Joy Dabah says: "this money is 10% legal" Joy
. Hello, I am Miss Young. I received this story from a russian speaking friend. Let me call him Nikolay.

Good day miss Young! How are you? I think fine! 05

So, today I prepare all letters and images. It ready for sending to you.
But first, I want to tell you about me and my story. I think you must to know with who you speaking!? 05
... My English is not good, be cause my native language is Russian. ...
So, I start speaking with she at February in this year. She use the “meet-sites”  She sad, she lost a parents and she live her native land (Liberia) and she go to Dakar (Senegal), she sad, she have bad situation there, and she ask me about help, I listen she and thinking….. she sad, she have a lot money, this money form her late father and she need help for taking this money. And she want live Africa forever.
I sad ok. I try! (It was my firs mistake) next, she ask me about payment for lawyer (prepare the documents) then, “bank” say:- we can’t transfer this money to your account be cause we must legalization this money and you must pay for this 5070USD ! 05 (funny?) I tell she I can’t find this money, it’s to much for me. But she don’t want to hear me. All this time I thinking where is the true, I can’t to know how I can check it. And I will pay to lawyer 2500$+120 for Western union (money transfer)= 2620! Cool. 05 Then I start thinking again. I ask some people about “how can I check it” and they say- find information about this bank, about this girl, about lawyer and about men from the bank. And I try, first I find your site, second, I find more information about she in another sites she have more e-mail addresses – for example joy, babylove 12, Vivian and much more. When I see it – I have shock! I sad myself: What a fool. I lost the money unfortunately! But I’m happy what I’m not pay them more (5000$). And prepare to fight with she. I’m not a dweeb men. ... I kill she a she’s partners if I sometimes can to meet with she. I promise she. I prepare the letter for she. I’m steel speaking  with she. But I prepare to finish it.  If you have some help for me in this question- I will be glad miss Young.
I start spread the information about she in all my friends and “meeting-sites” in Russia ...  

Truly yours Nikolay.


12.02.2007. from joy <>

My Name is Miss joy Dabah. a good looking fine girl. my dear i saw your profile and got contacted, So my lovely one i will like to know more about you , contact me through my email address ( with love and happenss, for more explainations,
i will send my picture's immediately, i recieve your mail in my box.and i will tell evrything about me in the next mail,
Thanks and kisssssssssss4uuuuuuu
Yours lovely joy,


17.02.2007. from joy

Hello My Dearest  One
How are you doing to day?.
I hope everyting is well with you over there.I am more than happy to read your interesting mail and i hope that you are fine and healthy, I have noticed that you are the kind of man i am looking for since all this while,i believe that you are a trust worthy and caring person, thats what makes me to disclose my i dentity to you.I am a Liberian but right now i am living in Senegal in the Western Africa.This is not my country i am living here as a Refugee because of the incident that occur in my family.I believe deep down inside me that you will never break my heart or let me down in anyway.
I'm from the family of late Dr M. Dabah, who was the Vice president of my country till his death in Detroit. You can read up the story yourself by clicking on the link below;  But after my father's one year anniversary,my mum was poison by people that we could n't trace till date due to the much crowd present on that very day.She suffered  and died after three weeks in the hospital.
I managed to escape with documents which covers my father's deposited
money (US$ 3.8 Milion) which he use my name as the next of kin. Mean while,I am still residing here as a refugee under the UNITED NATIONS COUNCIL FOR REFUGEES, i am saddled with the problem of securing a trust worthy foriegn personality to help me transfer the fund from the bank pending my arrival in your country.
Further  more, on your wish you can contact the bank for confirmation and you can communicate directly with them regarding this fund of my late father which was deposited in their custody. I am giving you this offer as mentioned with every confidence on your acceptance to assist me retreive the funds from the bank and transfer to your nominated account.I will like to further my studies soon as i arrive to your country,please try to help me to achieve this goal as i have a desire to become a famous personality in the nearest future.
i will be pleased if you can do this for me.I will give you the bank contacts on my next email so that you will contact them for the transfer because i dont want to waste anytime in leaving here to pursue my future,I will be waiting for your mail.
You can reach me through this number (00221-420-51-36) It is a neighbours number,if you call,please ask of  joy  dabah.Please try to send to me your full information such as Name,Address and Telephone as i need it to send to my bank a nomination letter that will allow the bank to recognize you on my behalf.
Yours Lovely,
 Joy dabah



19.02.2007. from joy

Good Day My Dearst One
 How is your life overthere, i hope you are well sounded in good health if so thanks be to God almighty, my dear i am very happy  to see your mail now, my dear your mail gives me a big joy in mind,
 now i will like to tell you that is God that bring you, to help me out from this critical conditions here, so the maney will be transfer to your account soon, and will come nad meet you overthere, where i will start a new life,  so my dear i will like you to  bring out your mind to help me out by tranfering this fund to your account soonest, now i will like you to send your photo order informations to me,so by tomorrow i will give you the bank contact so you wll contact them on my behalf  i will know the next thing to do,
my dear try your possible best to make sure that his money is tranfer to your account soonest, dear i will like you to call this number,,,,,,,,,, so you will hear my voice from phonei from phone i will explain more to you, if you call the number tell him that you want talk to miss joy dabah he will call to talk you my dearest, so my dear i will like to stop here until i see your reply soon,
may God be with always and gve you more effort,
yours forever in love
joy dabah


21.02.2007. from joy

Hello My Dearest Nikolay
How are your doing today??
As i said earlier,I am fighting to regain my inheritance which will
help me achieve my goal of becoming a great personality,Please dont
attempt to put my effort in vain as i am a lonely heart who has face
alot of pains in this last few months.
You are to confirm from the bank about the existance of my late
father account and the possible ways of transfering the fund into your
account. Remember your effort matters alot to regain this transfer wish
my bank has assured me that the transfer will be made into your account.
This is the contact information of the bank
Contact Person:Babacar Gueye
Operations Director of Foreign Transfer
Address 40 Rue Thiong,BP 6591,
Mr. M. Dabah
Next of king  Joy  Dabah
Amount $3.8 US Million
Accounts Number 02558469575
Nationality Liberia
Try and put in contact with the bank immediately you received this
email,You are to inform them that you are my foreign partner,That you
seek for their advice how how best the transfer of my late father which
is in their custody can be transfered into your Bank Account.
The above transfer is a 100% free risk and confidential,You will have
nothing to regret,Please make sure you keep all matter regarding this
transfer closed to your self as that is the only way we can avoid
distrations.I patiently wait for the news of the transfer.Please email
me soon as you contact the bank. dear i dont have a intarnational passport,
all our proparties houes and including my passport, dear i need help, dear you can call this number 00221-420-51-36 to get or call the number from the bank manbager, you will hear from me,
Yours Lovely
joy dabah


13.03.2007. from joy (New Destination)

Hello My Dearest Nikolay,
How is your day and how do you feel this weekend Hope fine?
i appreciated your mailing and the way you are handling this transfer of my money to your position waiting my arrival to meet with you to start a  new life.God will bless and reward you and your family for taking good care of an orphan and will equally pay you back your kindness and good as well.

