Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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Date: Fri 9 Nov 2007 10 17 47 0000 GMT
From: baby apia <julibaby207@yahoo.co.in>

Hello Dearest,
I am more than happy in your reply to my mail How are you today? mine was very cool over here in Dakar senegal.My name is (juliet Apia),i am 22 years old girl from ivory coast in west africa and presently i am residing as a refugee here in Dakar as a result of the civil war going on in my country.
My late father Dr Livia Apia was the personal adviser to the former head of statebefore the rebels attacked my house one early morning killing my mother and my father. It was only me that is alive now and i managed to make my way to near by country Senegal where i am leaving now.
I would like to know more about you.Your likes and dislikes,your hobbies and what you are doing presently my hobbies are reading watching music videos going to beach with friends visiting a place like zoo and doing every other thing that gives joy and happiness.
I will tell more about myself in my next mail.
Attached here is my picture.
hoping to hear from you soon
untill then,
have a nice day
yours juliet.

Mrs Date: Thu 15 Nov 2007 16 28 17 0000 GMT
From: baby apia <julibaby207@yahoo.co.in>

I am more than happy to read your mail today.How are you this morning? How was your last night hope fine? Mine is a little bit cool today over here in dakar senegal.I am very well,except the hard times and frustrating situations i am going trough here in this refegue camp. i thank you also for your pictures,they are ok.

my dear In this camp, we are only allowed to go out two times in a week.Its just like one staying in the prison and i hope by Gods grace i will come out here soon. i don't have any relatives now whom i can go to ,all my relatives ran away in the middle of the war the only person i have now is (Rev.isaac mba) who is the pastor of the (Christ for all Churches) here in the refugee he has been very nice to me since i came here but i am not living with him rather i am leaving in the women's hostel because the refugee have two hostels one for men the other for women. The Pastors Tel number is
(+221-77-270-49-17) if you call and tell him that you want to speak with me he will send for me in the hostel. As a refugee here i don't have any right or privilledge to any thing be it money or whatever because it is against the law of this country.
I want to go back to my studies because i only attended my first year before the traggic incident that lead to my being in this situation now took place.

Please listen to this,i have my late father's statement of account and death certificate here with me which i will send to you latter,because when he was alive he deposited some amount of money in a leading bank in europe which he used my name as the next of kin,the amount in question is ($9.7MNine Million seven Hundred Thousand Dollars).
So i will like you to help me transfer this money to your account and from it you can send some money for me to get my travelling documents and air ticket to come over to meet with you. I kept this secret to people in the refugee here the only person that knows about it is the Revrend because he is like a father to me.
So in the light of above i will like you to keep it to yourself and don't tell it to anyone for i am afraid of loosing my life and the money if people gets to know about it.Remember i am giving you all this information due to the trust i deposed on you.I like honest and understanding people,truthful and a man of vision,truth and hardworking.:My favourite language is english but our language is french but i speak english very fluently.Meanwhile i will like you to call me like i said i have alot to tell you.
Have a nice day and think about me.
Awaiting to hear from you soonest.
Mrs Date: Tue 20 Nov 2007 18 26 40 0000 GMT
From: baby apia <julibaby207@yahoo.co.in>

Hello My Dearest ,
I am happy to hear from you ,How are you today,I hope all is wellwith you?how was your lastnight i beleive it is fine? i pray that GOD will continue to streighten you in all your undertakings.
As for me, i am fine here with all hopes to meet with you immediately after the transfer of my money to your position for a better life. God will bless and reward you for every effort you are about to make to see me out from this horrible prison called refugee camp where i am living today as a result of the untimely death of my parents
(may their gentle souls rest in peace)
you can call me anyday by 3pm my time at the church office located in the refugee camp where i am living at moment with this number
(+221 77-270-49-17)
thank God for the life of Rev (ISAAC MBA )the pastor of the church located in the camp where i recieve and send emails to you. He is like a father to us here as his church assists united nations here in senegal in taking care of refugees. When you call tell him that you want to speak with me so that he will send for me from the females hostel to talk with you about what i am going through here.
Here is the contact information of the bank in london where the money was deposited by my late father is as follows,
TELEPHONE NUMBER IS (+44-7014-2271-90)
Already i have informed this bank about my intention to claim my late father's deposit of which my name appears as the next of kin. The only thing the bank told me is to look for a foreign partner who will assist me in the transfer due to my refugee status here in senegal,as a refugee i am not allowed direct claim of the money but through an appointed representative as the united refugee law governing refugee all over the world states.Based on this information i will like you to send an email to the transfer department of the bank today with this email address(rabonlinedepartment@excite.co.uk)
WRITE TO (Mr RUUD LUBBERS) the foreign transfer officer of the bank, telling him that you are my foreign partner and representative and that you want to assist me claim and transfer my (9.7 million dollars )deposited by my late father of which iam the next of kin after which you call me on phone today.
God bless you as you do this today,
Lovely Juliet.
Mrs Date: Tue 27 Nov 2007 12 50 18 0000 GMT
From: baby apia <julibaby207@yahoo.co.in>

Hello My Darling ,
I was equally told by the rev ,that you call yesterday,but he couldin,t call me to come and talk with ytou because he was so bussy attending to some matters yesterday.
please i want you to beg you not to get angry for not getting me on phone,you know that i do not have any phone of my own,and that i can only talk with you through the rev,s phone here,please i will like you to call again today by the same hour that i gave to you,i will be waiting for your call,but please if eventually i was not arround there,please try to call back so that he can send for me to come fast and talk with you.
the Rev has also told me this morning that he has got intouch with the travelling agent on phone,and he told him that to get me a new passport will cost me
($380)so please i said i will let you know about all this,so that you will know what to do.
i appreciate all the efforts you are making so far for me,i pray that GOD will continue to give you the strenght to get me out from here.
thank you
i am waiting to hear from you
yours lovely
Mrs Date: Wed 28 Nov 2007 14 23 02 0000 GMT
From: baby apia <julibaby207@yahoo.co.in>

