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Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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From: merit bokko <merit_bokko@yahoo.com>
Sent: Thursday, November 29, 2007 6:40 PM
Subject: Re: Greeting my dear .

Greeting my dear .
My dearest many thanks over your responds to my mail through dating relationship .
my dear i am very grateful for this miracle to destiny which has helped us to find each other in this huge world . my dear i am here to build a very serious relationship with an open minded partner which whould leed us to something positive in our whole life, dear i would like to share my hobbie with you dear, i like watching movie cooking, i am very honest and trust wordty and optimistic, i am a very shy single female with good sense of humour. i am very simple woman i never make trouble with anyone, i  am a student i live with room mates my friends descibe me an eazy going sometimes i like staying loneliness think about my life i very much like to dream to dream of strong family and loving husband with cincerity about beautiful and clever children and about safe life,
My dear i am very glad to meet you in my entire life which proved that i have found whom my heart desire, my dear i vowed to spend the rest of my life with you in sincerity and honest. dear in a contest i am a very open minded someone which i equaly expect the same from you, my dear i came accross your profile through dating marriage proposal and i found that your profile sweet me, i determine to written you. my dear  i would like to use this opportunity to express myself . I am miss merit George bokko, i am 25 years old i am from liberia in west Africa, but presently i lived in Senegal in Dakar city due to my present condition, i am only daughter of late Dr George bokko, My father was a successfully business man who work with Liberian government in area of exporting mineral oil venture to foreign countries. before the rebels attacked our house one early morning killed my mother and my father It was only me that is alive now, and i managed to make my way to near by country where i am staying now as refugee statue, Dear the main reason why I am contacting you now through dating relationship is to seek for your assistance in the area of my future and also to help me to transfer the money that my late father deposited in bank over to your possession the amount is the sum (US, 2.5 Million US Dollars) he made this deposit some years back the money was deposited as a family treasure which i am the nest of kin.  Please my dear i am asking you to stand on my behalf as my partner to retrieved the money out from the bank and transfer it to your acount over in your country . my dear I have made up my mind to offer you 10% out of the total money,  As I have mention earlier I will make the procedure to this transaction to be well know and clear to you and i will give you the contact of the bank so that you will contact the bank for more verification.
 my dear  attach your full contact details e.g
Full name and photo. . .
Private telephone number .
Country of origin. . . . .
Home or office postal address . .
my dear i will used your full contact details to written a notification letters to the bank on how to proceed this transaction. please my dear i really need your help over this my present condition and i pray may ALMIGHTY GOD will surely see you true in all your activities as you  respond to my help. dear attach is my photograph .
please dear i need your help.
Yours sincerely, merit ,

From: merit bokko <merit_bokko@yahoo.com>
Sent: Friday, November 30, 2007 6:15 PM
Subject: Darling contact bank for process

 Greeting My Dear,
Dear i am more than excited over your acceptance to help me out of here in refugee camp. sweet heart i want you to come to your memory and take notice that honest and sincerity is the key factor to best and better relationship. dear your acceptance of helping out in area of transfering my inherittance over to your country  have revived my hope, dear is not wish to fell into dating relationship at the moment but due to seconstances beyond me keeps me out of control, where by i found that i dont have any alternative than to commit myself into dating relationship proposal. Dear  you have brought peace and harmony into my life . i really thank GOD for granting me this opportunity to meet you in my life. dear how is your day i hope fine , dear as for me am not fine over here in dakar senegal seconstances beyond me keep out of control. my dear my condition  may sound suprise to you but all i told you about my truth life,  my dear i don't know how to thank you for all your acceptance to help me out of here in refugee camp and join you over in your country, but i put everything in Gods hand that he must surely see you through in all your doings,  dear i have been praying asking God to direct me to the right person who will not betrayed me after the bank has transfer the money to him , my dear i believe my contact to you is not by accident it is God's intension that we will come across to know each other and i am praying that it will work out some precious in our life,
my dear i would like you to contact the bank on behalf of me to know their procedure on how they are going to transfer the money into your country,after the money entered your account then you can send some money to me so that i can use it and get all needed travel documents to come over and stay with you or you come down here and pick me , i live in dakar senegal in west africa ,my dear i do find it very difficult to feed even once  in a day, dear would you believe after the death of my late father my uncle  siezed all his properties, i dont know how he manage to get the document of my late father house, and he was seriously treatining to killed me, if he know that my late father have this money he will look for me,  now i don't have anybody here to call my own people, last time i made contact with the bank foriegn remitance transfered department, i spoke with the opreation manager and he told me that there's no way the bank can deal with me directly due to my status, that i should find some body to stand for me and retrieved the fund, he advice me to call of my relation , but there's no how i can call  any of them due to they will killed me if they found out that i am still alive, my dear i thanks  you a lot for your kindness to me.
dear i had submitted all important document to the bank for proceedure what remain now is to contact the bank on my behalf i have inform the operation manageing director who is in charge of transfer department that you are my husband that you will contact them on my behalf on how to retrieved this fund.  please my dear grant me a favor and help me to enssure that the money will be secured and transfered into your account successfully, as you know we have not meet or know each other before and this is the issue of money so I don't want to involved many poeple for my safety and for security reason,  I have prayed ernestly to God about it even the day that I saw your profile before writing to you, and I believe that there can not be a real partner or frindship or lovers without trust and sincerelity, darling remenber that honesty is the key in a well relationship, just pray over it and do what ever you wish best for me, i believe that your best would be enough for our ahead future.
Dear i am contacting you with all my heart, I am ready to spend the rest of my life with you in sincere, I would like you contact the bank with the deposit informations belowed and see the possibility of transfering this fund into your account, please I need you to be Trust worthy and sincere to me as i have open myselve to you which i expect the same from you is very important to me, darling attach is important document as well.

