Tony Harmony says: "make sure that each member can afford the processing fee" Tony
. Hello, I am Miss Young. I received this story from a friend. Let me call her Nicole. Go to the homepage to see more stories.
thank you very much about the services.  I did not know that your website exist until now when I have realised I have dealing with fraudsters.

I will forward to you email about employment program and housing and was conned 1540 dollars.  It is a lesson and I would not like that to happen to anyone.  I have realised it is a con after they have asked for more more to facilitate the work permit



From: Tony Harmony <>
Sent: Saturday, March 24, 2007 1:20 PM

Top of the day to you. My name is Tony Harmony, I am 41 years old man and I am from the US - the country of myths, amazing nature and where the sun never sets in the north during the summer.
Actually I was moved to contact you after going through your profile. I am seeking for a lifetime partner. I mean a lady who could love and care for the woman who will love and trust all her love on him.
ld always reach me through the below e-mail address for frequent replies Please take good care of yourself.
I got your ID from
Yours in love,
From: Tony Harmony <>
Sent: Monday, March 26, 2007 6:12 PM

Hello Dear,
I just have to thank you for replying my mail, if not for other things but for the efforts you made to type the mail. My hobbies are reading, watching movies, swimming, listening to gospel music, sport and traveling
Like I have earlier informed you in my previous mail, I’ve turned to the Internet to look for a partner, because I haven’t yet met someone who has really fulfilled my expectations. I’m not searching for adventures or games, on the contrary, I hope to find that special person in you, and someone with whom I can create the family I’ve always wanted and spend the rest of my life with.
Therefore, I sincerely look forward to becoming a proof that this type of meeting possibility really works and changes people’s lives.... I grew up and did all my schooling in Louisville, ky.down hear in United States, As regards my family, we are three in number;
My parents have three children, two girls and a boy .I being the first child, Ms ALURA is second to me but working under
Stanford hospital here in the state.
While Ms ARIETTE is working under LOGISCO transportation service here in the state
My Father Dr. Christopher Harmony And my mother Ms. Barrister Eadda Harmony are both retired from the US civil services.
Contact_Person: Data Team
My Home Address
Address: 2001 Old Lee Highway, Suite 321
        City: Fairfax
        State_or_Province: Virginia
        Country: USA.
My parents are still very much alive and healthy As for my job; I have great regards for my job and give to it all the necessary attentions. I am working with BUREAU OF GLOBAL MANPOWER RECRUITMENT  ( BGMR) here in the US.. Judging from your mail, you look cute and charming, I’m sure you’ve received many responses and proposals, but please believe me that it’s not my intention to just flatter you, by telling you that you’ve impressed me! Nevertheless "I enjoy spoiling and pampering my partner… I believe in God; I feel that family is the most important support in life; I know true love exists;
I immensely value friendship; I hate conflict; I’m sincere and detest hypocrisy; I’m open minded; I respect other’s ideas and listen to them (so I expect to be listened to, because I wait for my turn to speak); I’m witty and have a great sense of humor; I think our destiny is something we discover every day, according to how we face it, what we do and what we don’t and I doubt there’s a second chance for a first good impression. Appealing, cerebral and of average size, my best qualities are loyalty, passion and creativity.
I am a man of great integrity, my quiet serene demeanor accords me an air of mystery and diffidence as I go my way as a serene, wise observer of human society. I have a penchant for remaining above the fray and for maintaining my individuality. I am always well groomed and handsome eyeglasses frame my eyes.