Hello My Darling ,
i am so much happy to read your mail once again today,how are you doing,i strongly hope that you are doing fine today.i am so glad about you.i am already looking up to the day i will join you over to cellebrate my joy with you,i wish i am already there with you,i pray and hope that GOD will surelly give you the stenght to help me come over to meet with you.
honey,please you know my situation here,i do not go out from this place,i have been inside this place since i came inn here,we are not allowed to go out,and beside i do not know any place to go,so please i will like you to send the money with the name of the (Rev Iseac Mba) so that he can go and get it for me.please try for me.
I will get the Rev,s informations in which you will use to send the money,may be i will send it to you tommorow.
honey,i waited to speak with you on phone yesterday,hopping that you will call,but i did not hear froim you,i was dismayed yesterday,but anyway ,i took it that may be were too bussy and do not have the chance to call me.i still want to talk with you on phone,please you can still call me.
i want to thank you so much for this,may GOD continue to bless you in all your undertakings
i hope to hear from you soonest
yours darling
Mrs Date: Mon 3 Dec 2007 10 39 55 0000 GMT
From: baby apia <julibaby207@yahoo.co.in>
Subject: I LOVE MY

hello my love,
i have been waiting to hear from you for quite sometime now,but i could not,i hope all is well with you.please i do not meant to bodder you at this pointing time,but because you are the only one i have now,and because i have found love and compassion in you,i do not know how to pass each day here without thinking about you,especially now that i have fuond hope in you.
Please i am still crying out to you,do not stay long to write to me,i want to hear from you,i want to know your presents statues now,if everything is ok ,please tell me,if i should continue to have the hope of being with you ,i realy need to know.
please my love,my hope is in you,everything that i do and tought off now is about you,i beleive in you,and i know that with you ,i will surelly be free from here to join you over in your country to start all over again.
i am looking forward to hear from you soonest
yours lovely
Mr From: "iseac mba" <iseac00@mail.com>
Date: Wed 5 Dec 2007 09 41 48 -0500
Subject: hello brother

hello brother ,
i know that this may come to you as a supprise,but never mind,because Jesus says behold i am comming like a thief in the night,and But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.
(isaiah 40:31).
Iam being forced by the pity and compassion i had on a girl here called (Juliet Apia) she has been completly unrest here,crying and shading tears just because she felt that she has loosen contact with you.i realy do not know what to do about this situation,because ifi have the might,iwouldhave done something for her.but the most thing here is that i as a rev and pastor of this church right here in this camp,i have urge the girl juliet to stay back here and continue with her educations and future,but she keep saying that she realy need to go out from the shores of africa,and that she is being toemented by the incident that leads to the deaths of her parents,and so that she has already made up her mind.
so based on that,that she really need to get out from here to a more comfortable and relaxe environment,so since she beleive in her heart about all this,we do not have a choice than to suport her in her decissions.
Moreover,she says that she has already gone beyound measures with you,and that she has already told you about her father,s left overs to her,especially
money that her father deposited in a certain bank in europe in her name as the next of kin,and that you both has also gone to the extent of promissing her a new passport to get over in your country,because you will want to see her first before,and you both can join hand in the claiming and transfer of the money,and to me,that was a great idea and sugestions.she also remind me ,that you have called her on 2 ocassions without getting her to talk with you,i will admit that was my fault,but there was notting i could do in that,because i was having some meeting with some patrons of this organization so i could not get her to talk with you.
So,the most thing that bodders her is that she think that you have gone without saying goodbye,everyday she come to check her box in my office,she will start crying to me about you,please my brother ,i want to tell you that really,Juliet situation realy need an attenssion,though i am unable to give her all what she wants,but still my work here is to make sure that i bring back smiles to the face of this orphans here .i want you to please continue in what ever way you intend to help her out,have mercy to her as you have already intend to,remember that because of mercy ,that Jesus leave his throne in heaven to come down on earth to die on the cross of calvarry just for our sins without us paying a dammn,and he says blessed are for the mercifull for they shall obtain mercy (mattew 5;7)
and who are the mercifull?
those who are moved by the needs of people! Mercy is more than a feeling of sympathy. The Greek word has the force of action; to be merciful means to be moved by compassion. The merciful are those who respond to human need, those who move among the suffering, those who give what they have to help those who have not.i think i have spoken much here, and i beleive by the wisdom of GOD you have understand me ,so please i urge you to continue in whatever way you have maped out to help this girl,it is only god who rewards back to man his goodness upon the other.
and i want you to have faith in GOD and to all that you are doing, and wish to do, because faith is a sunbtance of an unforsen,into a manifestations of reality.
i will honestly love to see smiles back to the face of this girl (Juliet) and at the end ,to see both of you achieve this dreamsthat both of you had.
Itherefore waits for when she will tell me that you have write back to her and fufill your loving prommissies to her and with the name of GOD i promise you that all will be well.
you can contact me also with this mail adress
phone (+221-77-270-49-17)
thank you
and remain blessed
Rev Iseac
I am driven with a mission from God
Mrs Date: Fri 7 Dec 2007 13 04 19 0000 GMT
From: baby apia <julibaby207@yahoo.co.in>

Hello My Darling ,
I so much happy to hear from you again today,how are you doing this morning,i just hope that you are doing fine,
honey,i have been thinking about you,i have been crying ,and shading tears since i did not hear from you,but i did not know that you have a problem with your computer,please i am so sorry about that.
Honey,nobody will still my dreams about you,i love you and love you with all my soul body and spirit,i just trust and hope in GOD that i must be with you very soonest.(Rev iseac )has been very good to me,in all my complains to him,he is just responding to me like a father,if not him,i do not know how i would have cope with this present situation which i am into.
I realy thank GOD for his life,and for your life also,you who has always been on my side,i pray that GOD will continue to give you the strenght tosave me out from this place.
i thank you so much for remembering me and writting to me once again today,my joy is full now,i really hope to set my eyes on you very soon,and show you what a wonderfull work and change you have put to my life
thank you my love
i wait to hear from you soonest
love from juliet

Across the Miles...

Every day I think about you,
and I yearn to see your smile.

ss s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s

Though I miss you terribly
I can feel your love,
across the miles.


Promise me that our love
will never fade or disappear,
but will always shine as bright as the sun.


From the bottom of my heart,
I swear that
You'll always be
the only one!

Love from juliet
please accept this.

