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Rosemary Anderson says:
"I am a submissive/slave, please feel free to..." Rosemary

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received this story from a friend. Let me call him Justin.

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  Dear Miss Young,

Firstly I would like to thank you for creating such a detailed website resource and database for the detection of scammers, although I wish I had known about it in August, before I got scammed.  Having looked through the photos you have, one person sticks out although she used a different name with me and at least three other men who have contacted me to report they were scammed by her too.
I have attached a report, which I originally sent to the Australian High Commission in Pretoria, South Africa, as the scammer who identied herself as "Rosemary Anderson" used a counterfeit Australian passport, also attached, and these are the three addresses in Pretoria used to perpitrate the fraud.  I have also sent this report and the photos attached, some of which appear on your website, to the South African Police Service, who have forwarded it to their 419 Scam Unit.
This woman is shown on your picture gallery, as Natasha Williams, Rossana Walls, and Mary Susan.
I actaully spoke to a woman with a South African accent who claimed to be Rosemary Anderson, and also a man also with a South African accent who claimed to be organising everything for her.  I spoke to them each at least three times.  The phone number used was a mobile with a South African international dial code. 
As a result of being scammed, I have created two profile Scam warning profiles on the adult contact website she used, to highlight this scam, other scammers on the website and also refer people directly to your website.  Since then other victims and near misses have replied to me. 
I have now created a three step process now to warn people how to deal with potential scammers, whilst also respecting people who might be genuine:
1.  Get the person to take a photo of themselves next to a computer screen that is showing your profile photo on the contact website you both use.  It appears that "Rosemary Anderson" has been able to create a photo in which she can change the writing on a card, which she holds up as "proof" that she she is real.  Another man and I have identical photos with different names on the card she is holding up.
2.  Get them to send a scanned copy of their passport, then have it checked by your embassy in their country BEFORE you send any money do anything further.
3.  Even if the passport is confirmed as genuine, and they don't need a visa to come to your country, tell them to go to your embassy to register their details.  For this, they will need 2 photo IDs (Passport, driving licence etc.,) and atl east one utility bill showing their name and address.  Any genuine person should be able to do this, whereas a scammer will have all kinds of excuses why they can't.
So far, people seem to be reading this and following it.
Thanks again
Yours sincerely

scam 02



The Rosemary Anderson scam


I started communicating with “Rosemary Anderson” in August 2007 via an adult contact website called www.collarme.com  The profile used was: sexxyrose.


We chatted online via Yahoo Messenger.  The profile ID she used was: rose_anderson101.


The e-mail address she used was: rose_anderson101@yahoo.com


I spoke to “Rose” three times over the telephone, and although she claims to be Australian, I’d say her accent sounded much stronger like a native South African.  She used the mobile phone number: Mobile: (+27)0767276509 this is also given below, as it was used by another person too (details below).


“Miss Rosemary Anderson” claimed to live at the same address as the person who organised the all communication.  This person claimed to be Mr Nicholas Frank Oppenheimer, the Chairman of De Beers.  They both claimed to live at this address:




The e-mail address “Nicky Oppenheimer” used was:



He also used a signature, on two different documents between us, to “prove” he was the real Nicky Oppenheimer:





“Nicky” also had an assistant; Mr Sanusi, who I spoke to three times over the telephone on:

Mobile: (+27) 0767276509 it was given to me as a South African phone number.


The person claiming to be the personal assistant of “Nicky” claimed to live at this address:





I also sent some money, £1250.00, via MoneyGram to Mr Sanusi K OKanlawon.  I was assured by the Post Office, that the person collecting this money would require a passport or driving licence plus a utility bill of their home address, to prove their identity.  I therefore felt reassured they would not be fake.


The money I sent was to pay for the transfer costs of Rosemary Anderson to leave South Africa on a return flight, on the 18th September.


On Tuesday 18th September, “Nicky Oppenheimer” sent me an e-mail, and Mr Sanusi sent me two text messages claiming that “Rosemary Anderson” had been arrested at OR Tambo airport in Johannesburg for possession of Cannabis.  The e-mail from “Nicky” requested I send a further £1000, immediately, but I refused.  They had earlier sent me a copy of the flight reservation, which they had supposedly purchased. I have a scan copy of this document.


Star Travel booking ref: 3DRF09

Reservation Number: BA/ETKT 125 4989522594

Reservation No: BA/AYDTG7

Flight: BA56   Tuesday 18th September, Departing 20:15 OR Tambo, Jahannesburg.