I can be best described as optimistic, high spirited and broadminded. I love romance, freedom and I am very much future oriented. I am a physical person. I respond to the world through action, rather than practicality, intellect, or emotion. While I am about action and getting things started, I am not in a hurry. I want to experience life, rather than read about it. I am an eager explorer and interested in mental outreach. I enjoy travel and spiritual study, and have a daring and adventurous spirit.
I am high-spirited and enthusiastic, often flirtatious, and enjoy social life immensely. In my leisure time, athleticism comes to the forefront but for now this hobby is already slipping away from my hands. Personal challenge is always appreciated, and I prefer solitary or one-on-one sports that stretch myself to the limit. My philosophical side makes me enjoy drama and debate, as well as most other mentally challenging pursuits.
In love relationships, I am sincere, straightforward, flirtatious and playful. I can also be one cool customer. Although few would describe me as being warm, cuddly, or sentimental, those close to me see me as an important source of support in their lives.
That's because when things are chaotic or falling apart, I'm the type of person who can be virtually unflappable. I am also known for being a talented problem solver. When it comes to my relationships, I usually know how to speak up for myself so that others know what I want. But that doesn't mean I'm rigid or inflexible. In fact, I'm quite willing to acquiesce for the right person. They just need to make their case honestly.
THE KIND OF LADY I NEED the type of lady who attracts me is honest, direct, and reliable - who can be my "pal". I like a lady who's playful one minute, and philosophical the next. Above all, companionship, honesty, and idealism appeal to me - and a sense of humor! My ideal partner is a very passionate person who knows how to fully enjoy life. She has a highly active imagination when it comes to trying new things.
More than most people, she knows how to value the pleasures of romance and is not afraid to pursue those feelings when the timing is right. She also has a strong intellect, with a penetrating thought process and a continual curiosity about the world around her.
ANOTHER SIDE OF ME Born into this world, but not of this world. I paint romantic portraits with words. Strong, but sensitive. Healthy, beautiful bodies. Warm soft voice with curious accent. NOT into the abuse of anyone or anything.
Wise as a sage, with heart of a child. Love and forgiveness a way of life. Bohemian. Social transcendent. Spiritual drummer. Faithful friend. Very romantic sweet lover. I would like to meet a lady that believes in the power of love and forgiveness. Wants to transcend beyond the worldly norm and discover new vistas of companionship, sharing, peace, and joy.
Someone, who is very romantic and believes in angels Surely, no one lives to himself or herself and what ever we can do today for one another may stand for our glory tomorrow. Love feels no burden, thinks nothing of trouble, attempts what is above its strength, pleads no excuse of impossibility...It is therefore able to undertake all things, and it completes many things, and warrants them to take effect, where she who does not love would faint and lie down.
Love is watchful and sleeping, slumbered not. Though weary, it is not tired; though pressed, it is not straitened; though alarmed, and it is not confounded... Friends are God's way of taking care of us. There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved.
Marriage is not a ritual or an end. It is a long, intricate, intimate dance together and nothing matters more than your own sense of balance and your choice of partnered.  
I am waiting for your photographs. Please you should take good care of your self for me
Seek out that particular mental attribute which makes you feel most deeply and vitally alive, along with which comes the inner voice which says, 'This is the real me, and when you have found that attitude, follow it
Yours ever,



