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Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am invited to a conference that does not exist. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will not get to the conference, because it never existed.

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From: TRANSWORLD YOUTH [mailto:trans4world@juno.com]
Sent: 02 June 2008 17:31


New, Refurbished And Used Fax Machines (Germany)


Dear Comrade,

Thanks so much for your interest in the Revolution UK International Youth Conference.The conference will be an Excellent opportgunity to meet Revo activists from around the whole country of the world and to discuss and debate the hot political issues that we are facing today:how to stop the warmongers; fighting racism and lies about asylum seekers; the battles for sexual liberation; and demonstration tactics as we take on the G8 this summer.

Our contact E-mail address for the conference we are holding on the 10th -17th ofJuly 2008here in UnitedKingdom and on the 21th - 28th ofJuly 2008in Dakar-Senegal is; trans4world@mail2sponsor.com

Dear Participants, Radiants of Peace and love to you all the days of your life.Special compliments to all invited participants for;

The forth coming World Congress against Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children and Congress against Child Trafficking:modern-day slavery:

The Youth Conferences are never under advertisement.They are not opened to everybody to Participate.Both congress will only be attended by special invitees from selected countries around the World.We are only accepting participants or organsation with recommendation from top personels from our organisation or other recognised organisation around the world. But since your recommendation comes from one of our colleagues,we will give you the opportunity to participate in the forth coming Conferences.

The forth coming:

World Congress against Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children will take place atWestin Westmister Hotel and conference Center,Conventional andBanqueting Hall in Westminster,United Kingdom from the 10th - 17th day ofJuly 2008.

A follow up:

Congress against child trafficking: modern -day slavery will be in session at place Independence Hall Ville,Dakar-Senegal From the 21th - 28th day ofJuly 2008.

The theme of the forth coming Youths Conferences will teach and broaden the knowledge of Youths and mankind on method and how to track down the issue of Child trafficking and sexual exploitation of children around the world. The Forth coming Conferences are being Organized by theTransWorld Youth OrganisationUnitedKingdom. Both conference are being sponsor by Special Arms of Charity organisation.You may wish to participate in the Youth Conference if you wish to travel alone.Participation in both conferences is mandatory as that is what it entains for the UK free accommodation and all round flight tickets sponsorship. The sponsorships also covers participants feeding throughout their stay in the United Kingdom. Participants will only be responsible for their hotel reservation in Dakar-Senegal West Africa. The conference planning committee and some prominent personels in the UK have employed the service of the UK Bureau of Immigrant Affairs for the processing and authorisation of the UK Visas to participants. This will help to avoid the UK Visa restrictions and delays in the issuing of UK visas to participants at theBritish Embassy in participants Country. Lesser and affordable Visa requirements have been set up for participants to meet up for the processing and authorisation of the UK entry visas by the UK Bureau of Immigrant Affairs.

With the fruitful assistance from the special Arms of charity, we shall provide the following for all registered participants and will be forwarded to the UK Bureau of Immigrant Affairs

1.Hotel confirmation for the conference in the UK, Participants will need to provide their hotel confirmation for the second conference in Dakar-Senegal West-Africa

2.Participants conference registration confirmation

As it is, we will forward the participants flight bookings and confirmation of conference registration to the UK Bureau of Immigrant on behalf of every participant. The ticket booklet will be issued to participants at the airline agent in their country or nearby country, only when the UK Bureau of Immigrant Affairs have sent us confirmation of participants UK Visas. The sponsored tickets are mainly for participants participating in both events and not for people with other motives. Hence all UK Visa requirements for this events most be met and forwarded in advance to our UK Immigration Advocate to avoid delay in processing of the UK Visas from the UK Bureau of Immigrants. If this invitation have reached you, and you are interested to participate in the forth coming conferences, You must also considered the expense of your hotel accommodation and feedings throughout the second conference inDakar-Senegal West-Africa as your responsiblities.You must have the proof of this by making your hotel reservation in any of the two of ourselected hotels which is a member of ABT in Dakar-Senegal West-Africa. Having considered this on your part, then you should send your name,passport numbers together with the Country of your origin and resident through the following e-mail addresstrans4world@mail2sponsor.com With the forwarded names and passport numbers, we will open visa processing file with the UK Bureau of Immigrant Affairs through our UK Immigration Advocate.

Your visa file will first be opened by the UK Bureau of Immigrant Affairs as an authorisation and confirmation for your country participation in this event. We shall receive your visa file number from our UK Immigration Advocate. The the same file number will be used to open your participation file for both conferences. We will have to be sure that your UK Visa file is opened. We can not grant and open your participation file without the confirmation of the UK Bureau of Immigrant Affairs first.Your UK Visa matters alot.Participants, Groups and Organisations from countries that are supporters of terrorism have been suspended from participating in this event. Some organisations from these countries have already sent their group particulars to us but unforunately their visa files were not opened for them.Because of the rejection of their visa files,we could not open their participation file. We shall reach you as soon as the UK Bureau of Immigrant Affairs confirms your country's participation by opening your group's UKVisa file. We shall forward your UK Hotel room number to you when you are through with your UK Visas.Participants and Groups without travelling passports and have no hope of geting their travelling passport ready before the conference commenced ,should inform us in advance to enable us secure other emergency travelling certificate from the UKBureau of Immigrant Affairs or from the UN Headquarter in United Kingdom.


