Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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Subject: Good Morning My Dear!!!

Good Morning My Dear!!!

Please, this mail and the classified information contained therein that I am about to reveal to you can either destroy me, ruin my professional career or make me depending on how you receive and take it. Please, I need you to read it attentively to know the reason and purpose why you received this mail from me, I didn't come to you by chance nor by accident, I have come to you because your names has planted you in the centre of relevant in my life and my professional career as a banker at this very moment, but before I go further I will like to introduce myself to you.

I am Mr. Peter K. Fofana a Fund Manager with SOCIETE GENERALE DE BANQUES EN -RCI ( www.sgbci.ci ) and I handle all our Investor's capital Project Funds which enables me to divert 1.2 Percent Investors Excess Return Capital Funds to our Magellan Trust Funds Account whereby anyone with a surname as you can be presented to claim the funds. On this note, the total sum of $18.7 Million Dollars (Eighteen million seven hundred thousand united states of America Dollars) has been diverted representing the 1.2 Percent Excess Return Capital Funds from the Investor Capital Project Funds for 2005/2006. I need a reliable and trustworthy person that can work this deal out with me so that we can claim the funds as mentioned above. There is no risk attached and the funds in question can never be dictated or traced. Our sharing ratio is 60:40. (60 for me 40 for you) If you are interested, please reply and send your direct telephone numbers to me for a smooth discussion of this transaction in further details. Please, if you are not interested or see this mail as a scam or hoax simply delete it and forget I ever contacted you. If after 72 hours I didn't hear from you I will assume you are not interested, and then I will proceed to look for someone else with the surname as you that might be interested to work with me. This is a clean and straight forward bank deal, it is safe and risk-free, as I have taken care of all necessary steps to ensure a hitch-free movement.Pls do contact me with this email address(peter_fofana1@yahoo.fr)

Mr. Peter K. Fofana

From: Peter Fofana <peter_fofana1@yahoo.fr>
Date: 2008/10/24
Subject: Re :contact!!

Dear Miss Young,

Pls permit me to start this mail by first and foremost thank you sincerely for your response to my mail. Like I said in my previous mail I didn't come to you by chance or by accident, I contacted you because your last name has planted you in the centre of relevant in my life and professional career as a banker and the actualization of this project at this very moment.

Please treat this deal with utmost seriousness, secrecy and confidentiality that are associated with it. All that needs be done is for you to make a formal application for the release of the money to you as the beneficiary to the trust. Of course I will guide and guard you on how to do this. With my position here, I will facilitate a quick approval and the release of the PIN CODE.

Like I told you earlier, This year I handle all our Investor's capital Project Funds which enables me to divert 1.2 Percent Investors Excess Return Capital Funds amounted to 18.7 million pounds and have it secured in our Magellan Trust Funds Account with the name of Mr.Michael S.Young whereby anyone with a surname as you can be presented to claim the funds.
The is no risk what so ever attached because Mr.Michael S.Young was an Investor, who has trade so much money in our bank and he has used our bank to transfer huge amount of money from one country to the other doing, at the moment the man is dead, he died in a plane crash in Venezuela but before his death there was nothing left in his account. So after I diverted this money I secured it in his account so that it will be easy to claim by someone with the surname. The money does not belong to him neither is anybody aware that I was the one that have the money secured there.

Like I said before, I have everything put in place for us to have a smooth and interrupted execution of this project and as soon as you provide the bank with all the relevant documents that the bank will required from you which I shall provide you with, the funds shall be release and transfer to you. There is no other person involved in this deal but just you and I.

You can as well call me with this telephone number: +225 05924416 to enable us concretize this arrangement, then we can open a line of oral communication, and pls do give your telephone number so i can you too...ok

Please get back to me as soon as you have received and read this mail so that I can give me details and more relevant information and or the contact information of the bank and how to go about executing this project.God bless you.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr Peter K. Fofana

Mr From: Peter Fofana <peter_fofana1@yahoo.fr>
Date: 2008/10/27
Subject: The next step...

