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Mark Ogude says: "you share the same last name with the deceased"

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received this story from a friend. Let me call her Rose. Rose receives a lot of letters from scammers. She ignores most of them, but in this case she answered the false attorney.

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From: mark ogude <mailto:markogude90@hotmail.com>
Sent: Saturday, June 02, 2007 6:36 PM

Dear Beebop,

I use this opportunity to inform you about the death of (Mr.John Beebop) an America by nationality along with the deputy governor of Sokoto state (Alhaji Garba Mohammed) here in Nigeria. They were both involved in an (ADC) Flight ADK 053 air crash that occurred on the 6th November,2006, the foreigner was financial personnel officer died in the hospital that same day due to excessive loss of blood and fatal injuries, although not all the passengers involved died, there were 9 survivals. You can access the full story on this website:
The late deputy governor has a sum of US$8,750,000 deposited in the name of his late financial personnel officer because of the Anti Corruption Commission (EFCC) set up by President (Olusegun Obasanjo) administration.My objective on this money is to give some part of my own shere to the charity & orphanage homes to help the less priviledged.
I want you to know that my position as the legal adviser (Attorney) to the late deputy governor, I can present you as relative to the deceased (Foreigner) since you a foreigner.
Please respond "IF ONLY" you are above 18 yrs of age sending the information below for me to commence on this claim.
I will give you more details about the deceased upon your response to this urgent message.correspondence email: markogude_01@yahoo.com Thank you.
Barrister Mark Ogude.
Attorney at law. (Esq).
I am only a Beebop by a past marrage.  I have been contacted before for a similar scam and all you people want is to get me to send you money (that I DON'T have).  You claim that it is to open a dormaint account somewhere in Africa that does NOT even exsist.  Or maybe it will be that you need the money to obtain records or insurance on the check that you intend to send me.  You also believe that you should be given and un-GODLY amount of money for your services.  I know for a fact that if this person was a business man with alot of money invested somewhere that he would have listed someone as the benificiary and that this person would not also be dead in the same "crash" as they have to list more then one person.  I also know that he would have had a fund set up so that his attorney would already have been paid and that all other arrangements for his money and dispursement would have also been taken care of.  The banks do NOT require any money to open a dormant account and all that would have to be done is for the "attorney" who is considered an exsecutor of the estate, to go down to the bank and withdraw the money in the form of a certified cashiers check in the name of the person with whom the money was to go and then the attorney would then only have to take the check to the UPS EXSPRESS office there in Africa put the check in the envelope, seal it and put the persons address on it and pay the mailing fee of about $20.00 US.  The UPS EXSPRESS office does NOT ask, nor do they look in the envelope to see what is being mailed nor do they require any form of insurance papers.  So as you can see by the information that I have given to you I have been down this road before by a scammer who claimed that they were not trying to scam me at all and that they just wanted to get me money.  If this is legitimate then it wouldn't be coming from places like Africa and you would have already known my name.  If you want to continue with this then by all means mail me a check at your exspence to:
Rose Beebop
XXXXX, TZ 77777
I will NOT send you a dime nor will I make arrangements for you or anyone else to come over here with my money.  You don't need an diplomat to bring it as it can be put in the mail with UPS EXSPRESS.  Have a nice day
From: Mark Ogude <mailto:markogude_03@yahoo.com>
Sent: Sunday, June 03, 2007 6:10 PM

Dear Rose Beebop,
Please i received your mail and i want you to undetstand that if you have been contacted before well i do not know about it nor do i hear about any thing like that,but i will want you to know that this fund does not belongs to late Mr John Beebop,but it was deposited in his name by the late deputy governor who died along with him so all i want you to know that i need your help so that this claim can release to us since you share the same last name with the deceased,so please if you can help me let me know so that i can present your informations to the bank were the fund is deposited.Thank you.
Mark Ogude.
Go ahead and submit me as the next of kin, just keep in mind that I will not send one dime to your or anyone else to recieve this money.  If there is anything that needs to be paid it can be paid from the money in the account.
From: Mark Ogude <mailto:markogude_03@yahoo.com>
Sent: Monday, June 04, 2007 8:50 AM
Subject: i will present you to the bank.