This was a big problem at first but i thank God that i have found a lawyer with whom i spoke with today, Our Reverend Father took me there today. We came back so late, that was the reason why, I would have come to Cyber. The Lawyer said it is difficult to help a refugee due to alot are very complicative,He however said if he has to help me we have to be straight forward to  him and we   have to meet with his demands,
Dear this is the only problem we have now and you know without this power of attorney and the affidavit of oat which the bank said that it will be issued and sign by a Senegalise lawyer,it will be impossible.Cause after recieving your mail which you send to me from the bank, I was a bit confused because i did not know any lawyer here beside i am a foreigner so i discussed this issued with the Rev father of my church who promise to take me to the Lawyer. The lawyers name is Barr Check Ibrahim Mbengue. He is one of the lawyers working with the United Nations here in Dakar Senegal.

I will want you to contact him on both phone and email telling him that you are my foreign partner that you need his services to obtain an affidavit of oat from Federal high court of Senegal and as well prepare a Power of Attorney that will enable you transfer my late father money from SOCIETE BANK DU SENEGAL to your account on mybehalf due to my refugee status.
His contact informations are as follows,.
PRIVATE TEL NUM 0022I- 549-67-79
From yours wife
Joy Dabah


14.03.2007. from Lawyer

For your Attention.Mr Nikolay,
Inrespect to the email and what your partner Miss Joy Dabah has stated so far,my law firm provides legal services in a broad area of civil law.Our attorneys regularly handle matters in Dupage,adoptions,estates,Tax and Financial Planning,banking issues, bankruptcy, professional malpractice, debt collection and agreement between governments,we represent individuals and businesses throughout the Region of Dakar.Our attorneys have also been admitted to practice before the Federal District Court,the Federal Court of Appeals and the Senegalese Supreme Court.

As experienced banking attorneys,we assist clients with problems arising out of daily operations,as well as development of long-term strategies.Our banking practice are as follows:

Structure,Preparation and Negotiation Of Loan Agreements,Loan Documentation,Collections and Security Recovery,Regulatory Compliance, Residential and Commercial Mortgages Creditors' Rights in Bankruptcy,Mortgage Foreclosures Duties and Liabilities of Officers and Directors
Estate,Tax and Financial Planning.In our estate and tax planning practice we work closely with our clients to achieve a plan that meets with their personal goals while taking into consideration their family situation,assets and any tax opportunities available for their benefit.We offer a full range of estate and tax planning,

I am a lawyer who enrolled in Cheikh Anta Diop University and commenced to study law in facultes letter de humaines, specializing in the above stated.Soon after graduating from law school,i worked as a clerk to Koalock Supreme Court,and then a lawfirm for four years before opening my lawfirm.

We strive at all times to provide our clients with the best services possible covering the very broad spectrum of legal matters that a company or individual may encounter in any busy and complex times.Whether simple or complicated,we attempt to handle each matter or refer you to one who can help out.

We love to have and seek a good relationship with our clients. In this way,we can prepared and initiate both protective and aggressive actions on their behalf.

In addition,my lawfirm have long worked at developing an extensive referral network of other attorneys as well as many types of other professionals around the country,to whom we can entrust our valued clients should they require help about a specific problems we do not feel qualified or uncapable.We can refer a client to one of these attorneys when they require assistance that we cannot provide,although we remain available to consult and assist should there be a need of.

In the other way,Your partner case whom was in my office,will be handled privately with care because of her refugee statue which restrict alot.In this case you have to be strictly confident or will might find it difficult to develop a plan that meets your personal goals in this matter.

Due to the law conscientiously mandated by the Federal Government of Senegal on foreign investors in the Notary Republic of Senegal at the moment.You are hereby to fit the total sum of One Thousand and Eight Hundred Euro (1800 Euro).My noble law will be using influence for onward verification to cover up her refugee statues on both preparation of the legal documents and application letter for the closure of the transfer.Note that this payment must be made before i proceed to secure this documents.

To proceed further,you have to fit this payment(1800 Euro)This must be paid either via your partner who is presently in Dakar since you are not presently in Dakar or alternatively,you send it to my noble law through the fastest means of sending fund through out the whole global.I have been very cleared to your partner that i will be willing to secure this legal documents with or without your present in Senegal. However i cannot afford to do or attain to her case until our consultation fees is paid either through your partner who is here is Dakar.Upon receiving fee,my noble law will proceed and have this documents secured on your behalf.

You are subjected to send this money through Western Union Money Transfer.Upon receving this money i will proceed and secure this documents for you.

Forward alone to my noble lawfirm your full contact address (Full Name,Address,City,Passport Number and Telephone) as may want it to appear in the aboved Documents.I however need a copy of a national ID card or whatever documents recorgnised by government of your country.

Your Sincerely in Service
Avocate Ibrahim Check





15.03.2007. from joy

hello my dearest Nikolay
How are you doing today ?? Hoping you are not trying to contribute to my pains.
my dear you are the only one i have, i told you about my life which i believe that you know me better, my dearest Nikolay please try your best as a man to  seek for menas and make the payment to the lawyer. so this money will be release to your account immendently,
Hope it is not your intention to hurt me in any where because i will have not hurt and will never think of such as it will bring further pain and heartache to my lonely life.
What i said and will keep insisting is for you to keep your focus and put an additional effort in helping me out of this matter.Without this payment,my life will be in deep pains and sorrow.Please spear me from this critical condition my dearest.
Let me sincerely inform you that i have no one but you for this payment. You are all i have so please seek for means and make this payment for me.If you still need me,then find means to make up the payment for the documents as that is the only problem we are facing at this very moment. Do me a favour of sacrifies my dearest one.
Once again,this is all i have to say now
i waiting for your reply now.
 Yours forever in love,
   Joy Dabah


16.03.2007. from joy

Good Morning My Dearest Nikolay
  how is your life today, which is the most important to me now, my dear i hope all is well with you, is so thanks be to God almighty,
my darling One, i understand what you said now, my dear i hope you  know that you are the only person i have now, but i dont think darling that you are trusting me, becouse i have told you all about me which i believe that you know me a bit, my dear with God all things are possible, my dearest one, you know that this money now is coming to your account in your contry where i will start a new life, so my dear try your possible best to make sure that you pay the lawyer , so verything will be done next week,
my dearest Nikolay, i hve something important now to tell you, my dear dont be telling poeple about this untill you see that this money is in your account, so poeple around you will be seeing that your condition have change, so my darling one please try your best to make sure that this fund is yours, so i will have rest of mind in my life,
my dearest Nikolay, i thank you for things said that you will help me to do when i come overthere, my dear is God who join us together will give us help and more effort to get this money transfer to you, successfully in Jesus name,.............Amen,
my dear try your best, you are the only one i have so dont allow me die in pinas my dearest,
plesae try your best, to see this money transfer to your account next week,
may God almighty grant you more effort in life,
rember to hold this issue confidencial untill you see that this money is yours my dear,
i will like to hear from you soonest,
yours forever in love,
joy dabah


16.03.2007. from Lawyer

Attention Please,
 Sequel to your our last conversation,my noble is abit embarrass with the way things are presently been placed.Kindly keep update me of the news of the payment of my charges which is essential to secured both documents.