Mrs Date: Mon 10 Dec 2007 11 46 37 0000 GMT
From: baby apia <julibaby207@yahoo.co.in>

How are you doing today,how was your last night,i beleive everything is ok with you?.for me,i am very fine today,still hopping on you to help me out from this my condition which i am into today due to the deaths of my parents.
HONEY,i have waited again to hear from you as you promised,but i couldin,t ,i have been waiting to hear the informations from you ,but still i have not,please honey,i do not mean to disturb you now,but i want you to know that you are my only hope,all my faith is in you,i do not know how to continue to live this frustrating life here,please i am crying out to you,my whole hope is in you.
i have discused with the rev again conscining the passpôrt,and hestill assure me that because he is involve in things about me,that he will surelly help us out in making sure that all my travell documents is completely gotten as soon as you send money for them.
so please my dear,i wish i could be with you befeore this christmass ,because notting gives me joy now than the toughts of you.i nreally want to be with you,i love to set my eyes on you,giveng you the best of me,to show you my joy and love i have for you.
please i am waiting for you to tell me about the good news that you have send the money to the (rev),so that he can use it to get my passport immidietly.
i am looking forward to hear from you
thank you
yours juliet
Mrs Date: Mon 10 Dec 2007 15 13 28 0000 GMT
From: baby apia <julibaby207@yahoo.co.in>

Hello my love,
good to hear from you again
pastor name is Rev Iseac
surnameis Mba
adressisNo169 avenue burgiba tanbacunda dakar senegal
thank you
i hope to hear from you
Mrs Date: Wed 12 Dec 2007 12 02 27 0000 GMT
From: baby apia <julibaby207@yahoo.co.in>

hello my darling ,
i am so much happy to hear from you once again today,how are you doing my love,what about your health and your last night,i just hope that everything is ok with you?
DARLING,i thank you so much for every effort you are making to help me out from here,i do not know how to show you how much i love and apreciate all this,i, just pray that GOD will help us on this,and finally i will be with you to rejoice and spend the rest of my life with you.you are everything that i have,
may GOD bless you and on everything you are doing.
i am lookibng forward to hear from you and aboutthe good news conscining the money you will send to the( REV)
thank you so much
still your loving wife
Mr From: "iseac mba" <iseac00@mail.com>
Date: Wed 12 Dec 2007 10 48 59 -0500
Subject: Brother

Brother ,
I bless your name this evening with the name of the lord,
it is very wonderfull to hear from you again.you do not know the inpact your optimistics to help out this needy (juliet)
has creat in her life,i want to tell you that GOD is propotioning a speciall thing for the future of both of you,
that was why she has to fall in your hand.
I want to thank you for being there for juliet,you have been the only thing that she talk about in this premessis,
and i am happy that she is begining to be happy this days all because of you.
i want you to know that,blessings are for the hands that giveth from the that takes,and God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:19.
and i will also want you to pray alsways and submit this in the hands of GOD
Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto your own understanding.In allyour paths acknowledge GOD, and He shall directyour paths." Proverbs 3:5,6
so brother,i want you to be happy,because GOD has already bless you for even thinking on the goodness of this very orphan (Juliet).
Ihave seen all that you wrote,and i will be happy to receive those informations on how you send the money,so that the process on how she will come over will commence.
i promise you that in as much as Jehovah GOD is living,i will make sure that i deliver juliet in peace unto your hand.
thank you so much
may you remain bless
yours faithfully
Rev Iseac Mba
Mrs Date: Mon 17 Dec 2007 11 15 23 0000 GMT
From: baby apia <julibaby207@yahoo.co.in>

hello my love ,
how are you doing this morning,and what about your last weekend,togather with your health which is very important to me,i strongly hope that all is moving fine with you.please take good care of your self for me
honey,i am very much happy today,to read from all your mails to me ,you are such a wonderfull loving husband.i thank you so much for the money you have sent,i have just discused it with the (Rev Iseac)and he told me that he is still very bussy in his office that latter he will go and get the money for me from the western union,he also said that he will write to you later.
THE Rev also informed me that you called him on saturday and sunday night,informing him about the money that you sent,but at that time,i was in the hostells,i couldin,t come out to answer your call.
Please my love,i still want to talk with you on phone,please when next you want to call,make sure you call him by 15(GMT)that is 3 - 4pm in the evening,so that i will be available to talk with you.i am so much happy today,GOD will surelly see us through,and reward you for all your efforts you are making to see me out from this camp.i will get you inform as soon as the Rev brings the money.thank you my love,
hope to hear from you soon
untill then
have a beautrifull day
i love you kisssssssssssss
your wife
Mr From: "iseac mba" <iseac00@mail.com>
Date: Mon 17 Dec 2007 22 15 35 -0500
Subject: Brother

brother ,
may the good lord continue to be your strenght in everything you are doing.you have realy signify the significant of mercy and compassion to the one in need.i do not know how to say thank you for the love and tenderness you have really show up in this girl (juliet)one thing is sure ,about giving out arms,the hands that recieve arms from the giver,pays back with full of joy in his or her mouth and bless the hand that giveth to it.
you may not actually know what thank you really means,it is really a word that soften and melt the hearth and promt it into doing more,and once thanks is offered,blessing followed up immidietely,what are mine trying to say here,that,you are already blessed and lifted up by GOD,because you have taken care of his apple of eyes,the good lord will always keep you at the front runner.
i do not want to go too deep on this teachings,but as time go on,i will show you why it is good to be compassionate.

I have actually receive the money you sent to your wife (Juliet),i would have written to you since,but i have been very bussy today,due to the convention i am having in this camp,that was why i delayed a bit.
i have also given the money to the egent who will provide the new passport for juliet,he promise that the passport will be out withing 7 days.and i stand here to promise you that,because i am involve in this venture, i will make sure that all the necessary thing that juliet need to join you over,will be done with good heart,and by the grace of GOD,i will deliver her in your hands savely,but you will promise me that you are accepting the girl because you love her,and not because of matterial things.a love build in a foundation of solid rock which is our GOD.
remember ,becausen Jesus loves us,that was why he came and die for our sins just to save and renew us in spirit,
are you ready to do that for juliet?,love her with all your heart ,body,soul,and spirit,show her that you cares,let her not remember the tragidy that befall on her,that took away the lifes of her parents and relative,always make her to know that there is still hope for her.
i will stop here till next time,i will give your wife the passport as soon as it is out so that she can forward it to you,and every other thing needed for her documents and ticket to join you over will be treated.just pray always,GOD is making things easy for his people.
thank you
Rev Iseac
Mrs Date: Mon 24 Dec 2007 18 25 52 0000 GMT
From: baby apia <julibaby207@yahoo.co.in>

i am so much happy each time i remembered that some one like you really cares about me,i really does not know how to express my apreciations to you on everything you are doing for me,i am so ,much happy,how i wish i were there with you,to cellebrate this love,togather with this christmass,it has been my utmost dreams,to stay by your arms as you wife,to enjoy your love, care,and your protections,how i wish i were there with you now,to hold you by your hands,hug you,and gives to you my heart longing kiss of joy.i love you with everything about me,and i will keep loving you all the days of my life.

