Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is about a fraud lottery. The lottery claims that I won, but the reality is that they want MY money.

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From: Ball Power <ask.power@live.com>
Date: Thu 5 Jun 2008 12 52 34 -0600


For a limited time, a special feature is being offered on Power Play that could multiply all non-jackpot Power ball prizes up to 10 times!
Recently the POWER BALL LOTTERY contacted you regarding your new Prize winnings.

The question on your mind is how did you win? In recent time you are officially required to buy a lottery ticket to participate in a Lottery,our research unit notice that most people do not participate in Lotteries any more to encourage Electronic participation we have now device a means of giving individuals opportunity to participate in Lottery without necessarily buying tickets before participating, This program was sponsored by some group of Clergy men and NGO to enhance unity, alleviate poverty worldwide and to encourage all micro-soft users all over the world. your E mail ID was selected through a computer ballot system drawn from an on-line web wide correlation of e-mail address names all over the world were each e-mail address was attached to a ticket number, a draw was held and your email address emerged winner with the winning ticket number draw.

Subscription plays are off-line purchases that usually include an automatic payment or repurchase option. They are usually offered for up to one year. Federal law prohibits the sale of this type of purchase across a state line, since it involves automatic purchases.

Due to series of scam email notification we will give you further guidelines to identify scam emails,
Note: Any Lottery winning notification suspected to be scam should be reported to us . Basically you must have confirmed your winning draw numbers from our website www.powerball.com .

An individual lottery may have rules about how they will pay a winner (how many checks; how many winners to process, etc.) but we can handle any request to divide the prize payments. We can pay the prize however the individuals wish, including requests for cash or annuity.

A lottery prize is just like any other asset. You can pass any remaining annuity payments on to your heirs or to anyone else.
For due Processing of your winnings you are required to fill the form below .
Be rest assuredyour information will be kept confidential and not used for any commercial purpose or disclosed to the public.


1. FULL NAMES:__________________________________

2. ADDRESS:_____________________________________________
3. SEX:_______________
4. AGE:________
5. MARITAL STATUS:___________________
6. OCCUPATION:________________________
7. E-MAIL ADDRESS:_____________________________
8. TELEPHONE NUMBER:_____________________

9. COUNTRY________________________________
I, ________, hereby declare that, I have never received any settlement from the National Lottery Program nor any member of my family filed claim on my behalf to the Free Lottery International Promotion. I therefore authorize Date: _______.
On receipt of your filled form we will direct you to our Payout firm for payment of your won prize money.
Warm Regards,
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