 I am a hard working person who earn my money in a fair an legal manor.Any atom of dought will definitely jeopardize all your effort.we cause me impose a legal action towards this.

 Due to concerns,for the safety and integrity of this law firm,we have issued this warning message.You are to confirm this e-mail with immediate effect or face a risk of loosing my service as all plans to remove improper client who unable to meet with our request in my file has already been scheduled.

 Yours Sincerely in Service
 Avocate Ibrahim Check


17.03.2007. from joy

My i am just coming from the church were i prayed for the perfect grace,love, divine mercy and protection to grant you means to get this money of the lawyer at lastest monday.

You are are my love and hope for restoration,Beside this you are my lover and future.Do you understand that what is meant by the word love ??I know it would be easy but you must do something to get this money as fast as you can,If it takes you borrowing with an interest,then do it as without the payment of the complete money,the lawyer cannot prepare the documents.

My love will you like something to happen to me ??As my love and only hope,I expect you to borrow this money,Even if you have to keep a collateral,do it for me as i assure you will never regret.You dont have to be worried about the interest,I feel an interest of 2weeks wouldnt be much.My love please do it for my sake and that of God.

Please do all you can to send the money to the lawyer on on monday.I am 100% confident about the lawyer because my Rev father said he has help alot of Refugee in the past.To me he is the perfect man for this document.My love i must confess to have a lawyer like Ibrahim,he isa mong the famous lawyer with great reputation in Senegal,with him i assure you we will have this transfer completed in 10days from today.

Yours Lovely


18.03.2007. from Lawyer

Attention Mr Nikolay,
With respect to your mail.I have been an advocate to the need for a period of time,beside this,my noble law has helped alot of foreigners in difficulties and believe yours will not be an expection.

I am a hard working person and earn my money in a fair an legal manor.In my profession as an attorney I am bound to uphold the law and wherever I consider there is an element maltreatment that I have a duty to act upon such.

Note that the bank will not released this fund until their basic requirement are presented.However every claims has to have a legal backing to protect the bank after the transfer is been completed.No attorney of my type will issue a legal documents without been paid the Government cost. All through,the laws in Africa are quite different from that of your country.You are to send the charges of the sum of (1800 Euro = $2500US ) before I can secure this documents.Note that this is the only money you will have to pay for this documents to be secured for you to act on behalf of your partner.Rest assured with my noble law,your inherited fund will be transfered into your account.

Another point is this,my noble law will willingly assist you and your partner Miss Joy Dabah in any way I can with my professional expertise and my service.However you have to come with the payment.Failure to do that,i cannot help you.

I am unable to financially procure without been paid the cost Government.My noble firm hereby request that you should the mandated cost with immediately effect (1800 Euro = $2500 US).My noble law will willing send my credential for guarantee purposed.

It is important you make this payment under seven (7) working days.You have until next weekend to make this payment,failure to abide to this,my noble law will cancell your application.

Having stated all this,I hope my plight in this matter is quite understood.Your urgent corporation in fitting the mandated cost is essential to proceed further.For further communication,contact me via telephone as I would prefer an oral communication please.

Please don't contact me further if you are not willing to abide with my requirements as I am a famous personality and wouldn't be involved into dialogue with a client with Refugee Status.

Yours Sincerely in Service
Avocate Ibrahim Check


21.03.2007. from joy

Dearest One,
I am abit worried and confused to your last emails.I have always love from my heart and wanted to be with you since the very first day i meet with you and will willing keep to my promise or less you hurt me and frustate my effort from accomplish the dream of my heart.
Reading your email,I feel you are trying to hurt me just because i am a lonely heart with no parent's non family member to consoul.Frankly speaking i never expect the payment lawyer money to be a problem because it is a thing that is not compared to the transfer our expectant.
Please try an tell me why you choosen to hurt me at this very finish point ??? I told you that he the whole truth and warn about this matter,you said you will help me out nomatter the case may be,Now just lawyer charge,you are given excuses that you dont have the money,Your refuser to make it as a payment for lawyer fee is abit frustrating because i didnt expect it.
I feel worried you cannot afford this payment wish is not compared to our expectation.My bank said it is not possible to deduct the money because of the insurance law in the deposit,According to them,we must provide the following documents before there will have to make the transfer of my inheritance into your account.
My love even if have to borrow this money,please do as i am working and fighting with all my strength to leave this pains.I have seen pains and agony and will not like any one to hurt me further.Darling even if you borrow this money,i am confident in two weeks,i will pay you wil have it back.
I have this feeling you can,please do it for me as your refusal or delay in making this payment might look as a sign of  blackmailing the agreement.Did you remember??, Hope it will not as i feel it will be too disastrous if you attempt to blackmail my effort in achieving my inheritance wish i have fought all days and night since my arrival to this place.I am writing this mail with pains,tears and worriedness ,Your attitude is changing into another things.
Your last email has brought alot of question to my heart,I just  pray for god intervention intothis matter as i feel some very strange feeling after speaking to my Rev father who has console me since all this time in pains,he has given me some moral support.I could describe to you what a feeling i have to join your country where you will support me with the best education and everything that a woman need to be happy in life.
God is my wittness I have never lie and will never mislead you in anyway. I wouldn't have pleaded you much the law has accepted to help me preoare this documents on credit bases.I have to go beyond my abilities to plead you since i have no other person to help me out in making this payment to the lawyer who insist that the payment must be made before he prepare the documents.
Once again,I ask why i am facing this difficulties in life.You have brought me all this way to send me into an everlasting frustration,Why ?? What do you gain in doing this to me.I am totally confused and frustrated about the way you are taking this payment,It is unfair.Where is the love we share,I think a love is build of sincerelity,trust and faithfulness.Where are this quality ??Where is the consoulment of encourage ?? What ashameful thing that a man i love and care for is willing to forsake my life restoration effort.
Yours Worried Love


21.03.2007. from joy(2)

Dearest One,
 All i have said so far are word of sincerelity,if it pleases you to help me,then do as you will have nothing to regret in this matter.To me your friend is not happy with what you are trying to achieve,he knows with my inheritance,your life will never be the same,hence he is trying to distract you from helping me.

