Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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>From: anne mpka <anegirlmpka4u@yahoo.com>
>Date: Wed, 26 Dec 2007 12:25:44 -0800 (PST)
>Hi My Darling,
>How are you today and your health which means a lot to me,i hope fine?As
>for me am fine here thinking and dreaming of when i will see your lovely
>face,darling i thank you so much for your love and concern,i pray that God
>will bless and rewards you abundantly,darling am happy reading your lovely
>mail and i really understand what you mean,and i have send mail to the bank
>concerning that,i believe before weekend the will contact you,darling am
>happy that you are doing your best concerning my condition,i pray that soon
>our dream will come true and i will be with you as to start a new life
>there with you,in other hand my darling am so sorry for haven't write you
>for few days now,that was because of the activity we are having here,both
>our seminar and the prayer,so once again i wish Merry Christmas,so my
>darling as soon as you receive mail from the bank try and get me inform
>about it,i really want to be with you before next month ends which is next
>year,cos am worried to continue
> my study,Meanwhile My Darling i will like you to send to me your phone
>number so that i will plead with the Reverends to help me call you,so that
>we can hear each others voice,So my darling as soon as you hear from the
>bank try and get me inform,i thank you once again for your love and concern
>towards me,until i hear from you again,have a lovely day and think about
> yours forever
> Anne







Mrs >From: anne mpka
>Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2007 02:05:32 -0800 (PST)
>Hi My Love,
>How are you today and your health which means a lot to me,i hope fine?As
>for me am fine here dreaming and thinking about you and when i will be with
>you in your country,My love i thank you so much for your love and concern
>towards me,and am happy reading your lovely mail which gives me joy and
>hope,Darling you have really brought joy,happiness and hope into my
>life,Darling i wonder what my life would have been without you,i thank God
>for you,and i pray that soon i will be with you in your country,I
>appreciated the way you are handling this transfer of my money to your
>position pending my arrival to meet with you to start a new life,Am
>suffering here in the prison called refugee camp and i believe with you i
>can start a new life in your country after the transfer of my money to your
>account,Honestly My love i understand what you mean in your mail and also
>what the bank said,but you know my condition,am not allowed to go out from
>the camp,so going to Egypt won't be possible
> for me,and besides i don't have any passport even if am allowed to
>go,that is why i ask you to help me out,so that once the bank made the
>transfer,you can send me some money to get my passport and other traveling
>documents to come over there to meet with you,I can see what the bank is
>demanding before they will transfer my money to your position.Presently i
>have my Late Father Death Certificate and Statement of Account with me here
>which i have given to the lawyer to send to you when you contact him.The
>only problem we have now is the Power of Attorney which the bank said that
>it will be issued by a lawyer here in Senegal for me to sign my signature
>on it.After reading your mail today i then discussed it with Rev Emmanuel
>George and he gave me the contact of this lawyer Barrister Greg Owo.I will
>want you to contact him on both phone and email telling him that you are my
>foreign partner that you need his services to prepare a power of attorney
>that will enable you transfer
> my 9.7 million dollars from Royal Bank Of Scotland to your account on my
>behalf due to my refugee status.
> His contact information's are as follows,
> Dr Greag Owo E-mail address(gregowchambers@gawab.com).
> His Telephone number +221-77-378-22-46
>Also Darling i will like you to think about this so that i know if coming
>there,or preparing the documents here will be better,i thank you once again
>for your love and concern towards me,i pray that God will bless and rewards
>you abundantly,until i hear from you again,i wish you merry Christmas and a
>wonderful new year,have a lovely weekend and think about me.
> Yours forever
> Anne
Mrs From: anne mpka
>Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2008 01:48:58 -0800 (PST)
>Hi My Love,
>Happy New Year My love,How are you today and your health which means a lot
>to me,i hope fine?I hope this New Year will bring happiness,joy and hope
>into our life,above all bring us together,My Love As for me am fine here
>thinking and dreaming of you and when i will be with you in your country,I
>thank you so much for your love and concern towards me,But darling i was a
>little bit upset in your second last mail,you said that you have a
>fiance,that both of you have agree to help me,My love this really touch my
>heart,then i said all this while we've been writing to each other you
>haven't told me of that,now that my heart is been taking over by your
>love,that you telling me this,i cry to God and ask Him why am i been
>suffering,but today you mail i read today really give my the greatest joy
>of my life,Darling i love you more than any other thing,i wish that am
>there with you,to show you how much you meant to me,mine is yours my
>darling,i pray that soon we will travel to anywhere
> we want to be,darling the most important thing is to help me invest
>wisely with this money,So my love think of a better place and business that
>we will invest into,i don't want in a situation where we thinking of fun
>and fun,i know that we will enjoy,but we have to think wisely before doing
>anything,So my love no matter how your country is,we can start up some
>investment there,then we can think going out,i believe that once we love
>each other,there will be happiness in our lives,so don't say that you hate
>your country,beside your home is my home,if you really love me and believe
>that i can make you happy then we stay in your country and do whatever we
>want to do,then if we want to go out to another country we can do that,then
>we will make our live different from others,Meanwhile my darling concern
>the lawyer don't scared about him,since the Reverend know him and besides
>he is a good man,for few time i have speak with him,he is a very honest
>man,and i believe that am
> secured about that,so darling try and write to him so that he will
>prepare this documents for us,you know that the bank are waiting for the
>documents,so that they can start the transfer,please my love for the sake
>of our love,try as much as you can to write to the lawyer,Darling you know
>that i think about you every day and night,Darling honestly speaking,am
>really dying cos of you,the only thing that can make my happiness complete
>is stay beside you,Darling if you really love and care for me,do this
>contact the lawyer,so that we know what it will take us,i can't wait for
>the day i will be with you,i love you my darling,i thank you once again for
>your love and concern towards me,i pray that God will bless and rewards you
>abundantly,until i hear from you again,have a lovely day and think about
>yours forever

Date: Fri, 4 Jan 2008 01:43:50 -0800
From: anegirlmpka4u@yahoo.com

Hello My Darling,
How are you today and your health which means a lot to me,i hope fine?As for me my darling am fine here with all hope to meet with you in your country immediately after the transfer of my money into your account,Darling i thank you so much for your love and concern towards me,cos if not for it you wouldn't have write me,and am happy reading your lovely mail,Darling i really understand you,but i want you to know that gift is my name as well,why the lawyer use it that way was due to the documents which i send to him,that was how the name is stated,that was how the name appear on the documents,that was why he put it that way so that it won't be complicating in any form,about Mr Osman Mohamed,when i ask the lawyer about it,he told me that it is his accountant,that is why he write made it that way,so my darling i don't what eals to say,i understand your situation,if it will be possible for you to call me today,so that i can explain to you better,i will be very much happy about that.please my darling try and understand,i pray that God will help you understand this more better,you know that i don't have any other person than,and you know that there are wicked people that don't want the progress of other,they always there to make sure that others didn't survive,and besides i know that some people don't want to us to be,but all my prayers is for the Lord to review to you all you need to know and understand about this,Darling honestly speaking all that i told you is all that i know,and am assuring that all is safe,since the Lord is with us,Darling think about our love,my condition,you are the only man in my life now,i love you,please try also to call the lawyer as well,please my love don't hurt me now that i need you most.Am dying for your love.until i hear from you again,have a lovely weekend and think about me.
yours forever

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