Miss Young

Assumpta Abana says:
"i  am ready to swear any Oath for you" Assumpta

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received this story from a friend. Let me call him Karl.

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Dear Miss Young:

I am resending you the letters I received from Assumta Abana, the same person wich is allready in your list. I never send a cent. This women? is writing other person in Chile.

Assumta Abana also took the name us Assumpta fumba. You can find her in www.perfspot.com  under the name " rubbylov "




Assumpta From: assumpta fumba <assumpta_500@yahoo.co.in>
Reply-To: assumpta_600@yahoo.co.in
Date: Thu, 9 Aug 2007 11:36:52 +0100 (BST)

Hi My Dearest ,
         i am happy to recieve your email ,  thanks  for your responce to my mail
How is life over there?  I hope all is well with you,
My Dear,  i contacted you because i went through your profile and pick interest in you because you match mine,  i hope that colour or age will not be a barier to  us.
My Full name is Assumpta Abana ,   23 years old girl,   fair in complexion,  5.7 cm  60kg, i am undergraduate,  i like reading norvels, watching movies and tele,  i love going beside the beach with my soulmate during the summer season,   i love swimming,  i also like watching foot ball  but i am not a footballer,    
i am a citizen of Liberian,   i love the capital city Monrovia,  but i am not presently in Liberia i am now in Dakar Senegal with my mother, under asylon seeker's (Refugee)     i will explaine to you the reason i and my mother recieded here,  but i will also like to know more about you in your next mail before i will explaine better,
for easy communications,  you can call me through this number 
(00221 3400222),  it belongs to the Reverend Father here in the Camp who is encharge of the Church Here(CHRIST THE KING MISSION)  His Name is Rev,  Paul Momou,  if you call!  tell him that you want to speak with Miss Assumpta Abana,    he will send for me,i attached my photos here,   
 i am waiting to know more about you in details with your photos ,
Thanks  and have a nice day,
Yours lovely



Assumpta From: assumpta fumba <assumpta_600@yahoo.co.in>
Subject: From Yours Assumpta
Date: Sat, 11 Aug 2007 12:53:07 +0100 (BST)

Hello,  My Dearest ,  I am happy once more for your response , i saw the photos you sent to me,  it is very very nice,  please i will like to know your age, your full name  and your telephone number,  so that i will call you any time we receive gift from visitor's,
My Dear  i will like to explaine to you all about me and the reason why  i am here under refugee costudy with my mother,
i am in Dakar Senegal  now,  you can know Senegal it is in west Africa.  i am not a senegalaise,  i am a Liberian, 

Now i will like to let you know my life details and plight,   It will shock you to hear about this,   I was here with my mother since 2004 with hope that we will make move from this country,  but since then things have been not working as we desired,    Now i have make up my mind to get a serious man who will show me sincerity and good heart.
I am from Liberia and the cause of my movement to Senegal was since the death of my father in  january 2004 after the departure of President Charles Taylor of Liberia,    my father  was one of the distributor to the formal president of Liberia Charls Taylor who is facing political arrest now.
my father have deal so many business with Mr Taylor for so many years and he have acquired wealth which i can not give account of them presently due to the present government,   My fathers wealth was sized and we loosed so many of my fathers properties in Liberia,   my father was alleged of shifting Liberian money to another country through Mr Taylor's power,  But it wasn't so,    my father was only a business tool to Mr Taylor through gold and diamond.
Now my greatest concern is about the money which one of his customer delayed to pay him back in his last transaction before Mr Taylor went to political asylum to Nigeria,  and since then my father  have never hear from the man till his death because he loosed his contact,   to my greatest surprise three weeks ago when i open my fathers email,  i got a letter from the man informing that he have paid the money into my fathers account in England ,  So i was so confused and been disturbed since i received the letter,  the man also said that he is in Canada for business,  So i don't want to tell the man that my father is dead ,  because if i told him he can try to collect his money back and eat it .
Now i am in the refugee camp here in Senegal with my mother and life is so though and hard here,  It is a great tesimony to God almighty that i recieved this miraclous news about three weeks ago,   but i need a somebody who can stand on my behalf about this ,  i have every informations about my fathers fund and to the greatest glory of God almighty,  I am the next of kin to the fund,    but now my refugee status can never allow me here because i have no traveling documents and no permition warrant from this country,  So please i need your help on this or advice, i want you to help me to claim this money,   but this is a defrent thing to my desire on you,  I need to marry a man and be under a man,  and i also need my own man to stand and help me for this fund.
Please i need your lovely response on this,    I  will need your picturs because i want to know you very well  Ok,  I really appriciated,   
Yours Assumpta4010.




