Carolyn Smith says:
"My desire is to meet a beautiful, sensitive, sensuous, warm, assertive man who wants a friend" carolyn
. Hello, I am Miss Young. I received this story from a friend. Let me call him Ulrich. It all started on a dating site, but soon turned out to be a conference scam. Go to the homepage to see more stories.

Mrs. Young!! 
This history begins this way: >> I will send You all the mail that I received, and like it began, and inclusive those that I sent to: Carolyn Smith 
Thank you!!!  You receive my cordial greetings. 

Sent: Friday, February 02, 2007

Hello Carolyn!!!  1

You sent me a message, I would like to share with you knots of friendship. 
To be your friend and good, to leave knowing us but.  I will send you a message with but you detail to your mail.   If you want and to accept to be in contact with me, he/she sends you my mail address:   ulrich.xxxxx @ 
I am of:: Bolivia (South-america) 
I speak: Spanish and Portuguese (also Learning English) 
I am connected the whole day in Internet, for reasons of Work my mail this the whole active time. 
Thank you to enter in contact with me.... 
He/she receives strong hugs affectionately of: Ulrich >> ((you are charming))
Sent: Friday, February 02, 2007
Subject: Dear Carolyn!!!

 Dear Carolyn!! 1 
Your you visited my profile in BADOO. I belong to Bolivia (South America) 
If your you accept we will be friends; 
It leaves of my profile:  I consider myself a honest, sincere, cheerful person and of wide heart.  I like to respect my fellow men, I like to offer my friendship, romantic, spontaneous, venturesome, applied in the work and responsible in all sense of the word. 
Good, later on we will leave knowing better and rot to know all envelope exactly my person. 
My features: I am of 1.79 high cm., brown hair, eyes brown honey, normal clear, physical brunette skin, I weigh of chord with my stature. 
I saw your picture in Badoo;  Be impacted of seeing you, you are really a very attractive person, you are charming and you have a look full with sweetness.    I find that your you have an excellent character. 
I hope to have news very soon of you. 
He/she receives my affectionate greetings, and many hugs affectionately of: 
Ulrich 1
From: Carolyn Smith <>
Sent: Saturday, February 03, 2007 1:23 PM
Subject: lets be friends

First of all i would like to say thank you for your reply, indeed its an honor and pleasure to meet you here.You know ever since when i was a member in this dating online dating site,i was little skeptic coz i felt that most people here are just looking for sex, yes casual sex. But now i am glad that there are some or few people around like you, who knows how to appreciate the existence of a person.. I too is looking for someone who can make correspondence with me and i guess that is neccessary to get to know each other,I feel that before we can have a good relationship,we must put forth the energy and time it takes to first become good friends. Friendship is one of the most important building blocks of a good relationship. To me, friends are like flowers in the garden of life. My desire is to meet a beautiful, sensitive, sensuous, warm, assertive man who wants a friend.
I also believe that things can be possible as long as you have huge faith and possitive out look in everything you want to achieve. This is also best way to exchange ideas, share details of lives which i supposed is important... sharing those thoughts, ideas, elements in life are some keys to find one possible serious match... In fact the reason why i am here it is bcoz i am trying to find my luck to find someone who is more serious in finding his soulmate..... Honestly i have tried different sites but unfortunately i still have no luck but again life must go on and thought of keep on going and stay on track. I know each one of us has one particular partner. most of people says that partner or someone special doesnt need to search,almost of them says that we should wait whoever comes along, but for me, its better to endure the hardship of searching than to taste and suffer the bitterness of being single, right? But ofcourse we have our own opinion about this, different people have different points of views, concepts and ideas regarding this matter we have our own so i hope you respect mine.
I will take a little time now to tell you a bit about me. I am working in the Medical field and also work at the alliance for poverty eradication as a volunteer . i am Single , a Canada citizen, i have a nice family,i am the only child and Dad/Mom of age. I am calm, joyful and i love going to the beach above all traveling. I am a simple and understanding,and I cherish honesty , tolerance , love , care and friendship and most all i hate lies.I am looking to meet a Man who will first of all be my friend and maybe more than friends later.I was in Africa during august as a member of the organising comittee of a combined conferences on CHILD EXPLOITATION and ERADICATION OF POVERTY, I am one of the organisers of the forth coming youth combined Lectures & Seminars taking place in Canada and Italy,It will be very great and wonderfuly exciting if only you will join me to the Lectures & Seminars or what do you think about it? I am looking forward to hearing from you and knowing more about you , your family , work , etc. I want to know if you have been here before or any other western country. I just wanted you to know that i dont measure people of their age, status of living, looks. their wealth etc. i believe that those are only bonus. For me i am looking for the richness inside, that matters most.... I am telling you that just incase you wanted to know.... once agian thanks for the time and kindness to mail me, i really do appreciate it... I am looking forward to hearing from you too.. have a nice day, keep smilin, stay happy.
Respectfully Yours


