Miss Young

KELLY JOHNSON says: "I am being Honest with you Hunnie Please trust me"

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received this "girl stranded in a hotel"-story from a friend. Let me call him Salman.

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Dear miss Young,
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Mrs Date: Fri 2 Jan 2009

" Salman________: honey!!!
kellyalone_85204: Hi.How are You doing ?
Salman________: better now!
kellyalone_85204: Cool
Salman________: what about you?
kellyalone_85204: I am Happy to see you here
kellyalone_85204: I am doing great
Salman________: I happy too!
kellyalone_85204: did you get My Offline message
kellyalone_85204: ?
Salman________: yess..so nice..love them all!!
Salman________: been thing of you all day long..
Salman________: strange, isnt?
Salman________: thinking..
kellyalone_85204: Thats Nice to hear
Salman________: need to control my feelings...
Salman________: if I keep on this rithym..lol
kellyalone_85204: lol
Salman________: are u ok dear??
kellyalone_85204: where have you been all day ?
Salman________: home..studying..went lunch with my dad..
Salman________: did little things had to do
kellyalone_85204: Thats Nice to hear
Salman________: and you?
Salman________: you are so kind, so gentle , so polite..
Salman________: and I bet, very beautiful and charming..
kellyalone_85204: Thanks for the compliment
kellyalone_85204: I have just been Bored all day, still expecting my promoter but i didn't hear from Him
Salman________: thats crazy...
Salman________: you are in Nigeria..
kellyalone_85204: yes
Salman________: hold..telephone..
kellyalone_85204: ok
Salman________: so..you are in Nigeria..alone..and have to wait for someone that never contacts you to go back home?
kellyalone_85204: yes sweetie
kellyalone_85204: I am very worried now bcoz i don't Understand everything anymore
Salman________: what u dont understand?
kellyalone_85204: the way things is going, I don't know if my promoter will ever come back here
Salman________: wow!!
Salman________: but..no other models are with you?
Salman________: did you get paid for your job? do you have a ticket to go back to us?
kellyalone_85204: no,, i don't Know anybody here Hunnie, I am just here alone in the Hotel he Left me, I haven't eaten today Hunnie bcoz i don't have any Money with me
kellyalone_85204: and the Hotel will not give me More food bcoz my bills is very High
Salman________: phone
Salman________: kelly..this is a crime!
Salman________: where did you know your promoter?
kellyalone_85204: I met him in the state
Salman________: and?
kellyalone_85204: we met at a coffee shop in AZ
Salman________: and..?
Salman________: did you date him?
kellyalone_85204: Nope
Salman________: is he the one who hurt your feelings?
kellyalone_85204: he introduced me into the Modeling stuff and i was jobless and i decided to start with Him, i thought he wanted to help me but later i realized he was after sleeping with me
kellyalone_85204: Nope he wasn't the one that Hurt me
kellyalone_85204: he has tried to sleep with me here In Nigeria and i didn't Allow him , that was why he Lied to me that he was traveling to UK and he will be back In few days
Salman________: you flew to nigeria with him without a contract?
kellyalone_85204: I haven't see Him since then
Salman________: "few days""!!
Salman________: what kind o job did u go to do in Nigeria?
Salman________: did u end up doing that job?
kellyalone_85204: yes , he left the day after we finnish the show
kellyalone_85204: it was a clothing Model concert
Salman________: did it happend?
kellyalone_85204: what ?
Salman________: the clothing model concert?
Salman________: did you do de promissed job in nigeria?
kellyalone_85204: yes ... it went good and i happened to be the second Position and all the Money has been Payed to Him but he told me to stay behind that he needed to visit UK for some reason , i just realized he is not coming back here
Salman________: dont believe...!!
Salman________: and you have no contract?
kellyalone_85204: not really
Salman________: were you both at the same room?
kellyalone_85204: Nope
kellyalone_85204: Let me explain to you
Salman________: and you were the only model to come to nigeria with him?
kellyalone_85204: yes
kellyalone_85204: I am fraustrated Hunnie, I am Just worried and sad right now, the US Embassy was mad at me for being stupid to trust him and come down here with Him but i am the type that trust people easily but i will never try it again
Salman________: cant believe it!!
Salman________: and what can u do now?
Salman________: have no relative in the us?
kellyalone_85204: I told you everything about me Hunnie, I am Lonely,i told you i have Lost My Parent and i am the Only child of My Parent
