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Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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Da: Miss Asmina Garang <asmirang221@yahoo.ca>
Inviato: Lunedì 19 maggio 2008, 17:41:33
Oggetto: I just want to let you know this before hand.

Dearest ,

Good day to you,I hope you are healthy? Well, my name is Miss Asmina Akoul from Republic of Sudan in Africa. I was searching for an institution or a reliable person whom i will spend the rest of my remaining life with.

I am an orphan now after loosing my entire family during the longing civil war in my country last year ago. I have no mother, father brothers or relatives to run to, thats why i have contacted you to be my friend so that i will have whom to talk to, share my love with and follow in this wild world.

I am sorry if i have intruded into your privacy but, consider my action as someone who is frustrated and depressed because of the whole tragedies that have engulfed my life since the death of my family. I will be 23 years by this coming June and the way i am looking at things, i am no more growing any younger. There is this proverb in my country that says that the pride of any woman is her husband.

I have decided to look for one man in my life who will mean more than many men whom through him i will live the rest of my life since i don't have neither a mother or father who will take care of me and i don't consider it descipline or good behavour to take to the street in order to irk out a living.
I am praying to God for a provision of a real man who will be honest and caring to me always.I will be honoured to be submissive and loyal to him anytime any moment.This is my promise of heart.

This is little i have for you today until i hear from your opinion then i will share my photos and my life history with you and other important issues of most value.
Hoping to hearing from you immediately..

Yours sincerely,

Miss Asmina
Mrs Da: Miss Asmina Garang <asmirang221@yahoo.ca>
Inviato: Giovedì 22 maggio 2008, 21:35:48
Oggetto: I need your heart-felf love and help.


I am very happy that you quickly responded to my mail but, I must apologize for my late responses, it is due to my ill health condition.Anyway, I am improving now.Well,I hope our first encounter is not going to be the last one?
I am seriously seeking a reliable man who will restore back my lost memories and womanhoods which were lost sometime ago because of civil war in my country. Meanwhile, how are you again, I believe you are very healthy.
Well, I believe it is very necessary to share my life history with you and my background so that you will get to know me very well and know the type of a woman and the type of help I really need from you.
I am still very sorry the way I have intruded into your private life but, consider my action as someone who is frustrated and thoughtless due to the condition I have found myself recently.

My future and my dreams are now tight in one place; I cannot move about nor do other things other women are doing just because I am a refugee. Yes, it is true I am in search of a real love and a life partner who will love and care for me till death do us apart, just one man in my life who will mean more than many men.

Someone to hold on , someone to lean on, someone who could be there for me all the time, Someone to share fun with, bad times and good times, trial times, Celebration times, rainy and sunny times of life. I need an honest man, trust worthy and God fearing man. Why don't we give ourselves a trial, and see what the future holds for us.
If you really want to know more about me, do not hesitate to write me. I am looking forward to having you as my bosom man if possible follow you to the altar. Tell me what is your opinion about this?
Well, my life history is a mixture of sorrows and happiness to those who have human sympathies. My late father was a chief rebel officer before he died but, was more into business of Gold and Diamonds which formed the main source of his incomes.
Though, he said that the inheritance is for my future upbringings should anything happens to his life as he was not sure of his life due to the persistent war in my country and the manner his blood relatives were hunting to kill him.
Meanwhile, my mother and my younger sisters and the only boy we have were killed at the same day after the death of my father in a plane crash.Theysat our house a blazed with firearms and no single property was spared.Infact, I narrowly escaped the ordeals because of the mercy ofGod and I was still in school hoping to come back for the weekend-break before the incidence occurred on Friday night.
When the war kept persisting and people started dying on the street anyhow and there was record of series of rapes by the so called security agencies, we were advised by my school authority to leave the boarding house for our lives. At this point, I picked the courage to escaped with the help of UN Peace-keeping Agents.
I am now in Senegal Dakar under the control of UNHCR authority. I am not health wise and the new environment I have found myself is totally a HELL, there are no adequate medical services, my food only comes by thegrace of God, people are dying everyday and the physical tortures and verbal abuses are becoming too much for me to bear. I am being treated like a slave and my life will be in more danger if I continuously live here. The area boys are fomenting troubles to the women in their hostel every time.

There are always cases of rape everyday both within the camp and outside.Infact it is not safe to stay here and I really need to relocate outside Africa to your country and start living with you as I don't have neither mother nor father nor brother nor sisters and I cannot venture to go back to my country hence, there is this fear in me that I might be killed by my late father's enemies.

I will be very, very grateful if you can take it upon yourself to help me in order to come out of this camp and start living under your care and supervision until when you will come here to take me along to your country or prepare my travelling documents to meet you. I promise to be very loyal and submissive to you and assure my real and caring qualities to you always. My only concern for now is how to be free and have my freedom like other women in the world.

This camp is HELL and no ideal person wishes to stay and live here. This is how I have seen my life, I believe you will see a place in your heart to help me?
Hoping to hearing from you immediately and I will like to see your photos as they will keep me abreast and alive. I enclose herein my three photos, I hope you will like them?