From: Carolyn Smith <>

Sent: Monday, February 05, 2007
Subject: agradece por tu correo

¡Esperanza tienes un día encantador! ¡Espero que mis días de buscar para ésa la derecha y a persona especial ahora encima! Soy el 1 y el único niño de mis padres y tenía niñez maravillosa de I. ¡Creo que un niño feliz hace un adulto bien balanceado con las porciones de buenos valores para enseñar allí a niños en vida! ¿no piensas tan? Esta felicidad y alegría que tenga en mi vida, deseo para otros también.
Soy solo y mis manías las películas están leyendo, el mirar, escuchando el musics suave, conducir largo, swiming y viajar. Odio retraso, ése es slugglishness y procrastinando, odio mentiras. Amo a alguien que es digno de confianza. Amo la naturaleza. Estoy siempre ocupado con mis actividades del trabajo durante el programe que coloca del refugiado. He viajado a muchos países alrededor del globo en nuestro curso de visitar algunos campos del refugiado en otros países, y seré el atender las conferencias combinadas y los seminarios en EUROPA las conferencias de esta juventud adelante que viene de year.the y los seminarios sobre la “explotación del niño” programar para ocurrir el 12 al 15 de abril de 2007 en el centro de conferencia del naramata y el retratamiento, 3375 3ro St, whitehorse, yk, Canadá. Las segundas conferencias y seminarios sobre la “extirpación de la pobreza” ocurrirán en el auditorio 400, 00187 Roma, Italia de la conferencia del St. Peter entre del 18 al 21 de abril de 2007.
El tema de las conferencias y de los seminarios se basa en la EXPLOTACIÓN del NIÑO y la EXTIRPACIÓN DE LA POBREZA, organizada por la alianza canadiense para el inconjuction de la extirpación del peverty (C.A.P.E) con COCA-COLA COMPANY y algunas otras compañías, toda la visa de los participantes será procesada aquí en Canadá, visitarás solamente la embajada en tu país para recoger tus seis meses de visa y tu boleto del vuelo a través de las conferencias y de los seminarios será pagado para por nuestros patrocinadores. Si deseas atender a las conferencias y a los seminarios, estaré muy alegre recomendarte a la secretaria. Desearé satisfacerte pronto. Si entonces estás interesado entrar en contacto con a secretaria con los detalles abajo;
canadian alliance for poverty eradication(C.A.P.E)
1661 Victoria Road,Whitehorse, YK,
Y1A 5P7, Canada.
telefax number :0012062030388,0013092854856
e-mail :
secretary:Mrs.Laura Wilkinson

He unido mi foto aquí en esta letra, espero oír de u pronto y prometerme que atenderás a este acontecimiento si no para todo menos para nuestra relación. Todo mi amor, Carolyn


From: Carolyn Smith <>
Sent: Monday, February 05, 2007
Subject: thanks for your mail


Hope you have a charming day! I expect that my days to seek for that the right and to now on top special person! I am the 1 and the only boy of my parents and had marvelous childhood of I. ¡I Believe that a happy boy does a well balanced adult with the portions of good values to teach there children in life! Do not you think so? This happiness and happiness that have in my life, desire for other also.

I am alone and my manias the movies are reading, the to look at, listening the musics smooth, to conduct long, swiming and to travel. I hate delay, that is slugglishness and procrastinando, hatred lies. I love someone that is worthy of confidence. I love the nature. MYSELF am always busy with my activities of the work during the plan that places of the refugee. I have travelled to many countries around the globe in our course to visit some fields of the refugee in other countries, and I will be the to attend the conferences combined and the seminars in EUROPE the conferences of this youth ahead that comes from year.the and the seminars on the "exploitation of the boy" to plan to occur the 12 al April 15, 2007 in the center of conference 3375 3ro St, whitehorse, yk, Canada. The second conferences and seminars on the "eradication of the poverty" will occur in the audience 400, 00187 Rome, Italy of the conference of the St. Peter among of the 18 al April 21, 2007.

