Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following emails. They are socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letters, where I will be asked to send money again and again. The "russian love scams" starts with a long series of letters about a russian girl living in a small town, and she travels to Moscow. She will ask you to help her pay the plane ticket to meet you outside russia. If you pay, she will start to ask you to send her money for clothes, medicine, tickets, certificates, etc. If you pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until you give up or run out of money. You will never meet the girl, because the story was all lies.

If you received a similar email, you should go to the homepage to read more about 419 fraud.

Mrs De: gyuahit@gmail.com
Enviados: Lunes, 10 de Agosto 2009 7:38:55 GMT
Asunto: very cool man

Hello! My name Anahit. I have no access to the Internet in the apartment,
therefore I could not write to you earlier! You informed me the e-mail on a site of acquaintances, approximately one month ago! I do not remember the name of this site, and have forgotten your name. What is your name? I live in Armenia in city Gyumri. To me of 29 years. I would like to begin with you acquaintance, for
serious relations. I hope, that to like you my photo. I will wait, that you will tell about yourself, and will send the photo. Answer me mine e-mail:
gyuahit@gmail.com , and we could begin our acquaintance. Anahit.
Mrs De: "Anahit" <gyuahit@gmail.com>
Enviados: Jueves, 13 de Agosto 2009 5:18:01 GMT
Asunto: Hello my new friend!

Hello my new friend . I am happy, that you have written me the
letter! I search only for serious relations, and probably further to
marry this man. I search for the person who will have love and
understanding to me. I wish to study you, and to learn about you all
your good and bad qualities. I do not want, that between the man and
the woman there was a deceit, I search for the truth and respect. I
search for the man with whom I can get a friendly family. I
understand, that in letters we cannot study each other so well as we
would ask to study at a meeting. Therefore, as soon as we will receive
trust to each other in letters, we should plan our meeting! You agree?
But, to us still early to speak about a meeting as we are absolutely
unfamiliar! Therefore, let's continue our acquaintance, and to send
each other letters. Ok? Also, I have no Internet in the apartment,
therefore I cannot speak with you on MSN, or YAHOO. Now, I will tell
about me; My name Anahit, and to me of 29 years. I live in Armenia, in
city Gyumri. You heard about my country? I work as the barman in small
cafe. Not so to like me my work, therefore I plan to change my work.
And you can tell about the work? Where also as whom you work? To like
you your work? I studied English language at institute, and I have
higher education! My English is not perfect, but I can understand that
speak to me. Also, for me it is difficult to write the letter in
English a little, but I try! You understand my English? Inform me on
it also! I never was married, therefore I still live in apartment of
my parents. Also, I love sports! I visit 2 - 3 times a week aerobics
to support my body in the good form. And you go in for sports? Also, I
have some friends with whom we can spend a free time. Sometimes, we
simply walk on park, or we sit in cafe, we go to the cinema … at us
very cheerful company of friends! And you have many friends? I have
told a little about me and if you continue to write to me then we will
study each other in our following letters. Also, inform me some
information on; you can write to me about your interests, and the
character, is possible at you there is what that hobby or hobbies? It
will be interesting to me to learn about you these things. Also,
inform me, you love what qualities in the woman? In the last letter, I
have by mistake sent you I photo! I have attached other file. Only
today I have seen, that I have sent you not the photo! I will attach
to this letter two photos. I hope, that you will like my photos. Also,
in the following letter send the photo also! I will be very glad, if I
receive your photo! I hope, that we will have a free time to write
each other letters. Write to me! I will wait! Yours amica Anahit.

P.S. I already informed you, that yours e-mail the address, you
informed me already For a long time, on what that a site! I do not
remember the name of this site! But, I I think, that now we are
already familiar, and has no value, how we with You have got
acquainted. You agree?
Mrs De: "Anahit" <gyuahit@gmail.com>
Enviados: Viernes, 21 de Agosto 2009 0:46:32 GMT
Asunto: Hello

