school  for now because I  can not finance my education.Hope to continue it in China when I come there.

Language will not be any problem as the diplomat speaks Spanish,French and English,according to what I am told by the security company director,so he will comunicate with you in English on his arrival

This money will chang our life as it will enable me to come over to China and continue with my education and we will also invest part of the money for investment..

I am trusting on you for a good management of the money when the diplomat brings the money to you.Please use the money wisely as this is the only thing that is left of all my father's properties.

This morning,when I called the security company in spain and discussed with them about bringing the consignment to you in China.He told me that once they are inform that you are able to pay the diplomat USD$3.650 dollars as his freight and handling charges on his arrival they will packet our consignment with others before his departure to China.

The security company made me to understand that this money has to be paid to the diplomat before he hands over the trunk box to you on his arrival.

Please let me know when you will be ready with the money so that I will inform the security company at hand.

Thanks and have a wonderful day



(After I sent Miss Promise the mail I received form Miss Sonia):

 Dear friend,

Thanks for writng.

I know that you are only a university student,but please try your best and see that you can raise the money to enable the diplomat to bring the consignment to you.Once you get the consignment all our financial problem will be over.

you will be able to send me some money to come and meet you in China where I will continue with my education.

As for the mail you receive today from a girl,I have investigated and have known the person.

You should understand that I am using a cyber cafe to send you emails and after writing to you this morning,one of the girls by name Sonia koffi had to enter my email box(i don't know how she did it)since I am not all that computer literate and hadto copy my maila nd made some changes and send to you.

There is a big problem between me and the worker in the cyber cafe

Do not response to her mail,the manager has assured me that he is going tosuspend her from work for two weeks and if care is not taken she willbe sacked for tampering with a customer's private mail without the consent of the customer

Back toour business,try and see how you can raise the money and let me know when I am to inform the security company that you are ready to claim the consignment from the diplomat.

Thanking you for your understanding,while I wait to read from you.

Have a good evening.



Dear friend,

Hope all is well with you over there.

Thank for writing to me.

Well,I want you to go through the mail that you sent to me,you should know that this is a very different mail from mine.I am an Ivorian natinal and not from Sieria leone,so I  do not know why you should send the mail to me.

Anyway,you will know thetruth when the diplomat will arrive China with the trunk box containing the money and will call you to come for collection.

I have nothing to say now,as seeing is believing.

Please let me know when you wil be able to raise money for the diplomat's charges to enable the diplomat to bring the consignment to you in your country.

I am waiting for your positive response so that we can proceed.

Thanks and have a great day



Dear friend,

Good morning to you.

Hope your weekend was a nice one and you are also in good health this monday morning.

Thanks for your mail which I was able to read this morning due to the weekend.

It is a nice sugestion for you to take his charges from the money in the box,but as you know,this will not be possible because the diplomat is only acting on the instructions of the security company.He has to do according to what the security company instruct him to do and nothing else.

You should not forget to know that the diplomat does not know the contain of the box until he delivers it to you after his payment.After paying him his charges and collecting the box from him,you can now open it in his presence and inspect it and then ask him to help you pay in the money to your account.

By now the diplomat can not run with the money in the box since h is now in your country,hope you understand.

This is all in effort to prevent the diploamt running away with the money when it is in his costudy.

You will deduct your own percentage from the money and then pay in the remaining in your account and also send me somemoney for my travelling expenses to come to you.

Please keep in touch so that we can proceed.

Thanks and have a wonderful day



Dear friend,

I do not understand the meaning of the mail you sent to me.

Where on earth did I toldyou that the diplomat is in China,please try to read my mails very well before you response to it.

YouIremember I told you that you will have to pay the diplomat his charges on his arrival to China before he hands over the box containing the money to you

I HAVE NEVER TOLD YOU THAT THE DIPLOMAT IS IN CHINA .I can not instruct the security company to give the diplomat the consignment without your concent since you will be the one to claim the consignment from the diplomat on his arrival in China.

Do you think I am a fool to play with such a hugh sum of money?.

I have to be sure that you will be able to pay the diplomat his charges and collect the box from him and also gurrantee me that you will not mis-use the money until my arrival before I can then instruct the security company to release the consignment to the diplomat on his way to China.


As soon as you inform me that you are ready with the money to pay the diplomat on his arrival,I will then instruct the security company and the security company will then arrange on when the consignment will be brought to you by the diplomat.The diplomat will only contact you when he arrives in China.

Try to understand very well my mail to you.

Thank and good day


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