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Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2008 23:44:25 -0800 (PST)
From: Greg Pujeh <greg_pu1@yahoo.com>
Subject: From Greg Pujeh.

Tel; + 22508205238
Dear Uncle,
My name is Greg Pujeh, the eldest son of the widow of late Pujeh Momoh. I want to first thank you for responding to our cry for help; I know that God in his infinite kindness and mercy would recompense you immensely. I know that my mother has already explained our situation to you in her mail but allow me to enlighten you.
Naturally, I know that our letter will come to you as a surprise, since we have not met before or communicated before, Mom sourced your profile and contact from a human resource database on the Internet. She got so many names and after her prayers with Daniel my younger brother, and me she decided to use you.
I will tell you a little more about my family. We are from the ruling elite citizens in my country Sierra Leone; my dad was a minister in charge of Mining. He was in control of diamond mines in my country that was why he was murdered by the rebels in my country during the war because they believed that he would use all the money he acquired from diamond sales to help buy arms and ammunitions to fight them.
Mum told me how they used security companies in Europe to stash diamonds, with the help of their diplomatic passports, they were able to cross Diamonds to Europe tagged as family treasure without being searched because of the diplomatic immunity they enjoyed. The markets for these diamonds are in Europe, Asian and Americans also come there to buy from them. It was on the heat of the advancement of the rebel troop to the capital that he quickly used the same means to send the money to Abidjan, Capital of Ivory Coast a nearby country for safekeeping
My late father before he was murdered by rebel troops in my country Sierra Leone, deposited 12Million US Dollars with a bank in Abidjan, shortly before the war.  As refugees in Ivory Coast, our social status does not permit us to operate any bank account or the privilege of having travel papers; we only got to UN refugee camp through the help of The INTERNATIONAL RESCUE COMMITTEE (IRC) this is why we need your assistances.
All that is required from you is your full name and address; which will be used to get a notary public to secure a Power of Attorney that would enable you contact the bank. You would then enter into correspondence with the bank to the money you.
This is my Phone number is +22508205238.
I will require your bank name, bank address, your account name and account number to include in the power letter on authority which will be given to you .  After the money has been transfered, you would be expected to assist us secure Visa to your country, hence we don’t feel safe living in Abidjan as refugees especially now we are experiencing crisis between government and rebel forces. We will like to invest in your business.
You may be required also to visit us here after or during the legalization process of the transfer, For your troubles, my mother and I have decided to give you 20% of the money, while we have set aside 5% to cover any expense that would be incurred in the course of this business transaction. We intend to invest part of the remaining 75% based on your advice on any viable business in your country.
I am estimating that this transaction would be concluded within a few days from now, I will in my next email to you also attach for your study scanned copies of my mothers internaional passport, mine and my younger brothers' and our late fathers burial picture. There is no risk or illegality involved in this, and I will send to you all legal documents to back you up.
Finally and most importantly, due to the nature of this business, fear of our safety and for security reason, I strongly suggest you don’t mention this business transaction to any one.
Please call me on +22508205238 as soon as you read this email.
I wait for your positive response.
Thanks and God bless,
Greg Pujeh.

MY FATHER PICTURE burial photo





Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2008 23:24:14 -0800 (PST)
From: Greg Pujeh <greg_pu1@yahoo.com>
Subject: Appreciation From Greg Pujeh.

