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Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am invited to an employment program and offered a job abroad. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never get the job, because it never existed. Most of these letters are spread via dating sites.

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Mr > From: Iwcf Headoffice United States <info.iwcf@yahoo.com>
> Date: Saturday, July 5, 2008, 10:44 AM
> Dear Applicant(s)
> On behalf of the entire members and staffs of International
> Welfare and Care Foundation(IWCF) I wish to welcome you to
> this year program.Still in the mode of celebration  on
> our  victories over poverty through our past programs, I
> wish to tell you once again that you are welcome to another
> year of great success
> With focus on making it easier for people to live the
> American Dream of home ownership through our special
> employment and housing program, International Welfare  and
> Care Foundation(IWCF) wish to advise families,groups and
> individuals who truly wants a home of their own to apply for
> our program and as long as they meet the criteria set forth
> to become a home owner through this program.It is good to
> let you know that you are not yet successful in life until
> your life begins to affect other peoples lives through your
> contributions and I count myself a lucky one, who happen to
> be on board the big train(IWCF) that have been making
> impacts in peoples lives around global  Global
> Opportunities
> Last month end marked the completion of another IWCF
> housing estate for low income earners. Interested and
> qualified applicants from any country, any  nationality and
> religion can benefit from the IWCF employment and Housing
> program by applying direct to our program co-ordinator 
> through the secretary,administrative head office, United
> States . Application Requirements
> Because the employing companies and firms depend on our
> integrities for competent staffs, we are very selective in
> our recruitments. Whether you are applying to own a house or
> be employed through this program, you must fulfil the
> application requirements. Each applicant applying for this
> program should be able to read and write in any of the
> following official languages: English, French, Dutch
> Portuguese, Arab and Spanish.
> Applicants should be in the working class of 18- 55 years
> of age. Applicants should be in good state of
> health.Applicant was must in posession of his or her
> international passport. Each applicant without international
> passport will need to travel with the UN Emergency
> travelling certificate which attracts an extra fee..
> Application processing fee
> 1)Each applicant must be responsible for the IWCF personal
> history application-processing fee. Application-processing
> fee for each Applicant in a family or group of 5 to 10
> persons is $235 USD
> 2)Processing fee for individual application, applicant in a
> family/group of less than 5 person  is $500 USD)Application
> processing for the UN Emergency travelling certificate is
> 150 USD
and this fee does not exempt the applicant from
> paying the normal IWCF Personal history application
> processing fee
> Having known the requirements for the program, I therefore
> implore you to utilize this life changing opportunity
> afforded you, as the number of chances for this year program
> is expected to be very much limited compare to the number of
> applications that will be received this year since the
> program have been extended to all parts of the world You are
> to read careful and follow every instruction.
> There is a file that contain our program brochure for this
> year. the brochure is attached to this mail. You will need
> to download for it.  In order to queue up for the
> application consideration,after reading the broching,you are
> to apply for a file code from the registry department,IWCF 
> zonal head office in London through this e-mail address 
> registrar_iwcf@yahoo.com
> You can as well reach the registrar by fax through this
> number +44-7006-054-347, when you send fax, don,t forget to
> include your name, name of country, your fax number and
> telephone number to enhance an easy flow of communication
> Procedures
> You will be instructed by the registrar to form a group of
> 5-10, after forming your group , you will need to forward
> your group or family information to the registrar to obtain
> a file code for the program.You will need to forward your
> group data once again that will only comprises of names,
> passport numbers and dates of birth of those without
> international passports along with your e-mail address and
> the issued file code number by fax through this number to
> the approval department through   Your application will
> have to join the application queue waiting for approval by
> the approval panel by department You shall be notified from
> the head office by e-mail or by fax with a copy of your
> group's approval certificate, if your group's
> application is considered. On the same mail, you shall
> receive IWCF program application form and the visa
> application forms from the Immigration lawyer assigned for
> the processing of visas for applicants that requires entry
> visas to their chosen host country .You shall be advised
> with the method of payment for the onward processing of your
> application and documents.But if your group's
> application is not considered, you may be notified or not
> and that will be the end of communication with you.If you
> fail this year, I therefore advise that you should not loose
> any hope as the program will come your way again 2010. 
> Visa Requirements for Applicants partaking in this program
>  1) IWCF approval certificate (certifying that applicants
> have the approval to partake in this  program)
> 2) Completed visa forms filled by the applicants
> 3) First pages of applicant traveling passport
> 4) IWCF application confirmation and should be returned
> through the IWCF head office (confirming that the group or
> applicant have successfully completed the IWCF application
> procedures. Upon the completion of  IWCF Application
> procedures by applicants, we shall forward the application
> confirmation for each group, already filled visa application
> forms by each applicant, first pages of applicant traveling
> passport and the approval certificates to the Immigration
> service through the immigration lawyer for the processing
> and authorization of the visa within 48 hours. 
> Late Submission of  application forms .
>  Any filled application form and requirement received
> after the exact date and time specified for receipt at the
> office designated in this notice will be considered
> non-responsive, except with permission. Consideration will
> be given to any group that notified the admin office with
> reasons why they will not be able to meet up with the given
> date  .Any application form returned without the payment
> receipt will be considered non-responsive and the group
> shall have their files cancelled except with considerable
> reasons. 
> On the appointment day, each member of your group will go
> the embassy for the issuance of your visa seals in your
> passports while those with passport will receive their UN
> Emergency traveling certificates. You shall be contacted by
> the flight co-ordinator with information about your flight
> schedule and arrangement on where to pick up your flight
> tickets in your country. Alternatively, the flight tickets
> can be mailed through secured delivery like FedEx or DHL but
> the cost shall be applicantsą responsibilities. Note that
> the program deadline is on the 25th of  August ,2008.So I
> wish you the best in this program as I implore you now to
> swing into action by forwarding your group's file code
> request to the registrar at our United kingdom office
> through this e-mail address  registrar.iwcf@yahoo.com
> To those coming to the United States, I look forward to
> seeing you very soon.
> Thanks.  
> Yours in the Humanitarian Service
>  Madam Kathrine Palmer
> Secretary to the Program coordinator
> Office address
>  4774 Constitution Avenue
> Baton Rouge, LA 70808
> United States
> + 1-309-437-3042/
> +1-501-641-9615