Well i leave you to make the choice,if you will listen to your friend,then stop helping me as i hate insincerelity in my life.I have never hurt and will never attempt it now because i feel it is not good to hurt onces feeling.If i ever intend to hurt you,then i will never have peace in my life but if i am sincere and honest,my love you will never be happy if you frustrate my effort of achieving my dream of life.

Back to your friend committ,i will suggest you run away from him as he is a bad freind,he is jelous of what you are trying to achieve.i am convice of this.

My love if you are in convice about my request,then i will suggest you come to Senegal for the payment.I have today spoken my word from my sincere heart,if it pleases you to complete this matter,then do,if not please stop helping me as i hate one with no faith.Remember anything done without faith is a sin.I dont want you to go against your faith,so please think properly before taken a decision.

I have attach all my documents in this email.I hope i have prooven my innocenity.

Yours Worried

account  deposited in the bank


my father daeth certificate


23.03.2007. from joy

Hello My Dear,
It pains me that you a man i entrust my life with is now dumping me out for no reason.What  shameful thing.I just dont knowwhat to do because you are trying to hurt my feel with excuses.

Well i dont blame you,rather i blame this wicked generation which has cause me pains and sorrow,if not for this,i wouldnt have seek for an assistance.You might not know how life look like because you are on top of the world.I pray anything dont happen to you because if you face the negative aspect of life,you will know and understand what i am going through.

I have never lie in my life and will never do it as i see it as a thing that creat negative impact in life on individual.all i have said are word of truth,if it pleases you,then listen to my word,if you still disbelieve me,then put an end to our communication immediately.

How can i explain this to the lawyer whom i have promise that my partner will be making the payment of his service this week ?? I just dont know but will try to plead with him to morrow.I am prayering that he will accept my request.If he does,then what and when do i tell him the payment will be made ?? Remember he said he will not help us in preparing the document if we dont pay him his chares.So what will i do now ?? Please tell me as i am confused with the pains you have brought to me

But remember every one will live to reap what he/she has donef i did in any way try to cheat on you,i will never be a happy but if i am a sincere heart,you will dwell no peace for what you have today done to a lonely heart like me.this i promise.

Yours Worried


Lawyer 24.03.2007

Attention Mr Nikolay,
Prior from your expression and your partner Miss Joy Dabah.My noble law quite understood your plight in this matter and will willing help your and your partner with my professional expertize in securing this legal documents.As you are already aware,her case required a special attention.

This matters requires a total mutual trust.Trusts are sometimes thought to be of use only to personality who understand each other.A Trust can be a useful tool for anyone who is truthful and sincere.A Trust is a legal property interest held by one person (called the Trustee) for the benefit of another person (called the Beneficiary).The person establishing the Trust is called the Grantor.A Trust can be revocable or irrevocable.

In response to your request I would suggest you send this fund Western Union Money Transfer as both is the fastest means of sending fund through out the Global.Encolse bellow is my information.

You will deposit the correct purchase amount (1800 Euro = $2500 US) in cash at any Western Union branch with my INFORMATION which is stated bellow.This payment is all you will have to fit for the preparation of both documents which will undergo a 72 hrs process.

In return,you will be given a transaction code from Western Union that you must send to my noble law to claim the money,the transaction code is generally known as Money Transfer Code Number (10 Digit).You are to send to my noble law this (10 Digit Code)You have been given an extention of four (4) working days.To speedy this process you are to send this money on Monday or Tuesday first thing in the monring.However are to forward along to this office your Full Address,Full Name,City and a Copy of an Identitification.

Another point is this,my noble law will help prepare all documentation for the departure of your fiance Miss Sarah Emmanula with my influence in the United Nation to get her travelling documents.

Upon receiving this I will proceed to secure this documents for you to act on behalf of your partner.Haven stated thios,i hope my plight in this matter is quite understood.

Yours Sincerely in Service
Avocate Ibrahim Check


27.03.2007. from joy

My Dear,
Hello darling,thanks for your mailing which has encourage me alot.Darling i just arrive from the church service where i prayed that the perfect grace,love and divine mercy will guide and protect you as you are the only source of my happiness.

Darling i know it is difficult but please keep your faith and borrow that  money from the man,i assure you will not regret anything.My love you dont have to be worry as i am 100% confident the payment will be made to him before on the 10th of April,i am 100% confident about this because the transfer will only last  5days,the lawyer documents will last 3days,all together 8days.

All word of  you have tolorated for my sake will never be wrong,my love i promise you this and swear that you as my partner will always has cause to rejoice.Darling no day i dont think of you,i spend my time thinking and prayering for god to strength you in all you do till my arrival to meet with you.

Darling trust,honesty,humbleness,respect and patience will be our syrength,while love has being and will ever be the symbol to find that special gift that god has made invisble for eyes to see in our future. Nothing can affect the dream of been your wife and haven children with you.I am looking forward to that special day i will be in your home.

Darling if your word of promise is sincere as mine,then our love and future will not be affected in an way,I will be a slave to you until the end of my life.I am yours forever,no matter what the challenges i may face in trying to revive my life.I promise you I will never broke your heart or make a foul of your love and help.

Our love for each other is a symbol of everlasting and i will respect that love i have for you and i shall not hurt your feeling in any way,Keep your faith and believe as i assure you will not regret this matter.

Borrow this money and pay the lawyer as those who laugh at you will certainly be hapy with you at the soonest possible time,i assure you this my love.

From your lover and Wife


28.03.2007. from joy

Hello My Dear,
I am getting concern with your way of talking,You talk as if there is something that will happen to you,Why ??

I have promise you will have nothing to regret and will keep it.If you are not confident about this payment,please don't send this money to the lawyer as i am concern over here OK.

I am sick and tired over here.

Yours Worried


03.04.2007. Check Ibrahim

ATTN,MR Nikolay,






04.04.2007. from joy

I am happy with your mailing and will like you to know that i am thinking of nothing but you every mins of the day.Darling i be be in the lawyer the lawyer office today,he confirm that the documents has been delivered to you,he said the original copy will be delivered to the bank, I am so happy about this as i feel the transfer will be completed soon,then i will jump to meet with you.

My love you know we are close to sitting on the throne of the most high,so please keep me inform of your preparation for my arrival  so that i will know how you are doing over there.I need to know every detail of your preparation for my arrival.

Darling we once went tough times but right now all is over as i believe our meeting is making an end to this long suffering pains.To me i be the good god is getting ready to bless us in a way that only we will not believe from our physical sight.

We will observe a fast in the church tomorrow and in my aim i am picking you  because i want the good lord to reward us with all the benefit of the earth.Darling you matters alot to my lonely life.