You can come and participate alone in the Youth Conference.We wants to make it clear to you that delegates must participate in both conferences. You must bethree or six peoplein number as a group.You must put many things into consideration before taking decision to participate in this event. Provision for participants all round flight tickets, feeding and accommodation in the UnitedKingdom will be taken care of by our sponsorers. Delegates will take care of their hotel reservation inDakar-Senegal West-Africa during the second conference as our sponsorers did not make provision for that. The hotel reservation must be paid for by the delegates who needs the Authorisation of the UK Visas to participate in this event. This is the instruction given by the UnitedKingdom'sBureau of Immigrant Affairs as a proof that delegates are really committed to participate in the second conference.The UK Bureau of Immigrant Affairs have strongly warned that this is not an opened window for illegal migration to the United Kingdom. If you have plans to migrateillegally to the UnitedKingdomthrough this conference,be informed that , it won't be possibleasparticipants must forward their hotel confirmation receipt in Dakar-Senegal before the issuance of their UK Visas. Hence the UnitedKingdomBureau of Immigrant Affairs have instructed that delegates must paid for their hotel reservation inDakar-Senegal West-Africa which will also prove that delegates will depart from UnitedKingdomafter the conference in Westin Westminster London. Delegates participation in the UK Conference with our donors sponsorship must participate in both conference as the free tickets is for only participants participating in both conferences. If you have considered this, then you should give us the go ahead to forward the particulars of your delegates to the UK Bureau of Immigrant Affairs to open your visa file by sending an e-mail to us as soon as you have verified. Do also inform us with the name of your delegates, passport numbers and country and your country of resident in your reply.

The UK Immigrant advocate will give you all formalities for the processing of this document when you apply for them Please note that we can not open group participation file with names forwarded without the passport numbers or name of resident country.The same is applicable to names and passport numbers forwarded to us by e-mail address.


We would not like any participantsorgroup to miss this opportunity.The UK Bureau of Imigrant Affairs have made arrangement to assistparticipants withoutinternationalpassports with the UN Refugee Emergency Travel certificate,if they are able tofulfill the needed requirements for the processing. The requirements inlude the following:

1.Scanned passport photograph foreach participant applying for the document and should be sent by e-mail attachment.

2.Names of participants, date of birth and name of participants resident country.

3.Participants must present hotel confirmation booked inDakar-Senegal West-Africa for the second conference when sending their names and cridentials.

The processing of this documents will commence immediately number 1&2 requirements are forwarded but will be finalised when the hotel confirmation is received byE-mail along with the conference requirements filled and sent to us by the participants.

The hotel confirmation for the second conference inDakar-Senegal West-Africa will convince the UK Authorities that you will not remain in the UnitedKingdomafter the conference but rather will be heading back to Africa for the second conference. You should send the names , date of birth, and scanned passport photograph to us by e-mail attachment .

The conference is not under advertisement,but since it was one of the cheif speakers in the universityof the Westminster,MissAnna Smiththat invited you,we'll treat yourapplication with most urgent response.TransWorld Youth Organisationwill take care of UK Visas processes for you,cater for your flight expenses,both travelling from your country tothe UnitedKingdom and fromthe UnitedKingdom to Dakar-Senegal and from Dakar-Senegal to your countryand Hotel accommodations here inBirmingham London,once you will be able to meet up with the conference requirements.Below are the selected Hotels and their address here inWestminster,Londonwhere our participants for the conference will be accommodated.We will cater for the hotel expenses for the periods of the conference starting from the date of the conference.Our participants may wish to remain in the Hotels on ourown expense after the conference if they want.

1.Comfort Inn- City Centre Birmingham
Station Street, Birmingham, Birmingham, West Midlands, B5 4DY.

2.Copthorne Hotel Birmingham
Paradise Circus, Birmingham, West Midlands, B3 3HJ.

All Participantswill only cater for their Hotel expenses in Dakar.Belowis the selected Hotel and the Hoteladdress in Dakar-Senegal for our Non European participants.

1.De Meradieno Hotel Dakar
Pointe des Almadies
Tel: +221-77574-1781 Fax: +221-33800-3030
ID#: IATA 96004871 (Quote on all Bookings)
ACR 2 CORP RATE #BG064101035
XOF77000 81000 sgl/dbl std 01/Jan-31/Dec.

For the care and safety of participant,we carefully selected the two above Hotels in Dakar-Senegal because they are a member of ABT.(Association Of Business Travellers)These are the requirements in other for any participant from Non European countries to be illegible and qualified to take part in the forth coming conference.

5 Requirements For Non European Participants ;

1.Participants must have a valid travelling passport.

2.Participants must submit their names as it appears in their passport,with their passport numbers.E-mail and house address,with their contact telephone numbers.

3.Participants must be in a good health condition.

4.Participants have a proof receipt of room reservation accommodation of one of our selected hotels in Dakar-Senegal.

5.Participants mustsend by Email to the organisation, the Confirmation Receipt of hotel reservations they have made with one of our selected Hotels in Dakar-Senegal for the Second Conference In Africa.For informations contact the Hotel managers with the above selected Hotel address.

We the entire members of TransWorld Youth Organisation are always ready to serve you sir,we kindly welcome you to the forth coming Youth ConferenceWestminster,Londonin the UnitedKingdom .We are here to bring up our youths to a healthy environment.

For more Details and Encyclopedic Informations about the Conference,Please see and download the attachment sent along side with this E-mail.

Mrs.Cynthia Roberts.




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