In order to corroborate the information I had been told about “Rosemary Anderson’s” arrest, the next day I phoned the South African Police Service, and eventually spoke to a captain at OR Tambo airport police.  He assured me that nobody had been arrested at the airport for drug trafficking and that no women had been arrested in the past 24 hours at the airport.


This raised my suspicions about everything being a scam, but having already sent £1250, I felt it best to continue communicating, but refused all other attempts and requests for me to send any more money.


The last e-mail I received from “Nicky Oppenheimer” was on Friday 12th October, in which he asked me to send him £500 via MoneyGram to his trusted friend at this address:




I did not send this money.

The last communication I had with “Rosemary Anderson” was last Saturday 13th October, via Yahoo Instant Messenger.  She claimed to have been kicked-out of “Nicky Oppenheimer’s” household, that the house had been locked-up and that nobody was there.  She also pleaded for me to send her money.  I asked her to contact the Australian High Commission in Pretoria, and said I would send money to her via them.





“Rosemary Anderson” also has adult contact profiles on two different websites that I know of:


sexxyrose on www.collarme.com and sexykatie333 on www.alt.com


Photos of the same girl, one of which was sent to me directly, have also appeared on another adult contact profile: maryth on www.alt.com


Yours sincerely





Female Slave, 22,  Pretoria, South Africa  

" my name is rose,slave rose is my slave name. I am a submissive/slave, please feel free to..."

User Name:










Last Online:


 Female Slave


 South Africa

 Willing to Relocate







Actively Seeking:

Dominant Men

Submissive Men

Switch Men

Dom/Dom Couples

Sub/Sub Couples

Male-Dom Couples

Joining a Poly Household

 Lives For:

 Art Galleries






 Amusement Parks

 Antique Shows

 Bar Hopping


 Flea Markets



my name is rose,slave rose is my slave name. I am a submissive/slave, please feel free to contact me. 
I am bisexual and do enjoy meeting other submissive women in the lifestyle . However, am looking for the master . i enjoy such activities as spankings, flogging, needles, and electro. 
i do enjoy humiliation and i don't feel that it makes me any less of a woman or a person.  i feel that a golden shower allows my Master to mark His property and forced nudity is a beautiful thing.
Servitude is one of the most rewarding parts of being a slave. Nothing feels better to me than knowing my Master's home is clean, His shirts are pressed and dinner is on the table. i know that, through serving my Master and making sure that all His day to day needs are met, He is likely to find satisfaction in me.
i do work full-time, as i don't want to be a stay at home slave. i am a fairly social person, so being alone all the time would be too much for me to bear. i feel that giving my Master my income helps to better His household. Educationally, i hold an associates degree and intelligent and articulate. i enjoy the water and how it feels against my body. When i am swimming or diving i feel like my body is free of all the constraints placed on me by things, like gravity.
Some of my other hobbies are sewing, painting, reading, cooking, and dancing.
I guess creative hands.
Thank you for reading my profile.
Best Wishes,
slave rose
Topping women and men,   Fun/sex/love with women , Body modification ,Play piercings / cuttings  Exhibitionism  Feet, Tickling   Watersports, Electricity, Bondage,Japanese ropework,Caging,Shackles and chains,Collars 
 Flogging,Caning,body massage 
 Schoolroom   Age play   Spanking
 Objectification   Humiliation   Threesomes (or more), Domestic service.   

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Further to my earlier Scammer Report, please find attached photos of "Rosemary Anderson"

scam 06 scam_07 scam 08 scam 09 scam 10scan2


Dear Miss Young.
Further to my earlier report about "Rosemary Anderson" being a scam supposedly based in Pretoria, South Africa, I created an additional profile in order to trap other would-be scammers.  The attached passport has been reported as counterfeit by the Canadian High Commission in Pretoria.  The additional photos were sent to me with the passport by the man supposedly "looking after" Linda.
It would appear that the scam is based on these girls; Rosemary Anderson, Linda Collins, and others, being offered as "slaves" within the BDSM lifestyle, and requesting a fee for transfer and airfares.  There seem to be quite a few that are or claim to be based in Pretoria / South Africa in general.  Having spoken to a man and a woman using a mobile phone number with a South African international code, it would seem likely that this is their base.  I have both called and received calls on the same number: +27-767-276-509.
The e-mail address Rosemary Anderson used is: rose_anderson101@yahoo.com
Other e-mails used to perpetrate their fraud are: lord-dominant-oppen@executivemail.co.za    and  lord_saddist_albert@yahoo.com

Linda Sarah Collins_passport



Linda Sarah Collins - Scammer

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