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Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2008 13:32:40 +0000
From: vanep03@yahoo.fr
Subject: More of your assurance pls.

From Vanessa Pierre,
Macory Est,
11 B.P 103 Abidjan Cote d'ivoire

Dear Chanatip,

I am very happy to receive your message. Thanks for your willingness and acceptance to help me come to your country, continue my life as well as invest this fund.
I am contacting you from Abidjan Cote d'ivoire, west Africa. My country is a small island colonized by French colony. I speak English and French fluently. I am 19 years old not married. I dropped my education after the death of my parents and would like to continue upon my arrival to your Thiland.

However, as i explained in my proposal, the fund is presently in a private security/storage firm here in Abidjan. My late father deposited it and made me next of kin. We definitely need to retrieve and transfer the fund into your nominated account or any account you open in respect of this transaction .
"How could you proof to me that your story is true?" I am very aware that based on the fact that we are strange to each other, you have every reason to be curious or skeptical of the whole transaction. However, even if I were in your shoes that is exactly the way I will feel. It is a pleasure to inform you that my matter if differnet to others you are talking about. I sincerely believe that lie do not last longer base on that I can not lie to you with my situation only God Almight knows this.It will please me for you to come down here for us to face to face and execute this transaction with storage firm, transfer the fund to your chosen account and thereafter move down to your country at the same time for the investment of the funds.

I agreed to give you 10% of the total fund for any assistance you render in this affair and another 5% for any expense you might made as a result of telephone bills or your traveling expense down here , etc. Pls I would like to know your further arrangement in visiting me here.
Now, the most important thing is, I would like to know more about your potentials in investing this funds in a good lucrative business ventures in and arround your country or how profitable does the Technology Evolution business in your country? I shall confide on you in this regqrd because you will invest the funds in good lucrative ventures while i continue my eductaion. Mr.Chanatip, in a business of this nature, you will always bear in mind that , the fact that, both of us have not met nor knew ourselves before, will make things a bit difficult for us to work as one mind and body. I am seriously disturbed about this because it may make mutual understanding between two of us to be difficult. But If we can work ways to trust ourselves since we are total stranger to each other, we can cooperate effectively, I will have the confidence to release the fund to you. And I believe that with our collective efforts we could workout something good in the nearest future. Mr.Chanatip, I would like us to take the necessary trust initiative steps to ensure maximum trust and understanding amongst us.I may further this transaction with you depends on your capability of handling and investing this funds when it arrives in your posssion.

Without knowing more about, I will need assurance from you that you will only do as both of us has agreed to do, that you will NOT/NEVER betray me in this endeavor, and help me in getting me a good school for the continuity of my educational carrier which was disrupted by the sudden death of my parents .

I trust and hope on God to help us develop trust and understanding on each other because this is our key for the success of this transaction. I am about to release a huge sum to you and you must understand there is need for you to send me some assurances, this is why I need your photo or formal identity too. However, I enclose my identity and pictures in this messge.

Finally, be rest assured that all processes involved for the actualization of this matter must be legal and transparent. I shall send you all the legal documents covering the existence of my consignment/funds upon the reciept of your assurance. Do not forget to include your private telephone numbers in your next mail so that we can talk.
Pls I need your regular response to my messages so that we can conclude this affair before 7 working days.
I am immensely waiting for your urgent response.

my pic

my pic

my pic

My Passport

Mrs Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2008 14:39:33 +0000
From: vanep03@yahoo.fr
Subject: What I want you to do.

Thanks once again for your message. As you already know, I have never travelled outside Africa before in my life and I will pleased that I stay with you and get to know more about your country and it's people before I move out to stay on my own if you like.
It is a pleasure to to inform you after much discusion with the director of the storage company today, he told me that if you are unable to come down here, their company can as well convey the consignment/funds directly to you in Thialand through their special diplomatic courier chanels. I think we shall instruct them to proceed in delivering this consignment/funds directely to your nominated address in Thiland. I will come to Thialand by next week after the consignment arrives in your possession, we shall have much discussion regards to the investment of this money when I come over. However, I will be interested in going to school if we can be able to locate some good schools in your location.

As the director of COFIPA told me today that their company will have some diplomatic delivering to some parts of Asia by weekend, it will please me for you to contact the company urgently and instruct them to proceed in delivering the consignment directly to you in Thiland. The most important thing for now is for you to contact the Cofipa Security Company and officially let them know that you are applying for the release and delivering of the consignment left in their custody by my late father to you in Thiland. Send them your nominated address as well. Pls you should contact the storage company urgently because I learnt from the director today that they will have some diplomatic delivering to Dubai, Japan by weekend. You should contact them urgently so that they will include our consignment along with the items they will convey to Asia by weekend.
Please it is my desire that you keep this transaction strictly between you and me. Do not talk about this to even your friends because I do not want to be seen as someone that inherited such large amount money to avoid it causing me distraction from my school work.

These are the information about the consignment:
Security code..........................CS/0522/ABN/443,
Certificate of deposit code.............CS/ABN/023/ABJ
Reference code...........................233/CCPA/101/233039

You will have to inform the storage firm that you are my late father's foreign associate and you are acting on my behalf as i have already introduced you to the director of the company today and they are waiting for your offical consultation before proceedings for the conveying the consignment/funds to you in your country.

The Storage company contact details are as follows:
TELE: +225 0643 7871 .
FAX:+225 2156 5890.
You will have to mention the name of my late father Mr Tariboe PIERRE when you contact them you should also include the consignment information so that they will know the consignment you are applying for its release and delivering. Please Call the storage company after reading this message.
Be informed that my late father deposited this consignment as the contents of family valuables not as money. He did this for security and confidential reason. DO NOT DISCLOSE THE REAL CONTENTS OF THE BOX TO THE STORAGE COMPANY PLS. I attached the video clip of the consignment taken by my late father when he was about to deposit the box to the cofipa security.
I am immensely waiting for the outcome of your communication with the storage company.
With sincere and lovely Regards,


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