International World Care and Foundation broc

International World Care and Foundation broc

Mr > From: Iwcf Intl Office <iwcf_accounts@yahoo.com>
> Date: Wednesday, July 16, 2008, 8:23 AM
> Dear Participant(s),
> You are welcome to our new office in Africa. Below is the
> information needed for the transfer of your payment to the
> financial department. Because of the political crisis in
> Cote D'Ivoire the banks here do not operate regularly
> ,The financial departmental head shall be receiving 
> payments at the neighboring country Ghana where we have our
> guest house.  The head of this department have already
> resumed duties.
> You are to address your payment through electronic money
> transfer via  MONEY GRAM transfer  ONLY
> You should address your payment with the data of the
> financial department head because transfer of payment
> through moneygram  requires individual data. You should
> use the below information
> DESTINATION COUNTRY....................... GHANA
> NAME OF RECEIVER................................MR PETER
> ADDRESS.................25 OSU  LANE, ACCRA GHANA
> When you send your payment you should reach us with your
> payment information or scanned receipt by e-mail
> Thanks
> Yours in Humanitarian service
> Ms  Benedicta Morris
Mr > From: Barrister Johnson Miller <millerjohnson.chambers@yahoo.com>
> Date: Monday, July 21, 2008, 9:19 AM
> Dear Clients,
> Compliments of the day to you. On behalf of my colleagues
> in the office I wish to officially  update  you with the
> processing of your documents so far after we have forwarded
> your IWCF application confirmation along with your visa
> form and others to the US Bureau of Immigrant Affairs..
> The processing and authorisation of your US working visas
> by the US Bureau of Immigrant Affairs are already in
> progress and an embassy appointment have been scheduled
> ahead for you. The US Bureau of immigrant Affairs have just
> notified us about the new US immigration policy. Which
> states that all applicants coming to the US on working
> program, must first be issued with the US Labor certificate,
> by the US Department of  Labor.
> We have just received  the US  Labor application form
> from the US Department of Labor through  US Bureau of
> Immigrant Affairs. The form is to be completed by each
> member of your group applying for  the US  working visa.
> The  labor certificate application fee is $475 USD. each
> applicant..The labor certificate is to enhance the
> authorisation of your US Permanent working visa for your
> group
> The Application form have to be duly filled  by each
> applicant and return for processing through IWCF who have
> linked you to our administration.
> The application form have and your Embassy schedule date
> have been forwarded IWCF head office.You should request
> for it from them. You will need to fill and return the
> application forms through IWCF head office. They will need
> to forward your forms along with your credentials and the
> IWCF official application letter to the US Department of
> labor for the authorization and issuance of your labor
> certificate.
> Thanks,
> Yours faithfully
> Barrister Johnson Miller

If you received a similar letter, please ignore it. Do not answer it. If you do, you will end up on more of the mailing lists used by the criminals behind this fraud. Read more....


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