From: Tony Harmony <>
Sent: Wednesday, March 28, 2007 11:50 AM

Hello Nicole,40
It hurt's to love & not loved in return. But what is painful is to love someone and never find the courage to let the person know how you feel. Maybe God wants us to meet a few wrong people before meeting the right one so that when we finally meet the right person, we will know how to be grateful for the gift.
Love is when you take away the feeling, passion & the romance in a relationship & find out that you still care for the person. A sad thing in life when you meet someone who meet a lot to you,only to find out in the end that it was never to meant to be and you just had to let go. When the door of happiness closses, another opens.But oftentimes, we look so long at the closed door that we don't see the one...that has been opened for us.
The best kind of a friend is the kind you can sit on a porch & swing with, never say a word & then walk away feeling like it is the best conversation you've ever had.It's true that we don't know what we've got until it arrives. Giving someone all your love to hear that you would never hear from the person you would like to hear from them.But don't be so deaf as not to hear from the one who says it from his/her heart.
Never say goodbye if you still want to try.Never give up if you feel you can still go on.Never say you don't love a person anymore if you can't let go.Love comes to those who hope although they've been disappointed; to those who still believe although they've been hurt before; & to those who have the courage & faith to build trust.
Don't go for looks,they can deceive. Don't go for wealth,even that fades away.Go for someone who makes you smile because it takes a smile to make a dark day seem bright.Hope you find the one that makes you smile.
Dream what you want to dream,go where you want to go, be what you want to be, because you have only one life & one chance to do all things you want to do.The happiness of the people doesn't necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the most of everything that comes along the way.Love begins with smile,grow with a kiss & ends with tear.The brightest future will always be based on forgotten past.You can't go on well in life until you let go of your past failures and heartaches.
I  understand we find ourselves in different circumstances in life, yes am on net to search a friend - a true friend ! That can extend spousehood. I wouldn't know how you will feel about my idea of having you with me in the States .
 Am not saying this to hurt you rather am only expressing my feelings to you. I hope we will meet soon ,hence I can go extra lenght to bring the love of my life living with me in the States  through any means possible .You look nice in your pics. I hope you can share this dream with me love!    Waiting for your sweet reply
Yours in love,
From: Tony Harmony <>
Sent: Thursday, March 29, 2007 10:17 AM

Hello Nicole,40
Thanks once again for your mail. I am enjoying your friendship couple along with my job.It gives me joy to take care of fellow human beings who needed assistance.  The  ( BGMR)
Bureau of Global Manpower Recruitment ( BGMR)  program have improved the lives of many who have no job and who are not earning good salaries in their home countries.BGMR help poor people to make a better living through the program. BGMR means.Bureau of Global Manpower Recruitment
The BGMR  helps to reduce the vulnerability of poor people affected by natural disasters, conflict and environmental degradation through this Bureau of Global Manpower Recruitment  program ! Around the world there are millions of people running or considering running small businesses to increase their incomes and improve their lives. A lot of people in the world have carried HIV through Mistake through their mum and dad. 
Why some people in the world have all the good things they wish to have but know happiness. Wealth is not every thing but love and friendship.Friends are God's way of taking care of us. There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved. Marriage is not a ritual or an end. It is long, intricate, intimate dances together .
I may be leaving for Our branch office in UK to help supervise BGMR forth coming Employment program for citizens from third world countries. The program will take place from  next month. Last year, I was in Berlin, Germany for this same program.I have also reason out that Bureau of Global Manpower Recruitment  can improve our chances to actualize our dreaming of meeting each other one day. Be informed that I stand at the best position to help you through this Recruitment program