The theme of the conferences and of the seminars is based on the EXPLOITATION of the BOY and the ERADICATION OF THE POVERTY, organized by the Canadian alliance for the inconjuction of the eradication of the peverty (C.A.P.E) with COCA-COLA COMPANY and some other companies, all the visa of the participants will be processed here in Canada, you will visit only the embassy in your country to collect your six months of visa Of the flight through the conferences and of the seminars will be paid for by our sponsors. If you desire to attend to the conferences and to the seminars, I will be very happy to recommend the secretary. I will desire to satisfy you soon. If then you are interested to enter contact with to secretary with the down the details;

canadian alliance for poverty eradication(C.A.P.E)
1661 Victory Road, Whitehorse, YK,
Y1A 5P7, Canada.
Fax number :0012062030388,0013092854856
secretary: Mrs. Laura Wilkinson

I have united my photo here in this letter, I expect to hear of or soon and to promise me that you will attend to this event if not for all less for our relation. All my love, Carolyn


Sent: Monday, February 05, 2007
Subject: Atn.: Laura Wilkinson (Pag. Web)

To: Mrs. Laura Wilkinson
Phone: (001) 206 203-0388
Distinguished Mrs. Wilkinson
By means of the present I go to you to consult on: Canadian Alliance for Poverty Eradication.
Is it possible that you can send the name of their Web Paginates??
I have interest in participating in the Seminar and Conferences.
I thank for their gentile attention and I hope to have a prompt answer.
You receive my cordial greetings.
Atty. Ulrich.
 Bolivia (South America)
From: Carolyn Smith <>
Sent: Tuesday, February 06, 2007
Subject: i cant wait to meet you

How are you ?I know you are out there and it's just a matter of time before we meet each other. I am looking forward to that day with all my heart. I am preparing myself for you each day. Imagining how that day will be like, No matter what, you are for me and can asure you that your application will be granted because i have already forewarded my recomendation letter on your favour to the secretary and the secretary informed me that your aplication will be accepted. We will have fun when you arrive here in Canada, taking walks, and watching movies. I look forward to that day and until then, I will be waiting for you with open arms.  Please contact me again as soon as you have anything positive from the secretary or as soon as you've been registered. I hope to do my best to making our coming together a reality
Love Always,
From: Canadian Alliance for Poverty Eradication <>
Sent: Tuesday, February 06, 2007
Subject: Office of Mrs.Laura Wilkinson

Date : 06 February 2007

Canadian Alliance for Poverty Eradication

1661 Victoria Road
Whitehorse, YK,
Y1A 5P7

Telephone:+1 206-203-0388 / Fax: +1 309 2854856
E-mail :


Dear Participants,

It is a pleasure to welcome you to the Canadian Alliance for Poverty Eradication,YK-Canada.We hope that you will take advantage of the many benefits that come's with membership and that you will be able to use the Canadian Alliance for Poverty Eradication as both a forum for the exchange of innovative ideas and as a resource for current developments in your counrty. This Lectures and Seminars seeks to promote increased awareness of the need to eradicate poverty and serves to remind all people that sustained and concerted effort is vital to achieve the millennium development goal (MDG) of halving the number of people living in poverty by 2015.

The forth coming Lectures and Seminars is never under advertisement.It is not open for every body to Participate,We can only accept participants under recommendation,But since your recommendation comes from one of our colleagues ,I will give you the opportunity to participate in the forth coming Lectures and Seminars.The Canadian Alliance for Poverty Eradication is one of the biggest Organization in the world today,co-existing with the Child Labor committee which started in 1997. Incorporated in Whitehorse,YK,Canada and meeting the needs of millions of  people all over the world through only four international branch Office s located in Italy, UK, Hong Kong, and U.S.A, National agencies including the UN Economic and Social Council, UNICEF, UNHCR, the World F00d Program, World Health Organizations.The forth coming Lectures and Seminars on " CHILD EXPLOITATION " is scheduled to take place on 12TH - 15TH April ,2007  Naramata Conference Centre and Retreat,3375 3rd St,Whitehorse, YK,Canada. The second Lectures and Seminars on " ERADICATION OF POVERTY " will take place at St. Peter's Conference Auditorium 400, 00187 Roma (RM),Italy between 18TH – 21 TH April ,2007.The theme of the forth coming Lectures and Seminars is to promote increased awareness of the need to eradicate poverty which is increasing every day all over the world. The Forth coming Lectures and Seminars are being Organized by the Canadian Alliance for Poverty Eradication in Canada and being sponsored by our independent donors.


