Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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Mr From: Lawfirm@mail2emergency.com
Subject: Your Trustful Advocate And Associate Abrahima Thieck
Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2008 03:05:28 -0700

Attention Mr ,
Inregards to your request for the preparation of legal documents unbehalf Miss Lolarita Johnson, this is full service law firm is located in Dakar,Senegal.We provide a free 1/2 hour evaluation of your matter and guarantee that your case will be handled by our firm,not an associate or a paralegal.This law firm have won several cases for our clients by way of settlement or at trial.In most cases,our clients with Refugee Statue pay for the fee of their charges because their cases are the most sensitive and complicated.I have a combined experience of over 18 years of practice and we serve our clients in a vast array of areas including the following areas of the law:
This law firm represents individuals and businesses regardless of whether they are resident in Senegal or non-resident requiring representation in Senegal.Practice areas encompass all areas of commercial law including both transactions and litigation.We advise and implement corporate expansion into Senegal and expansion beyond Senegal borders and West Africa in General.We are located in Dakar,in the heart of the Nation's Capital.
We service all of our clients business needs,from inception and incorporation to winding up or sale.We have had significant experience with all aspects of commercial law.If you are looking to start a business,buy or sell or merge or claiming of inheritance from late disease we can help you regardless of whether you are local or in another jurisdiction.
Our firm acts for individuals and corporations at all steps in the business cycle such as the following stated.We have prepared offering statements for the Financial Services Commission and filings before the Dakar Services Commission.
As you may have recently heard,as the result of changes made to protect the interest of the nation Act by the passage of the Anti-Terrorism and Effective Act in 1996 law De Senegal.
Under this section there are two degrees of adjustments that can be made:
1. A four-point increasement for a Refugee to pay High Fee in the Federal
2. A three-point restrictment for high case to be examining by the legislator
Unfortunately,the Government has restricted the Refugee from their inheritance and as a result,many banks (including the leading bank) have turned a deaf ear to please when Refugee argue that her inheritance cannot be release to hear direct.
As an Attorney with great experience i know that the course of representing Refugee to obtain a legal documents is difficult,hence your full corporation is needed to secure this documents.
As your entrusted lawyer,my noble law will obtained an Affidavit of Oath on your behalf in the federal High Court of Senegal,this will be sworn in your favor and as soon as this is ready, i will proceed immediately to draft a Power of Attorney which will be dully signed by the owner of the funds or the next of kin to the funds,and witness by me in the federal High court,however i will draft a detail application letter requesting for the transfer of the fund into your nominated bank account.
To Process the documents we need the following information from you: You will have to send your Full Details information
1) First,Middle and Last Name
2) Full Address, City, telephone,postal index
3) A scan copy of your international passport pages that contain your full information,A copy of your birth certificate and A recognized ID CARD (Identity Card) of your profession (work).
The above will have to be send via the following e-mail attachment.
As the result of the decision of the Senegal Supreme Court,106 S. Ct. 682 you are to pay the sum of 2500 Euro,this payment Included in fees are follow :
1: Consultation Fee
2: Opening of File
3: Drafting of the Power of Attorney
4: Sworning of Affidavit of Oath
5: Drafting of an application letter for the closed of the account
6: Notarization and Endorsement of these documents
Of course,my noble law can guarantee that i will utilize the most up-to-date research sources available to get these documents. Rest assured that my noble law will help you to get this transfer completed into your account,with my experience you are covered in all aspect of the law in Senegal.
To complete your request,you are to send with immediate effect this documents i have stated and 50% of 2500 Euro or equivalent in Dollar via the faster means of transfer as that is the fastest means to send fund through out the global.Upon receiving this documents and payment my noble law will prepare the documents on your behalf.Rest assured that my noble law will using my influence to make sure the documents are ready. However my noble law will help your partner in getting her travelling documents to leave to your country.
I cannot help you until the payment of my fees is paid and the documents wish will undergo a verification process,this is important to prepare this documents.
My noble law will have to make some expenses before been allowed to secure this three documents as a result you have to fit the payment of 50% of my charges as it will be used to cover up the expenses i will in cure in securing the documents on your behalf here in Senegal.
Yours Sincerely Advocate
Abrahima Thieck and Principle Asscoiate
Mrs Von: Lola Johnson <lolarita_withgod@yahoo.ca>
Gesendet: Freitag, den 20. Juni 2008, 12:02:39 Uhr
Betreff: From Lolarita

My Dear ,

I have said i don't have much access to internet,so you don't have to expect an e-mail from me always,i gave you the telephone number because of urgency.