If you choose to come over to US with your family or friends through this program. Please don't be offended if my words hurt you.  I do not mean to hurt you but rather to express my view in love to you and as a friend feel that I can get you informed with good thing that will benefit you, it's an opportunity for you, your family and friends to come and even work in America, Germany UK and Canada. I personally would like you to apply for the US program so that we can use this occasion to see each other and bring up our family up here.
If you considered this as an opportunity to actualize our dream as life partners, then do not hesitate to contact the secretary for detail information on our forth coming Employment program scheduled for next month. Any thing I do for you today stand as my hope for tomorrow. So this month I want you to focus your success in life and destiny.  You'll be amazed by how many ways your life begins to change.
I know quite well that if your love or relationship does not just end on the net, you will surely take up this opportunity. There is nothing better for the spirit or the body than a love affair. It elevates the thoughts and flattens the stomachs.
We seek the comfort of one another. Someone to share and share the life we choose. Someone to help us through the never-ending attempt to understand ourselves. And in the end, someone to comfort us along the way.Forward your application by email through this address
If you are interested and wants to benefit from this Bureau of Global Manpower Recruitment program opportunity,then do not hesitate to contact the secretary because your application is already late but with my influence, the secretary will attend to your application. While you apply for detail information, I'll talk to the secretary.
I will be here to stand for you and to monitor the situation in your favor. I will be happy to receive you here in my beloved Country If you should apply for it, let them know that I recommend you for the Program and they will not waste time with your application.
May be through this Bureau of Global Manpower Recruitment and by the special grace of God we might start affecting each other’s life positively.  No one lives to himself or he and what ever we can do today for one another may stand for our glory tomorrow. You should always keep me informed with the latest development from the secretary so that l will always know what to do in your favor.
Please ensure you reach me over any mail sent to you for necessary assistances as soon as you enter in communication with the Secretary . Please note that this will transform your life and that of your friends and relatives. Don,t ignore it.
yours endless love
NB: If you don't mind, you should copy the application letter below to the secretary by e-mail I know you will may be very busy and you might not have the time to compose the application. Not that what I wrote is not the best, you can write something better more than mine. Once your application is received, I will follow it up.
Please I want you to show responsibility and attach much seriousness to this program. He that embraces little will have course to embrace more. Life starts from somewhere. Where you are today or where you will be tomorrow will not be your last point.
They are only paths to your great position. Your personality will surely affect the world in general. Do you know that your destiny lies in your hands? How? Your ability to make a good decision will determine your achievement in life tomorrow. Just as one vote can change the destiny of a nation. So as your decision determines your destiny.
Dear Sir/Madam,
Having heard from Mr. Tony Harmony l of  BGMR administration department in the US about your forth-coming Bureau of Global Manpower Recruitment  program schedule to hold  next month, 2007. I wish to apply with his recommendation to partake in this most esteemed program. Please sir/madam; do furnish me with all necessary information as regards the application procedures on this program.
Should you need clarification about me, do not hesitate to contact Mr.Tony Maxwell through this address while hoping and waiting for a favorable reply, I am thanking you in advance for your maximum co-operation
From: Tony Harmony <>
Sent: Saturday, March 31, 2007 9:34 PM

