Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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Mrs Dari: Jennifer Abed <abed_jennifer@yahoo.com.sg>
Topik: From Jennifer Abed, Here am reminding U
Tanggal: Kamis, 20 November, 2008, 11:55 PM

Dear 4 ,
I have come to chcek after you today incase you may see my pic here and kjnow me more, i will be waiting for your urgent mail to commence our relationship in this business so that we conclude soonest, i want to make my travle trip to your country as soon as you conclude with my proposal to claim the Trunk box from the finance House.
Here is a photo pic of me bellow .
Yours sincerely


Dari: Jennifer Abed <abed_jennifer@yahoo.com.sg>
Topik: From Ur Loving Jen
Tanggal: Sabtu, 29 November, 2008, 2:41 PM

My Darling ,
i hope to call you today once i got some coins to do so or else i will be back here to send you a neighbours friend her phone number to you for you to call me on it at any time you wish to hear my voice okey!
Here i have to send you these agreement documents between my late Father and the Finance houes, incase am not feeling well as yet, and they ask you for it to show as prove if we are the true relative to claim he consignment, so that way you can have the documents to send to prove us to be true next of kin to the Finance.
Thinking about you in my heart and hope to meet you son in your city.
Love and peace always,
Yours to be


Certificate of deposit

agreement bond
Mrs Dari: Jennifer Abed <abed_jennifer@yahoo.com.sg>
Topik: Re: the evidence of becoming the partner of miss jennifer abeda
Tanggal: Senin, 1 Desember, 2008, 4:15 PM

Sweet heart ,
Good morning to you today, i have received all your emails as am here this morning to check on you and am glad that you have gotte,n this proof of document that i sent you i wil try to see how to resend the agreement bond as well to resend it to you,i dont know why it did not show clearly to you but at least am glad that you receive the certificate clearly and that is also good.
I will be back to you later when am back from my bag to resend you the agreement bond proof.  Yes, you have always been in my thoughts as i keep thinking about you all day to day since then.
Yours truly,
Dari: TERMINAL STORAGE DIPLOMATIC FIRM <terminalstorage_diplomatiquefirm@yahoo.fr>
Tanggal: Senin, 1 Desember, 2008, 10:51 PM

From The Desk Of Foreign Operation
We received your details correctly and were well noted, hence we were earlier informed by one Miss Jenifer Muhammed Abeda is recongnised to this Department : 
This office wish to the release the consignment, thus,to the Family(s) next of kin of our client(s)Mr. Gizo Kone , we were lately informed about his pass away,We are willing to release the Deposit Trunk Box Family Treasures(Valuables) to you,The Families of Late Mr. Muhammed Abeda. This deposit was made for security safe keep, we therefore,inform that the Family Treasures-Valuable(s) had being on safe keep under our Storage Firm since 2004.
With regards to your relative Miss Jenifer Muhammed Abeda notification by the deposit Agreement Documents for this releasal, you are here by  informed on the formalities as proceedure to all our customer(s) Application for claims of Consignment from our Security Storage Firm.
You will receive an attached Shipment Form with this mail Please go through and reply by the following Instructions correctly for further proceed to effect your reach-out with the Family Treasure-Valuable (Trunk Box) release and delivery to you.
Yours in Service,
Mr. Michael Joseph
For  Foreign Operations Management, 
Terminal Storage Firm.C.I
Direct Tel: +225-6727 4556 
Mrs Dari: Jennifer Abed <abed_jennifer@yahoo.com.sg>
Topik: I have received your mails,please call me on phone or write me urgently!
Tanggal: Selasa, 2 Desember, 2008, 4:56 PM

Dear Sweet Heart ,4
I have seeing your email about what is going on with you and the Finance House, i am glad that they will be willing to release the Consignent to you for us, i can also understand that you have sent a reply to the Finance House, i can see on the Form you forward to me from the Finance House that they request you pay their Fee to bring it to your area. 
Darling , please can you send the Finance House the fee since you have sent them your document passport and the form back to them, you can let the Al haji Konaley Abdu know the method you will be able to receive the Trunk Box from them as i can see on the Form it says we should tick the method we want to receive the Tunk Box and the payment i can see in the Form 300,000.00 three hundred thousand CFA Francs plus 550,000.00 five hundred and fifty thousand CFA Francs that is amounting to 1,680 USDollars. So, with just this amount we will be able to get every thing settled with the Finance House to deliver the Trunk box to your country? !!! I am soo happy.
 I have checked it out from the bureau exchange now and that is what the bureau exchange said it rate amount.  And also, i asked how much will be able to do the sending of the payment it looks like the transfer charge of this amount will take up to 10percent of what you are to send to the Finance House.
Please darling reply to me or call me on my number so that we can be able to resolve to a conclusion to enable the Finance House bring the Box to you, remember that i still have to send you the key of that box because its with me if i dont send it to you and the box gets to you, you wont be able to open the box, so i still have to send you the key of the trunk box by DHL courier okay!
Hope you will call me today so that we can discuss about it and make a conclusion.  You can now see that the Finance House are willing to release the deposit Family Valuable of my late father to us, and you can see that once that box gets to you we are rich and we can build our own house and invest the money, also when i send you the keys you wil be able to take out some money and send to me here so that i will be able to get all my necessary traveling documents to arrive to your city airport were you will have to pick me up from the airport.
Sweet heart, i will be looking forward to hear from you soonest either by phone call or email me here today.
Yours truly,
Mis Jenifer.4

