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Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is about a fraud lottery. The lottery claims that I won, but the reality is that they want MY money.

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Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2007 11:22:50 +0100 (BST)
From: ING bank <ingbanktransfer@yahoo.co.uk>

Southyorkshire 126,Postbus N147BE, 
London, United Kingdom.
Our Ref: INGBNL31OZ15.
Your Ref: YH.LT192184.
TEL:+44 702 401 8289     
   Attention: Miss Young
Wellcome once again to ING BANK NL,
 It is always our pleasure to receive winners from YAHOO ONLINE LOTTERY INTERNATIONAL, and our assurance is that of reliable and professional banking services at all times. We hope to give you satisfaction in our services. 
Pursuant to your Email in my office the lottery department of your winning notification , please find information in the manner below.
Based on international banking policy and in line with EU Money Movement Specification laws; we make sure that accounts are directly activated in the individual names of prize winners before any subsequent transaction could be made using the funds in the account which includes withdrawal or transfer to any other bank. But after the account activation, winners are at liberty to do whatever they like with the funds in their account; either to withdraw directly from our bank here in London or from other of our branches world over or to transfer to any bank of their choice.
This is because the initial funds deposit made by YAHOO LOTTERY INTERNATIONAL was deposited using company account for all prize winners and so upon activation of each individual account there is a payment of $800,000.00 USD from the joint winners account to the individual account for full accessibility and proper authorization.
You are to make a choice of the account you prefer below to be activated in your name:
We do offer Online Banking Services, Electronic Transfer System and this is a new Banking method introduced by ING Bank NL. Via our Online Banking Services we offer to most Yahoo Prize Winners, it is possible to open accounts online, make transfers and receive payments online.
In other words, bank transactions with ING Bank NL Affiliate to Yahoo Lottery International have been made relatively stress free. Since you are a YAHOO Prize Winner applying for account activation with our Branch in LONDON, then your correspondence must be directed to us as accounts opened at other ING Bank NL Branches can only be operated in those Branches.
The procedure of activating an account with us online simply involves that an Yahoo Prize Winner specifies the kind of account of interest, and then we would require a few information from the applying Prize Winner necessary for the type of account chosen.  After the required information are received and completed; a file representing the new account would be activated; however the account would be created.
The account would only be activated after an Initial Account Deposit; (IAD) is received by ING Bank NL  from the Applying Prize Winner. This IAD would be deposited into the account being applied for, and would remain in the account, until the Account Holder signifies interest to withdraw the amount or have it transfered to any other bank that deem fit.
Once account activation is made with us, for the account to be active, the amount in the account must not be lower than the IAD at anytime. The IAD must be left in the account at all times for an account to stay active. Once an Account Holder withdraws funds from an account, such that the balance in the account is lower than the required IAD, the bank would assume that such account is to be terminated or suspended.
Prior to terminating the account, the bank would contact the Account Holder to inform the Account Holder of the status of the account. If the bank does not receive a response from the Account Holder after 14 days, the account would be suspended. A suspended account is an inactive account, and once an account has been suspended, it becomes impossible for the holder to undertake any transactions with such account.
If an Account Holder desires to reactivate a suspended account, then, the Account Holder must lodge funds not less than the IAD into the account, with additional charges, which vary with the type of account.
IAD payment for YAHOO prize winners is made directly through our international funds remittance agency and upon confirmation of payment by our agency, the applying prize winner will be given immediate update on the status of the account, hence; the activation.
For different types of account, the IAD varies, and as below, please find a list of accounts that we operate with their IAD charges which you will pay for activation of your account before transferring to your bank;
  1. Personal Private Account: This is an account that can be held by individuals. There can only be 1 (ONE) signatory to this kind of account and only the Account Holder can make withdrawal from this kind of account.The IAD for this kind of account is Seven Hundred and Ninety Five USD ($795.00), for international clients, or its equivalent in local currency.  
  2. Company Commercial Account: This is an account that can be held by Companies and Corporate Bodies. There can be as many as 5 (FIVE) signatories to this kind of account, and checks can be issued to third parties for withdrawal. For third party withdrawal, the bank would require authorization by at least 2 (TWO) of the signatories to the account. The IAD for this kind of account is Nine Hundred and Eighty USD ($980.00), for international clients, or its equivalent in local currency.
  3. Platinum Account: Either an individual or a corporate body can hold this kind of account. And there can be as many as 8 (EIGHT) signatories to this account. Third party withdrawals are possible, and once this kind of account is opened, the Account Holder would be issued an ING Bank NL ATM Card, with which funds can be withdrawn from the account at any of our correspondent banks worldwide.The IAD for this account is One Thousand and Ninety USD ($1,090.00), for international clients or its equivalent in local currency. 
  4. Suspense Account: This kind of account can be held either by an individual or a corporate body, and there can be as many as 4 (FOUR) signatories to the account. It is a one-way account, therefore only deposits can be made into the account, and withdrawals cannot be made from the account. It is suitable for and mostly used by traders who wish to secure funds over an extended period of time before utilizing such funds. The IAD for this kind of account is One Thousand Four Hundred and Sixty USD, ($1,460.00), for international clients or its equivalent in local currency. 
  5. We also offer Investment Banking services, which are only for Share Holders of ING Bank NL.
 Therefore, we want you to consider the information above, and the type of  account that you can operate with us. Then after we receive your response, I will request some specific informations needed for the process of activating your account of $800,000.00 USD based on your choice account.
I thank you once again for a great Yahoo prize offer to you, we assure you of satisfaction with us at all times.
  Yours Truly.
Mr. Albert Roosevelt
Private Accounts Manager.
ING Bank NL,Southyorkshire,
United Kingdom.
Copyright  ING Bank 2007.

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