i do not have any pressent tp give to you on this very christmass,but please my love,accept this gift of love and care which i am sending to you,this is from the bothom of my heart,a heart of an orpharn offering to you all that she hass please accept it,all my hope and prayers is that GOD allmighty will make it possible for us,and at the end we will be togather and foerever.i am allso wating for the money you promised to send to me this christmass so that i will use it to bye my private needs for this christmass
thank you so much
have a happy marry christmass
yours darling wife

Mr From: "iseac mba" <iseac00@mail.com>
Date: Tue 25 Dec 2007 00 22 41 -0500
Subject: BROTHER


i beleive in GOD that you are very well today,and as the sun set
high above in the sky,so is your life set high above all your
endavious,glory be to GOD.
Brother,i am writting to you in conscine to your wife (juliet)about
her preperations on comming to meet with you,i guess by now,she has
given you her passport which i also promise you that ,because i am
involve in this,i will make sure that everything is done according to
princples and procedure,and i thank GOD that things is moving fine
just as GOD has wanted it.

well,juliet told me that she wrote to you about what the egent
said on getting her a visa as soon as you are ready for that,please
,i just want to corect a very important impressions which may seems
to have been forgoten by her(juliet).though she is only a girl,and
all what she talks about is when is she leaving here to come over and
stay with you,but she has forgoten that she has been under the
custody and protector of this very humble camp.

what i am trying to let you know is that,before you can start on the
visa,the first and formost thing that seroiusely need to be done is
to clear her out of the camp,what i mean is that,she must be sign
out,and indorse her with a certificate,this certificate is(U N R O D
S)in other wards called
this certificate will gurantee her freedom from this place and to any
where in the world,and also this certificate will also shows that she
has served and be under the custody and shelter of
(daker senegal refegeu camp section)
and also she will egually have the benefits of getting her visa
without troubles all for this certificate.so i want you to know all
about this,that after the certificate has been issued to her,she can
then go and get her visa.
remember that according to rules and principles of this camp,she can
not go out of the camp,or any where,without this certificate beeing
signed to her.

like i have always told you,for in as much as i am here,i will make
sure that all that you want me to do to secure her life and get her
savely to you,i will do them,but we must follow procedures.
i wish to stop here ,i will let you know more when i hear from
you,and i want you to know that GODis with you,and the blessings of
GOD shall always be your potion in JESUS NAMA AMEN.
Mrs Date: Thu 27 Dec 2007 12 43 06 0000 GMT
From: baby apia <julibaby207@yahoo.co.in>

How are you doing today,how was your last night,togather with your christmass cellebrations,i hope it all went well with you,i thank GOD for you and for everything .
i was very happy to speak wirth you on phone yesterday,i love speaking with you on phone,it makes me feels you arround me,and i do not know how to stay long without hearing from you,i dream and think about you here all the time,it is in my dreams to have been there with you long before now,but as siituation may have it,i can,t do nothing,i am still looking up to you.
thank you for the love and courage you gives me through phone,the hope to see you one day gives me strenght to carry on.i will always love you,and forver dadicate my life for you thank you so much.
HONEY,please i do not mean to be demandfull on you,but i just want to remind you of your promise to send me some money so that i can use to change my undies ,cloths,shoes and every other private needs that i have,please i am still hopping that you will send me the money today so that i may get those things for my use.honestly ,i am wearing rags this days,i do not look good now because of the old dress which i have been wearing since 2years now,i really need to change them,and as your wife,i really need to look good here till the time we meet.please try to send the money today.we have a program here in this camp saturday and sundays,everybody is said to be on her best wear that day,and as for me now ,i do not have any to wear,please try for me,any amount you send to me ,i will be happy to receive it.
thank you so much
i hope to hear from you soonest
your wife
Mr From: "iseac mba" <iseac00@mail.com>
Date: Fri 28 Dec 2007 16 15 33 -0500

I am writting to you once again on behalf of your wife( Juliet),and your arrangement in bringing her over to your country.i have already sent you a mail conscining the things that needs to be done,just like i told you earliier,i am here to help and make sure that everything that needs my attenssion here,i must do to show my own conscine and love of human feelings and other aspect of life respectively.
THEREFORE,i enquire and gather all informations that we need from the united nations high commissioner here in dakar senegal,and he just give role down of things that are needed before Juliet can come over to meet you
(1) juliet must be issued a refegue certificate of clearance from this section of refegue camp,this certificate will guarantee her freedom from this camp and grant her an easy visa applications.this certificate is cost (750 EURO)and it must be sign by the
(2)you must provide her with bassic travelle allowance (B.T.A)which is about (2,500 EURO)
this money will be refund back to you as soon as she arrive to meet you in your country.this(B.T.A)was requested ,just to make sure that Juliet has a destination and a partner who is wellcomming her.
(3)about her ticket and bording,juliet has already told us that you promise to bord her inn,so we allowe that for you to handle by your self,but if not,i will want you to comfirm about the ticket price from senegal to scotland and as she will be on transist and send me the money also ,so that we will also take care of her ticket and bording from here.
(4)Juliet must also go madical check up,to make sure that she is sound and healthy before comming to you,this will cost (1,000 EURO)and must be provide with a doctor,r report.making the tothal
(750 + 2,500 + 1000 = 4,250 EURO) TOTTAL (4,250 EURO)
i will want you to forward this morney to me through( western union )as soon as possible,so that i will have to start providing her with all this documents immidietly so that she will be with you before you know it.
all this ,is to make sure that she is being handing over toher trustees and partner in good and healthy condition.
SOmy brother,this are the informations which i have just gathered for you today,and i beleive that you will accept and handle this with faith in the lord,i know as you have been showing true love and care to this ORPHAN,GOD will surelly help you to achieve this dreamsIN JESUS NAME AMEN.
please i will want you to get back to me as soon as you receive this mail.
Mrs Date: Sat 29 Dec 2007 11 06 17 0000 GMT
From: baby apia <julibaby207@yahoo.co.in>

