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Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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From: Williams John <williams_john1114@yahoo.com>
Date: Tuesday, December 16, 2008, 1:56 AM

Dear Friend, 


First, I must insist on your confidence in this transaction. I am making 
this contact with you based on reliable information available to me courtesy 
of internet business index and confirmed by our local chambers of commerce 
and industry concerning your reputation. Thus I am convinced you would be 
capable to provide me with a solution to a money transfer transaction of 
huge sums of money (amount not stated for security reasons).    


Please note that I would require a measure of guarantee prior to 
commencement, as I am hoping to build our trust on sincerity of purpose and 
mutual understanding. Please also do not under estimate the need for total 
confidentiality throughout the course of this transaction. You may use these 
links for some information: 






Toward the end of my service with Bank of China where I worked for many 
years, several of my colleagues and I set up companies with which we 
successfully secured loans for speculation in Hong Kong and Singapore stocks 
and real estate. We did this because it had dawned on us that we were paid 
barely enough to feed our families while top government officials control 
billions of dollars. The bank along with regulatory authorities from China 
and Hong Kong started an investigation into the losses of money and as a 
result a few of my colleagues and I went into hiding and have settled 
ourselves and our families. Due to our positions as being involved with the 
initial investigation, we cannot receive this money by ourselves or in our 
names at this time. Furthermore we had decided to remove this money and 
divide it accordingly  pending when the investigation dies down. 

This has occurred and I cannot leave the money unattended for much longer 
for fear that it might be discovered. I hereby solicit your assistance to 
help take delivery of my share of these funds into your custody, and you 
will be adequately compensated with 20% of the sum. Suffice it to say that 
the total monies involved between my friends and I totaled over Four hundred 
and eighty five million United States dollars. 

It is my intention therefore having your understanding and co-operation that 
you invest 75% of these funds in the United States and Europe in commercial 
real estate as well as low risk stocks and bonds on my behalf for a few 
years while the balance 5% will cater for all local and foreign expenses 
incurred in facilitating the transfer of this funds. My projection is to 
conclude transfer of funds latest 14 working days from date of receipt of 
the following information by email (Your full name and address, your 
telephone and fax numbers and a brief profile of yourself to assure me of 
your capability). Our perfected modalities are remittance of stated funds 
appearing as you or your company's entitlement to your nominated account. 
The requested information will enable me commence the transaction and the 
paperwork from here. 

Please contact me immediately you receive this mail via this E-mail address 
( williams_john114@yahoo.com )  thus signifying your capability and 
willingness to enable me give you additional details on our proposed course 
of  action for getting these funds to you 100% risk free. Again I look 
forward to doing business with you and solicit your utmost confidentiality 
in this transaction. 

Yours faithfully,

From: Williams John (Bank Of China). <williams_john1134@yahoo.com>
Date: Wednesday, December 17, 2008, 6:17 AM


I deeply appreciate your making out time to respond to my request for your assistance in the affirmative. As you may have read in the first email, I sent to you. I am on the run and in hiding. My colleagues with whom we successfully executed the board room deal that fetched us the returns for which purpose I am contacting you to help me secure are in far flung continent and countries in other parts of the world. We have not had the luxury of having to see each other again and hardly contact each other by any means for fear of being tracked by authourities. Our families, mine especially don¢t know where I am. I had to cut off all communication, settle thembefore I went into hiding. I ONLY hope and pray that someday soon, we will reunite and be happy together again. Nevertheless, the only way to enjoy the warmth of their presence again will at the successful claim of the funds that was stashed away in finance house abroad before my going into hiding. My real names are XU CHAOFAN. See second to last paragraph of (http://www.businessweek.com/magazine/content/02_05/b3768065.htm ) for confirmation.

William John is a sobriquet I adopted to conceal my real name for security reasons. Hoping that my interest is protected with you and I am assured of your trust and confidence in this business partnership and my safety.

I humbly want to urge and crave your understanding concerning the importance attached to my request for your help to secure the release of the funds that is currently in holding at the financial institution abroad. The money like I mentioned in my previous emails to you, islong over due for claim and release, as the deposit tenureagreed upon with the financial institution has long elapsed since August and the finance institution are already threatening confiscation of the funds.

My hands are tied and i am completely demobilized because of the cautious steps I have to take at all times to avoid detection. Thus, I am soliciting your help, because i cannot for reasons you already know follow the processes of affecting the release of the fundswithout help from someone I can trust. The regulatory requirements of the finance institution as it concerns release of the funds are such that, if all resources and efforts are heavily mustered expediently towards affecting the release of the funds, such can be achieved in a week to 14 days.

The processes of putting you in place as the new owner and beneficiary of the funds are simple and straightforward. For this angle, the necessity and importance for legal backing cannot be overruled or ignored. As certain fundamental changes shall have to be done to the funds ownership documents to reflect your name and title, to have you legally established and confirmed as the new owner and beneficiary/claimant of the funds. For this purpose, I have spoken to a handful of probate lawyers and attorneys and as usual, their fees are above the ceiling, except for one who agreed to execute the procurement of the legal documents on your behalf at a fee that is considerate. I SHALL be responsible for meeting all the lawyer's requirements on your behalf. ALL I NEED FROM YOU ARE THE COMPLETE INFORMATION REQUIRED BY HIM TO COMMENCE THE LEGAL DOCUMENTATION PROCUREMENT. I shall send a copy of the original certificate of deposit for your keeps and forwarding to the finance house upon their request when you are eventually in contact with them in view of the release.. Note that the finance house may require you to be physically available at their office to perfect the funds release procedures as required by their country¢s regulations for funds above and in excess of ONE MILLION UNITED STATES DOLLARS. I hope you will be able to make it if the need arises.

Upon your contact with the finance house, our roles shall be. You will be my ears, my face and hand in fulfilling the of affecting the successful release of the funds to you, which I expect you to hold in trust for me as will be later shared according to agreed sharing percentage. I proposeda 25% cut to you for your efforts, assistance and inputs in the course of effecting the claim of the funds. This 20% is however, subject, and open to negotiation and review..

I need this money secured from the custody of the finance institution to be held by you in trust on my behalf. Until such a time when I will deem it due to put it into lucrative investment opportunities around the world. In my many years as a devoted bank worker at the senior level, i earned just a bit above US$1,000/month and lived in sub human conditions that did not befit my professional status as would be compared to my contemporary abroad. I deserve a good life; I also believe i deserve to live like a human being. How far can US$1,000 go in a month? The source of this money is simply USING WHAT YOUHAD TO GET WHAT YOU WANTED AND I SUCCEEDED.. ALL THAT IS LEFT IS TO POSSES IT AND USE IT AS JUDICIOUSLY AS POSSIBLE.YOUR HELP/ASSISTANCE CAN ONLY MAKE THAT POSSIBLE.

Please provide the details so i can forward to him to commence the drafting and notary work on the legal documents, which i shall forward to you upon his completion for your onward forwarding to the finance institution for commence of the funds release processes.


1. Name:
4.Current Occupation/Profession:
5.Address: (no p.o.box)
6.Marital Status:

7. Any Other Information THAT you think can help us in this direction.

, I really want to hear from you today. Time is an enemy if we MUST secure the funds before the confiscation deadline.

Yours very helpless,

William . (XU CHAOFAN)

in hiding

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