Debra Nowels says: "there is lot of scam activities on internet this days" DEbra
. Hello, I am Miss Young. I received this story from a friend. Let me call him Eric. Go to the homepage to see more stories.

Hi there,
I received a mail from a girl who said she was interrested in me. I chatted with her but i didn't trust it because earlier i received a mail from a person(amudu) who is on your site. I had a nice chat with the girl and she send me some pictures wich i added to this mail. She said her name is debra nowles and lives in sunbury in the USA. She presently is studying in africa because it's cheaper there... i started wondering if this wasn't a scam. Then she told me her parents died 3 years ago in a traffic accident. The second time a had a chat with her, i asked how i could be sure she isn't a 30 year old guy who makes fun of me... she said that it was a good question and she would sent me a copy of her pasport to proff it. Then she asked me if i would help her if she needed help, i answered that it depended on what kind of help she needed. She said that it was finacial and then i said i couldn't help her because i didn't know her. I told her that i don't trust her and that i stop the contact.
I think this is a scam and i hope you can put this on you're website so other people can be warned for this person

I added the chatlogs, i hope you can use them.
With kind regards, Eric


debra says: hello Eric
debra says:  u there ??
Eric says: hi
debra says:  good
Eric says: how are you
debra says: am fine  and u ?
Eric says: i'm fine too









debra says: u still there ?
Eric says: yeah right here
debra says: okay ............good to see u on here today
Eric says: yeah it's nice te speek to you

debra says: wat are u looking for on lexa ?
Eric says: a nice friendship and maybe more
Eric says: a partner for live maybe
debra says: nice to hear that
debra says:  for how long u have been on lexa now ?
Eric says: a few days
debra says: 5 days  i guess ?
Eric says: yeah i don't know exactely
debra says: okay i see
debra says: how many ladies u have talk to on the  site
Eric says: you're the first
debra says: humm............pls be honest okay
Eric says: i'm honest, you're really the first
debra says: okay good
debra says: you are welcome

debra says: am  Debra  Nowels
debra says: and from sunbury in the  USA
debra says: but presently in africa for my master degree programme in accountancy
Eric says: ow oke, that's something different
Eric says: and how old are you
Eric says: ?

Eric says: is that really you on that picture?
debra says: yes that is me
Eric says: wow... you're beautiful
debra says: thanks
debra says: do u have pics that u can send me ?
Eric says: euh, i have to search them, you have a minute?
Eric says: maybe you have some pictures for me to?
debra says: okay
debra says: do u have cam there ?
Eric says: no sorry

debra says: do u live   alone ?
Eric says: no i live whit my parents
Eric says: and you?
debra says: i live alone
Eric says: oke
debra says: cos dont have aprent any more
Eric says: ow i'm sorry
debra says: they both dead in a car accident  in  florida 3 yrs ago
Eric says: that's terrible
debra says: so sin ce then i have  ben livving all alone
Eric says: that must be awfull


Eric says: just 1 thing i was wondering
debra says: wat it is baby ?
debra says:  pls tel me
Eric says: how do i know for sure you're not fooling me, that you're a 30 year old guy that's making fun of me
debra says: humm.very inteligent question
debra says:  well realy ma 23 yrs old as i told u
debra says: abut to let u confrim ma fro real
debra says:  i ll try to get mtApasssport scaned and send to you
debra says: i hope if u see this u should have the rest of minnded
Eric says: that's a good idea
debra says: but..........u ll need to promise me that ma save if i send u the passport
Eric says: that's oke
Eric says: it's just, i had an email lately from a girl who said she liked me and wanted to know me beter and i didn't trust it, afterwards it appeared that it was fake and it was a scam so
Eric says: i just want to be sure
debra says: okay i see
debra says:  well it's very important for someone to be very careful when try to know poeple online as we do
debra says: cos u can't trust them all
debra says: some poepl turn out to be fake
Eric says: that's why i want to be sure
debra says: good....
debra says: but if it happen i need to be helped and i ask u to help me out .. i dont think u ll like to help me ?
debra says: well.. let me give u my passport first
Eric says: depends what you need help for
debra says: okay
debra says: but if it's about financial help.. will u be able to render the help for me ?
Eric says: no im sorry
debra says: why ??
Eric says: i can't send you money, i don't know you
debra says: baby.. i never ask u to send me money
debra says: did i ask u to send me money
debra says: am just trying to let somethings clear to u
Eric says: well financial help is about money
debra says: yes i know but ..........but i did not ask u to help me with money pls dont get me wrong
Eric says: well what do you want then
debra says: dont worry//
debra says: okay will still need to get to know our self better first
Eric says: i don't know
Eric says: just tell me what you want and then I can decide if i want to help you or not
debra says: dont ll tell u later
debra says:  i realy want u to be sure about me okay
Eric says: well i don't know
debra says: if it's about money .. will u help me ?
Eric says: no
debra says: i knew u ll not because u never know me
debra says: that is why
Eric says: i'm sorry, it's just that, i know you for 2 days now, you say you are an amercan girl but youre english is sometimes more crappy then mine and you ask me if i want to help you with money
Eric says: sounds like a scam to me
debra says: u are right
debra says: even if it's me going to fell same way u fell
debra says: cos there is lot of scam activities on internet this days
debra says:  so one has to be very carefull
debra says: i understand how u fell
debra says: and about my englihs.. ma just trying to type to the level that u ll understand wat i type that is why
Eric says: i do understand normal english, but the english you type, it's sometimes very hard to read and to understand what you mean
Eric says: i'm very sorry but i think you're wasting you're and my time
debra says: u mean.. u dont wanna chat with me again ?
Eric says: no i'm sorry
debra says: i guess.. u dont trust me
debra says: okay no problem
debra says: thatks for the little time you spend to chat with me
Eric says: i'm sorry but i don't
debra says: i whish u best of luck in your search
Eric says: you to

. End of story.

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