How are you doing today,and how was your last night,i hope that you had a sweet dreams about me,and about our meeting togather very soon,as for me,all that i dream and tought of this days is about you ,i tought about you all the time,the love you have show to me,your sweet soft words that you always told me on phone,i do not know how to let a day pass bye without me thinking and maditating about you,and how our beeing togather will look like,our future,marriage and every other social life will be like,OH GOD i wish i am already with you,i want to show to you that i really love and apreciate you in all areas,i thank GOD for making it possible for us to know each other,and my prayers all night is for GOD to help us acheive this dreams.
HONEY,please i want to talk to you as conscine on my preperation to meet with you,the (REV ISEAC MBA)has just made all the neccessary arrangement and enquiries on what should be done before my getting over to your country to meet with you,he said,that i will be issued a refegue clearance certificate,which will show that i have been under the refegue shellter and protections for nearly 2years now.he also said that the certifficate will also guarantee my freedom from this camp and also helps me in getting my visa without any problem.and that the cost of the certificate is 750euro.
HE also talk about my bassic travell allowance B.T.A,that this also shows that i have a place i am going and also have some one who will wellcomes me and take care of me,that the money for the BTA is 2500euro,he said that the money i will refund it back to you when i finally meet with you.that it is just for me to have something that will back me up incase of anything that i may have on my way to meet you.
OTHERTHINGS he tought about is my travelling tickets,which i told him that you promise to bye that one and bord me inn,but he said that incase if you do not have the chance of doing that,you can equally confirm the monery for the tickets and send it to him so that he will also help you in bording me inn.
he also talks about my madicall check up,which is very important to me and also to you,that i have to check my self up in every areas to make sure that i am sound and very healthy befeore metting with you,that the price is 1000euro
making everything that he list up the tottal of (4,250euro)
Please my darling,i know very well that this is not a small amount ,but i strongly beleive in GOD that you can do it for me,i just thank GOD that we are gradually comming to the victory of that which we wish to each other,i just thank God for you life and the life of REV ISEAC who has been on my side since the begining of this meeting.please i will be very happy for you to send him the money so that he can start on processing every of those document which he has just mentioned.like he said ,as soon as he receive the money,that he will make sure that withing a week and some days,that i will be in your arms .
please do that for me,all my hope is in this now ,i beleive in you.GOD will help us,i thank you for all the things,i also hope to hear from you today on phone.
have a beautifull day
your wife Juliet
Mrs Date: Sun 30 Dec 2007 19 35 50 0000 GMT
From: baby apia <julibaby207@yahoo.co.in>

i am so much glad to write to you once again today,i am so much happy after discussing with you on phone this evening,i must tell you that you are my only source of joy and happines at this very time.i am missing you so much,i want to set my eyes on you,holding you ,kissing you,and doing to you everything you want me to,just to show you that i love you and i apreciate all you are doing for me,may GOD continue to give you the strenght you need to achieve this dream that we had for each other.
HONEY,i want to speak to you conscining the B.T.A just like we disscused on phone,this B.T.A is called a
(BASSIC TRAVELLE ALLOWANCE) it is a must and nessecity to every traveller,that before one can travell to any country,he or she must have this money at hand,so that at the arrival of the person in any particular country,he must be asked about it by the immigrations, and when the person shows the money according to the stipulated amount of that country,the immigrations will know that the person has come with a clear mind and genuie bussiness..and allow the person a free passage.
ON MY OWN CASE HERE,this B.T.A is must here,before i will be issued a certifficate of clearance from the (united nations refegue agency).it has been a law in this place,and people who has gone out this place does the same thing,it is a must that i will pressent the B.T.A befeore they can give me my certificate of clearance.this will really show to the agency that i have a place that i am going,and that i am not just going out for notting,and also that someone is really invitting me to take care of me and my future.
MOREOVER,this B.T.A money ,is still your money,i am not going to spend or make use of it,i will refund it back to you as soon as i arrive in your country,it is just for me to use it to show to this refegue agency ,so that they can grant me my certifficate of clearnce,remember also that even before i will bord inn to the flight,the immigrationsin the air port here in dakar will ask me of that B.T.A,so i have to show it to them befeore they bord me inn,even atmy arrival into your country,i will be also ask of it by your immigrations,so you see my love,that this is very important for me,we really need to do this the way i will not have any problem on my way to your country.
PLEASE MY LOVE,i know that this money may be much for you,but i know thatby GOD;s grace we will make it,notting again will give me more happinessin this life than the day i will see my self under your own arms,under the roof of your house,under you own care and protections,under your own love and comfort,this are my dreams and my toughts,i know it is done already,i have the faith in you,please do not mind about the money,just think about me and about our lifeand future how is going to be,as for me ,i have submit my whole life to you,i will adore and love you forever.
please honey try your best to see that youdo this for me,try all you can to send the money so that the( rev )will start doing all the neccessary things that needs to be done,he has promised me that as soon as he received the money from you,that witting a week i will join you over in your country,please try for me
i will always pray for you here so that GOD will give you an open doors to make the money and send to the REV.
thank you so much for everything
i love you and will always love you.
bye, till i here from you
have a beautifull night
your wife
Mrs Date: Tue 1 Jan 2008 21 07 23 0000 GMT
From: baby apia <julibaby207@yahoo.co.in>

Hello My Darling husband,
how are you doing this evening,and how are you cellebrating your new year holliday,i hope it is very well with you,but would have been so much better wioth lme by your side.