Agreement bond
Mrs Dari: Jennifer Abed <abed_jennifer@yahoo.com.sg>
Topik: From Your Sweet heart Jen
Tanggal: Jumat, 5 Desember, 2008, 2:59 AM

Darling ,4
Good evening to you over there, i hope you are fine and healthy for me! So i keep on praying to Allah to keep us healthy and alive to achieve this success for us to meet soon.
Sweet heart, it has  not been easy for me to be able to get some money to pay for the operators to help me scan the passport here so, i have to wait on begging from friends untill now i was able to get some coins money.
Here is the passport, i hope you will see me clearly as it is an old passport here now, our country already had a new maden passport which every citen should get a new international passport but this one i have here was from since 2006 and it will expire next year 2009 but i wish by the time you receive the trunk box and open it to take out some money to send me here for my traveling arrangements to meet you, i will still have to get the new passport from our immigration office here which will cost me only 100.000.00 CFA our currency here.
Darling please get back to me by tomorrow on our usual time of charting , that is 9am my time okay!. Darling here i decided to also include that agreement document from last time, i can remember you told me it was not clear when you said it didn't show clearly, here am re sending it to you okay, so that incase the Finance House ask of it from you, you can have them completely to be forwarded to the Finance House as our proofs okay!.
I will be expecting to be here with you.  I think about you all day today and as well tonight and its just like that ever since we met sweet heart.
Hope we meet soon before 20th of this December by the grace of Allah.
Your sweet heart always ,
Mis Jen4
Passport first
Dari: Jennifer Abed <abed_jennifer@yahoo.com.sg>
Topik: My Pics From Your Sweet heart Jen
Tanggal: Jumat, 5 Desember, 2008, 6:50 PM

Here i have gone home and back to send you my pics

3My photo

Mrs Dari: abeda jennifer <abedajennifer@yahoo.com>
Topik: To My Love
Tanggal: Kamis, 11 Desember, 2008, 4:00 PM

Darling 4,
Good morning to you sweet heart, i come to check you to let you know that my heart belongs to you for real and the best and only way you are to know is that may the Almighty Allah leed us to be able to come together as soon as possible as we are already working hard to our good future life and destiny.
I love you and i want to be by you always, dont bother about what your friends may be saying, but they will surly see you and me together as soon as i get into Indonecia soon, and they will realised that you are with the true one of your life your true beloved woman to love and to keep!
No, i can not disappoint you darling, rather am afriad if its not you who will disappoint me! but let us be happy and Allah is the greatest.
Your sweet heart Jen  , Darling , i will be back to you here online incase your here this morning.   We the young women at the refugee home have some assisgnment to go together with our leader to work for a minister and we will be back home later. So, i will pass to you direct here to check for you.
I love you i miss you badly,
Yours to be ,

Mrs Dari: abeda jennifer <abedajennifer@yahoo.com>
Topik: Darling here is the account information
Tanggal: Jumat, 12 Desember, 2008, 1:06 AM

Sweet heart 4
here i have come to send you the account information so that you can send the payment tomorrow, i will be glad to hear from you by morning time of my time tomorrow morning that you have paid the money to me through this account so that i can wait to collect it from madam owner of the account then i will take out the 150 dollars and the half pay to the Finance House.  She said you should pay the money in the way it will clear up here at her Bank quickly so that she can not have any delay!.
I am glad that it is well with you and me in the name of Allah.
Your sweet heart Jen4
Beneficiary.........F.I.Tbank name........banque atlantiquebank code..........A0034counter code.......01004account number......013400210003key bank account number..........25swift code...............Atciciabxxxbank address..........04 bp 1036 abidjan 04


Dari: abeda jennifer <abedajennifer@yahoo.com>
Topik: Bles Good Morning 2U My Love
Tanggal: Jumat, 12 Desember, 2008, 1:13 PM

my love viecry
good morning to u

i came here to let u know how i feel abt u all through the night nd now i came here this early morning at abt 6am very early morning to let u know hat we at the refuge home wil be going over for some service at the seminary of the ministery thats supporting our refugee, all abt the december end of year prgrams, so i have to run here to inform u down b4 i go with them as we all are partisipating 

i am missing u so much nd lots lots more but i no very soon we shall be together for ever

my love to u sweet heart !
urs Jen 4ever
darling incase pls dont forget that i have already sent u the information account to u yesterday!

nd try as much as possible to make sure u send the money today bcos here in our area bank dont work on saturday and friday!

