Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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Mrs Date: Sat 16 Feb 2008 00 43 44 -0800 PST
From: Linda Mehi <lmehi2008@yahoo.com>

Dearest friend ,

I thanks you so much for your kind response to my email proposal regarding the transfer of my late father's money into your foreign account for the investment and better future of my life.Well I dont know you in person but after going through your profile I choose to contact you that you are the right person that God choose for me,so with this I so much believe that you will not cheat me as the whole money will be coming to your account.

After reading your message I do understand that you really want to help me in my present predicaments which I found myself, I need you to stand as a guidean to me and provide some necessary thing to back me up in your place like bank account where the money will be save transferred and arrange for me to come over to your country immediately so I can continue my education and live a good life because my condition here is very critical. I hope you do understand all the contents of my first mail to you,Is because I want to come over to your Country and gain parental care that I have been missing since I lost my parents.

Please I am like an orphan now who needed help that is why I contact you to see if you can render me a help from your country because my conditions here is too bad. I don't have brothers or sisters but I have uncles, they have not been fair with me since the death of my father, all the care about is sharing my father's properties among themselves, saying that am just a little girl so wouldn't know what to do with those things, when I tried to protect them, they started threatening my life and send me out of family house, that is why I run to Guest House to hide here they cannot know my way about until I leave this country.

The good things that happened to me is that they are not aware of this sum of Two million Five hundred thousand US dollars . USD ($2.5million ) left in a suspense account which my father arranged to transfer abroad into his foreign partners account for his investments overseas but according to the bank director, he could not give them any record of his partner before his untimely death, the Bank here instructed me to provide them with the record of my late father's partner so they can transfer the money to enable me have access to it.

Furthermost I will like you to keep this matter with you please I don't want you to tell it any body because those people that kill my father may be looking away to eliminate me to get this money so please know how you discuss this mather with you friends and relative so that I will be save down here or some of your friend will not be happy because of this money that will come into your account so please bear with me.

Here is more info about myself, I am Miss Linda Mehi, from the Republic de Cote d'ivoire, I am the only daughter of Late Mr Mehi Osu who died in the caurse of poison. My mother died few months after given birth to me and since then I was motherless. I am now 19 yrs old girl who living alone in Cote d'Ivoire where to save my life and also to claim the money which my late father left for me.This is why I am worried to move out from here, moreover they might kill me if the locate to where I am staying. I am now staying with my church pastor house here the situetion is very hard to me.

I belive you are a God sent to help me out with this project, after reading your profile I choosed to contact you for help believing you will be able to help me transfer the money and invest it wisely into a profitable business.
Meanwhile, here are the area I need your help,

1)To help provide an overseas bank account to transfer the money and negociate for a lucrative business to establish the money for my future life,

(2)To serve as the gaurdian of the money and my investment director hence I am still a student,

(3)To secure me some neccessary papers which will permit me to live in your country to futher my education.

In your return to this letter include your home and office address,telephone number and fax numbers upon receipt I will submit your infomation to the bank as my foreign partner who is helping me to transfer the money into your foreign account. I am sending you my picture and will be glad to have yours in your next reply.So that i will give you the contact of the bank where this money was deposited for you to contact them.
Finally, I will like you to go through the attachment andview those Documents which I haveincludedin this mailand keep the document very safe, am saying this becuase am afraid to send them to you, But hence you are working with me to see that this money is transfered please print it and keep it in your safe place.this is the original copy of my late father WILL, Deposite Certificate and his Death Certificate.I will like you to send me your photos and your phone number as you can see my own.

Best Regard

Miss Linda Mehi.



My father WILL

Deposite Slip

Mrs Date: Sun 17 Feb 2008 14 08 26 -0800 PST
From: Linda Mehi <lmehi2008@yahoo.com>

Good Evening friend,

I am very much happy to receive reply I appreciate your willingness and concern to help me out in my situation which I found myself. My Dearest, First I thank you for your understanding and co-operation, may the good God continue to bless you as you keep ear to my cry out, now I understand that you are there for me, my hope and future depend on you now, please my dear when once this money entered your account in your Country all my problem will be over,

Moreover, Now that I have seen your confirmation mail to me I will open my mind to tell you all about this money so that you will know more about it. and know how to help me deal with the bank because I do not know much about transaction that is why I contacted you in the first place hoping that you will know more than me, I want you to help me deal with the bank so that they will release the money into your account for me to come over there and continue my education.