If you cannot wash up the flat for my arrival,Please dont border yourself as i will do that when i arrive.I am yours and will do all that will make you feel happy on this earth.Darling please email me as i want your email to be my strength until my arrival.

Once again,i love the manner you are taken this matter,it gives me happiness alot

I am counting on you my love.

Yours Lovely
1 Million Kisssssssssssssssss


04.04.2007. from joy(2)

All is almost completed,just one step all will be finalized.For now you will send the documens to Mr Babacar Gueye,please send him the documents along with your passport and account information,please send the email to the bank transfer department email SOCIETBANK@SUNUMAIL.SN

Please be caim and keep your focus as with patient and focus,the transfer will be completed soon.I want you to always look unto the future wish is with joy.Please think of goods things,imagine on what you will do at this moment with my inheritance,that is all you have to do now.
Yours Lovely
1 Million Kisssssssssssssssss
Joy in Love 


05.04.2007. from Bank








07.04.2007. from joy

Hello My Love,
My love i couldnt email you earlier because i was not in the best health,i cut fever but now i am doing fine after taking medication from the doctor.My dear i tried calling you a couple of means again but it was a woman that pick up the phone,She didnt hear what i was speaking,i try to explain to him but didnt wouldnt understand,she speak a strange language from what i speak.

About the form,i have made an inquiry and was told that you have filled the form well expection the the last 4 place which i am going to expalin in this email.Please listen carefull

1)SWIFT bank said this is the code of your bank,ask your bank about the BANK SWIFT code.According to my bank,this is what challen the transfer.

2)PREFERED MODE OF TRANSFER.In this place you will make SWIFT as that is the best way to transfer money through the entired global.

3) SEFICY CORRIECT.In that place you will write SWIFT.

4) You will sign in that place.

This is the only place you will fill,the rest is left for my bank to fill it.

Yours Lovely


07.04.2007. from joy (3)

Hello My Love,
In addition to my email,i will like you to know that this money is 10% legal,so you havenothing to worry about the checking on your bank because my bank manager said there will send all necessary leaging backing to cover you from the money source.All you need to do is to focus your attention and make sure you complete the filling of the form as that is the only thing remaining now.

In case you want to withdraw some money from the account,i will suggest you tell your bank that you want to send this money to me so that i can come over to your country.Tell them that the money you are sending is for my travelling expences.

Yours Lovely


10.04.2007. from joy

Hello My Love,
Thanks for your mailing,my love how was Easter ?? Mine was not very fine but i give glory to the lord almighty for keeping me till present.

My love you have to be caim,all matter ios in control,you know there was noting i could do during the long holiday because all bank was closed,now that the bank will resume duty on tueday,i will be going to that place to know the sitaution of things.I will be speaking with the Bank Manager tomorrow and will email you of the out come immedaitely i return.

Once again,please keep caim,as all is under control.Be a happy amn as this time is a moment of changing in your life,it is a moment of entered change,so you have to stay expectant.

I am doing all i can for you,so please be relaxe as all will be fine,few days from now,you will be reapiing the fruit of what you have done for me.

Yours Lovely


10.04.2007 from Bank


 Dear Valued Customer,
 This is to inform you that your transfer has being halted because we
 are required to Legalize/Notarize your identification and the fund
 release documents.

 Please note that there is legalization/notarization charge which
 includes both the insurance coverage for the fund since the last
 couple of years is $5,070.00 Dollars for the administration of this

 Unfortunately it is not possible to deduct this charge from your
 principal sum,as there is a temporary restriction on the fund,
 pending the acquisation of the Required Clearance.

 Considering the amount involved,there will be no means we will
 transfer such huge amount without signing the Transfer Ledger with
 the IRC,therefore it s quite needful that the appropriate measures
 are taking with them instead of been asked first,we act first.

 This will ascertain that the fund is clear from any criminal origin
 and therefore deemed it right for not questioning and a hitch free
 transcation, we must therefore follow this obligation as prescribed
 by the IRC.

 Note that your funds will be released to your bank account within two
 working days of recieving the above charge.You are therefore advised
 to make this payment to our appointed correspondant bank account.

 Awaiting your prompt response, or you call me once you have this

 Yours faithfully,
 Babacar Gueye(Foreign Operation Manager)
 (Societe Gene Bank Du Senegal


11.04.2007. from joy

My Love,
I am abit confused and worried as well with the way things is going.However i am not giving up because i have vow to fight this matter to the end.I am doing all i can to see if the transfer will be done without this payment.Hopefully my request to the bank will be granted.

Darling please dont be discourage,keep your faith and believe as i am sure all will be fine at the soonest possible time.

Please stop thinking negative as i am confident the good lord will show us mercy and allo my request to be granted.

I am hoping to hear from you.

Yours Lovely



40, Rue Thiong,
BP 6591,Dakar,

For Your Attn.Mr Nikolay,
We refer to your request for the released of an accrued legitimately
deposited fund of Mr Martin Dabah,($3.5Million)with account number
SBS/AC/02558469575-TB willed to Miss Joy Dabah presently in
Dakar-Senegal.I have been instructed by the Board of Authorities of
Societe Gene Bank Du Senegal to write you in respect to the e-mail
which we have received.Actually a notification letter has been send
by Miss Joy Dabah that she wishes you to be the next trustee/
representative for the claim of her late father's deposit with this

This message is to notify you that your inquiry has been forwarded to
the transfer department,you are subjected to provide proves
confirming the true legality of your claims from the side of the next
of kin(Miss Joy Dabah) to enable us effect the transfer into
your account.You are subjected to present the following documents via
e-mail attachment nor fax for the contents to be viewed properly.

1. As the Next Trustee/Representative,you are required to draft a
detail application letter requesting for the transfer of the said
fund into your nominated bank account.

2. As the Next Trustee/Representative, we will need a photocopy of
your international passport or Identity Card recognize by the
government of your country.

3.As the Next Trustee/Representative,we will need a copy of the
Statement of an Account of the late disease.

4.As the Next Trustee/Representative,we will need a copy of the Death
Certificate of the late disease.

5.As the Next Trustee/Representative,we will need your account

6.As the Next Trustee/Representative, we will need an authorization
letter(Power of attorney dully signed by a Senegalese based lawyer as
your witness,mandating you to make this claims and transfer on Miss
Joy Dabah`s behalf

7.As the Next Trustee/Representative,we will need a swan Affidavit of
Oath from the Federal High Court in Dakar Senegal.

Since the next of kin is residing in Dakar State of Senegal.The above
legal backing has to be obtain in Dakar(Senegal) wish we believe your
parnter can help you in getting a lawyer who will prepared this

Note that the above are essential,it will help to protect our
interest,yours after the claims.On receipts of the above documents/
informations,we shall process your claim and effect the transfer with
immediate effect.We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience,and we
promise to give our customers the best of our services.

