Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is about a fraud lottery. The lottery claims that I won, but the reality is that they want MY money.

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De: Online Processing Agent <mrf.henson01@msn.com>
Asunto: Claims Verification/Payment Form. Please fill correctly and return...
Fecha: lunes, 1 diciembre, 2008, 11:04 am


Google UK, North London Business Park (NLBP)
Oakleigh Road South,London N11 1NP
TEL:+44 703 1949460,+44 703 1931229
Fax:+448704710767, +44 700 597 8372 .
Dear Googler,
Your email was received and duly acknowledged. I am FrancisHenson the Give-Away Processing Agent assigned for the claim process of your funds. Your winning numbers have been checked and it falls among our winnings numbers for this year anniversary give-aways. Note, No purchase of ticket was require for this draw and all Participants(email address) for the draws were randomly selected from a worldwide range of web searchers who use the Google search engine(Googler) and other Google ancillary services and this is how your email was discovered and used among others forthis year anniversarypromotions. On Behalf of the Screening Committee, We hereby inform you that you are therefore cleared as approvedOfficial beneficiary of £500, 000.00 GBP(Five Hundred Thousand British Pounds) only. Your payment processing commenced immediatelyand yourcash prize will be ready for disbursement as soon as the process is completed. In this regard you areyou are required to go through the below Give-away payment options and let us know how you want your payment to be made to you.
GIVE-AWAY PAYMENTOPTIONS (Terms and conditions to note before filling theGoogle Give-away lottoVerification /Payment form)
Find below, the Google Give-Away Verification/ payment Form complete and the prize payment mode with theirrespective terms and Conditions.
The Google Give-away Verification Form is to be filled by the sole beneficiary of the prize funds (you) and returned byemail or Fax(Fax:+44 700 597 8372 ) forfinal processing before cash pickup, optional delivery or transfer process can be initiated. Copy of your passport or drivers licence as means of identification should be sent along with the Verification/ payment Form to speedup the process.
In this regard you are to carefully read through the payment options below to knowthe payment option that best suites you on how you wish to receive your funds.Make sureyou indicateyour option on the Verification/ payment Format the bottom of this mail. Your prize will be processedBank Cheques(draft) of £500, 000.00 GBP, this complies with the Anti-Fraud section 2,sub section (iv) of the procedural manual of the funds disbursement agreement existing between companY and the British Government.
Option 1. Personal prize Pickup:
You are required to come down in person to Personally pickup yourprizeat any of ourdisbursement locations (agents) here in LONDON. You will be required to present a valid International Passport as proof of Identification, A tax clearance from your local tax office, police report attesting your patriotism and crime free citizen of your Country and a printed copy of your winning notification letter , Google Give-Awaylotto verification/payment formand copy of your birth certificate or affidavit for age declaration. Note that only the beneficiary(you) have the right to visit us for prize pickup. This option is basically for lucky winners who can easily visit us in person with the above stated pickup requirements.
NOTE: Payment Option 2 and option 3 below are alternatives and are design for lucky winners who are unable to pickup their prize personally from any of our disbursement locations (agents) here in LONDON due to one reason or the other.
Option 2. CourierDelivery Service:
We have givenour winners the opportunity to secure thier prize by using our affiliate International Delivery Company in getting their prize dispatchedat the comfort oftheir homes if able to meet the condition attached. If you intend using this option 2 maybe due to one reason or the other, Google Give-awayteam will however exempts itself from all liabilities/expenses needed to finalize the dispatch process our affiliate International Delivery Company . In agreement with our policy in this regard, The shipment (dispatch) costis tobe borne by you; this is a prerequisite for this option to our lucky winners who are unable to visit us. Lucky winner using this option will be referred to our International Courier Delivery company for information about Shipment and the required Cost . Thisis also design to preventinternational winners from loosing their prizes to the Company. This is the best claim option for non-residential winners because it is more liable and affordable.
Option 3. Online Bank Transfer:
Have your fund transferred through an online Banking system to yourdesignated Bank account. This option cost more than option 2 above. Google Give-awayteam will however exempts itself alsofrom all liabilities/expenses needed to finalize the remittance of your fund to your designated bank account. This means that the Cost of Transfer (CoT) charge to be required by our paying Bank in executing the remittance of your to your local Bank account will be borne by you outside your prize. This is the condition attached to this option aswell. NOTE: Itis against our policy/ Law for your fund to be tempered or deducted by any of our paying agents (Delivery Company or Bank) before it finally gets to you. Which- ever option you are using , we are ready to serve you better. Just copy out the form below and fill with the required details in the space box provided. Double click on space box to be able to write in it .
Section A.
Prefix (Mr., Mrs., Ms., Dr.):
First name :
Middle name :
Last name :
Date of Birth (yyy-mm-dd) :
Occupation :
Address :

Country :
Telephone number(s):
Mobile number(s):
Email Address 1&2:
Section B.
Amount won / Date of notification
Ticket number / Serial number
Lucky numbers / CGPN
Payment Options (tick on any of the payment option, the one that you find most convenient)
Personal prize Pickup.
CourierDelivery Service.
Online Bank Transfer.
Iexpect you to fill and return the Give-Away Verification/payment formabove within 24hrs upon receipt of this message so that appropriate arrangement can be put in place.
Mr. FrancisHenson

Miss Young If you received a similar email, you should go to the homepage to read more about 419 fraud.

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