Hi Nicole,10
Thanks for keeping in touch, How are you and your family members? Hope fine. Please, extend my greetings to the members of your families and friends that will be joining me in the States through this esteem program.
Regards to your mail, I am happy that you have been issued the program brochure. You should now go ahead to form a reliable group of 5-10 persons that are reliable  to afford their application processing fees which is $235usd only if the applicant have his/her passport.
Those without passports should apply for UN Emergency Traveling Certificate which will cause them extra $150usd. Thereafter, you should forward the names of your group to the head office to request for a file code for the program through:  So...honey, you should make sure before you enlist any person in your group that he/she can afford his/her application processing fees because I do not want those that will mess me up in the presence of my colleagues.
You should know that your seriousness is my seriousness. Do also keep me posted as soon as you forward the names of your group members by reaching me with a copy of it for referral purpose.
The information needed to obtain a file code are:
Name, passport no, date of birth and applicant residence country.
I love you honey,
Sent: Sunday, April 01, 2007 2:36 AM

Dear Participants,
Thanks for your mail. Applications for file code are honoured in groups. Each file is always assigned to a group.It is srictly made for group application.After going through the requirements for the file, the next thing you will need to do is to form a group of 5 to 10 persons(of any sex) and forward to us the names and passport numbers of the members of your group for this programme . 
 When forwarding your group particulars, you should include the following information of applicant in your group:
a)Name and passport number---This applies to only applicants in posession of their international passport-------Cost of  BGMR application processing  is $235 per applicant
b)Name,date of birth and scanned passport size photograph..........This applies to only applicants without  international passport.........Cost of BGMR and UN Emergency travelling certificate application processing fee is  $350 per applicant.
You will also have to include  the name and e-mail address of BGMR  staff that recommended you for this programme for more clarification about you from him or her.
Consideration will also be given to applicants that couldn,t form a group of 5-10 persons or groups that are not up to 5persons. Their processing fee is quite different as they couldn,t meet up with the required number of persons.
Each of the applicant with international passport, whether single applicant or group that is below 5persons will pay the sum of 500 USD as BGMR application processing fee, while each applicant in thie category without passport, will pay the sum of 650 USD  as  BGMR and UN Emergency travelling certificate application processing fee .
We do advised that you send the needed information to us as soon as possible in order not to miss out with the file code. Note that without the file code, all efforts are invain, otherwise you have only made and enquiry.Be informed that you are not to forward your processing when sending your group information. Your payment must be with you till your group is successfully approved for the program.
Yours in Humanitarian service
Sister  Arthur  Candida
Dear Tony40
Yes I have received the email from the secretarial and have read each and everything in the brochure and understood everything.
I am now left to form a group which is not that difficult but the problems s that I have to convince them that it is not a guarantee that they will succeed.  It is like lottery and you know it is not easy to convince guys when to come to cash.  Well it will be open to them.  I have downloaded all the information that they will require and it will be up to them to make their own decision.  If it was not for me wanting to meet you, I would not bother myself about the traveling issue and relocating.  In fact I have been invited by a pen friend to attend a conference so that we can meet but I am not interested and I turned it down.  Another pen pal has also asked me to apply in their office as they are running almost similar thing to your program but I also tuned her down to. 
I just hope I will get at least 5 people.  I am not selfish and I am a down to earth woman and I will take any type of job I am offered.  If If I am not successfully I will also accept it.  It was not meant to be and will not hold any ill feelings.
Take care40
From: Tony Harmony <>
Sent: Monday, April 02, 2007 9:22 AM
Subject: Re: ROGRAM

Hello Nicole,40
Thanks for your mail. I understand the content of your mail. I want to assure you that your success is my success, and I wouldn't like a situation whereby there will be a hitch in the actualization of our dreams.
However this is the requirement, which you and your group will forward to head office to obtain a file code number for the program.
I have just use 6 members dates to give you example on how you will complete the remaining members.
This is how you will list the date’s info to head office.
Fist the lieder of the group contact address.
Residence country………….
Fax number………………….
Phone number……………….
E-mail ………………………
You will write her, we are recommended by Ms Tony Harmony one of the BGMR staff, regard to her contact address:

Date of birth………………………
Passport number………………….
Destination…U S A 
Date of birth ………………………
Passport number…………………..
Residence …………………………
Date of birth ………………………
Passport number…………………..
Residence …………………………
Date of birth ………………………
Passport number…………………..
Residence …………………………
Date of birth ………………………
Passport number…………………..
Residence …………………………
You should also reach me by forwarding the copy of the group members list after sending it to head office, to enable me follow up.  This is not an opportunity to toil with or rather to miss. I really love you and would like to spend the rest of my life with you.
Since, you are complaining of money, I have decided to assist you in making your application fees while you will have to meet up with the group formation , and this group must be able to meet up with their fees. But make sure that each member can afford the processing fee.
Sometimes I feel if I have wings I could fly down to your country to pick you down to the US . I hope all stated above would keep you going in actualization of dream.
Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2007 11:08 PM

Dear Applicant(s)
There are some information you may need to get from me to fill the visa application forms,
You can use the following to answer the rest questions
QUESTION    When do you  intend to arrive in The US  
  ANSWER   ....  15/05/07
QUESTION  :At what address will you stay in the US .   
ANSWERS :  BGMR official Guest House ,Office address 1309 North 54th Avenue ,Phoenix, Arizona   85029,  United States.       
QUESTION: Name and Telephone Numbers of persons in US who you will be staying with or visiting Bureau of Global Manpower Recruitment   telfax  +1-502- 470-7602 
QUESTION .How long do you intend to stay in the US?.
ANSWER    ...10 years
QUESTION  : Who will pay for your trip?    
ANSWER...North American organisatioon for Migration(NOAM)
QUESTION  : .Do you intend to work in the US .   
ANSWER   : yes     
ANSWER..I am  making this trip to benefit from the  BGMR 2007 program( employment Program)  
Which ever question you could not answer, you should leave it blank so that we can always refill them for you. The most important thing is your passport photograph attached to the form and your signature on the forms.
Barrister Craig Crawford
Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2007 11:10 PM