Should you have any question(s),please contact the director of
foreign operations-Mr.Babacar Gueye for more directives/

For further inquiry,please do not hesitate to contact us.Our office
is open Monday-Friday 8.00am until 5.00pm.

Yours sincerely
Mrs.Nabo Ndoyie
(For Accounts Dept.)
Phone: +221-6131396


13.04.2007. from Bank

For Your Attn.Mr Nikolay,
Reference to your request,we want to use this medium to inform your
requested is unacceptable due to temporary restriction on your fund.

Your failure to make the payment of the legalization/notarization
will cause a provoke to instantly revoked of this fund into a
Government account treasure,and will be regarded as an abandon

Soon as you have meet with our obligation,we will proceed and
transfer your inheritance.

Yours Sincerely
Babacar Gueye


14.04.2007. from joy

My Dearest Love,
I must say how are you again and how has the god special mercy been with you at this critical moment. Your explaination has given me concern and frustration that i dont know what to do because i have only but you.

My request was not accepted by my bank.Darling it gives me concern that i dont know what next to do.All hope is base on you now,please darling try and do something about this matter.I just dont have anybody expect you and the Rev father who cannot make cannot help me financially because he has no means of finance.
Over here i am been supported by the Rev father with prayers as that is the catalyst to what ever we are doing now,please help me,do not depart from me at this critical moment as it will cause me an earlier grve.Thanks for the consideration you have given to me your trust and confidence will never be a regret.With his grace i am confident it will occur.

My dear i know you have done more than enough earlier but please try and do more as i have no one than you,if it takes you what so ever,please be caim as i believe we will have cause to rejoice at last.

Please pray for for me daily,help me in all sult of prayers in the book of law.All you have to do is to help me in making sure this payment as that is the only means the transfer of my late father according to my bank can be completed into your account.

Darling please dont break my heart or leave me in pains.Remember you are my ANGEL OF MY HEART. You promise to love and cherish with a pure love that is undivided until death come our way.Please remain loyal, truthful, supportive and loving through good and bad time when you are with me.

Honey just be confident and believe that all you spend will not be in vain,i am pleading you to do something about this matter,my inheritance is capable of paying any expences you do so please don't bother about the money you borrow for my sake.

I am pleading you to do something as you are my only hope.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Yours Lovely


15.04.2007. from joy

My Dear,
Your last email shock me,i must say i am noy happy about your inability to understand that i have done all my best to get this money from my Rev father but did succeed as the Rev father said to me that he cannot get such money because he hardly get cash from church member,he said all he often get is gift.

If i have means to get this oney i wouldn't have worry you much but i have no means,hence i am pleading you to do something about my situation.

Remember i choose you because i dont want to associate with africa in this transfer.reason because all Africa has politica problem as a result can easily generate problem any mins.Beside this i have the plans to leave Africa and never return.

If you really want to help me,then do as you will not regret.If you dont trust me,then come in person to Senegal and make this payment inperson.I dont believe in dialogue as it does not help matter.So please make up your mind towards what i have said.

Yours Worried


17.04.2007. form joy

My Dear,
You last email touch my heart a lot that I remember the word of my father.It is a thing of tears but I have to aspect it as part of the will of god for my destiny which is yes unknown.

Firstly I want to inform you that all I have stated is abit about my biography, it is about my experiences in life so far.I didn t share it for you to sympathize me, rather I did it because I feel everything I have done is coming back bitterly.

My dear I don t want to dialogue much about this matter because I have this feeling you have a negative thought about this transfer, how this can be wipe up, I don t know but the lord whom I have serve in all honesty after the departure of my parent s will know as he is the one who knows about tomorrow.

As for me I don t believe there I a way one can duplicate documents for claiming of inheritance, I feel it is impossible because he/she is taking a great risk that might end him/her in an ever lasting prison. If you claim you can do it, then you must be playing with your life and future as when ever the authority get on you, you will never see the surface of the earth for alone time, this is not good for one with ambition, it might cause a setback that you will forever regret about.

Back to my bank discussion, I spoke to Mr. Babacar Gueye  about a possibility of resolving this matter with your intervention but he said there was no way I can do this because you are standing a greater chance than me because I have already nominated you as my next trustee, however  a legal backing has already confirm this. This makes according to the bank manager makes it impossible.

About the Guarantee, I actually didn t speak much in details about it to my bank manager because I was feeling you would have consider coming to Senegal for proper verification of my claims but now that you have made your intention clear. I want you to tell me what exactly I have to use as a GUARANTEE that this transfer will be successful ??

Can I ask my bank to issue a GUARANTEE DOCUMENTATION that this transfer will be made onto your account ?? Is this accepted by you ?? If yes, then I will take the responsibility and speak to my bank manager about it.

I know you don t truth me further, but please have a second thought and know that I have no bad intention towards you.

I am looking for an instruction towards the GUARANTEE you requested ??


About your last commit of dumping me. For me I know I cannot do without this money, an attempt to dump me will send me to an instance grave. But believe who so ever that does this will never on earther dwell peace as I will make sure his entered generation and that to come will never enjoy the happiness of the earth. There shall be no peace on the family until the end of the earth.

This is not a treat, but a promise that will be accomplish.

Yours Worried


17.04.2007. from joy

Dearest One,
Today i spoke to my bank manager,he said there is a temporal restriction on the money,hence we must pay for the legalization of the transfer.I did all my best to conviced him but he said it is the bank policy as a resultnat cannot be change.

I dont know how to plead you but please think twice before making a decision.

I have no one expect you in this matter,so please dont hurt me in anyway.I am on my neel.If you feel in confident and cannot come to Senegal for for verification,then i will suggest you contact my bnak for GUARANTEE in regards to the payment.Please have a thought towards my email as i have no negative thought

If i have meabs to get this money,i wouldnt have bother you but i have no way,hence i am pleading you to do something about the payment.Please be confident and have the believe that you will have cause to rejoice in this transaction.

Once again,i am not aginst your payment but i must say it is not the best.To me,completely the payment of the bank is more better than the payment of your friend.

According to my bank manager,we have until 28th Feb to make this payment or your request as the next trustee will be cancell,i am just concious because i dont know what to do.

  Yours Worried


17.04.2007. from joy(2)

Dearest One,
I understand your email perfectly,however feel you have made a big mistake by nothing raising this money wish is need to pay my bank for them to legalize the documents necessary for the completation of the transfer.My love you might not understand this but i know why and what i meant by this ward.

I have several occasion been careful and sincere in all my lifes but each time i want to recorgnise my upportunity, Either temptation and pains of sorrow we be the out come,It first happen a long ago when i was in love with the guy whom i gave my whole heart not knowing that death will one day depart him from me,I swon by oath that we will remain as one until death came alone the way and take him from me.