I have siad in life that the price of freedom or bondage is an element (knowledge) of truth.when you know the truth in a matter,it will certainly set that person free.I have spoken all i feel is the truth from the point of view,the rest is left for you to consider my word as truth.

For me i still feel the time you spend in posting letter to the hospital might take a while and this will bring delay.If i were to say i would prefer you travel directly to Monrovia (Liberia) and make an inquiry from the hospital management,then after you come from that place to Dakar (Senegal) and resolve matter with the lawyer.I know it will cost you money to make all this travel,but remember that what you spend is not compared to 1% of my inheritance.

You spoke about FRAUD,Please be confident as all matter about my inheritance is 100% legal and confidential,you have confirmation from my bank.

One thing i want you to know in life is that what ever one soul is that he/she will reap at the end of the day.If i entrust you with my life,then you hurt my feeling in anyway,then you will never have peace althrough your life because you will live to Remember you hurt heart that was sincere to you.

Also if i cheat on you in anyway by deceiving you to collect your hard laboured money that you have laboured for,then i will remain in pains in my life because i did evil wish is against humanity.

My dear what do you mean,do you mean the Address of refugee camp ?? If yes i will send it to you,but please for safety don't send any important thing as there will open it over here,i prefer you bring all that you know is important directly.I have an ID Card and will send it to you in my next e-mail,i will send it along with my pictures OK.

Before i forget,i got you from the perfsport ,did forget the website you place you profile ??

Yours Lonely


Note that nothing gives me happiness because you are delaying matter,it makes me feel sad alot.

Mr Von: TRANSFER <TRANSFER@s-f-sn.net>
Gesendet: Freitag, den 20. Juni 2008, 16:37:43 Uhr

Place de l' Indépendance - Ex Immeuble Air Afrique
Rue 31-33 Elhadji Amadou NDOYE x Colbert
BP 890 DAKAR - Sénégal.

For Your Attn Mr ,

Reference to your request,i am sure you are not familiar with the following section of the International Banking Code.We want to use this medium to inform you the following properly.Sir every bank in theentired global has it own principle wish protect it interest.In the lawgoverning saving account,a withdraw must not be more than twice or there will not be an acquired interest in the deposit.

Under the principle governing the Senegal Bank,the client must notintrude upon the bank in matter related to the attorney.The client retains the right to instruct the bank only after providing the bank request.Theclient is prohibited from dispensing the bank request,interpretations,tortsor rulings instructing the bank will lead to cancellation of the transfer.

Upon providing the total (7)request stated in our last e-mail we will carry out the directives of your transfer without prejudice.

You are to seek for means to pay up your lawyer who will help you in preparing the legal documentation which is vital to released this transfer.

You are subjected to send this documents in 25 banking days via e-mail attachment on our transfer department.You have until friday 4th July to providing the remaining document,Violation of this statute is punishable under section 13.5".

For the moment,we will seized communication until we are convincedyou are serious in making this claim.

Upon receiving the complete document stated in our previous e-mail we will proceed further to make the transfer as scheduled.

Yours sincerely
Mr Assane Moustapha
(Foreign Operation Manager)
Banque Credit Agricole Du Senegal

Mr From: Lawfirm@mail2emergency.com
Subject: Conditional Letter of Acceptance From Advocate Abrahima Thieck
Date: Sat, 21 Jun 2008 04:46:06 -0700

Attention Mr ,
With respect to your expression.this is to inform you that no attorney of my type will issue a legal documents without been paid the Government cost.All through,the laws in West Africa are quite different from that of your country.I will have to spend alot of money as an expenses in securing this documents,hence you must come up with the payment of my charges.
All through,this matters requires a total mutual trust.Trusts are sometimes thought to be of use only to personality who understand each other.A Trust can be a useful tool for anyone who is truthful and sincere.A Trust is a legal property interest held by one person (called the Trustee) for the benefit of another person (called the Beneficiary).The person establishing the Trust is called the Grantor.A Trust can be revocable or irrevocable.
My Service is a legacy to the client whom are ready to succeed.You must feel comfortable with my noble law as i protect my service,hence i render it under a strict condition as i help client until their case is completely successfully.
As stated in my previous letter,you are paying the sum of my charges as it under the policy of all chamber here in Senegal,under this law,the client must fit the payment of the required expenses.Note that this 1250 Euro is the expenses i will have to fit to secure these three documents which my noble law will use my position to secure for you to act on behalf of your partner.
Please don't contact me if you are not willing to abide to my orals as my noble law will not work against the principles governing the lawfirm of Senegal.
Yours Sincerely in Service
Advocate Abrahima Thieck
Mrs Von: Lola Johnson <lolarita_withgod@yahoo.ca>
Gesendet: Samstag, den 21. Juni 2008, 16:12:14 Uhr
Betreff: From Lolarita