Goodday,Please i will do that but i want you to know that i will present you to the bank but we need to obtain some legal documents on your name.Thank you.
Mark Ogude.
Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2007 15:46:21 -0700 (PDT)
African Development Bank Group
Attention:Rose Beebop,
We are responding to the information stated in the application of claim as next of Kin to the deceased (Mr.John Beebop) Your late relative's attorney (Barrister Mark Ogude) notified us on your intention to claim the inheritance of your late relative according to the application we received. We would like you to  provide the requirement below to enable us carry out the processing perfectly.And get back to us as soon as possible for us to forge ahead.you are hereby ask to provide the following requirements.
1.A copy of the death certificate of your late relative (Our customer)
2.Affidavit of claim on your name as the beneficiary to our late customer your relative.
3.Approval court letter of administration.
4.And a telling number where we can reach you for any time.
Please note that these proves must be presented before the processing can commence,do note that this processing will not take more than (Seven)working days for us to complete the processing and release your inheritance funds to you once it has been processed and approved by the board of directors. We are sorry for the death of your late relative; the entire management of (AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK GROUP) sends their condolence to the entire family of our late customer (Deceased). Please accept our sympathy of the death of your relative.We expect your maximum co-operation for us to serve you better,thank you for your understanding.
(Foreign Remittance Department)
Please you are advice to fax a copy of your id to our affiliated bank in London for proper verification of this claim,below is the full contact informations.
 17 Regina Crescent
Higherfold, Leigh 234 Fa.
Phone :+447005921233.
Fax :+ 447005978072.
From: Mark Ogude <mailto:markogude_03@yahoo.com>
Sent: Tuesday, June 05, 2007 5:05 PM
Subject: Please have you hear from the bank?

Goodday,Please have you hear from the bank?let me know.Thank you.
Mark Ogude.
From: Mark Ogude <mailto:markogude_03@yahoo.com>
Sent: Wednesday, June 06, 2007 8:47 AM
Subject: pleasei will get back to you.

Goodday,Please thank God that the bank hasfinally contacted you welli have the death certificate i will have visit the federal high court to know how amgoing to obtain the other two document, The Affidavit of claim on your name as the beneficiaryand also thecourt letter of administration on your name too please i will get back to you soonest.Thank you.
Mark Ogude.
From: Mark Ogude <mailto:markogude_03@yahoo.com>
Sent: Thursday, June 07, 2007 3:23 AM

Goodday,Please i have been able to find out how we are going to obtain the legal documents that will back you up for claim,i was at the federal high court and they told me that it will cost US$1,150 to obtain the legal documents on your name as the beneficiary so please i want me and you to put heads together so that we can obtain this documents on your name and present to the bank for them to commence on the inheritance claim processing.
    Please i know that you will be very surprice at this,but we need to work together so that we can obtain the legal documents and make the presentations to the bank for the processing to commence immediately.i will try and come up with some of the fee please i want you to let me know how much you can come up with so that i will know what to do.Like i said before that i have the death certificate in my file so it is the other two legal documents that we  need to make arrangement for, before the bank will proceed on the processing.
1.Affidavit of claim on your name as the beneficiary.
2.Approval court letter of administration.
   Please we need this two documents,they will really helh you regarding the release of this claim to you i will be waiting to hear from you asap.Thank you.
Mark Ogude.
Mr Mark Ogude <markogude_03@yahoo.com> wrote:
Goodday,Please i am very dissapointed in you how can you say this is scam when you know fully well how much we are claiming please get back to me or you write to the bank for a change of beneficiary.Thank you.
Mark Ogude.
  you can be as disappointed as you want.  This is a scam and I am disappointed in you for trying to pull it off.  I told you from the begining that I could not afford to send any money so what would make you think that I could afford to travel?  I am a single mother of 3 and I can't even afford to take my kids on vacation and you have the nerve to say your disappointed in me when it is you who is trying to scam me out of money. 
Mark Ogude <markogude_03@yahoo.com> wrote:
Goodday,Please i received your mail since yesterday  i could not respond back to you because of the way i have been insulted by you,do you expect me to take care of all the expenses regarding the preparations of the documents which the bank demanded from you before you can be approved as the beneficiary and have the claim fund processed? i have tried my best to raise up some amount of money to prepare the documents on your name and present to the bank.Please you have to assist me i am a family man and i have other bills to take care of, please we need cooperations so that this can work out for me and you please the documents which i will prepare in your name i will send it to you then you will now forward it to the bank you will se the documents with your eyes so that you will believe all that i am saying regarding this legal documents.i am waiting to hear from you.
Mark Ogude.
  I think you need to find someone else to scam as I am not sending you or your so called bank any money.  If you have all this money in the bank they you have acess to the money to pay for all the cost to have the trunks sent and all the paper work.  I am a single mother and can't afford anything.  
. Scammers can be very persistent. I wonder how stubborn this one is.

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