That years through out i was very sick and thought my time is coming up to return with my love to God. Since i couldnot get the happiness of life as my heart keep feeling of regret to return to God who took my heart from me.It creat alot of pains that i beared with the effort of my family,After that i experience the bitter part of life,Loosing my parents to bitter death,I feel much of this till present.Now it is you who has only kept away the loneless,Pains,tears and sorrows wish has became the best friend i have ever achieve in Senegal Dakar.Couple of days i got you,I was happy as i go to check my mails regular.

Your proposal to me was great that i feel that i have released my dream of heart but now things has change that i question myself what have i done on earth to deserve this??? Why me?? Why must i be so unlucky in this life,If only i have died with my parent,It would have been better.Why i mine so unlucky in life??? I ask  my God this question alot.

I feel the clear surface of your promise earlier and i also have in mind that it will not be an easy task for me to get,I know it will be a difficult thing for the restoration of my life.This is the only reason why i seek for god to guide and lead me,I got lost after the death of my parent but after some times incouragement began to come to me in a country that i am a stranger,The might one been a special important and gave me you whom have knowledge beyoung me.

Some people have extra ordinary thinking that makes me feel why??. I am not a wicked nor a liar for the sake of what i will benefit,Rather i am one with good and sincere heart,If you have any negative mind against me,Please think properly before reacting as i have never plan to cheat or deceived you,I have no means over here in making this payment without your total support.I am honest in this matter before humanity and the above one who knows the heart of individual.I have said earlier and will say again,I have pass through mystries in life and presently i can not forces you to do against your wish.From my satisfied heart i told you this word of truth and honest,It is up to you to treat me good or bad.I think if you look unto what is happen on earth, then you will loose alot.You dont have to worry much about your lost,all will be well,money is not everything on earth.I believe i have spoken my true heart of my feeling.

Once again,I  swon by oath that you will have nothing to regret,Believe me if you help me,you will have nothing to regret. My lonely and sorrowful heart feeling on you is not because of your suspicious wish has been as a result of negative thought but it is between me and my god who sees the pains i have pass through in life.Always i think why me always,Is there something i did seperately from the others. You may not know why tears fell from my eyes when i read your email.

Please try and email me,I am worried with this email you send to me,It is giving me a thinkless moment,I am feel sad,Please email me.I just cannot eat this night because of this behaviour of yours,it is improper.

  Yours Worried


18.04.2007. from joy

My Dear,
You last email touch my heart a lot that I remember the word of my father.It is a thing of tears but I have to aspect it as part of the will of god for my destiny which is yes unknown.

Firstly I want to inform you that all I have stated is abit about my biography, it is about my experiences in life so far.I didn t share it for you to sympathize me, rather I did it because I feel everything I have done is coming back bitterly.

My dear I don t want to dialogue much about this matter because I have this feeling you have a negative thought about this transfer, how this can be wipe up, I don t know but the lord whom I have serve in all honesty after the departure of my parent s will know as he is the one who knows about tomorrow.

As for me I don t believe there I a way one can duplicate documents for claiming of inheritance, I feel it is impossible because he/she is taking a great risk that might end him/her in an ever lasting prison. If you claim you can do it, then you must be playing with your life and future as when ever the authority get on you, you will never see the surface of the earth for alone time, this is not good for one with ambition, it might cause a setback that you will forever regret about.

Back to my bank discussion, I spoke to Mr. Babacar Gueye  about a possibility of resolving this matter with your intervention but he said there was no way I can do this because you are standing a greater chance than me because I have already nominated you as my next trustee, however  a legal backing has already confirm this. This makes according to the bank manager makes it impossible.

About the Guarantee, I actually didn t speak much in details about it to my bank manager because I was feeling you would have consider coming to Senegal for proper verification of my claims but now that you have made your intention clear. I want you to tell me what exactly I have to use as a GUARANTEE that this transfer will be successful ??

Can I ask my bank to issue a GUARANTEE DOCUMENTATION that this transfer will be made onto your account ?? Is this accepted by you ?? If yes, then I will take the responsibility and speak to my bank manager about it.

I know you don t truth me further, but please have a second thought and know that I have no bad intention towards you.

I am looking for an instruction towards the GUARANTEE you requested ??


About your last commit of dumping me. For me I know I cannot do without this money, an attempt to dump me will send me to an instance grave. But believe who so ever that does this will never on earther dwell peace as I will make sure his entered generation and that to come will never enjoy the happiness of the earth. There shall be no peace on the family until the end of the earth.

This is not a treat, but a promise that will be accomplish.

Yours Worried


18.04.2007. from joy (2)

Hello My Dear,
I read your email and feel that your problem is miss trust and inconfident,this characters you have poses on this transfer is not good because it bring nothing but evil end. I just pray that nothing will happen to this money, you will live to regret it.

With the way you are acting,I am afraid you have a hiding thing in mind, my dad only tell me that a clear mind fears no accusation, but yours is different enterely, it is strange to me that I don t really know what to do at this point of time, my dear to be frank with you if you have acted like this earlier, I wouldn t have engage you into this matter because it is only one filled with evil will think negative always. I am seek and worried that you have something that I don t know, I feel it over here.

About your question ,I still don t believe that there is way one can make a fake documents of a reputed bank, it is impossible,so please stop thinking of that as it is not going to happen in anyway either from you who stand as the next trustee or to me because my bank will send send the person to prision.

I dont have access to internet often,i only have access to internet at 8pm to 10pm in the evining,this is the time i often send you email.

I dont speak much about myself (MY PRIVATE LIFE) because each mins i remember who i was and how things has completely change,i share tears to the extent that i question myself why is life unfaithyful to me.So please dont insist or force m against my wish in life.If you still dont believe in me,then think about your self,think about your sorrowful life story and know how you feel about it.Put yourself in my shoe and think properly.You will find  that it is not everything that happen in your past life you like remembering,I am wrong ??

I am here in Senegal because of the incident that happen to me,i am living here as a Refugee,hence i am in care of the United Nation who takes care of the Refugee.I am jobless because there is no job upportunity for Refugee,all hours of the day,i spend it in reading, learning from thoses who knows more tham me, and working in the house of god.I leave here with in the church alocated house,it is less cheap and mainly meant for Refugge,we are three in a room,we pay our rentage through the little payment we receive from the UN,this payment meant for people with Refugee Statues.Note that i don's study at present because no one to sponsor me,i have plans to further my education but this must be after my recovering of my inheritance.Above all i have a document,i have all Ыmy documents as a citizen of my country,it is with me.

The last and not the least,i made a mistake in my last letter,what i meant is 28th April and not Febraury OK.

