Ahmed Usman says: "you will have to act as the next-of-kin to the fund" Ahmed
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Hello Ms. Young!
Thanks for your site. You have stopped me from thoughtless steps. I send
you of new members of your site. But it already is in your collection,
as the lawyer Mike K.B. Joe and the notary Kamara Koffi Parajo. Now it
the bank employee.

I attach to the letter correspondence, the certificate and the passport.

Thank you

Best regards




From :Ahmed, Usman
Abidjan, Cote  d' Ivoire.
My dear friend,

Permit me to intruduce my good self,my name is Ahmed Usman.I work with the BANK OF AFRICA  Abidjan, Cote D'IVoire as an accountant Foreign operation department. In the discharge of my duty, Istumbled on this domiciliary account that has remained dormant for three years now with fifteen million dollars($15m) in it. I contacted my director and we sent out staff for enquiries and discovered that the account holder died in Auto-crash with the next of kin.i am writing you so that we can work with you to remit the money into your account as the next of kin. it is simple process which will take a short while to process. outside this, the bank management will confiscate the money. If I hear from you, I will tell you all you need to Know about the money.

Thanks and God bless you.
Mr. Ahmed Usman
Account officer
  Hello Ahmed Usman!
My name is Paul. I work in a Spain.
Why you have addressed to me? And in what idea?
I agree. I wait from you news


Dear Paul,


Thank you for your kind mail and your sincere willingness to assist me in this transaction. I want you to know that this transaction is strickly confidential and 100% risk free.

I want you to know that I have carefully concluded all the transactional modalities as I want you now to act as the appointed beneficiary to the fund so that the bank can effect the fund transfer to your norminated bank account. I have also recieved your telephone contact number as I will call you so that we will discuse more.

I will want you to send to me now the following information as this will help in this transaction and for more confidence.
A)Your full legal names.
B)Your Address.
C)Your international passport or drivers lincense.
D) Your direct telephone and fax number
I need all these informations to enable me confirm your  beneficiary status to the fund as you will have to act as the next-of-kin to the fund since I am here in the bank to give you all directives.

Note that there is not much thing that you are going to do as I believe that 30% is enough for your paticipation.
The nature of the transaction in details:
I am still a member of the bank panel that will be charged to investigate the whole process of this inheritance fund transfer. I am to prepare the proof of kinship right here in the bank with the personal information that you will give me. I do not want to have any hitch in this transaction as a result of delays and in the process put USD15M at stake.I have been in the banking profession for years and know what can make a transaction of this kind to backfire. This will mean toying with my career which I don't want.
My Word:
This transaction is risk free and will never involve anyone along the line if only you are ready to follow my guidelines. All you need to do is to understand that the watchword is confidentiality and trust. Do not expose this to friends to protect this transaction from suffering a hitch anywhere along the line. Everything is legal and will be legally done.
Now I think everything is very clear. We are only interested in getting the transaction successfully concluded. I know that 70% of USD15m is enough for me to live comfortably till I die while 30% is for you and your efforts.  

I am 100% sure because I have carried out series of investigations concerning this fund and discovered that except we move it out, it will be forfeited to the government as unclaimed bills if the fund is not transferred out of this country.

I assure you that the seven working days will look like seven banking hours.Please do not be afraid as all we need is to use your contact as the next-of-kin to the fund.Every other necessary proof that is needed will be arranged here in the bank. See this as a life opportunity as you can see.
Once again do not be afraid. All we need is your maximum co-operation and maturity to see that we finally smile together as one in few days from now.I want us to be fast with whatever we are doing for us to have the fund transfered to your account.
I will send to you the Lodgement Reciept to the deposit for your refrence immediately I hear from you.I wait for your positive answer as I feel that my little explanation here will merit your sense of understanding and for you to see reason why we should make progress as this transaction I contacted you for has nothing to do with any ILLEGALITY.

I am counting on you with every respect and regards as well as having every trust and confidence in your personality.You should forward to me the above mentioned information needed from you as I await your response. You can contact me directly on my telephone number for more conversation on +225 01201052 as I await your kind response.