Tel; + 22508205238
Dear Uncle,

I want to start first by thanking you for your intention towards this our situation. The process involved in this business is not so difficult, and you do not have to be confused at all.  With your name and address, and the banking information which you will give to me I shall go to the bank  with the information which you will provide that is the desired account where the Transfer will hit from here,  to submit it along side a letter of introduction to the bank here to let them communicate with you formally on the deposit.
Please go to www.contrycodes.com and know how to dial us from your country, my telephone number is +22508205238.
However, I know that it is the will of the lord Almighty that you will guide us estherblish a new living and I know before now, that  Mary and Daniel have not ceased in their prayers that the Alimighty God should provide us a refuge in whom we shall commit all our plights with confidence that we are safe.
Please, due to the nature of our situation now,  I would like you to keep it to yourself, we wouldn’t want to jeopardize its chances by allowing the wrong parties to know about us and our inheritance. Before going further I would like to make some points clear to you,  I and my family are refugees living in Abidjan, my mother and younger brother are in the refugees camp, the name of the place is UNITED NATIONS ASYLUM AND REFUGEE CAMP ABOBO-TE ABIDJAN.  I don’t have work permit but I am able to get a job as a cafe assistant through the assistance of an immigration officer who works at the detention center in the camp.
We did not tell him about our inheritance in the bank because we are afraid he would use our situation as an advantage for himself to maim,  kill, or dupe us.
The money I get  as salary is not even enough to take care of feeding my family. We are surviving by the special grace of God. My father before he was killed in my country (Sierra Leone) deposited the money Twelve million dollars (USD $12 Million) with the bank in abidjan here and signed an agreement with the bank that the money can only be transfered on the presentation of a forieng account abroad and that is why I will be going to the bank on monday morning with the recieved  bank information you have sent to me early enough to present you as our late fathers business partner abroad or relation as the case may be.  we (I, my mother and younger brother Daniel) had to flee our home country Sierra Leone to Abidjan because of the war in our country and also our lives were in danger. The rebel troops that killed my father and younger sister were after my family to wipe it out. On getting to Abidjan, we were moved to the UN Refugee Camp because we
don’t have any immigration papers and because there are lots of people trying to get into France from here through this means, it takes a lot of time for the immigration department to verify peoples claims, for the reason they left their country, if they feel the claim is genuine they would give you their nationality and the person would be able to work and live a normal life but if they feel the claim is not genuine they would deport the person back to his or her country. And while they are verifying these claims they would hold the person in the detention center in the camp and treat the person like an animal.
 I also mentioned to you that you would be given 20% of the money in the bank for assisting us, and also we have sent aside 5% of the money in the bank for payment of all expenses incurred in the process of this transaction.  We understand that it would cost money to optain some legal documents from the ministry of Justice to make the money transfered to you without any hindrance from any government departments,  I assure you that whatever amount of money you spend would be refunded to you.
I want you to know that my family has no one to turn to and that we are counting on you 100% to see us through in receiving this money in your account in your country, our whole life is tied to it  And please it is very very important you keep the details of this business transaction to yourself. I also want you to feel free and discuss any area of this business that you find confusing, I know that at the end of this business that you would not only have made some money from it but you would have gained a family.

I am including the contact of the bank where my late father made the deposit and you are expected to contact them through phone and email and they may also get in touch with you after I might have submitted your information to them.
Below is the bank information which you will use to send them email immediatly and call them if u wish. 
Siège Social Av. Joseph Anoma
01 BP. 4132-11 Abidjan 01 RCI
Tel:  +22501955143
Fax:  225225523652
Email: aminboaci@ubbi.com
Contact Person: Dr David Konan.
Contact Email: officedavidkonan@yahoo.fr
Direct Tel: 00 225 07346544.

With Gods favour and mercy, Uncle, we are hoping to go into real estate developments if you can assure us of the market their, that is building and providing low cost housing for people and probably run a foundation under your guidiance for  a free scheme schooling for the Less previlliaged and those who may have gone through the pains we did by loosing one or two members of the their family in issues relating to WAR, as we surfered way back in our country.
 Uncle, we are very glad to start a new living in your country except their may be no good schools to let I, and Daniel continue our education over their.
Please Uncle , do write the bank and let us know how to move forward.
May the Lord Almighty grant us his grace and show us his mercy and let his blessings upon you never cease for saving an endangered family.
NB: I am attaching below my late fathers death certificate and the fund deposit documents, including the last statement of account from the bank. I will be happy if you can send across your photo to us. Please send to us, your telephone number also

Deposit receipt

My fathers death certificate




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