Hello . I am very glad to receive your letter! Also, I am very
glad, that you understand my English language. At first I worried that
you will not understand that I write to you in English! To me it is
very pleasant, that you liked my photo. In this letter I send you
three more mine to a photo. Also, it will be pleasant to me to receive
more than your photos also. I will try to send the photos in each
letter. , in the following letter, I will try to send to you the
video! I believe, that you wish to see me on video. I am right? In the
last letter, I have told a little about me. Now, I will tell about me
more; as I wrote to you in the last letter, that I love sports as
sports do me by more beautiful. I visit employment of aerobics two or
three once a week. Aerobics helps to hold my body in the good form!
When I spend a free time at home, I read books. My favourite genre -
novels and adventures. Sometimes I watch TV. To me to like to look
some serials. Also, the free days I like to spend with my friends. We
usually sit in cafe, or we go on a disco. Sometimes, we simply walk on
park. I believe, that you my character interests; I - the kind and
silent girl. It is very difficult to revolt me! My friends are
surprised, how I can remain such silent!? In people I like honesty and
frankness! I hate lie! Therefore, I do not love false people! Now, I
will tell about my family! I live in apartment with my parents. I have
no neither brothers, nor sisters. Therefore, I the unique daughter at
my parents. To my daddy 53 years, and my mum of 49 years. My parents
are happy in marriage, and love each other. Also, I love the parents.
My mother, all life worked as the teacher of elementary grades. My
daddy works in building. My parents rather strict, therefore I well
brought up girl. , tell about the family? I wish to know, in what
relations you with the relatives? Probably, you have brothers or
sisters? How far there live from you your relatives? In general, I
will be glad to learn about your relatives! Also, answer some
questions: you love children? How many children you would like to have
in the future? What do you love in the woman? How in your
understanding a family? What do you love in people and what you do not
love? What purpose in the future you want, from acquaintance to me? I
ask these questions as my purpose - to construct serious relations,
and to create a friendly family! But for this purpose, you should win
my heart! On it I will finish my letter and I hope to receive your
answer soon! Anahit.
Mrs De: "Anahit" <anahitarmguy@yahoo.com>
Enviados: Domingo, 6 de Septiembre 2009 6:30:48 GMT
Asunto: Hello.

Hello . It is very pleasant to me to see from you the letter! I
am glad, that our acquaintance proceeds, and we study each other with
each letter. In the last letter, I promised to send the videoclip.
Today, washing friend has made a small videoclip with me! Therefore in
this letter, I send you this videoclip. I hope, that to you to like!
Inform me on it! You that I have sent one more videoclip with me would
like, in other letter? Also, try to send the photos. , earlier,
I corresponded with several other men! I wished to choose one of them.
But, those men, have not gained my trust, and we now do not correspond
more. Other men wrote letters only for entertainment. I hope, that you
write me letters not for entertainment. I hope, that your intentions
serious! If you correspond with me only for entertainment then do not
write to me more! But, if you really want serious relations with me
then you should gain my trust! Therefore, we should continue our
acquaintance, and to send each other letters. Thanks for that you have
informed me some details on the relatives. It was very pleasant to me
to learn about it. It has helped me to learn more your life. Thanks
for photos. Very beautiful. So we can learn faster each other. ,
I wish to tell to you about my last relations with the guy. Two years
ago, I had a guy whom I strongly loved! I never would change this guy
for another. But, in one day I have learnt, that except me it has
other woman! I have been very upset, and did not wish to see this guy
never. Therefore, our relations on it have ended. I hope, that you not
such person! I hope, that you never would cause a pain, the girl!
Inform me the thoughts on it! Also, inform me on the last relations! I
will be glad to learn about your last relations, and for what reason,
your relations were broke off? I heard many histories, acquaintances
on the Internet. Therefore, I have decided to try to get acquainted
through the Internet. On badoo, I have received many messages from
men. But, from all men, I have chosen you! I hope, that I was not
mistaken with my choice! And you, search for a long time for the girl
on the Internet? To you write many girls? On it I will finish my
letter. Do not forget to write to me! So long! Yours Anahit.
Mrs De: "Anahit" <anahitarmguy@yahoo.com>
Enviados: Miércoles, 23 de Septiembre 2009 5:56:04 GMT
Asunto: Hello dear.