Thanks and God bless.

Ahmed Usman

Dear Paul,
Thank you for your kind mail as I am happy  that you called me on phone as I appreciate that so much and I want you to know that I do understand your english well as I appreciate it. I have recieved your information having known that I can trust you in this transaction as I want to assure you that this transaction will bring us to a long lasting relationship as I will be coming to your country with my family as I have a wife and four kids which I will be coming with them and also to invest in your country of which you will assist me in choosing a good lucrative business which you will indicate for me as I do not know much about business so I can count on you.
I want you to know that this transaction is confidential and must be keept between you and I untill we have transfered the fund to your account as you know I am still working in the bank and will not be exposed as I will be giving you informations and also be monitoring the transaction.
You will now have to send to me immediately your norminated bank account details for the fund transfer as I will be giving to you a contact of an accredited bank attorney that you will contact to represent you in the transfer of the fund to your account since you are not here presently.
I will now wait for your kind response as I will want you to call me on phone as you recieve this mail. I also attach to you a copy of my international passport and a copy of the fund deposit certificate as I want you now to send to me immediately your norminated bank account details and a copy of your identification also.
I will be waiting to hear from you as soon as possible.
Thanks and God bless you.
Mr Ahmed Usman
+225 01201052




Dear Ahmed!
Thanks for your kind words.
I have a pair questions.
Why your choice has dropped out on me?
What acknowledgement on relationship with this person at me will be? What papers will be at me for acknowledgement of a legal origin of this money?
Tax inspection will have questions on an origin of money.
How I think, I should sign any papers?
How you will supervise the transaction?
After reception of money for the account, what I should make with your part?
If all legally then I agree. You should understand me. I also have family and I wish to live easy. And in I process of earning money too am a high time love.
I have looked the certificate. There the name of the person which is specified has died in accident? You too on the passport imposing the man.
I send you a copy of the passport, Residence permit, a card of social insurance and a copy of the bank account.
I will be waiting to hear from you as soon as possible.
You work tomorrow? It is your mobile or an office number?
What difference in time at Spain and Cote  d' Ivoire?
Mr Paul


Dear Mr Paul,

Thank you for your call as I am happy that you have called the bank attorney to represent you for the fund transfer. As I told you, you will send an email also to the attorney.
You are send him this email.
I am  Mr Paul from Spain and that you want him to represent you as your appointed attorney in the transfer of $15Million been deposited in the Bank of Africa by your late foreign partner Mr Kambonna Jean Jacques who is now late.
That he should go to the Bank and connfirm the procedures for the remittance of the fund to your account that I Mr Ahmed Usman is your account officer in the bank. You also send to him your telephone number. You will also send to him your address and a copy of the deposit certificate which I sent to you for his confirmation.
This is what you will have to tell him so that he can procced on your behalf immediately.
I now wait for your response as you send the email to him.
My sincere regards to your family.

Thanks and God bless you.

Mr.Ahmed Usman.
+225 01201052


To: Dankata and Dankata Associates
Solicitors & Advocates
International Consultants.
Email: dankatachambers@yahoo.com
Direct Telephone +225 07717129

Dear, Dr. David Dankata!
My name is Paul from Spain.
I want that you represented me as the lawyer appointed by me, in transfer $15 Million, deposited in Bank of Africa, my late foreign partner Mr Kambonna Jean Jacques.
You should go to Bank and immediately begin procedure for transfer of fund on my bank account in Spain.
My official of account in the Bank  of Africa - Mr. Ahmed Usman.
I apply a copy of the deposit certificate.
My address in Spain:

Best regards



Dear Mr.Paul,

Thank you for your kind mail as I saw the copy of the  email that you send to the attorney which is correct. We will now have to wait and keep intouch so that we hear from the attorney as soon as he goes to the bank on Monday.

I do not want you to respond or write anyone email if not from me and keep me informed accordingly so that we will not enter into wrong hands. I will now wait for your call.

Thanks and God bless you.
Mr.Ahmed Usman.