kellyalone_85204: My uncle that could help me is in Jail
kellyalone_85204: I am totally fraustrated
Salman________: but..nobody is so lonely!! You must have friends..relatives of your parents..
Salman________: cousins..
Salman________: neighboors..
kellyalone_85204: I am damn serious, I don't have any friend anymore ever since i caught My ex Boyfriend sleeping with My best friend
Salman________: so.. you mean right now I am the closest person to you?
kellyalone_85204: I swear to God
kellyalone_85204: absolutely yes
Salman________: and you have no ticket to go back?
kellyalone_85204: yes I don't have return ticket Hunnie
kellyalone_85204: That is why I am worried and I haven't eaten all day
Salman________: didnt you try the interpol?
kellyalone_85204: i have done all i could , I spoke to the Embassy today on the Phone and they asked me to show up In Person , the Embassy is ready to fly me Home
Salman________: ok..why dont you go then?
Salman________: and what kind of information do you have about your promoter? (Complete name, address..phones..?)
kellyalone_85204: yes thats the Only problem I am facing right Now, the Embassy is very far away from here and I don't have any Money for Taxi that will take me there
Salman________: and what kind of information do you have about your promoter? (Complete name, address..phones..?)
kellyalone_85204: the Embassy is about 7 Hours drive from where I am right Now
kellyalone_85204: yes I have his name and Phone but his Phone is not reachable
Salman________: what the embassy told you to do when u told them u have no money to get there?
Salman________: and no money to eat?
kellyalone_85204: they were very Upset that how can i be so stupid do trust a stranger, all they said was for me to find my way out to get there to them
kellyalone_85204: they are not ready to help me get there but they have agreed to fly me back to the state
Salman________: and..cant u work at the hotel to pay your way to the embassy? talk to the manager!
Salman________: how long have u been in nigeria?
kellyalone_85204: I have tried all I could but it didn't work out
kellyalone_85204: you are the Only Hope I have
Salman________: what do you mean?
kellyalone_85204: You are the Only one I have to call upon
Salman________: but..what can I do for you swetie?
kellyalone_85204: I need Your help hunnie
kellyalone_85204: I really need Your help and I will be Glad if you can do it for me
Salman________: ok..but what can I do from so far?
kellyalone_85204: I need You to help me with the Money for taxi to get there Please Hunnie
Salman________: but how can I send you money?
kellyalone_85204: You can help me send money By western Union Hunnie Please
Salman________: whats that?
kellyalone_85204: I am stuck here and sufferring, I really need to get out of here
kellyalone_85204: You can visit the website to Know about western Union
kellyalone_85204: there website is www.westernunion.com
Salman________: is that a bank?
kellyalone_85204: Nope
kellyalone_85204: that is a means of transfering Money from one country to another
kellyalone_85204: it is all over the world , I wonder how you don't Know western Union
kellyalone_85204: Open there website to learn about them
kellyalone_85204: www.westernunion.com
Salman________: we dont know..
Salman________: kelly..which hotel are u hosted?
kellyalone_85204: I am In Massaka Hotel here In Nigeria
kellyalone_85204: are you checking the website now
kellyalone_85204: www.westernunion.com
Salman________: wait..
Salman________: give me the hotel number
kellyalone_85204: ok
kellyalone_85204: +2348058094997
kellyalone_85204: can you call me Now
kellyalone_85204: I will be Glad
Salman________: room?
kellyalone_85204: 025
Salman________: see..I have an uncle who is federal agent
kellyalone_85204: ok
Salman________: he have contacts with embassy and consulates..
Salman________: I will call him..
Salman________: I bet he has contact with the consul of nigeria in brasil
kellyalone_85204: I am Happy to hear that Hunnie but how can you send me little Money to get some food Please
Salman________: does you hotel have a website?
Salman________: your hotel
kellyalone_85204: Nope
Salman________: dont worry honey I will take care of you
kellyalone_85204: Thank you
Salman________: how much do you need?
kellyalone_85204: for taxi or food ?
Salman________: both..individually
kellyalone_85204: well.. all I need to get out of mess is $350
Salman________: ok honey..money is no problem for my family. We will get u out of there..
Salman________: would u come to brazil?
kellyalone_85204: Ofcourse yes Hunnie, I will Like to meet you, I can't stopthinking about you all day
kellyalone_85204: hunnie we can Talk on the Phone Now , I will Like to hear Your Voice
Salman________: but I dont get contact..
Salman________: honey I will help you!! dont worry...