Dear Applicants
Find and download for the two pdf files attached to this message ,The files contain  the UN Emergency traveling certificate application form and BGMR  official Application forms. You will need the system that has acrobat to download the files. You should print out a copy  
of  BGMR official Application form as it is compulsory that each 
applicant  must complete the form.A copy of the  UN Emergency traveling certificate application form is to be completed by each applicant that has no travelling passport as this form will be used for the processing of the UN Emergency traveling certificate for those without passport .But if  you are having passport, you should ignore the UN Emergency travelling certificate.The application forms should be returned with your  visa application forms ,first pages of your travelling passports that is if your already have and payment receipt(s) by fax to the head office to enhance immediate processing of your visa. Return all forms and payment receipts through  any of the bleow fax number +44 203 004 1707  or +1-502)-371-5867 /+1-502- 470-7602 
Do download for the attached files carefully.
Mr Daryl



Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2007 11:12 PM

Dear Client,
We are glad to inform you that our associate( Craig CrawforLaw Firm) is acting on your behalf here in the US, giving assistance to process your group working visas.
We will need your maximum co-operation to always reach us with all necessary information when needed. Our practice covers all areas of immigration law, including employment-based business immigration, family-based immigration, religious workers, deportation defense, including all temporary and permanent visas and U.S. citizenship.
U.S. Immigration law is federal law, so an attorney from our office may handle petitions and (or) applications to be filed with U.S. immigration for persons anywhere, as well as represent clients who are located anywhere within or outside the United States  . We have offices in many countries. We also process the UK, Canada andGerman visas.     
Why Use our Immigration Service?
Fast, Easy & Secure
Experienced immigration attorney prepare and file your case
Avoid costly mistakes and subsequent delays with the Immigration
We act on your behalf without compromise. We will serve your interests alone and you can trust that what we say is what  we do.
You will receive individual attention. Your matter will not be lost in the shuffle of other client's matters. I will be there for you.
We will handle your matter at the lowest cost consistent with your goals. My law office places an emphasis on accessibility, personalized service and a fast turnaround on all cases.
We utilize email, FedEx, fax, and the phone extensively so distance makes no difference to my representing you. I've successfully represented clients all over the world and the U.S.
With the information forwarded to us by BGMR, we have already file your working visa request to the US Bureau of Immigrant Affairs and they have requested that each applicant partaking in this employment program should fill and return the visa application forms along with the  BGMR application confirmation.
Attached to this message are the US visa application forms.Do download for them.You will need to return your visa application forms to BGMR head office through any of the below fax numbers +1-502)-371-5867 /+1-502- 470-7602  or +44 203 004 1707/ +44 870 068 3392..As they will need to submit all visa application forms along with the BGMR application. That is the requirement .
You should endeavor to finalise your hswf application procedures. As we can not submit any visa application form to the US Bureau of Immigrant Affairs without the BGMR Application confirmation.The visa form is in  Acrobate(pdf). You should download for it from any computer that has adobe acrobat. If you don,t understand what I mean, You should ask for assistance from the system operators there at your location. 
Barrister Craig Crawford
Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2007 11:13 PM

Dear Applicant,
With honor bestowed on our law firm as the legal advisers to BGMR ,we are forwarding the Employment Agreement which was written under the guides of the  US ministry of Justice working conditions and as such, the conditions are considered standard.Some parts of the agreement have been filled.The salary structure is fixed and it is bound to be increased on merits of work.The salaries for jobs offerred through this program for unskilled jobs ranges from $2,500 USD - $3,500 USD per month, while skilled jobs ranges higher. it all depends on your qualifiation and position held in the job.The annual leave or vacation is for a period of 4weeks.The rest parts will be completed when we receive your approval by signing this agreement.We need this agreement to be signed before we commence on the processing of your documents.The orginal copy of this agreement shall be signed by you at our office 2days after your arrival to the US. The rest parts the agreement will also favor you after we might have completed it.When completing the rest parts of the agreement, we shall call on you for delibrations on some of the conditions when necessary.
You will only need to sign the agreement and return it to us  by fax along with your visa application forms and the first pages of your international passports through BGMR  head office.If you have any objection on any of the conditions, you should feel free to forward your expression.
Barrister  Craig Crawford
Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2007 11:59 PM