1) The official charge for the application processing fee is $250 USD per applicant and it is refundable.
2) No application will be processed without the payment confirmation of the application-processing fee of $250 USD. Therefore applicants are advised to return their payment confirmation receipt.
3) Members without traveling passport will pay an extra fee of  $110 USD for the processing of the United Nations Emergency traveling certificate(ETC).

Remember to forward the following ;

1.Your Names
2.Country of Origin and Resident
3.Date/place Of Birth
4.Telephone number

Every body is entitled to Participate in the forth coming Lectures and Seminars regardless of your Religion or belief. Only a maximum of Ten(10) persons are eligible to participate together as a group from each Country and none of them will be LESS than (18yrs)eighteen years,they must participate in both Lectures and Seminars.The independent Donors and the Sponsors will take care of your entire flight tickets,including your feeding and accommodations throughout your stay in Canada and Italy.You are only responsible for your refundable registrations fees of $250 USD.If you are interested in participating in the forth coming Youths Lectures and Seminars, you should send your names,Country of your origin and resident. We will open your participation file as soon as we receive your names.We will direct you to our chairman organising committee as soon as your names reached us.Our organising committee will only direct you on how to pay your registration fees of $250 USD.I will give you more directive as soon as your names reach to us.Please note that all requirements must be met by participants requiring the Canada/Italy Visa assistance.Remember to forward your names,your country of Origin and resident as soon as possible in order to open a file for you. You have the option of choosing a maximum of nine(9) other persons from your country to apply with you as a group from your country,but this is optional. The Canada Bureau of immigrant Affairs have asked all participants requiring the Canada visas for this events,to make sure that they send the confirmation of their registration fees that they made in ITALY. This will convince the Canada Bureau of Immigrant Affairs that all participants attending the Canada conference will go down to Italy after the Lectures and Seminars in the Canada. Without the confirmation of your registration fees made in Italy, the Bureau of Immigrant Affairs will not authorize your visas . You must try all possibilities to get the confirmation of your registration that you made in Italy and mail it to back to me by email or fax.You should endeavor to contact any of our registration committee with the information below and make your registration fee payment of $250 USD:

Piazza Di Lucina,km 45
E-mail :
Attn   : Mr.Brian Ronald <>

Via Condotti, 100
E-mail :
Attn   : Mr. Jean Peterson <>

METHOD OF PAYMENT;For information on method of payment, please do contact our chairman registration committee in Italy through the below e-mail address

Your sincerely

Mrs.Laura Wilkinson

                                                 Sponsored By:



From: http://www.canadianallianceforpoverty

From: Carolyn Smith <>
Sent: Thursday, February 08, 2007
Subject: Re: My charming Carolyn!!

Dear ,
Thanks alot for the letter,how are you,hope you are okey ? i just cant wait to meet you,after reading your letter i was very happy.It does not necessary means that you must belong to an organization before you can attend this event. You just have to contact the secretary through this email address( ) and inform her that I recommended you,You can also attend the forth coming conference with your friends,just form a group of five capable persons from your country,all participants without an international passport will be issued an Emergency Travel certificate(ETC) by our Head Office.As regards to your Visa and plane ticket,i want to asure you that you have nothing to worry about because all participants will be issued a six months Visa for both canada and Italy,participants Visa will be processed here in canada and you will only have to visit the embassy in your country to obtian your six months visa.Participants plane tickets will be paid for by our independent donors. I hope you will contact the secretary as soon as possible. When you contact the secretary you should follow the instruction immediately . You are to forward your name to the secretary as soon as possible as all participants visa request will be forwarded to the Bureau of Immigrant Affairs for Authorization. Any participants visa request not forwarded on that same day will miss the visa assistance. Immediately you forward your name, you will receive other information.You shall receive your flight tickets at the airline branch office in your country.Till we meet.
Love Always
  Dear Mrs. Young....  
In my investigation of finding some reference on this case.  I also found in Yahoo Questions and Answers..... to a person that was discovering if somebody knew this organization: CANADIAN ALLIANCE FOR POVERTY ERADICATION / / / he/she should be another person that this to fall in the Nets of these Frauds..
huge_Carolyn Smith

"Canadian Alliance for Poverty Eradication" does not exist. The only purpose of this scam is to make money for the scammers.

Keep away from them!


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