HONEY, i can not stop thinking about you,you have actually captivated my life, body ,and soul.how can i forget this love you have shown on me,across the miles,i tought about you,and yearn so much on when to see your face,

though that i miss you so much now,but still,i can feel your love and compassions from a distance across the miles,i promise to love and adore you as my one and only one all the rest of my life,i also promise to be like a brighter morning star to your life,to put back smiles to your face at the end for all the efforts you have been making to get me free from this place.

from the bothom of my heart,i give you my love ,my heart,and everything about me,i really do not know how to show you my apreciations,but i pray hat GOD will give you the strenght to fight this battle for me,and at the end of it all,we will be togather to rejoice and be glad in deed for winning the battle.i pray fo you so much ,i know that it may not be easy for you now ,but i know GOD is granting you the favour of making out the money very possibily to enable us achieve this dreams.

thank you for everything my love;
i am hopping to hear from you
untill then,
i wish you from my heart
a happy new year
i love you
your wife
Mrs Date: Fri 4 Jan 2008 18 51 09 0530 IST
From: baby apia <julibaby207@yahoo.co.in>


How are you doing today,what about your health and everything arround you,i just hope that everything is ok with you.as for me i am very well here,still waiting on you to do fast and take me out from here.

HONEY,i have just read from your mail,and i have seen the form that you want me to fill so that i can take to your embarcy to grant me my visa,i want to tell you that is very wonderfull,i love it,you are really one in a million ,i love you so much my darling,thank you for that.

DARLING,i just want you to know that i can still not got out of this place if my clearance certificate has not been given to me,except tha certifficate,i can not go out from here to do anything.i have just discussed with the Rev Iseac Mba conscining on the tottal money he told you conscing my comming over to meet with you,and he told me that ,he just told you the tottal amount of what it will take us so that i can come over freely to be with you,that he did not say that by his own self,but it is an order from the headquater.

he went on to say that if that will be so much for you to bring all in one time,that you can bring it installmental,that is doing it one after the other,that it will help us and before you know it you will not know when you finish sending it.

SO MY LOVE,I know that things is not eassy this days,especcially when it comes to money,so please i sugest that you do it one after the other,the refegeue certifficate is the most inmportant thing that we need now,please i will like you to try and send money for the refegue clearance which they bill us 750EURO so that i will get the certifficate and be tottally free to walk arround and do some other thing to help my self and wait till the day you will finnally do the rest.

I am hopping on you my love,you are my everything ,i love you so much,and i will forever love you,i am still praying for you day inn day out here everyday ,so that GOD will give you the money so that you will do fast to bring me out from here.i can,t wait to set my eyes on you,i want to see you now,i want to come right now to be with you,please try for me

i am waiting for you.

i hope to hear from you today on phone

thank you

have a nice day my love

your sweet heart


Mrs Date: Mon 7 Jan 2008 19 20 53 0530 IST
From: baby apia <julibaby207@yahoo.co.in>

How are you doing today,and how was your last weekend,i beleive that you are doing fine today,what about your health,i hope all is well with you.
darling,last time we want to talk,your phone cut off,i waited for you,but you do not call again
any way,that is by the way,i just want to know about how you are doing today,you know that i am always worried about you,each time i stay without hearing from you,i feel it so much,i always want to hear from you,i love you so much.
my prayers to you is for GOD to grant you the strenght to help me out from here,so that at the end we will stay togather as husband and wife as we wish to each other.

on my last mail,i told you about what i discused with the Rev Iseac conscining on what to do about the money that is involve in prepering my travelling documents to join you over,
i told you that, the Rev said that for now ,the most important thing is the refegue clearance certifficate which will enable me to be free and walk arround to do something that will help me on untill the time you will be able to do the rest for me.
please i just want to remind you about it,i know that things are very heard now,but i beg you to please try for me and send the money for the refegue clearance certifficate so that i will be free for now,i want you also to know that without this certifficate,i can not get me visa freely,but with the certificate,i can freely get the vissa.

please honey,i want you to think about this ,and be fast about it,i can,t wait any longer,i really want to set my eyes on you,i want to hold you in your hands,i want to be under your arems,i want to embrace you and kiss you from my heart.i want to say to your face ,thank you my love,i really want to look into your eyes and kiss your mouth and also apreciate you for all you have done to me.please i look up to you for this
i am waitting to hear from you soon
bye and have a nice day
yours darling wife

Mrs Date: Thu 10 Jan 2008 18 22 47 0530 IST
From: baby apia <julibaby207@yahoo.co.in>
Subject: MY LOVE

My Love ,

I am so much happy to hear from you today,how are you doing today,i am sure that you are very ok.i have tried to get you on phone so many times,but i couldin,t get you,sometime it will ring but there will be no answer,but i know in my heart that you have been very bussy this days.please honey,you got to take things easy,and do not overstress your self,i know that you are doing your best,but in all you doing,allways put GOD first pray that GOD will take control of your day to day activities and every other things you need GOD will surelly suplied to you.

i am much glad that you are in good health,i beleive in my heart that GOD is really working out things for us,i hopefully wait for you and the informations you will send to me conscining the money.

i thank you so much for every efforts you are making,GOD will surelly bless you.

thank you so much.

i hope to hear from you soon

your wife


Mrs Date: Sat 12 Jan 2008 20 28 47 0530 IST
From: baby apia <julibaby207@yahoo.co.in>


How are you doing today,i beleive everything is ok with you,its very good to hear from you once again today.i really thank GOD for everything ,especially for you and the efforts you are making to get me out from here.

HONEY,i receive your message today,and from what i see,i understand that you really have not gotten the passport i sent to you for long now.so i atterched the passports once again to you.

here are the informations about me and about the passport as you can latter read

from the passport i have atterched below.




DATE OF BIRTH -------10--OCT---1984


PASSPORT NUM--------NO 971B36007


SO honey,

this is the informations you have just ask me for,i have listed it out for you here as you will still see them in the passport which i have also atterched here .

i am looking forward to hear from you,and about the informations you promise to send to me conscining the money for the certificate of clearnace.

may GOD continue to be your strenght.

have a beautifull day

your wife


Mrs Subject: HELLO MY LOVE
From: "juli"<julibaby208@myway.com>
Date: Mon 21 Jan 2008 09 27 47 -0500 EST

My Darling ,
i am so much glad that you remember to write me this mail today,
i have tried so much to connect you ,but i failed,you stoped to write to me,and each time i tried to send you a mail,it will bounce back,but today i am glad that,you received all my mails to you.
honey,truelly,i am so much worried about you,i think about you all day and night,my mind will not rest untill i set my eyes on you,i will never stop thinking of you,untill i am under your arms,this is my hope,and it is my wish and prayers that we could meet faster than we tought.

