Miss Young

blessing  Fumba says:
"remember to sent me some amount of money" Blessing

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received this story from a friend. Let me call him Menda.

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Hallo Miss Young,
Hallo, My name is Menda. I checked your site which i got from my Boss as an Advice that all this Million Dollars Mail i am getting are a SCAM.
I appreciate very much the good work you are doing Please KEEP IT UP.
Please find below the mail i Received from Blessing Fumba a CON



Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2007 10:03:56 -0700 (PDT)
From: blessing1_fumba fumba <blessing1_fumba@yahoo.com>

Dear One,
I am more than happy to read your interesting mail from site and i hope that you are fine and healthy, I have noticed that you are the kind of man i am looking for since all this while, i believe that you are a trust worthy and caring person, thats what makes me to disclose my identity to you. I came from Zwedru tribe -in Republic of Liberia the West Africa, but right now i am living in Senegal also one of the Western African countries.This is not my country i am living here as a Refugee because of the incident that occur in my family. I believe deep down inside me that you will never break my heart or let me down in anyway.
I'm from the family of late Dr Abel Fumba. My late father was the managing director of a Gold and Diamond Minning company in Monrovia. Unfortunately, he was wickedly poisoned to death  by his business associate on one of their outings to discuss a business deal in oversea. I was in my second year in Applied Mathematics department of University of Liberia in Monrovia before the death of my loved father I contacted you for a possible help. My step mother was a very wicked woman and she intend to kill me since my father and my real biological mother is died. Then she planned to take away all my late father's property and some other valuable things from me since the unexpected death of my beloved Parents. Meanwhile I wanted to find my way out of my coutry because I have seen what she is planning to do to me.  I there by plan to go to Europ, but she hide my international passport and other valuable travelling documents. Luckily she did not found where I kept my fathers File which contains important documents.
I managed to escape with the documents which covers my late father's deposited money (US$ 7.8 Milion) which he use my name as the next of kin. Meanwhile,I am still residing here as a refugee under the UNITED NATIONS COUNCIL FOR REFUGEES, i am saddled with the problem of securing a trust worthy foriegn personality to help me transfer the money from the bank pending my arrival in your country. I will like to see you face to face soon,
Furthermore, on your wish you can contact the bank for confirmation and you can communicate directly with them regarding this fund of my late father which was deposited in their custody. I am giving you this offer as mentioned with every confidence on your acceptance to assist me retreive the money from the bank and transfer to your nominated account. I will like to further my studies soon as i arrive to your country, please try to help me to achieve this goal as i have a desire to become a famous personality in the nearest future. I will be pleased if you can do this for me.
You can reach me through this number (00221- 46-25-05-3) It is a Reverend FAthers number, if you call, please ask of  blessing  Fumba. When ever you call, try to tell him that you want to speak with call blessing Fumba. Am staying in the female hostel. I have already inform him, that some one will call me through the phone. He will send for me from the hostel.  So please do not fail to call me, because I need to hear your voice too.
   Yours Love
  This is the 2nd mail i received from Blessing, at that time i suspected something fishy and i contacted my Boss for an Advice, and he told me its all a SCAM and he forwarded me the addresses of your Sites.  
Blessing Date: Sat, 29 Sep 2007 05:41:42 -0700 (PDT)
From: blessing1_fumba fumba <blessing1_fumba@yahoo.com>
Subject: I wait for your mail.

My Love,
First and formost i want you to know that i am in Senegal dakar,I am living in the camp at the moment because i couldnt afford my rentage further.Life in the camp is very stressful and painful,Alot of diseases are here ,All throught there are alot of  infection here.
I have this feeling that you are a special person to me,This is nothing but because of the shock i usually feel anytime i read your email,It looks as if we are speaking face to face.Hence this i contacted you for a possible help.

Well to go straight to your point,My reason of contacting you to help me is because of my restriction from this fund.You know this fund is a deposite made by my late father,I was used as the next of kin but was resfused from getting back this fund because of my Refugee Status wish is against the law of Senegal where i am residenting now.My dear this was the main reason why i decided to seek for an alternative in seeking for a foreign partner,Please try and provide to me you full name and address,Soon as i receive this i will give to you the contact of the bnak for confirmation of my cliam.

Well you must be surprised why i told you to do this.Anyway i am one who believe much in spiritual aspect of life because i believe it is the reflection of what happen in the physical world.I fasted and prayed before coming into conclusion to reciew this matter to you.be confident as i am choose you not by my power but by a directive from above.