Assumpta From: assumpta fumba <assumpta_600@yahoo.co.in>
Subject: Honey , contact the Bank in UK and transfer the fund, then i will prepar to meet you
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2007 14:12:26 +0100 (BST)

Hello My Love40.
  How about your bright and precious life which is so much important to me than any other thing else,  how about your job?,     I hope that you are well sounded in good health,  If so may thanks and glory be to God almighty.
My Love   I am so much happy to hear from you, i am sorry for my late reply,  yesterday was sunday here and the Reverend Pastor office where i send mail was closed,  
Honey  i don't know any embassy here and don't want to visit one till i got a declearation peper here which proves that i have decleared from refugee   because the law of this country did not grant any refugee to stand and make any legal inquiries,     Honey  in this regard  i will like you to contact the Bank in U.K and transfer the fund to your account on my behalf,    after the transfer  you will send me some money to make declearation and get travelling documents and join you over there and establish,   i want to spend all the rest of my life with you while you will take care of the fund and invest it in your profitable business   so that it will be for us, 
Honey,    i thank God almighty who made me and you to get each other in one mind and sincere love,  i hear all you have said and i have nothing to say than to tell you that i love you and trust you even without knowing how you look like,  i saw the email you sent to me and it is very good and sweet,  I want to tell you that i like you and the likeness have developed strongly love in my heart.
Now i will like to direct you on what to do in this transaction,   in according to my last mail i sent to you,  i explained every thing to you and please try to read it very well.
I am giving you the contact informations of the bank in UK were the money was deposited so that you will contact them on my behalf and tell them that you are my chosen trustee.
Here is the contact of the bank in UK:
E-mail, girobank-fin@financier.com        or you contact the manager directly to his email address,  crownigel@gmail.com
There direct phone number is: + 44 7031836580.
The name of the manager is Mr Nigel Crow.
The account informations is as follow:
Name of the depositor................................Mr Gilbert Abana.
Accoount Number...................................... 58634755004.
Next of kin................................................. Ms Assumpta Abana.
The total amount is..........................................£UK 2.5million pounds.
If you contact them,  try to tell them that you are my trustee, and you want to know the possibilities on how to transfer the fund of my late father, Mr Gilbert Abana to your account which i Ms Assumpta Abana is the next of kin,    but due to my refugee status in Senegal, i was not able to handle the transaction.
So try to write to them or call them on phone and discuss with them about it   Ok.
I am hoping to hear a very good response from you,    please try to be calling me through the direct phone number of the reverend here 00221 27-061-40  who is incharge of the refugees here any time you want to speak with me  Ok,  his office is near the camp here,      
Please if you want to call me,  call with his number,  he is good to us as well,  if you call , tell him that you want to talk to Ms Assumpta Abana and he will send for me from the camp and we discuss   Ok.
I so much like your responses,  i really appriciated all.
Yours Assupta40.
Assumpta From: assumpta fumba <assumpta_600@yahoo.co.in>
Subject: My More Photos To You Honey, What About Yours?
Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2007 14:04:30 +0100 (BST)

Honey40,  i sent to you the documents and it returnes as failiure delivery to my mail box and i forward it,   i hope you recieved it?  please try to inform me,
i scanned more of my photos to you,  please  i need more photos of yours,  i want to print your photos out and put them beside my bed for regular viewing;
Honey,  do not forget to send me more of your photos and also inform me and soon as you get the responds from the bank and make sure that you guide the document very very well,  
i need security of the fund  so that we will achieve successful transfer to your care Honey,
i will be expecting your mail,
Thanks and take good care of your self for me,
Yours Forever Assumpta4010




From: assumpta fumba <assumpta_600@yahoo.co.in>
Sent: Tuesday, August 14, 2007 2:29 PM
Subject: Honey, this is the documents

Good Day Honey40
  How is your preciouse life which is important to me,    i hope all is well with you,  Honey  i attached the documents in this mail.
i attached the transfer peper which my father's cleint used to transfer the amount of 2,250,000,00 pounds to my father's acount and the deposited certificate which the Bank in U.K gave to my Father when he opened the acount in U.K,  the deposited money by my late father is the sum of  250,000,00 pounds,    the total money in the Bank now should be 2,500,000,00 pounds,(two million five hundred thousand pounds)    all the documents is in this mail,   
Please try to hold this documents confidential because it is very much important,  and do not communicate this matter to people over there because hence it is Money    all eyes will like to be on it,  by then  our life will be in danger when i meet you,    So please let us exercise secret to achieve success in this transaction.
I thank you for being there for my freedom,    we will rejoice soon as one family.  i need the best from you and make sure that the money is transfer into your acount before next weekend,
Thanks take good care of your self for me
Your Forever in love4010

 Deposit Certificat

Assumpta From: assumpta fumba <assumpta_600@yahoo.co.in>
Subject: For the papers
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2007 12:26:35 +0100 (BST)

Good Day My Love40,
How is your life today?   i hope all is well with you, 

Honey,   i have already sent some of the documents to you,  i attached here the certificate confirming the death of my father,  we recieved it from the general hospital where my father gave up,     i have sent all the document to you, both the deposite certificate the the payment peper which my father's client used to pay inn some amount into my father's account,  all the documents is with you,

 the only document we need now is the Power of Attorney  which proves that i am the one that directed you to make the trasfer on my behalf,
I have appointed a lawyer whom will stand on our behelf to secoiure the document from the Government here   because the bank said that we must issue the document from the High Court which a lawyer will stand as our witness,
here is the contact informations of the Lawyer,
His name is barrister Gani Onwa,  his email address is onwachambers@lawyer.com     or  onwachambers@myway.com ,    His phone number is 00221 235 10 82  ,
Thanks and take good care of your self,
i am waiting to hear from you soonest
Yours Lovely Assumpta1040
From: assumpta fumba <assumpta_600@yahoo.co.in>
Subject: Let' Bind Our selve with Oath
Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2007 15:41:54 +0100 (BST)