Salman________: I am in love with you..
kellyalone_85204: you don't get contact ?
kellyalone_85204: what do yu mean by that
kellyalone_85204: what contact are you Talking about
Salman________: it doesnt complete..
Salman________: give the address where u are..
Salman________: I contact my uncle..he is on the phone..
Salman________: he said he can help you
Salman________: honey??
kellyalone_85204: Hunnie I want nobody else but you
kellyalone_85204: I want you to help me and no body else
Salman________: give me your address..
kellyalone_85204: why
Salman________: he have friends in interpol all over..in Nigeria will be no problem. They will help you..
kellyalone_85204: No
kellyalone_85204: I need You to help me
kellyalone_85204: I don;t Know Your Uncle
kellyalone_85204: I Know you are wasting My time
Salman________: but he is very powerful man..
kellyalone_85204: bye
Salman________: can trust him
Salman________: honey..wait
Salman________: I will send u money ahead..
Salman________: so you can eat..
Salman________: how much do you need?
kellyalone_85204: I told you i need 350$
Salman________: no..just for food honey..the other things my cousin will take care..
Salman________: somebody will drive you to the embassy
kellyalone_85204: Ok Hunnie
Salman________: just for the food..
kellyalone_85204: for food,I only need 150
Salman________: honey..you gonna get fat!
kellyalone_85204: lol
Salman________: 50 is ok?
kellyalone_85204: what is your time now ?
kellyalone_85204: Hunnie food is very expensive over here, Please make it 100
Salman________: have a sandwich...
Salman________: ok..
Salman________: no problem ..
Salman________: what love doesnt do..huh?
Salman________: who do I have to send?
kellyalone_85204: You will send it to my name Hunnie i can pick the Money with My passport
Salman________: c mon..cause I gotta go out
kellyalone_85204: I Hope You know western Union Money Transfer I send you the wesbsite
Salman________: ok.but give your data
kellyalone_85204: ok
kellyalone_85204: hold on
Salman________: hurry honey..I have to leave.
Salman________: they are calling me for diner
kellyalone_85204: RECIEVER NAME............................. KELLY JOHNSON
COUNTRY............................................ NIGERIA
ZIPCODE.............................................. 234039
TEXT QUESTION................................ WHAT IS MY NAME
ANSWER............................................... KELLY
kellyalone_85204: i am giving you My Info Hunnie so that ypou can help me send the Money Now
kellyalone_85204: Please Hunnie I am very Hungry
kellyalone_85204: Please write my Info
Salman________: ok...
kellyalone_85204: RECIEVER NAME............................. KELLY JOHNSON
COUNTRY............................................ NIGERIA
ZIPCODE.............................................. 234039
TEXT QUESTION................................ WHAT IS MY NAME
ANSWER............................................... KELLY
kellyalone_85204: RECIEVER NAME............................. KELLY JOHNSON
COUNTRY............................................ NIGERIA
ZIPCODE.............................................. 234039
TEXT QUESTION................................ WHAT IS MY NAME
ANSWER............................................... KELLY
Salman________: is that all?
kellyalone_85204: yes Hunnie
kellyalone_85204: I Hope You can helpme send it Now
kellyalone_85204: Please
Salman________: sure..
Salman________: honey..do u love me?
kellyalone_85204: Nooooooooooooooooooooooo
Salman________: no?
kellyalone_85204: I don't Love you
kellyalone_85204: I am not a fool
Salman________: so why should I help u then?
kellyalone_85204: How can i Love you , I don't Know you that well
kellyalone_85204: are you asking this question bcoz you want to help me
kellyalone_85204: bye then
kellyalone_85204: Goodbye
Salman________: nooo..
Salman________: listen..
Salman________: I am sending you the money..
Salman________: are u there?
kellyalone_85204: i am here
Salman________: please honey..
Salman________: check this out!!
Salman________: http://419.bittenus.com/beckybrad7/
kellyalone_85204: what
kellyalone_85204: what is that
Salman________: My uncel sent me ..that will help you a lot!
Salman________: my uncle is Tobechi Enyinna Onwuhara
Salman________: do u know him?
kellyalone_85204: bye
Salman________: please love..
Salman________: dont abandon me!!
Salman________: I am so stupid for youuuuu!!
Salman________: ohhhhh!!
Salman________: lol!!
kellyalone_85204: I am being Honest with you Hunnie Please trust me
Salman________: tomorrow they will pick you up..On more day of diet honey
Salman________: jail has plenty of food!"
. When Salman realized that it was a scam, he stopped all further contact with "her".

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