My Dear,
I was not anyway silent,i spoke to you to the way of my understanding, but you were still harsh to me.I often ask mysef why are you so harsh like that to me.Does it mean you are harsh naturally ?? You speak with harsh voice to me that was why i couldn't speak fluently like i wanted earlier.
Well i am believing with youbecause i got you not by my power but a directive from above,i sincerely believe you will not hurt or cause me pains in anyway.As you know the only thing delay the bank request to be completed is the three documents wish lawyer Abrahima say we must pay 1/2 of his charges before he start,he said it is under the law of Senegal that all client will pay before a lawyer prepares the documents.Please try and pay him this money so he can start the documents immediately.
About the bank matter,i have never been involved in transaction with bank,so i don't have any experience about banking matters.Please follow my bank advices as there knows more than you because this is their duty.
I hope you will nit disapoint this trust i have in you.In this e-mail i have send you my pics and ID Card.I have keep to my promise,now the rest is left for you to complete OK.
Yours Lonely


lolritalove13 Id card




Mrs Von: Lola Johnson <lolarita_withgod@yahoo.ca>
Gesendet: Sonntag, den 22. Juni 2008, 21:00:35 Uhr
Betreff: From Lolarita

My Dear ,
You surprised me with e-mail,do you mean my picture is not good looking ?? Well i am satisfied with the body god has given me,he creats me and i have no reason to complain because i know i am far better than alot of girls.
Like i said making promises are easy,but the ability to furfill the promises is what really matter in life.You have today promise to resolve all matter about the payment of the lawyer to prepare the remaining documents,hope you will keep to your promise ??
Againplease contact the lawyer your self (write him or call him)and ask him on how you can make the payment directly to him,i believe it is better you do that since you have been communicating with him.
Please i want to know why you are always harsh to me on the telephone ??
I am looking to haer from you.
Yours Lonely
Mrs Von: Lola Johnson <lolarita_withgod@yahoo.ca>
Gesendet: Montag, den 23. Juni 2008, 11:16:31 Uhr
Betreff: From Lolarita

My Dear ,
Sorry i miss understand your last e-mail,i never pay careful attention that was why i didn't understand your last e-mail properly.Well i have made my point clear to you earlier that i am making use of the Rev father computer,and in this computer there is no yahoo programme messenger and webcam.

Sorry i cannot chat because of the following reasons.The picture i send to you is very clear because i open it hear in my sent box.Please aspect things like that as the materials in Africa is never compared to Germany were is regarded as 1st world,this are far better in your counrtry than here OK..

About going out of the Refugee camp,i just cannot rake that risk because it will bring alot of problem to me.If you cannot assist me to pay the lawyer because of that,then you are either hurting me indirectly because our earlier agreement was that you will resolved everything OK.

I ask myself why do you treat me like this ?? Please can you explain this ??

I have given you all the necessary documents and pics you needed,so please if you cannot help me because i don't have a webscam here in the camp,then please quietly leave my lonely life alone.Indeed i have suffer alot of afflection and will not welcome any un expected one further OK.

Yours Lonely
Mr From: Lawfirm@mail2emergency.com
Subject: Payment Direction From Advocate Abrahima Theilkh
Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2008 03:17:44 -0700

Attention Mr ,
Prior from your partner request,you are subjected to transfer the sum of (1250 Euro) through SWIFT (Electronic Transfer) as it is the fastest means of sending fund through out the Global.Encolse bellow is my the account information of my agent.You have to take the information to your bank as there will remit the fund with this information.

Name of Account Mendes Alfredo
Account Number 34155232601
Code Guichet 01289
Code Banque : K0012
Cle Rib : 40
Address Rue 12 Grand Mendia Du Parcellel Assine,Dakar,Senegal
After much dialogue with your partner Miss Lolarita Johnson and the respected Rev father.my noble feel it is my obligation to issued a legal contract with all necessary information about my engagement as your advocate for the preparation of these three legal document and the exact amount you are paying for this documents.This will be issued as soon as i receive the partial payment of my charges.