Dear Miss Young,
I have just received and read your mail, believe me i would have love to speak with you on the phone to be able to establish the calibre of person I am in contact with but since language barrier has put a strumbly block between our oral communicate we have to make do with just email correspodence. Meanwhile - Like i was trying to explain to you the steps are that, you are suppose to send a message by fax or email to the Investment division of our bank stating that your relative by the name, Mr. Michael S. Young has passed away and that during your review of his personal documents, it was uncovered that he held a trust with our bank. That the bank should please confirm the status of this account to you and the procedure to restitute it back to your family. I will propose a text and send it to you in a separate mail that will guide you when drafting the mail you are to send to the bank.

Immediately, the family of the deceased person opens contact with the bank, normally the bank will request that you furnish them with deposit related documents that was issued to the depositor when he deposited the money, all of which I will make available to you and you in turn, forward to the bank officially to authenticate the claim. The bank would also require to see extract of the death certificate that certifies that the depositor is truly dead. As you may have known, no bank in the world over will release an inheritance to the beneficiary/next-of-kin without confirming that the depositor is truly dead. So because you may not be able to arrange for a death certificate from your country, we have to follow a different approach by involving a resident lawyer here, who will act on your behalf to retrieve the trust. The lawyer will now make an affidavit in the probate section of the high court to make declaration of the death of your relative and subsequently obtain his death certificate. While I shall provide the other deposit related documents to be submitted to the bank.

This is in summary of everything. Please acknowledge receipt of this mail and should you have any more question(s) after going through, do not hesitate to let me know. I shall draft a text of application that you are to edit, amend, re-write and/or send to the bank in a separate mail.

Yours truly,
Mr. Peter Fofana
Mr From: Peter Fofana <peter_fofana1@yahoo.fr>
Date: 2008/10/27
Subject: The bank contact and basic info

Dear Miss Young,,
In continuation of our communication on telephone yesterday and my previous mail, Please find below, a simple proposed text to be sent by email to the office of the vice president of the investment banking division of SGBCI Bank below:


Dr. Bamba Mamadou,
Vice President, Invest. Banking Division
5/7 Av. Joseph Anoma 01 BP 1355 Abidjan-RCI
Tel: (225) 22450335
Fax: (225) 22455749
Dear Sir:

I have recently learned that a relative of mine has passed away ( Mr. Michael S. Young ) This news came to us as quite a shock. It is also my understanding that he may have had investments and portfolio's with your bank.

I am requesting the status of these accounts and how best to transfer the funds back to my family. I would like to thank you in advance for any consideration concerning this matter.

My informations are:


It is important you note that nobody should know that you are in contact with me nor that I gave you any of these classified official informations. I will source for the contact information of a reputable international lawyer here that can handle this matter and will send to you as soon as possible after I have received your response to this mail.

May God bless you as I look forward to meeting you soon. Please make sure you inform me as soon as you send the application for claim to my bank to enable me monitor your application.

Yours truly,
Mr From: Enquiry Department SGBCI Bank-RCI <enquirysgbci@sanfranmail.com>
Date: 2008/10/31
Subject: Our (SGBCI) Response

From The Desk of:
Dr. Bamba Mamadou
Vice President Invest.Banking Division
Tel: (225) 22450335
Fax: (225) 22455749
Web-site: www.sgbci.ci
The Kind Attn of:
Miss Young
Re: Application for claim(s)

Dear Sir/Madam,

Acknowledgement is hereby made of receipt of the application for claim(s) you submitted to this bank Dated Thu, 30 Oct 2008 11:00:17 +0200(PDT) requesting for the restitution of the trust/funds belonging to Mr. Michael S. Young held and managed by this bank to you. Stating that Mr. Michael S. Young has passed way. This morning this bank deliberated upon your request and application for claim(s) and arrived at the conclusion that to enable us process your claim(s), we require that you please come to our head office with the following documents:

1) Either your international passport or professional ID Card or Driver's license for proper identification.

2) The documents issued to the depositor Mr. Michael S. Young on the day of deposit - which are as follows:

A) Deposit Certificate of Funds
B) Deposit Attestation Certificate

3) The Death Certificate of Mr. Michael S. Young to confirm that he actually dead/demise

Upon your arrival and receipt of the above mentioned document, we shall inform you of the next steps to be taken to facilitate the smooth and legal restitution of said funds back to your family.

Meanwhile, please accept our condolence.

