Miss Young

Simon Lazarre YMCA says:
"this organization is not open for external candidates.. However ... "

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received this story from a friend. Let me call him Jack. He was asked to send $250 to Senegal to become member of YMCA, - but the email was not sent from YMCA !

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  Dear Miss Young

I received email from a group (text below) of people who refered me to
each other. They represent some YMCA programme and require me to mail
the USD250 to Senegal to a Mr. Luzarre for processing of my
application for membership. Thereafter I am to go for 2 months to new
york for training.

I am concerned that this might be a scam. Please inform me if you can.


Mr Dear Applicant,

Greetings with Peace and love... You are welcome to the YMCA programs.
Be informed that this organization is not open for external
candidates.. However, since your recommendation comes from one of our
colleague we shall approve your membership and grant you the

Secondly, be aware that the YMCA is only responsible for your flight
tickets, accommodation, and feeding when you arrive here for your
training programs. This is after your successful registration as a
full member of this organization, that is if you have been registered
as one
of our global members Intended candidate can been given the
opportunity for a working permit
and to come to New York for two months training before the commencement
of the project in their Various countries and will also be enlisted
into the YMCA and be working with us globally with a green card.You
are therefore advised to get your passport ready because it would be
needed during registration and visa process. You will also have to get
six (6) official members to form a competent group of seven candidates
including your self.

You should endeavour to contact our European, African and Asian
coordinator since you are not an American, and registration involves
the payment of $250 (US dollars) for single candidate.
And a competent group application involve $750 .However, note that, it
is also possible for you to apply as a single candidates, in case you
are not capable of forming a group of competent.
Please note that we will open file as soon as your name gets
to us here in the state, this is after you might have gotten the
requirement from Mr. Simon Lazarre, for your full participation and visa
approval in our ministry of interior in Washington DC.. You're therefore
advised to contact the Africa-Asia coordinator at the below

Mr. Simon Lazarre Badiane
Address: YMCA,
BP 4152/rue 12 X Bourguiba
Dakar Senegal
Email: ymcaumlyscmp@inbox.com

Thank you for your cooperation: Success is your limit, we do hope to
hear from you soon.

Yours in Service,
Missy Southerland.
Address: YMCA of the USA
101 North Wacker Drive
Chicago, IL 60606
Tell: +1-832-2020-269
Web: www...ymca..net/international
Mr Dear Applicant,
Having received a forwarded confirmation mail from Missy Southernland
regarding your
application , and I do hope you are aware of the respective
requirement. However you would receive our on-line
application form to be filed and signed by yourself with a passport photograph.

In addition, single application form and process cost the sum of $250
US dollars only, if
applying as single candidate, You will have to pay it on returning the
form afterward you
will have to send us the first and last page of your international
passport. You are
entitle to an application form to be dully filled and printed.
and you would have to return it back to the email: indicated on the form .
After all said are done, a file would be open with your informations
indicated in your
application forms. And the processing of your visa and other traveling
documents will be
in progress. So that you could be entitle to an urgent non immigrant
visa to go to the USA
for your two months training. you shall be informed on every new steps
and progress during
this period of processing your documents.

Moreover, be inform that the organization is responsible for your non
immigrants Visa,
flight tickets, accommodation, and feeding during the two months
training program there in
the states. However if you find this programs interesting and you know
you are willing to
be a bona-fide participants of this organization, Kindly indicate your
full interest by reaching us back
asap, so that we could send you the application form and the details
and directives on how
you can reach us with the Application fees ...Meanwhile, endeavor to
furnish us with
the following details.
1: Full names ......
2: Address.....
3 : You phone contact number......
We do hope to hear from you soon.

Yours In-Service
Mr. Simon Lazarre Badiane
YMCA Project Co-ordinator
rue 12 X Bourguiba
Dakar Senegal.
Tell: 00221-6738312
Email: ymcaumlyscmp@inbox.com
Mr Good-Day Mr.Jack

Asper the payment's directive, You will have to make your payments
through western union money transfer in your nearest agent location,
to the below names and address.

Name and address of the Receiver (the contact name to which you will
send the fee)

Name: Simon Lazarre Badiane ( Beneficiary)

Address: rue 12 X Bourguiba Dakar Senegal

Tell : 00221 76594 3315

All you need to do immediately your get this mail, is to go to any
nearby money transfer agent as indicated in the above and make your
payments and as soon as you make your payment you will have to send to
us the following details as in :

Senders name:
Money transfer control Number(MTCN):

Hence, you have recieve all needed information, we do hope you would
complete the forms dully filled and get back to us as soon as possible
so that we can proceed further. Hope this will get to your better

MR. Simon Lazarre
(Project Coordinator)
Mr Good-Day Mr. Jack,

Having receive the confirmation of your interest raised to be among
the global member of the YMCA. You would have to therefore download
the attached application form print and dully filled, thereafter get
it sent to us in PDF or JPEG by email attached. the first and last
page of your international passports should also be scanned and sent
by email attached in PDF or JPEG.

However, due to the procedure of receiving money from outside this
country and the policy guiding us, we do receive money from
applicants through wire transfer agents banks e.g, Western Union and
Money Gram, and other means of money transfer agents which might be
available in your country.

All you need to do immediately this mail and application gets to you,
is to update us with the available money transfer means and the
procedure of transferring money from your country so that we could
give you the detail and directives on how you will transfer the money
to us for your application forms.

Finally, don't forget to study carefully the applicants form and
endeavor to abide with our policies. And as you abide with our
policies, the same way we shall put your cases under reasonable
consideration. We do hope to hear from you soon.

Note: This Application form must be dully filled and return back to us
with the fees within seven (7) working days.

Mr. Simo, Lazarre,
(Project Coordinator)
. This is a scam. The emails were not sent from YMCA, but from free email accounts. The phone number is mobile phone in Senegal. YMCA does not have an office in Senegal.

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