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Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am invited to an employment program and offered a job abroad. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never get the job, because it never existed. Most of these letters are spread via dating sites.

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Mrs From: Miss Gloria Harold <missgloriasince1980@yahoo.com>
Sent: Tuesday, September 23, 2008 1:40:02 AM

Hello ,
I deem it a singular honor and respect to receive your response to my mail, at least after protracted indecisions in which I was involved due to much workload at my office. I am sorry for the late reply, believe me it was not delibrate. How are your, family members and all that matters to your heart? Hope all is well as these are very most to me and as for me I am pretty fine getting along with my work.
My full name are Miss Gloria Harold, 28years old,a Christian from the United States ofAmerica [Peoria] I'm 153cm height 76kg, white caucasian, never married. Currently my father is a legal practitioner and my mother is working with the Illinois State department of health in Peoria.We are two girls and a boy. I am currently working withChevron energy company here in the United States. I consider myself a very healthy individual despite being ordinary-looking, with integrity and depth to go with it.
I'm very passionate and compassionate although I must admit that I can be very stubborn and short-tempered. I love to learn different cultural backgrounds, Share the ups and downs with a soul mate. Ideal Person: Someone who will offer me the same in return, who cares and respects others. Someone who will let me in as well, who will share his/her ups and downs with me too.
Hobbies, I like traveling, ice-skating, horse riding, driving a car, going in for aerobics, dancing. Drawing, reading books and listening to music. I like to take tasty dishes. Within my quest of meeting people of different culture and societies I turned to the Internet in search of foreign friends, I hope to find that special person in you, and someone with whom I can trust any day any time.
I believe in God and am open minded, I love the company of friends, I respect others ideas and listen to them (so I expect to be listened to, because I wait for my turn to speak), I am witty and have a great sense of humor; I think our destiny is something we discover each day of our lives.
Dear, will you accept an offer to work with Chevron Company, relocate and a better job offer inChevron companies, would you like to take up this challenges with this opportunity, I do not know how you will feel about this, but as a heart desired friend to be, I consider these most imperative to inform you of existing opportunity inChevron company.Chevron global is recruiting people around the world, to fill in vacancies that are currently open in theChevron companies.Chevron is employing men and women for training and work experience. The posts are a level that would meet your skills criteria. I personally would like you to apply for theChevron training and employment program.
If you are interested, please get back to me through mail and I will personally recommend you with the contact address of the general secretary,from thereyou will findChevron program to read onChevron activities andChevron employment zone.
They will advice you on the next step of action as regard the information/participation procedures.
I'm going to make sure your recommendation gets to the general secretary office here in the States. As soon as you contact me back. Attached here is my photograph for your personal view, ok.
I remain yours and expecting to reading from you soon.
With most regard I remain yours,
Gloria Harold



Mrs From: Miss Gloria Harold <missgloriasince1980@yahoo.com>
Sent: Wednesday, September 24, 2008 10:36:32 PM