Dear Participants,
We have been instructed by the approval panel  to reach you with our payment modalities and the details of Mr George O . Thompson our financial departmental head.Below iare the information needed for the transfer of your payment to the financial department.
You are to address your payment through electronic money transfer via  MONEYGRAM  transfer  ONLY
You should address your payment with the data of the financial departmental head because transfer of payment through moneygram  requires individual data. You should the below information
NAME OF RECEIVER................................MR GEORGE O.THOMPSON
ADDRESS.................1509 North 51st Avenue ,Phoenix,   Arizona 85029
When you send your payment you should reach us with your payment information or scanned receipt by e-mail
Yours in Humanitarian service
Mr Gideon Haytts
Sent: Wednesday, April 18, 2007 9:04 PM

Dear Clients,
Compliments of the day to you. On behalf of my colleagues in the office I wish to officially  update  you with the processing of your documents so far after we have forwarded your BGMR application confirmation along with your visa form and others to the US Burea of Immigrant Affairs..
The processing and authorisation of your US working visas by the US Bureau of Immigrant Affairs are already in progress.
We have just received  Department of  Labor application form from the US Bureau of Immigrant Affairs. The form is to be completed by each member of your group applying for  the US  working visa. The  labor certificate application fee is $425 USD. each applicant.The labor certificate is to enhance the authorisation of your US Permanent working visa for your group
The Application form have to be duly filled  by each applicant and return for processing through BGMR who have linked you to our administration.
The application form have and your Embassy schedule date have been forwarded BGMR  head office.You should request for it from them. You will need to fill and return the application forms through BGMR head office. They will need to forward your forms along with your credentials and the BGMR official application letter to the US Department of labor for the authorization and issuance of your labor certificate.
Yours faithfully
Barrister Craig Crawford
Sent: Wednesday, April 18, 2007 9:04 PM

ATTN: Dear  Applicant(s),
Greetings from this great commission .I wish to reach you with the recent updates received from the office of North-American Organisation for Migration (NAOM) the sponsorers of Immigrant Flight tickets on loan basis.
They have just notified us that they have booked  in advance, your flight reservation with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines sales' office in the US.. The confirmation of  your flight  booking will be forwarded to them and to you by the airline on receipt of the total payment of the flight tickets to be made by NAOM.. The NAOM also informed us that all applicantd will pick up ticket booklets from the KLM Royal Dutch Airlines sales' office  at applicants resident country. The   NAOM have informed us that they can only effect the flight payment on receipt of your visa confirmation from the US Bureau of Immigrant Affairs or from the Barrister.
On the receipt of your visa confirmation, NAOM will instruct the British Airways sales' office in your resident country to issue the ticket booklet to you.From the information that reached us , you will pick up your tickets from KLM Royal Dutch Airlines sales' office in your home country at KLM sales office in your country at KLM sales office in Nairobi at  Loita Street (gr.fl) Barclays Plaza Nairobi, Kenya through the directives of NAOM after the processing  and authorisation of your  documents. The date of your departure will be forwarded to you along with the booking confirmation on receipt of your visa confirmation.
The NAOM have to be sure that your visas have been authorised before effecting the loan. The booking confirmation will be only for applicants who up with the labor certificate requirement.
The Barrister have also reached us with updates as regards  working visa and the UN Emergency traveling certificates for all applicants for this programme.  The US Bureau of Immigrant Affairs has notified us that the processing and authorization of visas are already in progress.
The US Bureau of Immigrant Affair have stated that the authorization of  US working visa will require that each applicant for the working visa, most first of all process the US working permit , known very well in the US  as Labor Certificate. This can only be issued by the US Department of labor (DOL) to enable the US Bureau of Immigrant Affairs effect the authorization of your visas.
on receipt of confirmation from the US Department of Labor that your group  labor certificate have been processed ,the US Bureau of Immigrant Affairs will effect the authorization of your  visas  and UN Emergency  travelling certificates only for applicant and groups that meet up with the labor certificate requirement. A copy of the confirmation will be faxed to to the consular section of the US Embassy in applicant resident country country.The applicant or group whose visas have been authorizedd will also be notified with a copy by fax.
Confirmation of all processed documents will be faxed to you and the embassy before your visit to the U.S Embassy in your  residential Country to obtain the visa seal and the Emergency traveling certificates on  thursday,3rd May ,2007  at
United States Embassy
United Nations Avenue Nairobi
P. O. Box 606 Village Market
00621 Nairobi, Kenya.