Yours Faithfully,

Dr.Bamba Mamadou
Vice President Invest.Banking Division
For: Management
Mr From: Peter Fofana <peter_fofana1@yahoo.fr>
Date: 2008/10/31
Subject: Re :Way forward/Lawyer contact's!!

Dear Miss Young,
I have received your mail and contained in it is the mail you received from the bank, Like I tried explaining to you earlier on my previous mails, I shall get all the deposit related documents out from our security vault because the original copies are secured there, with my influence as the head of the Investment Banking Division of my bank, I have unlimited access to all the vital information's and classified documents. I will get them out as soon as possible, and once I am able to get them out I will scan, attach and forward them to you through email attachment so that you will print them out and come down here with them to the bank along with the required death certificate and any of your identification papers.
Getting the death certificate is what is going to give us a little hitch that was why I suggested in my previous mail that we are going the need the services of a resident lawyer here to go the court and file an affidavit, declaration of Mr. Michael S.Young death and subsequently obtain his death certificate.

Meanwhile, I am furnishing you with this mail the contact information of a good and reliable lawyer that is familiar with cases of this nature who understand the procedure of our banking system. He will handle the death certificate issue for us. You are to contact him by mail first and wait for his response, once he responds; you can now call to have an oral communication with him on the phone. What will guide you in drafting the mail to him is stated below.

First introduce yourself along with your contact information (telephone and fax number) then inform him that a relative of yours Mr.Michael S.Young has passed away intestate who left a trust with SGBCI BANK and upon request for the bank to restitute the trust back to your family, they requested for his death certificate amongst other documents, and that you want him to help you prepare the death certificate and that you do not have it because Mr.Michael S.Young died in plane clash in Venezuela.

You will request that he informs you of his requirements, how long it will take to for him to prepare the death certificate and he should also tell you his fees and method of payment. Once he respond to you, let me know so that you shall engage his services to help you prepare the required death certificate.

His contact details are as stated below:

Barr. Leon I.S.TristanList
Tel: (225) 45110147
Fax: (225) 04793369

Please do well to contact the lawyer immediately you received this mail and please he must not know that I gave you his contact information, you can as well tell him that you got his information from one of the BANK staff.

The way things are right now, by next week the money should reflect in your account, please I need you to be prayerful and commit the entire project into the able Hands of God Almighty as I am doing here because it is God Almighty out of His own magnanimity, abundance of wisdom and infinite mercy that decided to bless us with this money.
Best Regards
Mr From: Peter Fofana <peter_fofana1@yahoo.fr>
Date: 2008/11/4
Subject: Re : Fwd: Re[2]: Amend

Dear Young,
I have received and read the mail you got from the lawyer that you forwarded to me, I have also gone through the form the lawyer asked you to fill and return back to him. I am happy that the lawyer has agreed to work for us and also represent you here, Please send the funds he requested for to him and also the completed form and endeavor to find out from him when the death certificate will be ready so that I can venture into our security vault and secure all the other bank requested documents needed for the actuailization of this project. Remain Bless.
Mr. Peter.
Mr From: Peter Fofana <peter_fofana1@yahoo.fr>
Date: 2008/11/5
Subject: Re : Raspuns 4

Dear Young,
I have read your mail though it was very clear to me but as you can remember, the sharing ratio is that you are getting 40% while i am getting 60%. The lawyter fee is suppose to be paid by you because I am not suppose to get involve, nobody suppose to know that I am involve or that I am in contact with you, so the only person that is dealing with the bank and the lawyer is you, so you are the only one that you pay the lawyer and let him get us the death certificate that we need that seem to be holding us back. Please send the money to the lawyer and let us progress because the money is little compare to te amount of money we are getting from this project. As soon as you are able to send the money to the lawyer and the completed form endeavor to let me know. God bless you.
Mr From: Peter Fofana <peter_fofana1@yahoo.fr>
Date: 2008/11/7
Subject: Re : Raspuns 5

If you cannot pay the lawyer you can as well forget about this deal and allow me to look for someone else that can finalize this deal with me, i cannot believe that it is because of the little peanut the lawyer requested for that you cannot pay but be looking for who will pay the money for you. Send the money to the lawyer and let proceed or you forget about everything.


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