With much enthusiasm coupled with a recap from my second mail to you, i write to commemorate your interests towards our friendships and having time enough to consider this opportunity whichChevron has brought to us all, I do very much believe in friendship as it knows no boundaries and it depth is as that of the seas.Considering the ones between our correspondences,.Well this is my tel/fax number1-309-416-2572 and you should feel free to communicate me at your convinient time.
I do sure believe that it has not taken much space and within it framework we have created much closeness.
I as a person believe in reaching out with all available opportunity within my position that I know very well will bring about happiness to all that I consider to be in association with me. In all these, I want you to avail with thisChevron 2008 training programs. Which has to do with skill acquisitions, work, education, good leaving and many more.
In keeping with good spirit of honesty I do believe that my desire is to see you through this program as it will create a better atmosphere for our knowing meeting and who knows, more deeper all depends, though we have not really known each other very well but that utters nothing as my wish is for you to make it great via thisChevron Training and Employment program.
Chevronpetrochemical company, as we all know has a lot to offer those who might wish to grab this special offer with our numerous offices and base globally, I know that you will make it big time. Irrespective of the challenges if you follow your dreams there are much to achieve through this exercise and that is my believe and acclamation. If you do study my second mail to you, sure you will appraise with this invitation-you are not the only person that I considered but what keeps ringing in my mind is how did I find this person and I can't for now figure out the exact answers, then I digressed and found it to be mastered mind direct the physical body.
Chevronis using this privilege to assist graduate/undergraduate, job seekers as a way of expanding her work force. The services of2-6or morepeople will be needed of you to form a group. However, about one question that might border your interest here is that you most have gotten a first hand educational qualifications as this is needed to prove a little about your intuitive quotient, this is one of theChevron policies. With respect to the aforementioned, my recommendation about your persons has taken care of that area of doubt, ok. Our donors have loaned out a very huge amount of money to assist applicant in connection with group visas and Ticket. With the support of the US Bureau for Immigrant Affairs and US embassies in participant country of residence towards the issuance of visas. The United Nation has stated clearly that they are in support of this great program as in the area of assisting qualified participant without traveling document for an emergency traveling certificate.
This program is positioned into four geological zones as a way of affecting the globe. We have the overseer office inSan Ramonthat monitors the running of this program. You should endeavor to contact the Secretary General of the programatchevronenergy@creprog.net orby this fax number 1-512-853-6463 for more details concerning theseChevron Employment and Training program. You can as well register online by clicking this website link www.creprog.net
Just note that you have a friend out-here that will do all she could to see that you come over to Canada or USvia thisChevron Training and Employment program, you should know very well that the program is strictly under recommendation and not open to the general public. I will personally meet the secretary general and make your recommendation known to her, you are as well advice to contactthe administrative office emails statedabove on your own, so as to enable (secretary) make reference to the recommendation I will present before her office.
As I have always told you, I will do my uttermost best in making sure you are part of this great opportunity. You should make sure you work in line with all instructions given to you. Remember to reach me often, as these will enable me follow up of your datas. Have a nice day and hope to read from you always.,Ihave attached another of my photo here and you will have to download to enlarge it.
Until then keep leaving in an atmosphere of divine blessings.
Gloria 2
Mrs From: Miss Gloria Harold <missgloriasince1980@yahoo.com>
Sent: Tuesday, September 30, 2008 4:13:06 PM

Hi ,
Glad to read from you that you gat my message believing that you¢re in sound condition of health not forgetting your parents. As earlier mentioned in my mail, the procedures in applying for theChevronEnergy Training and Employment program is very glaring, all you need do is:
Send in your application to the secretary atchevronenergy@creprog.net
for more details as per your participation.If you can't write an application letter, then fill the online registration and and click submit. Note that after sending in your application and response is received, do reach me with the feedback so that I can follow your application with the secretary for speedy process.The general secretary will give you access to the programbrochure and you will be able to obtain all relevant informations on the program.. Hope to read from you soonest.
Yours love

Mr From: "chevronenergy@creprog.net" <chevronenergy@creprog.net>
Sent: Saturday, October 4, 2008 10:05:04 AM
Subject: creprog.net

we have received your message. our customer's relation officials will contact you soon
Mr From: "chevronenergy@creprog.net" <chevronenergy@creprog.net>
Sent: Tuesday, October 7, 2008 1:10:19 AM

