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Lonlisha Jamel says: "all we need to do if find a good business where we can invest this money"

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received this story from a friend. Let me call him Hernan.

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Dear miss young.I got the same story from lonlisha Jamel,I was a victim,I shall send you some photos and documents that I had received from Lonlisha Jamel.she asked me to send her money by WESTERN UNION when she was in Malaysia.She said that she lived in TOWER 5 VENICE HILL TAMAN PUTERI CHERAS 43200,KUALA LUMPUR,MALAYSIA,


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Sent: Tuesday, September 30, 2008 2:14 PM
Subject: Here is about the transaction in Malaysia my love

Hernan, I want to tell you that,I woke up everyday and think of you. Had breakfast and think of you, went to lunch and think of you. No matter where I go, No matter what I do, you are always in my thinking and in my dreams. Even though we cannot be together right now, just because of the distance, but I so much believe that if its Allah wish surely we going to meet soon as we are planning now and be together forever my dear. You are the most important Part of my nights and day. You are the person am trusting in life now. Honey I think that I need to be open up and tell you my entire mission about my Asset in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, as I will like to work together with you as husband and wife to give me idea to make sure that I achieve this goal in life my love. Being that my late dad was assign as one of the official that makes peace in Iraq and Afghanistan . he played big role in making sure that children are well taking care of, especial those causalities, so he is one of the head personnel in financial dept, not withstand dad manage to secure a silver chest box from president Dr. Mohammad Najibullah who was the fourth and last President of the communist Democratic Republic of Afghanistan. He also considered the second President of the Republic of Afghanistan . Being that those top governments have network how they use to move money in cash around the world. They sometime took those chest box of money to another country and deposit it as family or value property and attach it with diplomatic immunity, which stop any government official to monitor the movement of the cash, also my dad is in connection with President Suharto of Indonesia who is a former Indonesian military and political leader. He served, as a military officer in the Indonesian National Revolution, is better known as the long-reigning second President of Indonesia, holding the office from 1967 to 1998. Like many Javanese, Suharto has only one name. In contexts where his religion is being discussed he is sometimes called Haji or el-Haj Mohammed Suharto. so for my dad to secure the chest box in his care that will be a problem to him since he is working in UN peace committee, all my dad do is to move the chest box and finally deposit in Malaysia. Which I find that that any claim now most be in the Putrade Asset Management Vault attached with United Nation Wisma UN Block C, Kompleks Pejabat Damansara, Jln Dungun Damansara Heights, 50490 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Honey I am in process of claiming this chest box from the official after I was told that it appear in mt fathers will, that I need to get married or have my Husband to be at least. Now all we need to do if find a good business where we can invest this money, as the total fund is £ 1.2 million Pounds Sterling. Also don’t forget that you have to keep this between me and you my dear, to avoid the official knowing what the chest box contains. They think the chest box contain something like Gold or Diamond my love. I hope with help of Allah all things will work out, which will enable me to invest in a profitable venture once we are married my dear. Secondly, I will like to know if your account can accommodate big amount like £500.000.00 Pounds Sterling up, Because I think is not good bringing the money here in UK, The Government tax is too much my love, which will make us pay so much money on tax. I was thinking of investment that will be profitable my dear. You have to handle everything because am not use to doing business with large amount my love. That is why I prefer working in my present company. But after we marry you want me to stop working I can my dear. But if your account can’t I think is better to open non-resident account when the chest box is release in Malaysia For security purpose. They gave me this contact of one barrister Rahim Yusof from Amiliza Binti Abdullah Chambers & Co to Obtain Affidavit of Claim for me my love. Honey you have to talk with the lawyer through email and phone and tell him that you are my fiancé, You have to try email him now my love.I also attach the deposit certificate to enable you understand this deposit very well. His contact is below: Contact Person Barrister Rahim Yusof Amiliza Binti Abdullah Chambers & Co Notaries Solicitors & Advocates PT7323 Jalan, BBN 1/2E Bandar Baru Nilai, Negeri Sembilan 71800 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Tel:+60173903547Fax: +60365343729Email amilizabintiabdullahchambers@inMail24.com
Yours Lonlisha
Certificate lonlisha
Sent: Tuesday, October 28, 2008 8:54 AM
Subject: Meeting you miracle Hernan