I am in Senegal Dakar and i intended to come over to your country,but this most be after the transfer is been completed as you will send me some money from the total money to proceed my travelling expences wish i cannot afford presently because of my situation wish has completely change from that i was earlier when i arrive.
Note that i am refused from accessing this account because of my Refugee Status wish is against the law of Senegal where i am residenting as a Refugee.Over here,I cannot involved in a transfer,Beside that i cannot open an account as the law do not allow a refugee to do do.Hence all this,i contacted you to help me in acting as the next trustee to the deposite of my late father.

My bank has assured me the fund will be transfered into your account soon as you contact them,So all you need to do is to contact them so that the can advice you on how best the transfer will be made into your account.
I hope to hear from you.
  Yours Worried Love
Blessing Date: Mon, 1 Oct 2007 05:22:55 -0700 (PDT)
From: blessing1_fumba fumba <blessing1_fumba@yahoo.com>
Subject: Contact the bank n how to transfer the money to your bank account.

My Dearest
Thank you for your mail and  your id you sent to me  , Here in senegal is like one staying inside prison, and i dont want to continue like this, once the the bank start up the transfer process i will start up too for my arrangment to meet you face to face.My intention is  to have a good future, and a good living,
I believe in my heart that your help to me will bring something good to you, and i asure you that if God will use you to help me out of this situation, i will never forget you in my life and with what you have said in your mail to me i now have the confidence to go ahead with you. Bellow here is the contact of the bank.
Tel +44-703 190 3310
Fax +44-703 190 9758
Please Call the Bank, When you get them on the line, you can tell them that you are calling unbehalf of the fund of Late Dr.Abel Fumba  from Liberia with Ref. number BLB745008901546/QB/91/B.,that  you are representing me as my forign partner as well as the next of kin to the fund ok, and ask them the posibility of transfering this fund to your position in your country.
Please do your best to make sure that you make contact with the bank, i will advice you to call them on their telephone number and at the same time send an email to them for them to know our seriousness, what ever you discuss with them ok, get bact to me so that i will be knowing what is happening.My prayer is for God to grant me my pussuance and by the grace of God he will surely see us through.Please once again keep it only for yourself, for my safty and security.
The most important thing is to make sure that you make contact with the bank let us hear from them before anyother thing will be done.Go ahead and call them.Expecting to hear from you the responce from the bank soon. Please take good care, and put me in your daily prayers,
God bless you,
Miss Blessing rue 14 x15 medina
Dakar Senegal
Mrs Date: Mon, 1 Oct 2007 17:26:52 +0000 (GMT+00:00)
From: "STANDARD CHARTERED BANK LONDON PLC." <sbc_london@earthlink.net>
Subject: Your Requirements To Transfer Into our Bank Account


Tel Nos:

Fax Nos.
+44 8704 714050
+44 8709 748663

Dear Mr,Menda

Fund Deposit File No.PS101454/SCB/79 refers.

I have been directed by the Director, International Payment
Office/Telex ServicesDept
to write you in respect to the this fund transfer arrangement.
Actually,we have earlier been told about you by the young lady Miss .
that she wishes you to be her Trustee/Representative for the claim of
her late father's
deposit with our bank.
Dr.Abel Fumba was our late customer with substantial amount deposited
with us.As
asked, the volume of fund currently deposited with our bank is
Hence you have been really appointed as a trustee to represent the Next
of Kin cum
Mandate Beneficiary.
However before our bank will transact any bussiness concerning the
transfer of the
fund with you, we will like you to send the following documents to our

1.A power of attorney permitting you to claim and transfer the fund to
your bank
account on her behalf.This document must be endorsed by a Senegalese
resident lawyer.
2.The death certificate of (Her deceased father)confirming the death.
3.A copy of the statement of the account issued to her late father by
our bank.
4. An affidavit of oath from the senegalese High Court.
5. A scanned copy of your Identity.
6.Letter of probate from the High Court of Justice in Senegal where
Fumba is residing.
As requested the entire fund could be transferred to your account on
her behalf
on receipt of the above documents issued by a Senegalese High Court of
You are advise either to fly down there to arrange an attorney or you
simple ask
yourpartner to get an attorney for for you to procure all these
documents for you
urgently to enable us effect transfer as she had earlier requested us
to assist
her as soon as you contacted us.

Yours Faithfully,
Mrs. Laura Morton
Senior Manager - FTA International
Blessing Date: Tue, 2 Oct 2007 04:11:08 -0700 (PDT)
From: blessing1_fumba fumba <blessing1_fumba@yahoo.com>
Subject: Honey contact the lawyer for the documents needed by the bank for the transfer.