so if u can send the money today my next week the bank here can get the money paid me here! so immediately i wil active on the assisgnment to give the half pay to the Finance house nd they to do their job immediately,that same moment on my way to the finance house i wil take this key in my bag along with me to a DHL office  or fedex or ups please check for me which one out of these 3 courier fast delivery offices thats in ur city so that u can let me know which one to send u this key !

nd dont forget that u wil have to send me the pay slip u use to send the money from ur bank to the bank here bcos with the slip i can be able to tell the account owner that madam and she told me that is what she wil be able to use to show the bank as proof to clear the money to pay her so she can collect the money and give to me so!!! i wil be thinking abt u all day again today my sweet heart!
i miss u
see u later
my love 2 u always
Mrs Dari: abeda jennifer <abedajennifer@yahoo.com>
Topik: Re: Bls: Darling here is the account information
Tanggal: Sabtu, 13 Desember, 2008, 1:47 AM

My love 417,
Good evening to you, it is getting dark here now, i am here to say god night to you from my heart, i miss you, i think about you always since you stole my heart away!
And am realy glad to have this focus with you, your some one that my heart belongs to, my life is in your hands now, please hold it with care and take me to a new world, i belong to your world, may Allah bless you and us to come together as one soon!
Yours true love Jen417

Mrs Dari: abeda jennifer <abedajennifer@yahoo.com>
Topik: Re: Bls: Darling here is the account information
Tanggal: Sabtu, 13 Desember, 2008, 5:11 PM

I am not hapy with the way you treated me on the online this morning, i ran down to you here this morning despite am not feeling well, but you turned me down from online, or you met some other woman online and decided to turn me down? How can you say you loved me and you turned me down?!!!  I hope you wont disapoint me because you hurting me this morning!  when your calling me call me on 00225 07631005 i will be arround the phone owners i will be going now! byee


Dari: abeda jennifer <abedajennifer@yahoo.com>
Topik: Here again Ur Bles: Jen!!!
Tanggal: Minggu, 14 Desember, 2008, 12:00 AM

I have just read this part of your offline message you dropped here after i have been waiting for your phone call as i left you here this morning i was sick before i came to you here this morning i mensioned about that to you this morning that they gave me some tabs to drink but now i have to go and eat some thing so that i can take my pain tabs.
I will find out from the DHL today on how many days it will take them to deliver the key posted to your address and i will be back to you here tonight to live you the DHL officer message about when the key shall get to you once i send it to your address, yes i have your address, is that is the same address i send to the Finance House before, and i see your number now to gibe the DHL include with your address okay!
I will be back to live you a message very soon when am back from the DHL Office this evening! But for now am very hungry i have to look for some thing to eat and drink my pains tabs .
Yours sincere always,
Dari: abeda jennifer <abedajennifer@yahoo.com>
Topik: I went to the DHL am not happy!!!
Tanggal: Rabu, 17 Desember, 2008, 3:49 AM

Darling 41 7,
I went to the DHL office and returned back they check the weight of the key to know how many killo  it were, and it weigh about 6 killos when the times it by the amount per killo to your country they sum up to about  88,000.00 CFA Francs and i pulled out about 83,000 francs from the western union today, so it wont be complete to send the key being that the weight of the key was heavy and its more than what i had at hand, i will be left with no money for me to transport back home so i was comfused, i didn't know what to do so i decided to go over to the Finance house by my self to ask them if it is possible to send a representative to take the key along with them or if they can help me to come along with the Trunk Box over to you at your country.  
Darling , when you said you will send some money to make it 200 dollars i was happy and when i collected the money at the western union i asked how much is the current exchange rate of U S Dollar to CFA Francs now, so the said is 47,000.00 CFA to 100 Dollars, so i calculated it by 200 dollars so to say it means i should have collected 94 thousand CFA Francs then, but instead i collected 83.4hundred, Darling it means that you paid 200 Dollars to the western union offiice at your city and you know they will have to take their own cost of transfer from that 200 Dollars and is the remaining that gets to me here as 83.4 hundred so, do you understand me?
I spoke with the Alhaji Sir Konaly Abdul by my self and he said it will be difficult to take me there without me buy my ticket but they can assist me to go over with the Trunk box only if it is possible that i raised my ticket fee, so i told him i have some amount here with me and am supposed to use it to pay the DHL to deliver the a key to my foreign partner and my feancy to be wedded thats the postal address we have to receive the Trunk Box to at your country.
He said, he can understand but why not me try to get the complete amount for my ticket so he can assist me to come along with the Trunk box to you, so i asked how much would will my ticket be, he said about 580,000.00 CFA Francs, but i told him i have just 83,000.00 cfa so what can i do to meet up with this trip? I am worried.
Sweet heart, with the situation of the shot of money right now, i realy dont know what to do!
Please think about this and reach me back by tomorrow morning as i will be back to you here in the morning for us to iron out what to do next.
I realy fell sick today because it was all a jurney together under a very hot sun.
Darling thank you so much for your caring for me.
I love you and i want us to realy think about the best thing to do in this situation, to see that we are able to meet face to face soonest.
Yours true love,
Jen  41 7

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