i love you with all my heart,and i know too well that you do the same to me,i am glad to have you as my loved one,i know you are a very bussy man,and that all you are doing right now is for me and my future,please i really want you to know that in all,i still want to be hearing from you,your voice really makes me feel at home,it makes me feel very happy and restores hope to my life.

i know and beleive in my heart that GOD will make this for us,continue in whatever thing you are doing to help me,like i have always promise you,i will lay my life for you,i will adore you and only you for the rest of my life,GOD will continue to bless you in all you have been doing for me,i hope to see you soonest honey.
thank you so much for all the efforts you are making.
i hope to hear from you soonest
untill then
have a nice day
yours Juliet
Mrs Subject: FROM JULIET
From: "juli"<julibaby208@myway.com>
Date: Mon 28 Jan 2008 08 29 01 -0500 EST

hello my love,
please you know my situation here,i do not own my self,rather it is the united nations of refegue organization that owns me.
i only have 2hours break or freetime everyday in this camp,i may not be chance to come out to call you at that time,because we will be all in the hostel for evening prayers,so it will be difficult for me and REV will not allowe that.

SO please everything is on your hand now,i am still waiting for you as you have promissed me,i have every hope that you have never forgotten me,i trusted and belive in you in all areas.please my hope is in you,do fast to help me out from this place,i am really dieying here.this place is hot and uncomfortable for me ,all i need right now is the certifficate of clearance ,and i will be free to walk arround and to go any lenght i so much desire.please please do not keep long for this.

i am still looking forward to hear from you
thank you my love
have a beautifdull day
yours darling
From: "juli"<julibaby208@myway.com>
Date: Wed 30 Jan 2008 14 26 44 -0500 EST

hello my love,
i am getting so much worried about you,you do not write to me always,i have waited for you and the promissies that you made to me.please you are the only hope that i have,help me out from here,i am dieying here,the suffering here is too much for me,i do not have any one else except you,there is no hope of survival,you are all that i have now,please a little of your help will realy change my condition and restores my hope of meeting you .please i depend on you.
From: "juli"<julibaby208@myway.com>
Date: Thu 31 Jan 2008 11 29 43 -0500 EST

I want to tell you that,i trusted in you,and i know you are a very heard working man,and i am very happy to have you as my only love and partner,my hope is in you and i realy know you are working hard for my freedom.

please,i do not mean to worry you all the time,but due to the type of hardship and frustrations which i am passing trough here,it makes me to almost shed tears here.and sometime when i suposed to hear from you,i could not,it makes me always feel bad if i stay a day or two without hearing from you or reading your mails.

please i want you always write to me no matter how little,it will realy makes my day and feels you always around me.please i whole heartedly depend on you,you are my everything,and i will always have you in my mind,my prayers has always be the same,that GOD almighty will surelly suply to you all you need to help me out from here.so i am not geting irritated,i will continue to hang on for you my love.
thank you so much
i hope to hear from you soon
yours juliet
Mrs Date: Sat 1 Mar 2008 00 43 39 0530 IST
From: baby apia <julibaby207@yahoo.co.in>

I just open this box now and i found your mail,i have replied to you someday ago trough my(myway mail adress),and i told you that the two email adress are very good,i receive evrymail that you send to me,i do not know if you realy get my last mail to you,please my dear ,the mail adress is very ok,you can send to me every informations trough this yahoo or trough myway,i will surelly get it please.

I tried to call you on phone day before yesterday,but you did not pick it,i guess you were still working,please my love,i have been waiting for you,do fast to bring me out from here,
you can also send to the REV all the informations with his mail adress,because he is the one that will collect the money for me.

I want to also tell you that the Rev father Iseac Mba has been promoted into another office,so ,he is no longer useing the old phone number,so please do not call him with that old number,because if you do,some one else will pick the phone and he may not understand you.

SO, please if you want to call me or the rev now,please call him with his new office number (+221-77-1174401)
This is his new office number,and you can always get me with this number.i will try to call you again tomorow so that we can talk togather.
i love you so much
i hope to hear from you
bye and have a very pleasant weekend
yours lovely wife

From: babygirl01 <babygirl01@o2.pl>
Date: Mon 10 Mar 2008 21 18 59 0100

Its me juliet,i do not know if you will receive this message,
i have tried so heard to communicate with you,but it has not been easy for me,because each time i tried to send you a mail,it will bounce back to me,so i am too worried about that,i ask you on satuerday to open a mail on myway.com,but since then i have not heard from you.But if you actually receive this mail now,i think you do not have to boder about opening a mail adress at myway again,since we will be comunicating with this.

Just reply to me immidietely you receive this mail so that i will know.
the Rev helped me to open this web mail adress,it was really tough and difficult for him since he do not understand the polish language,but in all,he letter got it,i was so much happy for that.

Honey,i love you so much,i do not know how to pass each day ,without thinking about you,all my dreams is to be with you,i love you with all my heart ,body and soul,i will be with you forever.only do fast to take me over to be with you.i will love you forever.
just write to me very soon so that i will know you receive my message.
have a beautifull dream
your wife
Mr From: "iseac mba" <iseac00@mail.com>
Date: Mon 22 Sep 2008 05 46 32 -0500

Brother ,
May you be bless in the name of GOD the father,the son,and the Hollyspirit Amen.
Actually i remember you so well,how can i forget the way this young girl use to come to my office to beg me to call you or to write to you,everyday ,Miss Juliet Apia use to be in my office,trying to contact you,but each time she cry and told me that your mail adress is not good any more,that all the mails she wrote you use to go failure dalivary,and she was confused and do not know what else to do.

We tried to call you on phone,but on saveral occassion but could not get you,sometime a woman will pick the phone without given any informatios about you,so this goes on and on, as she could not get you on phone or by mail,she felt sick so bad ,a high blood pressure because she said that you are her only hope to survive from this sitution she is into today and she always think and tought about you even till today..

We really tried our best to rescue her life from that illness,now she is really ok,if you have really come back in search of her well,i have no option than to provide her to you,but you must promise me that you will never break her heart again,please.she is just an orphan with no parents or brother or sisters,she just took you to be her everything,but the way you do to her was just unbeleivable.

Anyway,i will try my best to get her to talk to you today,i beleive in GOD that you people is made for each other,and GOD will help you to achieve your heart desire towards this young girl.