Name of depositor: Dr.George Bokko
Next of kin :Miss. Merit Bokko
Country of Origin, liberia.
Total amount deposited,($ US, 2.5 Million Us Dollars)
Account number:(66699269198)
Belowed here is bank contact information and you shall request them to transfer the total sum of the money deposited by my late father to your country pending my arrival to come and meet you over there and start a new life with you, darling I have already written a nomination letter to the bank on your behalf  as my husband ,my dear i promise they will respond to your applicattion ,
Contact person:
Mr.Abdulai Lahald (CS).
Customer Service.
4,Avenue Lopold Sedar Senghor
Fax Numner:+221-77826-3143
Email,( infoboa-sen@xspmail.com)
Please my dear called the bank telephone number or send an email to them and  tell them that you are my partner and you want  to retrive the money deposited by my late father Dr.George Bokko which Miss Merit Bokko is the next of kin,
Darling pertain your mail i equally want to call you with your provided telephone number unfotunately situation beyond me keeps me out of control, i have absolutely nothing with me for the cost of call, please my dear CALL me with following phone number, (+221765931862) Darling please note that the following office telephone number belong to our refugee camp reverend father, his name rev steve adams mbayi. Darling inform him that you want to speaks with miss merit bokko i promise he will reach me as soon as you call. please dear i really feel to hear from you probabaly i will be awaiting fo you call ok.
dear please keep  inform me all your details with the bank as soon as you contacted the bank, dear i have committed everything about my inheritance into your caring with trust and loyal. i will be waiting to hear from you as soon as you contacted the bank,
From your's sincerlly wife,miss merit

Will certificate


From: merit bokko <merit_bokko@yahoo.com>
Sent: Monday, December 03, 2007 9:33 AM
Subject: My Husband Please Consult Bank First Process.

Greeting my beloved husband ,
Sweet heart my heart is fill of gladness honey you have make fill like a true daughter of my late beloved family, sweet heart i am more than excited to come across you in this huge world , sweet heart you have makes my dream come true! Darling i  can't hesitate to say thanks you a lot over your internal love and kindness to me, Once again i dont know how to say thanks you over your solid assurance regard this transfer sweet heart i strongly believe that is right time my inheritance will be left the bank and transfer to your blessed country for
our bright future ahead, my love once again i thanks you for been by my side mostly content of your mail have brought peace and harmony in my entire life.
Darling regard bank please my love kindly contact the bank for immediate correspondant regard the proceed as you know am passing through crucial condition over here in camp even to feed myself once per day i really find it very difficult , am written you are the moment with assistant of roommate who pay for my public PC cyber cafe. Sweet heart i had submitted all important document to the bank for procedure what remain now is to contact the bank for process,  please my dear grant me a favor and help me to enssure that the money will be secured under your custody and transfered into your account successfully. sweet heart please promise me not to disclose this issue to anyone as you know this is issue of money so I don't want to involved many people for my safety and yours for security purpose , darling simply here in Africa majority of  people do worship money, treasure i dont want to loose my life as soon as i visited you over in your blessed country , 
Sweet yesterday at church i have prayed earnestly about it even the day that I saw your profile before writing to you, and I believe that there can not be a real husband or lovers without trust and sincerely, darling remember that honesty is the key in a well relationship pray over it and do what ever you wish best for me i believe that your best would be enough for our ahead future. sweet heart please keep inform your proper arrangement with bank as soon as contact the bank, Once again i have commited myself and my inheritance into your care.
Sweet heart please grant me a favor by CALL me through Rev Ft.Steve Adams Mbayi office Telephone (00221765931862) sweet heart note that  Rev Mbayi is missionary in  refugee camp here, Sweet heart inform him that you want speaks with your wife miss merit bokko i promise he will reach me as soon as you CALL. .  Probably i will be on my way to Camp now ,
With Hope of Good news From Your's Sincere Wife.

From: Merit Bokko <meritbokko@yahoo.com>
Sent: Friday, December 14, 2007 7:19 PM
Subject: Re: Honey here is the lawyer info.

 Greeting my beloed husband.
Dear  after my discussing with the lawyer he said you should contact him too by yourself so that he will discuss with you better on how to help us to prepared  the power of attorney and affidavit of oath for us, my dear the lawyer said that you should consult him with your information details.
Depends on how you want your full name to appear on the above document that he will use it prepare the affidavit of agreement oath document for us.
Darling below here is the lawyer contact.
TELEPHONE NUMBER // 00221-766844073
FAX : 00221-776951845. EMAIL:: barristermalick@gmail.com
Dear what remaining  is the Power of Attorney & Affidavit of oath for bank to transfer our fund,  my dear as soon the  money arrived to your account successfully when i come over to stay with you in your country and you will also help me out in area of my future especially my education is very important to me.
Please my dear always keep inform me all your arrangement with lawyer OK. i will be waiting to heared from you as soon as you contacted the lawyer.
with hope of goodnews from
your's faithful wife, merit


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