I thank you once again for your kindness love to me?i believe that all is well with you over there including my dream country to be hope that you can bright up your smile for me,actually I'm happy for the way you have being doing on this my late father account only good lord will definitely pay you in a millions folds,and i am sorry for the delay in replying this because i found out that we needed a lawyer which i have to tell our reverend then he got this lawyer for us.
We have found the lawyer that will help us do all this documents since that is the only thing that the bank is needed for this transfer,more over i will like to tell you that i have my late father death certificate and account including statement of account here with me which i will sent it to the lawyer if he accept to help us on this issue,
Honey please promise me that you will never disappoint me in any way as for me i promise you that my love Will be for you alone,after the successful transfer please remember to sent me some amount of money so i can prepare my self to meet with you over there OK,
below is the lawyer contact he is a registered member in united organization also a well recognize member in Senegal bar association,please contact him now to see if he will accept to help us for the transfer OK,contact him through mails and phone calls,
Barrister N B N GORGE
Phone number(+221-317-43-75)
Remember to reach me back after your contact with him OK, more over i repeat do not fail an orphan like me honey,remember i have build a strong trust and love in you,even my late parents will knows of a truth that you help me out from this painful life I'm facing over here in this camp,you alone knows my life secrete do not let it outside OK,i will be happy to read from the responce you get from the lawyer OK,remember me in your daily prayers always,may god guide you for me,i remain yours forever
Miss Blessing
Mr Date: Tue, 2 Oct 2007 05:21:32 -0700 (PDT)
From: allison dior <allisongloballawfirm002@yahoo.com>
Subject: Cost of Procurement of Legal Documents

Dear Mr Menda
We hereby acknowledged receipt of your information which we have moment ago obtained temporary approval from the Probate office, of the High Court of Justice Dakar Senegal.
Be informed that we shall be able to get you the necessary legal documents from the High Court of Justice here in Dakar Senegal as demanded by the bank to empower them to effect transfer of the fund in your favour as the Trustee of the fund.
To get the documents requested by the Bank, the following are the bills given by the court this morning for the issuance of the documents after filling an application on your behalf soon after getting your mail .
1. Swearing of Affidavit of Oath = US$10.00
2. Stamping on Power of Attorney = US$18.00
3. Government Tax on US$7,800,000.00 = US$2200.00
4. Allisong Global Law Office Legal Processing Fees = US$300.00

To enable us obtain these documents for you at the High Court first thing on Wednesday 3rd  October, 2007, you are to send by Western Union the sum of US$2,528.00 first thing tomorrow. On receipt of the money under 24 hours the documents will be ready and copies will be sent to you accordingly.
Here is the receiving name for the Western Union,

AMT US$2,528.00
You are advised to call me on phone as soon as you wire the money so that I can pick up and pay to the court. To make it faster, I have also started processing the necessary applications today in your favour.
here is my phone number +221-317 43 75
  then i started playing with them i told them that i have alredy wired the money for the costs and i wanted them to call me for the MTCN No., so that i make them spend money also on calling me and i received about 6-7 calls from the lawyer but every time i gave them the wrong no. keeping them on hold so that the tel charges goes high  
Dear Fumba,
I have already sent my assistant towire $4000 by Western Union by the Address the lawyer gave me, Please go with the lawyer to collect the money from Western Union and deduct the charges $2528 give it to him and remaining $1472 is for you. 
allison dior <allisongloballawfirm002@yahoo.com> wrote:

where is the 10 digit MTCN No

Dear Fumba,

Please Call me right now, I have got the MTCN No. but i dont want to send it by mail, dont want it to go in the wrong hands.

Please Call me right now and keep a pen handy.
Mr Date: Tue, 2 Oct 2007 06:52:02 -0700 (PDT)
From: allison dior <allisongloballawfirm002@yahoo.com>
Subject: pls send the number

Kindly reconfirm the  MTCN No.
109 232 2177 if it ok

Barrister George
Mr Date: Tue, 2 Oct 2007 07:28:51 -0700 (PDT)
From: allison dior <allisongloballawfirm002@yahoo.com>
Subject: are you fooling who?

Mr. Menda,

why did you told me lies. You did not send any money and you let me to go the bank only to be embarasssed. Have  you forgotten that I am a lawyer. I think at this stage I have to start advising my client Blessing Fumba to look for  a straight forward man because based on what you have just done I do not think we can  continue with you.
cut off ear
And this was the last mail i received from the lawyer very annoyed and angry, by that time i already had an eye on your site so i reply to him that if he wants me to send him the MTCN No. or the money he should cut his left Ear and Blessing's Right Ear put them in a plastic bag and send them to me maybe then I will think.

And after that i havent heard from them at all


. End of story.

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