Hello dear . I am glad to see from you the letter. Also, me it is
very pleasant, that you find a few time to write for me the letter. To
me it is very pleasant, that you liked my video. In following letters,
I will try to send other video! And to this letter, I will put the
photos. I hope, that you will like my photos! With each letter, we
become is more close to each other, not looking that between us the
big distance! What do you think of distance between us? I believe,
that if the man and the woman love each other, then no distance
becomes between them a barrier! You agree? Therefore, if we gain the
confidence to each other then we will overcome this distance! I
already travelled earlier across Europe! I have visited: Egypt,
Turkey, also was in Germany. Therefore, for me problems will not
travel to other country. To me to like to travel! , and you like
to travel? You have already visited what countries? Inform me on it!
Our exchange of letters to become very important for me! I hope, that
for you it also not entertainment! As I wrote to you in the last
letters that I dream to live in the future in other country! I hope,
that between us there will be serious relations, and I can live in
your country! What do you think of it? You would like it? Inform me on
it, it is important for me! I already spoke with my parents about it!
My mum at first was against I got acquainted on the Internet, but my
daddy has told, that I know, that I want! Therefore, my parents will
not be against I have left in other country! But, to all of us still
early to speak about a meeting as we are recently familiar! If we
continue to exchange letters then we will plan a meeting! You agree
with it? , you like brunettes or blondes more? Many people say,
that blondes - silly! You heard about it? But, I consider, that men
prefer girls with white hair! Tell to me fairly, you like blondes or
brunettes? Anyhow, I am very happy, that I was pleasant to you! On it
I finish my letter. I wait yours for your messages! Yours Anahit.
Mrs De: "Anahit" <anahitarmguy@yahoo.com>
Enviados: Sábado, 26 de Septiembre 2009 14:07:23 GMT
Asunto: Hello

Hello dear . It is very pleasant to me to see your letter! I
become happier when I read your message! I try to write letters for
you more often, but for me it is very difficult to write every day! I
have no computer in our apartment, therefore to me to have to use the
Internet at my girlfriend, therefore, if I have not written you the
letter one or two days, you should not worry! I will write to you as
soon as I will have a possibility! When I come to my girlfriend to
write for you the letter, my girlfriend does photos with me which I
send you! To me it is very pleasant, that you like these photos. Also,
we with mine the girlfriend often talk about you! My girlfriend still
does not believe me, that I am really ready to leave Armenia if I will
find favourite of other country! I have explained to it, that I am in
earnest about our acquaintance! Also, my girlfriend will be glad for
us if between us there will be serious relations! A name of my
girlfriend Asmik. Now I am at my girlfriend, and I am going to do for
you a photo! Asmik persuades me that I was photographed in a
transparent shirt! She says, that to like you the photo in these
clothes! I hesitate to send such a photo for you a little! But Asmik
insists on that I have sent you such photo. Also, I believe, that you
can be trusted, and you will not show these photos to anybody! Promise
to me! I hope, that you will not think of me of anything bad, and to
like you these photos. , and you can send for me the same photo?
I with pleasure would look your photo in underwear! If you like these
my photos then in the following letter, I will try to send small video
in the same clothes! , and you spoke to the friends about me?
What do your friends think of me? You do not have problems with
Internet connection? On it I will finish my letter. I with impatience
will wait from you the letter. Yours Anahit.
Mrs De: "Anahit" <anahitarmguy@yahoo.com>
Enviados: Domingo, 4 de Octubre 2009 12:06:37 GMT
Asunto: Hello