Dear Applicant
We acknowledged receipt of your application requesting registration into Chevron training/employment program 2008. We present to
you the Chevron Guide on Recruitment and Employment/Training program Which stand as an open door to assist mankind to
opportunities? our regards to Chevron Board of Directors Board of Employers association and Directors/Directress of Chevron in
more than 100 countries.One of the defining challenges of the 21st century is creating enough energy to power human progress. It¢s
the story of our time and it touches us all. As we strive to improve standards of living around the world the demand for energy
is soarring as never before. Where will the energy come from? It¢s a question we face together-corporations governments and
every citizen of the planet. While many answers are yet to be found we know one thing for sure. Finding newer smarter cleaner
ways to power the world begins with the one energy source we have in abundant supply : the power in human energy. Chevron is one
of the world¢s largest integrated energy companies. Headquartered in San Ramon California we conduct business in more than 100
countries. We are engaged in every aspect of the oil and natural gas industry including exploration and production
manufacturing marketing and transportation chemicals manufacturing and sales geothermal and power generation. We¢re also
investing in renewables and advanced technologies. Participants will be able to immerge themselves in new technologies
discovering the pleasure of learning by doing. Whether you are currently raising your family or considering relocating in the name
of employment and training program. Operating in America Asia Pacific Europe Africa Russia and the Middle East CIS (Common
wealth Independent States). Chevron is only giving these opportunities to like-minded people that wish to work or learn under the
umbrella of Chevron Energy. The training and employment program is only giving to certain number of applicant that is capable of
meeting up with some pre-requisites. The training and employment Program are never under advertisement; they are not opened to
everybody to participate it¢s only under strict recommendation set-aside for people that wish. We are only recruiting and
training single participant or groups with recommendation from top personals from and of the refinery sectors or other recognized
organization around the world. We are only honouring your recommendation hence it came from a recognized personal around the oil
sector. We are giving you the opportunity to benefit from this employment and training program. Its a program that leads to
employment opportunities. Applicants under the training program vying to undertake this training without engineering skill shall
have to pass one year training institute while qualified engineers in all engineering fields are to undergo a six month induction
course with Chevron Energy and two to three years disposition on conclusion of training in his/her choice of country respectively
in the United States or Canada on probate before confirmation according to Chevron workers associations guide. Most question
arising from applicant on this program; -why shouldn't they apply in Chevron energy company from their country of residence? The
reason for this usually is that Chevron members country are being place on quota base on the reform and activeness of the members
country in Chevron energy network if this quota for example is more or less insufficient or more than manpower resource of any
given member country the member country has the right to recruit applicant outside the country to fill the quota in other to boost
her energy resource. Therefore giving more chances for job opportunities through our Chevron network. Recommended applicants
interested in participating in this Chevron Training and Employment program should forward their data¢s to their Chevron zone
continental office to obtain the participant assessment reference file number for this program. Applicants should be twenty years
and above to participate in this esteemed Chevron Training and Employment Program. On completion of your registration process
Chevron shall be responsible for your visa invitation to your residence country including your flight tickets to commence this
exercise by Chevron Energy. Academic record is one key factor in assessing your application. Our experience and research on
successful professionals has however shown that academic skills alone are rarely sufficient to be successful within a company as
challenging dynamic diverse and global as Chevron. We have identified the following qualities as critical to high performance in
Chevron. Do you have the ability to work efficiently with others in a team? Genuine respect and concern for people valuing
contributions from others regardless of culture or status? Demonstrating honesty and integrity in all actions? Creating trust
through open and direct communications? Persuading others through the inspiration sensitivity and clarity of their argument?
Arranging clear means of communication and decision-making? We look at these qualities throughout our application process. If you
can demonstrate the above qualities in greater quantity than most of your contemporaries there's a great deal on offer at
Chevron. This Employment and Training Program has been zoned into four geographical zones: You can view our website for the
contact addresses of our various zonal branch offices and the officials in charge. Our website address is www.creprog.net you can
either click on the link or copy and paste in to the address bar of your internet browser.
The north and South American continent [zone2] should contact
Mrs Rachel Anderson.
General Secretary- Chevron Training and
Recruitment/Employment Program
6001 Bollinger Canyon Road San Ramon
CA 94583 United States of America.
Emails: - chevronenergy@creprog.net
Western and East/North Europe [zone3]should contact
Prof Frank Damascos
Europe Zonal Coordinator
26 Lowndes Street
London United Kingdom.
Phone: +447031833605.
Fax: +442079002447
Emails: chevroneuropezone3@cre prog.net

Those from Africa/Asia continents should contact Chevron [zone4]
Dr Nicholas Sidibe Jnr.
Chevron Zonal Coordinator for
Africa and Asia.
15 Avenue De la Independence
Yamoussoukro Ivory Coast.
phone : +22548068184
fax:: +225-23471452
Email: chevronzone4coord inator@creprog.net
Applicants should forward the following by e-mail to their zonal office which is in line with the contacts above. These include
the following:
1) Full name
2) Passport numbers of applicants (if available)
3) Name of country of origin and resident country
4) Contact telephone and fax number
5) Educational background
REGISTRATION FEES) Applicants should pay an official registration fee of 135 US Dollars each after they must have contacted their
zone administrative offices and receive their participation reference number for participation. Applicants without their
travelling document will pay an additional 85 US Dollars each for the processing of their UN emergency Travelling Certificate. In
all applicants without travelling document is entitle to pay a uniform fee of $220 USD for registration/assessment fee. After
applicant must have received their reference file number. Applicants without passport are also expected to send along with their
registration payment with the following:
1) One photograph size 5x5cm full face with a light background taken within the last 6 months. Those with and without travelling
passport should forward together at the same time all requirements to their zone continental office. After applicant must have
received their reference file number from their continent zone. Participant are expected to forward their probation file to us by
fax 1-512-853-6463 or email us chevronapprovalc ommittee@creprog.net before we can authorize your registration fees and your
file be officially approved.
FOR IMMEDIATE APPROVAL Any single applicant or group to be officially registered from any country applicant should contact their
zonal office with their C/V for cross examination and registration. (If in group) a group should not be more than six persons.
General Secretary
Chevron Training & Employment Program
Chevron Energy Headquarters
California USA.

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