As my client you saddled with the responsibility to fit the payment of the 50% 1250 Euro.

Your Sincerely in Service
Advocate Abrahima Theilkh
Mrs Von: Lola Johnson <lolarita_withgod@yahoo.ca>
Gesendet: Mittwoch, den 25. Juni 2008, 11:53:36 Uhr
Betreff: From Lolarita

My Dear ,

Please don't make such commit,it is bad,how can you say i should forget about the lawyer ?? It is an unfair comment,please don't mention is further.

Yours Lonely


Mrs Von: Lola Johnson <lolarita_withgod@yahoo.ca>
Gesendet: Mittwoch, den 25. Juni 2008, 11:54:28 Uhr
Betreff: From Lolarita

My Dear ,

I don't know much about banking i have said and will repeat it again,please follow my bank instruction as there knows the best.Since there accept to released the money to you,please do all there requested from you.

Today i called the lawyer with the help of the Rev father (man of god),he question me alot before finally promising to send the account information that will allow you make the payment of 1/2 his charges to prepare the documents.

My dear life is of two (2) surface.One is the good side wish is filled with enjoyment and comfortable,while the other is filled with pains,afflication and sorrow..You today make things difficult because i don't have means to pay the lawyer,but you forget that this pains will not be for ever,yes i say this because i know the good lord will surely make a solution.

I have said and will reapeat,if you must help me,then you have to be confident about all i have said because i am alonely sincere girl,i have nothinfg to do with fraud because i know that he will cheat on anybody will definately be cheat in future,i know this because in life what ever you soul is that you will reap.

Please if you don't trust me with your heart,i will suggest you don't force yourself against your wosh OK.I take my time to explain this to you because i hate one taking on my advantage.

Yours Lonely


Mrs Von: Lola Johnson <lolarita_withgod@yahoo.ca>
Gesendet: Mittwoch, den 25. Juni 2008, 11:55:31 Uhr
Betreff: From Lolarita

My Dear,

I am the next trustee to this money,muy late father who made this deposit is late already and i don't know the agreement he concluded with the bank on interest.So i cannot comment in this because i don't want anything that will complicate this matter.The most important thing is that the bank has accept to released the money to you,so all we have to work is meeting with their demand OK.

Please i want to plead you to stop mention that i am the seven (7) girl in your PC .You have have meet with the wrong people (girls)in the past,but that does not mean you used that negative thought on me.I hate it,please stop it.

Finally if you know that this help is not from your sincere heart,please don't pay the lawyer as it will be going against your heart.Like the word of god says anything done without faith is a SIN before god.Please think and e-mail me back.

Yours lonely


Mr From: Lawfirm@mail2emergency.com
Subject: A Letter From Advocate Abrahima Theilkh
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2008 08:09:37 -0700

Attention Mr .
Sequel to your e-mail received.Mr as disclosed previously i am an attorney who work strictly closely with my clients to achieve a plan that meets with his/her personal goals.

The information stated in my previous letter belongs to my agent who is responsible for all payment from your zone area (Western Europe),this system has been my principles in receiving all international payment,hence i will urge you to fit the payment via the account of my agent.
Haven said this i hope you will follow up my orals as it is essential to procure this documents.

Your Sincerely in Service
Advocate Abrahima Theilkh
Mrs Von: Lola Johnson <lolarita_withgod@yahoo.ca>
Gesendet: Samstag, den 28. Juni 2008, 11:38:53 Uhr
Betreff: Why are you doing this to me because i am hopeless

My Beloved One,
How are you doing ?? Hoping you are not trying to contribute to my problem as it will send me to an earlier grave because i cannot nominate another person in this transfer because your name has already appeared in the bank as the next trustee.Well i am not yet angry with you because you have not done me anything.

Hope you are not among of those evil onces who goes arround trying to hurt innocent one.If you are,believe me you will never get away with this because i have swan by an oath that who so ever that will cause me pains again will go down to grave with me.This is not a treat but a promise that i will excute in the entired generation of anybody that will cause me pains again.

I am a lonely orphanage,I have no body expect you,so stop hurt me becaues i dont have money to pay the lawyer.I just dont want to hear it further because it is a sign of weeked. Remember i told you before given you the contact information of the lawyer that he said we must meet with his request of payment or he will not help us.

So for god sake stop hurt me for money as it makes me feel bad.Search for means and make this payment as i am getting concern to your relutantness in this matter.