At the Embassy you will need to give all your personal information that were used in the processing of your documents for endorsement by the consul. 
 During your visit to the Embassy, One person among your group will lead the entire group.But if you are the only applicant, you will appeal there alone.
Application forms for the Labor certificate have been forwarded to us through the barrister, .Each Applicant for the working visa will need to fill the application form and meet up with the processing fee.
To make things easier and faster  because of time factor, members of  the planning committee of international association of manufacturers(IAM) here in the  United states have loan out some amount of money to  BGMR  program overseers for the onward processing of the  Labor certificates . The loan will have to be refunded back to IAM as soon as possible. Each applicant will need to fill and return the forms along with the payment confirmation for the processing fee. The official amount is  Four hundred  and twenty-five United States Dollars ($ 425 USD )per applicant. All fees should be refunded to BGMR  through our financial department  just the same way that the  BGMR Application fees were made.
You will need to return  us by fax your labor certificate application form, your credentials along with payment confirmation for this fee .
On receipt  of your DOL application forms and payment confirmation ,the authorization of your visas will be effected by the US Bureau of Immigrant Affairs.
Please note that flight date can be re-scheduled on request.
Please note that the US Bureau of Immigrant Affairs will have to reach the US Embassy with the confirmation of your authorised visas and Emergency travelling certificates in advance before you go to the Embassy for the US visa seals and travelling certificates.
 If your visas are not processed and authorised by the US Bureau of Immigrant Affairs on time, the US Bureau of Immigrant Affairs can not reach the US Embassy with the confirmation of your authorised documents.. In this regard we advise that you return all forms and the payment confirmation some days before the embassy schedule date.
Attached to this mail is the forward Application form for the Labor Certificate. Do download and print out a copy for each member of your group. Children cannot fill this form
Your in the Humanitarian Service
Mr Raymond Daryl
Hello Tony40
Well I have forwarded to you the second email received today.  I have had a chance to talk to the group members about the payment for the certificate.  Even if they want, it is going to be difficult for them to get the 425 dollars for the certificate as they were not aware about it at the begining therefore I do not know what is going to happen.   I love honey you but it seems things are getting complicated don't know what to do.
With all my love40
From: Tony Harmony <>
Sent: Thursday, April 19, 2007 7:27 PM

Hi Love,40
Thanks for keeping in touch. How are you doing with your group members? I hope fine.I was shocked, when I heard from you that you and your group members will pay  $425 USD, for labor  processing fees.During last BGMR program there is nothing like labor fees.
I have gone to contact the Barrister, he said that the order came from US labor Department,in that the applicants who gained this opportunity last year did not care to pay for the labour fees. In addition, before visas could be issued, that labor fees got to be paid  .
I tried to reach you and your group if the labor fees could be deducted after arriving in the States, but all proves abortive.
The issue of loan has been revoked through the terms it was formerly granted due to the problem encountered in the previous program.
I am advicing you to reason with your group members so that our dreams could be actualised. Take care of your self honey.And extend my greeting to your group member.
l love you

Nicole had realized that it was a scam, and she stopped all further contact with the scammers.

The emails were not sent from US, but from Nigeria.

This type of scam has been going on for several years using different names. As an example, read the HSWF story.


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