Meeting you is like a miracle, but my most precious miracle besides the holy Quran is meeting you, the man of my dreams. Wallah , I'd been dreaming that one day I'd find someone like you who would feel exactly as I do. I believe with my entire being that someone is you. You say everything my dream man says in my fantasies and I feel in my waking hours the same way I feel in my fantasies. It has to be you, if not I will give up on love. I just won't have the strength to go on looking. It has to be you. As much as I want and need you, I do want you to make me a promise. If at anytime you heart and mind change, you will not delay in telling me, you must promise me this honey. Yes, it will break my heart, but what will hurt me even worst is for you to try to stay in a relationship you no longer desire. Let's promise each other honesty and sincerity at all cost. I just want you to know what you mean to me and that I love you enough to place you happiness before mine, this is from my heart. You are so loved, so loved. I'm ready to make plans with you to start our lives together. I hope I am not getting ahead of myself. But if we're going to spend the rest of our lives together, we shouldn't delay in planning.

If I am getting ahead of myself, just tell me to slow down. I can be impulsive sometimes. With every beat of my heart, I'm loving and wanting you. Please you take care of yourself for me. I will be leaving to Malaysia today my love, you have a wonderful ahead over there. I will let you know once I arrive in Malaysia.


Yours love Lonlisha

Sent: Thursday, October 30, 2008 4:10 AM
Subject: I arrive here in Malaysia my love. wish am with you now

How are you over there my dear Hernan? I am now in Malaysia . I never knew that Malaysia is advancing up to this level; here in Kuala Lumpur is a very busy City just like London City in UK my love. My heart is full of joy and happiness Honey, when I arrived in (KLIA) Kuala Lumpur international airport it was looking nicer. I never knew Malaysia is a fast growing nation, when I hear Malaysia at the first place, I think is just third world as we read in news here, Malaysia is a very beautiful country, its nice to be here and know a little about Asia . I am in UK embassy guest lodge now my love. Maybe later I will move to Hotel but for now is good being here my love for security purpose as I heard that this Country don’t have cctv all over the street. You can reach me with this number I think it also support text messaging my love +60173490942. I am very tired now need to rest, our flight from Singapore to Malaysia delay. I can only meet the official by tomorrow my love.. Hope you are doing well over there dear my love? I miss you so much thinking about you throughout the long Journey. When I arrive here, I wish you were the one to pick me up in the airport. Oh, I am thinking how much I want to be with you Honey. Cannot wait to be with you my love, I will let you know once I finish with the Official.


Yours love one Lonlisha

change of ownership Lonlisha
Sent: Wednesday, November 05, 2008 2:40 AM
Subject: Give thanks to Allah for doing good

Honey, give thanks to Allah for doing good, Allah love endures forever, who can Proclaims the mighty acts of the Almighty Allah. My beloved, May the Allah Hafiz work in us what is pleasing to Him, to who be glory forever and ever Amin. Darling blessed are they who maintains justice, who constantly do what is right, thanks you God by granting my journey mercy in the land of Malaysia, give thanks to the Allah, call on his name, make known among the nations, what Allah has done, sing to him, sing praise to him tell of all his wonderful acts, Glory in his holy name let the heart of those who seek the God rejoice, Honey I now have confident on me that the Putrade Asset recognize me as Daughter of my father after I get the required documentation from local office here also with my birth certificate, the certificate of deposit that was issued to my father on the date of depositing the chest box with the department. when I get there for the first time with a local lawyer, we met the receptionists and she ask me who I am looking for, I told her I want to meet the director of the Dept, and she ask me to wait for a while that he is in meeting with some official. That day I am unable to meet the director. Then yesterday I met the Director and they gave me Change of Ownership form, which I fill as required, and settled their payment which is $31,500 converted to pounds which is £19,848.42 GBP because I only have pounds with me. Honey the director is a good man as he felt his condolence to me when he notice that my dad already pass away. Honey after everything, he ask me to come back for more verification, I thanks God almighty the department recognized me and my father, may God be the glory. I belief everything will be done soon and the box will be in my position soon. Then I will find way how to put the money into international bank here as is not safe to travel with lot of cash my love. I miss you a lot my dear, please don’t be angry because I don’t email me you always since I am here. Is not easy for me honey. Wish I have you here as I feel empty without anyone here with me, as I hold nobody and my body is only for you now my love. I can’t wait for your hug and kiss .You can also find attached the change of ownership to my name my love. The lawyer I meet here was so nice and his charge is not too high like lawyers in UK. Insha Allah I will finish by tomorrow. Then within this week I will be free with everything I am doing here. Also don’t forget to pray for my mother. Our house help called me just now saying that mom is not feelings fine yesterday evening. But she is getting better now.


Yours Love one Lonlisha

. When Hernan realized that it was a scam, he stopped all further contact with the scammers.

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