Yours Worried

Mrs Von: Lola Johnson <lolarita_withgod@yahoo.ca>
Gesendet: Samstag, den 28. Juni 2008, 18:30:51 Uhr
Betreff: From Lolarita

My Dear,

Your attitude is just not fair,please can you explain to me what i have done to deserve this ?? I spoke to lawyer Abrahima and he said the payment direction he gave you is the only means you can pay him from foreign country or you come in cash with the money to Senegal and pay him.

Please what is the matter and why do you keep hurting my feeling,do i really deserve this ??

Come to Senegal,you refused.Now make the payment you refused,why ?? What exactly do you want from me ??

Please becareful with the way you treat me as whay ever you do will reflect back to you an the end.

Yours Lonely


Mrs Von: Lola Johnson <lolarita_withgod@yahoo.ca>
Gesendet: Samstag, den 5. Juli 2008, 14:27:10 Uhr
Betreff: Re:

My Dear ,

You shock me with some comment,does it mean that you don't know someone creat you ?? Please don't make guess of God or you will be punish by him,he is the controlar of the entired earth.

Been a business man does not make you an expection OK,if you must have to succeed,then you will have faith and keep your trust in humanity,beside this you will make sacrifies OK.

Since you don't want to assist me in paying the lawyer charges because he didn't provide you with his personal account,i will suggest you send this money directly to me or kindly send a letter of cancellation to my bank.

It is a tough decision but i have choosen to do that because i am not satisfied in your attitude.

Yours Lonely


Mrs Von: Lola Johnson <lolarita_withgod@yahoo.ca>
Gesendet: Montag, den 7. Juli 2008, 10:29:37 Uhr
Betreff: Re: "First think & than write"

My Dear ,

Do you mean your parent's created you out of love ?? Yes that is the physical aspect of it,but spiritually all humanity are been created by god almight because with his acceptance,no humanity can come to this word of our existance.

I don't understand you,what do you mean that i am not whom i claim to be ?? I hope this is not another joke ?? Already i have send you three of my different pics ,so you must be making a mistake for saying that i am not the one in the picture.Well i have given you a clear option wish i flet is the only means we can put away this dought in you,but your inability to come and see things your self is strange and confusing.

About sending you my personal account,you know i don't have an account because of mt refugee situation,i explain earlier that refugees are not allowed to own an account here in Senegal,have you soon forgetting this ?? Please read carefully my e-mails again OK.

If you cannot send the money to me because i don't have an account,then come in person to Senegal and make this payment in cash OR alternatively pay the money to my Rev father Christain.

Yours Lonely


Mrs Von: Lola Johnson <lolarita_withgod@yahoo.ca>
Gesendet: Dienstag, den 8. Juli 2008, 16:01:41 Uhr
Betreff: From Lolarita

My Dear ,

Only god knows your mind,but what ever the situation i am not forcing you against your wish.All ,i have said is for you to think if you can help me in all sincerelity,then make the payment of 1250euro wish is the advance payment of the lawyer fee.If you cannot make this payment to me through anyother means,then send the money to Rev father Christain.

If this two option is not aspected by you,then i will suggest you send a letter of cancellation to my bank ok.I know it takes nine (9) good months before i can nominate another person,but i will accept it with good faith because my error cause me that.

Again i will try to send you another of my pics,i am not sending it because i want you to make this payment OK,i ma sending it because it pleases me.

Please in youtr next letter,just tell me the truth OK.

Yours Lonely



Von: Lola Johnson <lolarita_withgod@yahoo.ca>
Gesendet: Mittwoch, den 9. Juli 2008, 20:10:41 Uhr
Betreff: My Three Photo

My Dear ,
Like i have said earlier i am a very straignt forward humanity with sincere heart in all i do,i can never change my charater because of my situation or because of what life may have brought me,No i cannot do it because i know all i am going through is temporally and will only last for a while.

I am fully conviced that god whom knows the heart of individual knows exactly thing in your heart and know what you really want from me,but for me i shared my secret because of my desire to leave this pains.Even if you don't help me,i will not miss jugde you or do anything stupid,no i will not do it because for every thing there is a purposed.

Today i have send to you three different pics,if you are pleased with this picture and all i have said,then resolved the payment of 1/2 charges of the lawyer payment so he can prepare the remaining three documents. But if you are not satisfied with all i have been saying,please don't force your self OK.

Please if you have any dought,then send a cancellation letter immediately to my bank as i will aspect your decision in good faith,i will never react towards it.

Yours Lonely


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