Moreover, in case you want to call me, you can do so by our Reverend Priest's office phone as I don't have my own phone for now. You will tell him that you want to speak to Miss Asmina Akoul from Sudan and he will send for me. His name is Rev Dr Desmond Kenneth. Telephone No....00221-77-273-38-37

Yours Lovely,

Miss Asmina

Miss Asmina

Miss Asmina

Miss Asmina

Mrs Da: Miss Asmina Garang <asmirang221@yahoo.ca>
Inviato: Lunedì 26 maggio 2008, 20:40:04
Oggetto: What I need you to do for me

Dearest ,444
How is your life today, I hope you are healthy? I am very very happy after reading your heart warmth letter.I am happy that you have promised to help me in order to move from this HELL called refugee camp to join you in your country. Honey, I was hoping too view your photos but, I only saw environments and perspective landscapes, where are your photos?

Like I said earlier, I need love and only a true man who will be around me every time of my life but, as you have married, I will even like it better so that I will a helping hand to your family since I cannot dare to go back to my country again for the fear of being killed like my parents.But honey,my greatest problem now is how to move out of this refugee camp to your country and start living with you as your family member if that will make you to feel happy with me always?Again I need somebody whom I am going to live with so that he will be my shield,source of protections and my guardian.
Meanwhile, my greatest worry now is how to be a free woman like other women in the world. I am not allowed to do anything my minds tells me and my freedom and liberties are totally limited that I can't just do anything I like to do.
I have already assured myself, body and soul that I will make my entire heart available to any man who can make me to forget about my old bad experiences which was characterized by sorrows, suppression's degradation and all sorts of abuses. Please dear, I need my conscience and freedom to be restored back through your assistance. I am now like a rejected women and the only problem itching my heart everyday is how to get out of this camp and live a normal life of a young woman in your good care.
It is not a good experience and it is not too easy living in this refugee camp as a lot of bad things are transpiring everyday and I don't really want to be a victim of series of rapes that is too prevalent in the camp every time. You cannot believe it that irrespective of what the UN is doing to make us refugees happy, our life's are still subjected to dangers, maltreatment, no adequate medical services and people are dying everyday in the camp because of lack of proper feeding, our food comes only by the grace of God.

We are exposing to an open place where area boys are terrorizing the female counterparts. There is this fear of who is going to be the next victims. Infact, I really need to get out of this HELL called refugee camp. My future and personal aspirations are caged in one place and my freedom is limited and I cannot exercise myself the way I choose to be, what kind of life is this?. Please, if you can find it in your heart to come to my rescue.

There is a legal papers the UNHCR authority is issuing to any refugee who wants to travel out of the camp provided she or he has a sponsor or guardian whom to live with. The papers make it very easy for us to be allowed to any country we so much wish to live and it gives us the backing of international authority so that no embassy will deny us visa or any travelling documents. I will be happy if you can write to our camp director asking him to give you all the necessary information's needed for me to get out of the camp that you are my guardian and you promise my protection in your country.

The camp Director ’s contact Address:

Mr Marvis Kone
Espace Residence Dune
Apartment 1045,

Email addresses...
regional_refugeecamp@johnwayne.zzn.com regional_refugeecamp@excite.com

Moreover, I will be the happiest woman with you if you can really help me to come out of this camp because I have really suffered too much here since last year and all my hopes and aspirations are caged in one place. I need to continue my education pursuit which was hampered by the civil war in my country. I was studying medicine and was in third year before the war broke out.

I really need to finish my educational career which is another thing I will like you to help me if I happened to have the opportunity to come to your country so that I will not end up my life being without completing my career.

I hope to read from your reply very soonest.

Yours lovely,

Miss Asmina

From: Marvis Kone


We are writing to inform you that we have received your letter which dated yesterday Wedsday, June 04, 2008 12:41:03. We want to assure you that your information�s so far remain anonymous to us and to any organizations. Therefore, we are glad to inform you that based on what we have accessed so far, we believe you are nice person and a patriotic champion of justice.

We therefore want to inform you that we are releasing Miss Asmina Akoul Garang under your custody for absolute security and protections. Finally, to get her out from here completely, the following needs to be provided.
Her Resident Permit/Consular Card which will permit her to be able to move freely here in Senegal without fear of molestation, and also obtain her visa with it, that is, if she needs to travel out from here.

And then provide the retrieval form which will be approved by the Judiciary desk here in Senegal under the provision of United Nation's stipulations.This form will be attached with it the United Nation Job curriclum vitae of Miss Asmina if she is interested to secure any job in your country based on her area of specialisation as she was into medical faculty and also her Medical certificate which will certify that she is medically diagnosed to be free from all sorts of venereal diseases, her police clearance which gives her the full supports and attestation of United Nation backings both here or in any other country she may desires to live.

To get all these papers done and ready will take us up to five working days as soon as the payment is made available to us through our bank in order to expedite the procurements of the documents. Pay in to Mr Jonah Ufere Daniel, our financial secretary

The costs are as follows...

1. Resident Permits...... 500 Euros.
2. Consular Card......... 100 Euros
3. Form and Approval.... 600 Euros.
4. Medical Certificate... 200 Euros
5. Police Clearance...... 100 Euros

Total costs. � 1,500 Euros.

Here is our bank details

Name of the bank: Compagnie Bancaire de L' Afrique Occidentale (CBAO).
Name of the account holder: Jonah Ufere Daniel.
Address: Espace Residence Dune Appartment 1045, Dakar-Senegal.
Swift Code: CBAOSNDA.
Code Guichet: 01271.
Account Number: 34154509201-43.
Cle Rib: 43.

Note. You are required to notify us as soon as you made the payment.

Best Regards,

Mr Marvis Kone.




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