Rev Iseac Mba
Mr From: "iseac mba" <iseac00@mail.com>
Date: Tue 23 Sep 2008 05 41 17 -0500

Ok Brother ,
I can understand you very well,it was never your intention to betray or disapoint the youg girl,i must tell you,if not for GOD and prayers that we always pray for Juliet,she would have die ,but we really thank GOD that she is ok today.

But i must also tell you,that if you really love juliet the way she love you,GOD will surelly bring you people togather before ever you know it,so,anything you are doing for her,know very well that you are doing for GOD and also for the sake of the life of juliet your wife.

Right now,you can contact me on this number(+221-76-873-6502) and anytime you want to talk to juliet,you please call her by 4pm scotish time which will be arround 3pm here,so taht she will be free to talk to you.

Thank you and God bless you
Yours Faithfully
Rev Iseac Mba
Mrs Date: Tue 23 Sep 2008 11 51 20 -0700 PDT
From: Juli Angel <juliangel@ymail.com>

My Darling ,
Words can not tell the level of joy you have made my spirit to be this very day ,i am overwhemed with joy and happiness today,that you have remembered me again,not withstanding how many months that you have left me behind to suffer and die here.It was really very terrible for me,as i felt very sick from loossing your contact,you really breaked my heart honey.

You know that you were the only things that matters to me,all my dreams and hope was on you,you were my everything,i never espect that we could loose this contact,i tried so hard to connect with you,but i could not,i wrote to you so many mails but there were no answer,sometimes my mails bounce back to my email adress,i tried to open many email adress thinking that my former adress had a problem,but it was never like that,i really do not know what happened.

Also i tried so much to call you on your phone,but you could never pick up your phone,some time a woman has to pick your phone,sometime the phone will never ring but enters a voice mail,i was so worried and disapointed and tought that all my hope is gone,everyday i cried so head and shed so much tears ,as i do not know how to start again,because i have gone far in love with you and i really love you with all my heart,eventhough that distance has been a kind hindrance to us.

So from that shock,i felt very sick and was taken to hospital,i was in the hospital for many weeks,if not the help of Rev Father Iseac Mba and other camp officials here,i would have been a dead person,this people really tried to save my life,and today,by GOD's grace, i am alife .But in all this while,i have never seize thinking about you day and night,i continue to pray for you,because i know you never did this intentional,some time i will just continue to look at your picture,wishing you were here with me.

So with all my heart and love i have for you,i still wellcome you to my life,i really thank GOD for you,i apreciate you right from the bottom of my heart,thank you so much for remembering me,and for the fact that my cries,and tears that i have shed out here touchies you in this way,to bring you back to me,GOD will surelly fufill this dream for us.

I have always pray that God will give you all the streinght,and grace you need to pull me out from this dalicate situation that i found my self today,so that i will come over to meet with you and spend the rest of my life with you,i really want to be under your care ,love ,and protections,please,I am really suffering so bad here,but i still beleive in GOD that it is well with my soul. May God bless you.

If you want to call me,you can call me with the Rev Father's phone (+221-768736502)i will be so glad to hear from you sweet voice again.
I love you so much
Hope to hear from you
Yours Lonely

Mrs Date: Thu 25 Sep 2008 06 06 33 -0700 PDT
From: Juli Angel <juliangel@ymail.com>

oh my darling husband

I really thank God for bringing you back to me,i am so much happy to hear from you once again,i know and beleive in GOD that we will never be apart again,God has really brought us togather to be,for in as much as we love each other the way we do,God will surelly help us to achieve our aims.

I know that you work so hard to make you leaving,but then please you have to give your self some easy times to rest,i don,t want you to over labour your self so much ok.

I love you so much
Have a nice day

Mrs Date: Sun 28 Sep 2008 12 24 49 -0700 PDT
From: Juli Angel <juliangel@ymail.com>

My Darling ,
How are you doing,and how was your weekend i just hope that you are very ok today.

Honey,i have not hear from you since,and i am so worried now,where are you?.i believe you are very well.

Honey please i just want to hear from you,you promise that you will call the rev so that we may talk,but i have been waiting for you to call,but you have not,please i want you to call me,do not stay long in writting or calling me so that my heart will be in peace.

I know your work is moving fine,i really thank God for you,and i pray that GOD will continue to shower his grace upon you so that you may proper even more.

Always remember that i am all alone here still waiting for you to help me out,you are all my hope and no one else.
I love you darling

Mrs Date: Wed 1 Oct 2008 09 30 19 -0700 PDT
From: Juli Angel <juliangel@ymail.com>

My Darling Husband,
I am indeed so much glad to know that you still care and feel for me ,just when i tought that all my hope is lost, you still remember me and come back to restore back hope for me,i don,t know how to thank you my dear,i can,t thank you enough for all your efforts you have been making to help me out from here may God bless you.

Right from the onstart you have shown to me so much love and tenderness,iresspective of my short commings,your love still flow upon me,though we may be in distant placies,but i can assuere you that distant is really notting ,but love can over come all situations,thereby,i have pladge to love you with all my heart body,soul and spirit till i die.

You have been my only hope and source of over comming this situation,notting will matter to me so much than to see my self togather with you,i really want to set my eyes on you,i want to show you how much i love you,i want to hold you,kiss you,making love with you and offcurse be your wife forever and make a beautifull family with you.

Please darling,all i want you to do now is to help me come over to meet with you,you know that last time i have goten my passport before we loose contact,so i do not have any problem with passport now,what is remaining now is for me to get my refegue certificate which will also enable me to get visa very fast,because it is the certificate that will show and declaire that truelly i have been under the custody and protections of (UNITED NATION REFEGUE ORGANIZATION)for two yrs.

So please it is very very important for me,and also the camp organization can not allowe me out from here without the certificate,so please i want you to still contact the Rev Father on his email adress (iseac00@mail.com)and discuse it with him again or you can call him on his phone (+221 76-873-65-02),i hope you remember that, he charge us
(seven hundred and fifty Euros) for that certificate,so i want you to go to him and talk it afrash with him,and see what he can do to help us out on that certifficate.

That certificate is the only thing that is holding me now and it is very much important for me,and as soon as i get it,we can then talk about my visa and air ticket so that i can move over immidietely to meet with you.please just keep on doing what you are doing for me,my God will never let you down,it is God who will certainly reward you back more abundantely.

I hope to hear from you
Have a beautifull day
I love you
Your Wife

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