Since the death of my father life has been like hell to me I have nobody to console me all I have is wicked Uncle and Aunties all they cares are my late father property they are not even care to know if I will continue my education or not when I want to stop them from selling my late father properties they start treating to kill me saying that am still a young girl that is why I run to live in guest house where I am living now.

When I visited the Bank to take some money from the money that my late father deposited in the bank ,The Credit Union Bank Director (MR.Vincent Duncan) told me that I can not withdraw any money from the account because my late father made this deposited under suspense account for onward transfer and made it clear to them that the money will be transferred into an account of his business partner overseas for an investment purpose, But according the Bank Director he also made me to understand that my late father did not forwarded any account information of his partner where he want this money to be transfer before he died.

The Credit Union Bank Director also told me that unless this money is transfer into someone’s account overseas I can not withdraw any money from the said deposited fund which is USD2.5Million Dollars, That is why I contacted you hoping that you will not cheat me when this money is transfer into your nominated bank account.

I am really happy to read from you today regarding the last mail that I sent to you, I want to let you know that I visited the Credit Union Bank very early in the morning today to discuss this matter with the Bank Director that I have finally succeeded in finding someone who will help me to transfer this money into his account for me to come to his Country and live with him, Because I have put all my trust in you hoping that you will not disappoint me in this transaction, I will also like you to put you trust in me so that we will successfully get this money transferred.

And after my discussion with him he told me that I should send all their bank contact information to you so that you will contact them for them to inform you about their transferring procedure, He also promise me that as soon as you contact them he will use his veto power to transfer this money into your account because my late father was a very good friend of him when he was alive, He said that all you have to do is to take his instruction and directive so that you will not make any mistake when transferring this money into your account.
Meanwhile all I want you to do for me now is to contact the bank where this money was deposited by my let father and introduce yourself to them because I have already told them about you.

Here is the Bank contact I will like you to write or in other alternative call the Bank.

Below is the Bank contact.

Name of the Bank : CREDIT UNION BANK .
NAME OF Director : MR.VINCENT DUNCAN. (Director General).
TEL/FAX. :+225 0126 2427
cub-ci@accountant.com / infocubci@yahoo.fr

Please contact the bank or you can as well call them immediately with their phone number so that they will know that we are serious about this matter and also take all their instructions and directive because I believe that they have the final say over this matter and you get back to me. I believe if our mind are together after the successfully transfer of this money into your account I shall move immediately to your destination and stay with you.

Finally, I attaching to you my passport and my late father photo, am saying this becuase.I will like you to send me your full address and your phone number as you in your next reply.I lost my Birth Certificate when I was runing out of my late father house because my Uncle are after my life to gain those vital document which I sent to you in my previous mail.Please try to write fast and also try to write to the bank director Mr.Vincent Duncan.
I belive you are a God sent to help me out with this project, after reading your profile I choosed to contact you for help believing you will be able to help me transfer the money and invest it wisely into a profitable business.

Best Regard.

Linda Mehi.


International passport

my late fathers photo


Mrs Date: Mon 18 Feb 2008 01 38 07 -0800 PST
From: Linda Mehi <lmehi2008@yahoo.com>
Subject: My Explanation Dear.