Good Day My Love,
i felt shocked about your comment ,   and i did not understand anything in the  link you forwarded to me,  it is all about nigerian's criminals and Fraud , 
now are you fearing me?   Oh My God,  Honey  i am not a nigerian,   i am from Moronvia Liberia from Abana's compound,  please i urged you,   do not reffer me as i nigerian because people hate them even here in senegal,   due to there bad behaviour,    now i want you to have 100% trust in me,     how can i use my future to joke?   i contacted you with sincere mind and intend to spend all the rest of my life with you,     but i never see any truste at all,  please if that we hinder us because there are many bad things going arround the world,   although that it is good to trusth and to be trusted  but we all have to be careful,  please Honey,     i will like us to engage our self in an Oath,   which will harm any of us whom will be a betrayal to each other,     i  am ready to swear any Oath for you and you will also swear to me that you will not be a  betrayal,  
please this will be the best way and i will like to do it before any other thing,  
Thanks and take good care of your self,   i need your mail as soon as possible.
Yours Lovely Assumpta.
Assumpta From: assumpta fumba <assumpta_600@yahoo.co.in>
Subject: From Yours Assaumpta
Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2007 12:34:57 +0100 (BST)

How are you My Love,

I Hope you are well sounded in good health,  if so thanks be to God Almighty,

My Love,   i heard all you have said and i want you to have trust in me as i have done to you,  i am a christain from christain family and we know the meaning of truste,   trust is like a mustard seed planted my God and watered by men,    it is an agreement between the two soul,     Honey i thought that we have planing to be together with the sence of spending the rest of our life to each other,  this moltivate me to take you as my flesh and Blood without hinding any feelings to you,    

my point of saying about Oath is because you did not have confidents in me, that is why i want to bind ourselve with Oath which will be optained by the Scripture,  i mean the Holy Bible,    i am ready to bring a version in the Bible which we will swear to each other that any of us that betray each other  must receive the repacourssion instantely either by getting MAD or to be instructed to DEATH,   i hope with this  we will be careful to each other,     NOTE.  i did not contact you because of money or to use  and drop you NO,  GOD forbide,   I contected you with vission of success and happy family,  with hope that you will take care of me and also develope my late father fund wisely in a way that we will not lack in all the rest of our life,

now if people is contacting you for help,  i did not advice you not to help a needy but i will only encourage you to be careful  because some people take an advantage of what did not belong to them,   although that there is terrible things happening  here,   any girl that demand help from you try to encourage her to look for whom will be her life partner  that you are engaged with someone,   this is my advice but if know that we will not marry each other     then you can be open to me and i will encourage you to go on with anyone you loved to be yours,  but for me,   i have in mind that our relation will lead us to marriage,   this is my own thought which i have already decied because i feel that you will satify me, 

concerning about men ,   Honey i did not contact any man for marrige,  God is my withness and any man that told you that i Assumpta contacted him for marriage,  please just prove it to me,   i am a striaght forward someone and do not like any thing that will make me feel bad,  i don't like playing with men and can never do such thing because it is very very dangeriouse,  that is why i need to get married with a man of my future, which i thought that is it you  but i don't know your mind,

about the transfer,  Honey,  i have tried my level best here to see that we optain the document on credit so that we will pay back after the transfer  but it is not possible because Mr Gani said that he will make some pâyment before submitting the application of our matter to the federal High Court and pay for the approving, signing , and stamping,   and the law of this country did not allow refugees to act or to be involve to any legal transaction,  and this law is against me which he will also make some bribes before getting the documents,    i look into the matter and know that he is not lieing to get moeny from us  but he is saying the reality,  i contacted him through the Reverend pastor here and the Reverend recomanded him as a good lawyer,  and he s popular here and capable to handle any case because he is from the United Nation Advocats,  this make me to have full trust in him because i do trust to each other and never get any failure from trusting people my faith relied to trust,

now iam incouraging you to send the money to me direct ,  i will take permission from the camp and get the money and as soon as i get the money  i will acompany the lawyer to the high Court and and get the document,   this is my promise which i know that i will not fail to do that  because The Reverend will give me the permission because i have explained to him about this matter and i want to witness every thing with my eyes not by story,

so this is all i can say for now,
Thanks and take good care of my self for me,  i need to hear from you as soon as possible.
Yours Lovely Assumpta,  
Assumpta From: assumpta fumba <assumpta_600@yahoo.co.in>
Subject: waiting to hear from you
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2007 11:16:33 +0100 (BST)

Hello My Love,

How was your weekend?   hope fine, 
Honey,   i missed your mauil,  please write to me  so that i will know where to stand   i am a bit confussued here,  

i am waiting to hear from you,
Yours Assumpta.
. Karl had realized that it was a scam, and stopped answering her.

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