I believe i have answered your questions.If you are not satisfied,then tell me what exactly you want from me ??

Yours Worried


20.04.2007. from joy

Hello My Dear,
How are you doing, hope fine??My dear today I was in my bank were I spoke to the bank manager,I spoke much in details about this and the bank manager said it is against the principle rules of the bank for the remittance back to call your bank,rather he said it is your bank who is the receive will call him for proper verification.and GUARANTEE.My dear please try and contact your bank, please tell him to contact my bank for the purpose of guarantee.
I want you to please think positive in this matter as all will come out good,Please do all you can to make sure this is completed soon.I am looking forward to hear from you.
Yours Lovely


23.04.2007. from joy

Hello My LOve,
How are you,hope fione ?? My love i earlier try to send to you an email but it came back as a failure delivering,it was surpising that i have to rewrite my message.

My love i have send to you all necessary documentation about this transfer and myself,hope you receive it.If yes please try and complete the rest matter as it is left on your hand to complete the rest.I am on my neel pleading you to finish it up.

Please do all you can to call me tomorrow,calling me is very important.

I am looking forward to hear from you.

Yours Lovely


24.04.2007. from Bank

Dear Valued Customer,
Reference to your partner request,i am sure you are not familiar with
the following section of the International Banking Code.We want to
use this medium to inform you the following properly.Sir Under
International Banking Statutes and Codes 2001 Edition,Section 12.The
client pay for the legalization/notarization charge before his/her
transfer is been effected into his account.

In this law,the client must not intrude upon the bank in anyway.The
client retains the right to instruct the bank.The client is
prohibited from dispensing the bank staff documentation,
interpretations,torts or rulings instructing the bank will lead to
cancellation of the transfer.

This bank has considered issuing a LEGAL GUARANTEE for the released
of your transfer.You are requested to make a payment of the sum of
$5,070.00 US Dollars before the mandate 28th April
.Your failure to
make this payment,we provoke these Bank to instantly revoked this
fund into a Government account treasure,and will be regarded as an
abandon property.

Soon as you have meet with our obligation,your request for the
transferring of your inheritance will be made immediately to
your account without further request.

Upon making this payment,we will carry out the directives of your
international transfer what ever without prejudice.Violation of this
statute is punishable under section 13.5".

Yours sincerely
Mr Babacar Gueye
(Foreign Operation Manager)



24.04.2007. from joy

Hello My Dear,
 I ma not really happy with what you are doing to me but i have no choice because i am a begger at the moment as a result i have no option.What i want you to do is to remember that if i were in your shoe,i will not treat you this way,i just cannot imagine what you are doing to me but i am conviced it is a price i must pay for my liberation.

Today i was in my bank today,I spoke to my bank who has never shouted on my but did that because he got embarras when i was informing him of your request from the bank. The manner the bank manager spoke to me is a thing i will never forget,he feel regretful and said he is if we are not careful,he will stop helping us further.He said all he can do at this moment is given a letter of guarantee that the transfer will be made,he said anything above that is unacceptable.

My dear what you did to me is regretable that i dont know what to do.Please can you explian to me why you have choosen to give me this hard way ?? What have i done to desrve this.I weep since my arrival,i question my self alot.I just leave everything into the hand of god,he knows why all this is happening.

Lastly i have my Refugee ID Card in this letter.Hope this will complete your request.

Yours Worried



26.04.2007. from joy

My Dear,
How is your health over there ?? I must glorify god almighty for what he is doing in our lifes his blessings and protection in our daily activity,My dearest why have you forsake me,Why ?? Why did you keep all my hope shattered with pains,What you promise me and that you are doing to me is quiet different.Why ?? Is this the way you treat a woman in your country ?? Is it the happiness you promise me ??

I been worried and confused with the way things has turn up recently,it gives me concern that i ask if all you have said to me in the beginning of this transfer are of word of liars.You promise to help me in making sure this transfer is completed but your inability to fulfill this gives me concern.

You promise to help me in all aspect but you have not furfill yours, why ?? You have only offer me moral support but that of financial you have been relutant, Why ?? You are doing this purposely because i have no means to make this payment, Think properly before dumping me as i am a lonely heart looking for my life restoration. Why do you do this to me.What have i done to desrve this ?? Even if you borrow money or sell your properties for my sake and reslove this payment,i assure you that it will not be a waste,it will ceratinly be paid back to you.

If you know you dont want to help me,Why didnt you tell me in the beginning,Why do you bring me all this way to dump me.If i were in your position,I wouldnt have done that.If you do this to me, believe me you will dwell no peace because cetainly someone will do it to you.Hurting a lonely heart is a thing that will make you unhappy on this earth.

I have that full confidence that you are sent by the infinit mercy of God hope for accomplishment which i did not force you.I have this deep feelings that you are a human being been touch by God mercy to help me out,why you decide to allow my continue shading tears like baby with all this silent,did i offend you ?? Even if i did,You cannot allow that to stop you from completing what you have started ?? This is not fair to me.

My dear i had been depressed and frustrated for your inability to fulfill your promise,you assured me of libration and total freedown from this Refugee Situation,Why have you not done it ??May good God touch your heart i am very sorry for the stress i am into now and if something is not done at the soonest possible time,i will end up given up over here.If it happen,remember you cause it.

Please don't give up on me or allow my trust been betray.I entrust my life hope into your hand,please don't forsake me as it will end my long vision,it will make me join my parent's.

I assure you will not regret spending your penny on me.Even if you sell my properties for me,rest assure you will reagain it soon,I am sure we wil have cause to rejoice for ever,Just patient and focus,We will have everything achieved.I am given you this word of assurance and will stay by it as i am confident in this transfer.

Please email me as i am concious about your silent,it is two days i have not heard from you and now the time is almost .I have given you all the documents you requested,so why are you silent to me ?? Please explain to me as i am concious about it.

Yours Worried


26.04.2007.(2) from joy

Hello My Dear,
I am abit worried and confused with the tone you speak.I am concern because you have never address me in such tone,It is the first time it has occured,ii just hope you are not trying to hurt me,i hope you are not trying to take advantage of me ?? I leave everything till tomorrow.

Please write me a detail email tomorrow,i will apprecaite you tell me the ourcome of the bank payment ?? I ask you on the telephone but you didnt answer,why ?? Could it be you are hiding something for me ?? I have been open to you,so please do hurt me by frustrating my effort now.

Yours Worried


26.04.2007. from joy (3)

My Dear,
I called you but the way you spoke to me is abit confusing,i just dont know why you speak like that but i hope there is no problem because if you hurt me,it wil cause me pains.

Please tell me the reason why you didnt speak to me much on the telephone,i am worried about this.

Yours Worried

. Nikolay had realized that it was a scam, and stopped answering their letters. Several of the documents were similar to documents from other scams:
. End of story. end

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