Dearest friend ,
Thanks for your mail and all the attachment photo you sent to me, I also recieved your ATM CARD under attachment. I am here to let you know that I recieved all the attachment clearly,
I am here to clear the doubt on you about my late father signing pic which I sent to you. I shocked this morning when i read from you that you have recieved it from another girl who claim to be my father daughter and also ran away with your money after all your relationship with her, My Dear friend that is a bad atitude and I pray to God to punish her any where she is now for lieing with another person futures. Moreover,You can not said that what I am teeling you is lie since I have all the proof over it and I want you to believe me in this matter to enable us proceed this transaction with the Bank immediately. The pic of my father which I send to you is the real photo of my father, I swear with the name of God (Allah. And I want you to believed me and let stop this argument and face the transaction since my condition here now is very critical, As you request me to add you on Messanger so that we will chat, Please I want you to know that is not possible for me since I did not usually come to internet centre here everytime, I only come here when I want to access my e-mail box and reply my mail. So I did not think that I will have chance to sit on the internet office to chat with you please, Again for my security reason, I heard from my girl friend that my Uncle came to their house on thursday last week in search of me, Please I know that he will be looking for me all over the City for him to get me to enable him to secure those legal document that I sent to you,
Please My Dear friend, After reading your mail about my late father pics, I now knew that my Uncle and his gangs have hands in the message you said you recieved from one girl here, Do you know that one day that I went to internet centre to checked my box near our house, My Uncle plan with the man who is incharged of the place to monitor me, That was when I am preparing the first mail I sent to you, After all the man printed the message from the control system and I believed that is from the computer system where I access my mail box the planed and search those my late father's pics and try all their best to do all the bad thing with it so that no person will believe me since the have places the pics in the Scams page in the net. Please I want you to wipe all your doubt on this transaction, I am for real just direct me on good way to follow this transaction, I know from your messages that you really want to help me in this transaction not just for the 20% I promised to give you after the transaction into your account
As I told you that I forgot my Birth Certificate when I was running out of my late father house, I forgot it because I am in a hurry to ran out so that my Wicked Uncle will not knew my way about.I did not have phone number this is fir security reason, Yes I have my late father pic in my album I will send it to you in my next mail. Please try to contact the bank with their contact which I sent to you in my last mail to you please so that we will start the transaction to enable me to come over to your country as soon as the fund confirm in your account.
I love you so much Dear.
My regard.
Yours Linda 444444444444
Mrs Date: Mon 18 Feb 2008 02 33 33 -0800 PST
From: Linda Mehi <lmehi2008@yahoo.com>
Subject: my late Mother1

Hello Dear friend.
I am here to send to you my late mother pics as i recieved from my late father, Mr.Mehi Osu, Please I now noticed that some people are using my problem to Defrauding people through internet which I am not away, Sincerely I am the only daughter of late Mr.Mehi Osu, We are not two for me to say that is my sister or brother since Idid not have brother or sister. Please I am begging you with the name of God /Allah to call the bank Director Mr.Vincent Duncan Tel. +225 0126 2427 as soon as you read this mail to know if what I am telling is truth or false. Please I did not have any off my photo, But I will find time to visit a photographer office and snap pics. But I am having financial problem now.
My Best Regards.
Yours Linda.

my late Mother

Mrs Date: Tue 19 Feb 2008 10 34 57 -0800 PST
From: Linda Mehi <lmehi2008@yahoo.com>

Dearest friend
Thanks a lot and may the good Lord give you all the encouragements you need to help me in this matter and protect you in all your endeavours. I pray that the light of God(Allah) continues to shine on you as you are trying to help an orphan like me. I do receive your message and the contents are quit understood. I realise fromthat you did not want us to hurry in this transaction till we know each other very well to enable us to clear the doubt in everyone of us. I really love it that way, But why I want this matter to be treating as urgent as any other thing is that those people that killed my beloved father may be looking for way to eliminate me if the investigate where I am living now since there is no security guarrantee in this guest house, That is why I suggest that we hurry and finalize this transaction into your account to enable me travel to your Country immediately and have my peace and also continue my education since this is the first thing that I am going to do as soon as I live this country to your Country.
Believe me I thank you for all your kindness to me because I notice that you are there to help me and I thank you for the trust especially in a case where we have not met before, every normal person cannot act as such but the only way is to commit this matter into the hands of God (Allah)to be our guide.

I assure you now and every moment that this transaction is 100% risk-free, nothing unlawful in it. You will know the kind of person you’re dealing with when we meet face to face. I do not wish anything that will debart the gates of heaven not even the money, I didn't grow up with lies because I was thaught that liars can't make it to heaven, my heart is genuine and I wish there's a better way I can prove myself to, put the money aside first but I want you to believe and try rendering a little help to me as I am in dear need of your help. I am just coming back fromoffice of the photographer as you requested my new photos decide to branch in one of the internet cyber cafe and check my email, When I get there I see your message waiting for me to read. I open it I now notice that you forwarded to me miss Sarah message.
I have too many reasons now to be hurry and here are the reasons once again: I lost my parents on a day I do not wish to comeby in my entire life, a day light that shined in me was switched off, I wish that day never existed because it left me alone in the wilderness where there is no tree to learn or even water to drink.