+225 01201052
Ahmed Dear Paul,

Thank you for your kind mail as I am sorry as the connection to the call
  went off. I have recieved your email and I want to tell you to write
an email to the attorney and call him to tell him to hold on with the
transfer that there is something that you want to regulate first. As I
told you on phone, the number is not the same and as you can see the
profession also is not the same as these people have been arraested by
the authorities that wants to jopadize my image by doing this which they
have done which have made you not to have trust on me now.

I want you to know that we will have a succesful transfer of this fund
to your account if you are willing to procced with me and follow my
guidelines for us to finalize accordingly.

You will have to call the attorney as soon as possible and tell him to
hold on with the transaction so that this investigation will be through
for us to procced accordingly. I am counting so much on your trust and I
believe that you will not dissapoint me. I will now wait for your
response and please give me a call.

Thanks and God bless you.
Mr Ahmed Usman
+225 01201052.
Mr From Dr David Dankata
Dankata & Dankata Associates
Solicitors & Advocates International Consultants.
Email: dankatachambers@yahoo.com
Direct Telephone +225 07 717129

                                  RE: ACCEPTANCE LETTER

                     Date: 23/ 4 / 2007
Attn: Mr. Mr.Paul.


This is to acknowledge the receipt of your letter to my office
requesting our legal assistance in the transfer of your fund which is
deposited in the suspense deposit of the Bank of Africa. We want to
assure you that we will discharge our duties and obligations towards
achieving a hitch free transfer in this transaction.

Our investigation this morning from the BANK OF AFRICA has proved that
this fund is presently deposited in the suspense account of the BANK OF
AFRICA by late Mr. kambonna Jean Jacques hence not withdraw able until
transferred to an active account. I meet with the Director whom also
assured on the hitch free of the fund transfer to your account as soon
as all the bank requirements are been authenticated in your name for an
effective transfer of the fund to your account. I also meet your account
officer Mr.Ahmed Usman whom also confirmed to me that you are the
appointed foreign partner to late Mr. kambonna Jean Jacques.


Having studied the circumstances behind this request, the following
modalities are involved in this transfer.

1. The deposit document must be changed to your name and a court
Affidavit will be obtained in your name and all approvals normalized to
reflect you as the appointed beneficiary of the fund. This will take
about three working days as I have to legalize all the documents in your
name for a smooth and hitch free transfer of the fund to your nominated
bank account.

2. You shall also be required to submit a photocopy of the first page of
your international passport or current driver's licence for official

3. You are also required to send to us the confirmed nominated bank
account details for the fund transfer accordingly.

4. You will have to pay a consultation fee to our chambers which is the
sum of (USD$ 520.00)

5. You shall make a total fee of Two Thousand Seven Hundred Dollars
(USD$2,700.00) , This covers the cost of normalisation of documents
be obtained in your name  from the Federal High Court Of Justice here in
Abidjan Cote D'Ivoire. (The change of ownership, and A Sworn Affidavit
from the high court) as stated above which will authenticate your
beneficiary status to the fund deposit for immediate transfer of the
fund to your account.

You are to send the fee through our accountant MR.DAVID CHIMA through
the Money Gram Money Transfer to Abidjan Cote D'Ivoire to enable us
proceed with your fund transfer as the documents are  very important to
this your fund transfer and must be obtained immediately.

Finally we do hereby promise to discharge our duties diligently towards
ensuring a hitch free transfer of the fund into your nominated bank
account.  As soon as these requirements from you are being confirmed
accordingly I will obtain the documents immediately and proceed to the
bank to confirm the documents to the bank and apply for the fund release
and transfer accordingly to your account immediately.

Thank you for your anticipated co-operation as we expect your urgent
response in other to proceed with your fund transfer. You are to also
call me on phone as you receive this information to enable me proceed
with the transaction on your behalf.
Yours faithfully,

Dr. David Dankata
Principal Attorney
Dankata & Dankata Associates
. Paul realized that it was a scam, and stopped all further contact with the scammers.

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