My life is a very simple one. Since the death of my parents, life has been like hell to me, I have no one to console me or encourage me, all I have are wicked uncles and aunties who have taken all their times to share and sell off my parents properties which rightly belongs to me, when I rose up to protest their actions, they threaten to kill me many times saying I am too small to own those things, they did not care for how I would continue my education and be somebody in future, they were all selfish.
It came to a point were I have to run out of our family house to this guest house where I am hiding, it is far from where they can locate me, My family members envied my parents because they were prosperous in this cocoa business, that is why I have sworn never to have anything to do with them and when I come over to your place after the transfer I will go into school and after my education, I am coming back here to fight them one by one and recover all that rightfully belongs to me, so I need your help urgently.
Please, things are not quite easy on my side and I would like you to render me help , do you know that feeding is a big problem to me, I am tired of living like this,Do you know that to check my emails is very difficult to me. I am just a human being, the assurance that I can give to you is human but I tell you God (Allah) is the only assurance and that is all I have for now as my parents.
Secondly the guest house where I am hiding now are trying to throw my thing out because of I am owning them for some months and they give me from now tillThursday 21/02/2008to get there fees without that they will throw me out. I own them about 200,000.00.cafe my local currency which is about USD $450 in equivalent. Please can you help me out with this amount? If you can almighty God (Allah) will pay you back in abundantly way. You can send this money through Western Union Money Transferwith the information bellow.
Name: Miss Linda Mehi.
Address: 01 BP Abidjan 180
Country:Ivory Coast.
Amount: USD $450

Please I need your help urgently to settle this guest house, I wanted to tell you this the first day you contact me but I said that is not Good telling you this now because I don’t know how you will be feeling.

But after all this your previously messages I notice that you are just like a God (Allah)sent to my life and I don’t have any choice to tell you. Please I am so sorry for inconveniences that may cost you but I really need your help to settle this people for me to have rest of mine. I am looking forward to read from you again.
Thanks and my best wishes to you as you are trying to help an orphan like me.
Linda Mehi
Note: I am attaching to this message my new three pics, Please view them and get back to me immediately regarding the Guest House fees and do not fail to send to me your tel.no so that I will call you , Because it will be my great joy to hear your voice over the phone send me your telephone no.

Date: Wed 20 Feb 2008 02 04 49 -0800 PST
From: Linda Mehi <lmehi2008@yahoo.com>

Dearest friend ,
Many thanks for the mail you sent to me this morning, Please I have try all my possible best to make you understand that what I am telling you are the simple truth only that some people are taking an advantage of my life story to cheat people like you. Regarding to my photo, Never say to me again that my pics are not thesame since I know that those photos I sent to you are mines and that shows me that you are very confused due to you have entered into the hands of bad people before. For your information I have sweared to you with the name of God (Allah) that what I am telling you is only but the simple truth and I have proof it to you by trusting you and sent to you all the vital documents that my late father handed me over before his death.
I know why you are sounding somehow in your last mail, Is because I required your financial help over the guest house fees of $450. I want to let you know that nothing is permanent in this world, Wherever my father is this days his spirit will not rest because of all this that is happening to his only daughter, I must confess to you that I have never been in this condition before when my father was alife, He told me like his Eagle egg and supplies all my need even that time I was schooling at Ghana Near by Country. After reading the mail you sent to me, I started crying to God (Allah) asking him why me, Why did he off the only light shining in my life at this age. Let me ask you one question and I hope you will answer me this particular question in your next reply.(If my father are still alive today will you say all this to me????, If also my condition is not like this even to the extend of owning the guest house, Will you tell me that I want to fool you????)
Meanwhile, I did not blamed you regarding the last mail you sent to me, But I blame and course those Scammers who is using my advantages to cheat people like you. There is one scripture that says"WAGES OF SIN IS DEATH" I pray that someone will act also with their advantages in this earth.
Please I am begging you kneeling on my knees pleading you to help me by sending the guest house fee to me today to enable me to settle the guest house management, If even you say you did not trust and believed me in this matter , But with the Love of your religious Muslim try your possible best and see that you send the guest house fee to me today with the information which I have given you in my last mail to you, I am also re-confirming it here and I hope to recieve the WESTERN UNION information in your next mail so that I will pay the guest house people and have my rest over their disturbance since they have given me from now till thursday to pay their fee or they throw me out and seize my laguages.
You can send this money through Western Union Money Transferwith the information bellow.
Name: Miss Linda Mehi.
Address: 01 BP Abidjan 180
Country:Ivory Coast.
Amount: USD $450
Please I have pleaded you for the sake of human love and kind which you have on me to wipe all the doubt you have in this matter and let reason well in this our lifes and posess or posessions.
I will wait for your prompt reply please
Best Regards
I am honest and kind to you.

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