Hello dear . It is very pleasant to me to see your letter again!
Also, me it is very pleasant, that you liked my photos. But, you
should not ask my naked photos. I will not send the naked photos!
if sometime we meet then you can see me without clothes! But, do
not ask my naked photos. Ok? Dear ! I want serious relations with
you. At my age any more to jokes and adventures! I hope, that you
understand it! In the last letter I promised to send my video,
therefore in this letter I will send you my video. , on it I try
to dance video! But, I am not able to dance, therefore, you should not
laugh at how I dance! I hope, that you will like my video! When I
looked through video, it became a shame to me a little, as I try to
dance, and it is impossible to me! I believe, that you will laugh,
when will look this video! And you are able to dance? By the way,
today I amica wishes to call me on a disco! To like me the disco
though I badly dance. The main thing, that to us is cheerful in a
disco! And you go on discos? Probably, your age does not allow to go
on discos, and you went earlier on discos? You well dance? I hope,
that sometime we will dance together! Probably, you spend a free time
with friends somehow in another way? Inform me on how you spend a free
time with friends? Sometime, I should spend a free time with you, and
your friends! Therefore it is interesting to me to learn about it! We
with my friends think out various entertainments: dances, cinema or
entertainment on the nature. But if to speak sincerely recently, for
me these entertainments give ever less pleasure. I often dream of
romantic evening with the favourite person, it can be a romantic
supper, or simply walk under stars. I think, that in it it is a lot of
charm. You think sometimes of such things? On it I will finish my
letter. I with impatience will wait from you the letter. Yours Anahit.
Mrs De: "Anahit" <anahitarmguy@yahoo.com>
Enviados: Lunes, 5 de Octubre 2009 7:22:55 GMT
Asunto: Hello!!!!!!!

Hello dear . I am very glad to see from you the letter. Also, me
it is very pleasant, that you liked my video! At once I wish to inform
you, that we have not bad spent evening with friends in a disco! At
first, we have drunk a few wines, and then danced! I almost do not
drink alcohol, but sometimes, I can drink a champagne glass, or a wine
glass! But, it happens very seldom! I prefer white wine, but I can
drink and red! , and you drink alcohol? How often you drink? What
alcoholic drinks like you? To like you cognac? You know, what at us in
Armenia do the most good cognac? When we were in a disco, many men
tried to get acquainted with me! But, I refused acquaintances to men
as they want only sex for one night! In general, I will have sex only
with my beloved! I very true in relations, and never would began to
change to the husband! Also, I rather the jealous! , and you
jealous? When last time you had sex with the woman! I did not have a
sex from last summer! But I patient, also will wait the beloved to
have with it sex. Give those we will not speak any more about sex as
this theme not so convenient, to discuss in the letter! When we will
meet, we will necessarily talk to you on this theme! Ok? In this
letter, I send you three more to a photo. On one of my photos, you can
see me on my work! Today on my work, I was caused by the chief and we
had conversation with it. To me have told, that in two weeks, I can
take holiday for one month! At first I refused this holiday as I
wished to take holiday in the summer. But me have told, that during
other time I cannot take holiday! I had a choice; to take holiday in
two weeks, or I would remain without holiday in general! I wished to
take holiday in the summer as I planned to save money till the summer
and to travel to the holiday in the summer. If it is fair, fair, I
planned to learn you better, and to arrive to your country, to meet
you in a reality! You would invite me in the house? , you would
like, that I have arrived to the holiday to you on a visit? We are not
long familiar, therefore I still do not know, whether I can arrive to
you to the country to meet you so soon! But, if you are ready to
accept me in the house in my holiday then I will speak with my
parents, and I will listen to their opinion. Today, I promised to the
parents to make a supper. Therefore tonight, I will make a tasty
supper for my parents, and I will speak with them about my travel to
your country! In the following letter, I will tell to you about how
there has passed our conversation with my parents! Inform me the
thoughts on our meeting! On it I will finish my letter. I with
impatience will wait from you the letter. Your unique Anahit.
Mrs De: "Anahit" <anahitarmguy@yahoo.com>
Enviados: Martes, 6 de Octubre 2009 2:46:15 GMT
Asunto: Hello my dear

Hello . I am very glad to see from you the letter. Your letter
does me Happier! In this letter I send you a photo with a sheet of
paper, On which I have written your name! I hope, that to like you
this photo! Also, I would like to see your photo with my name! You can
make the such Photo? , I have made a remarkable supper for my
parents! My parents have told to me, That the supper was very tasty!
Also, I spoke with the parents at supper, about you. Conversation was
long, and we listened to opinions of each of us! All were spoken more
by my daddy, As he to care of me! I have told to my parents, that I
would like to travel In your country to meet you! My parents have been
strongly surprised by my desire To meet you so it is fast! Mum has
told, that I have got acquainted recently with you, therefore Still
early to think of a meeting! But, my daddy has told, that how many I
would not correspond With you, I never can learn you how could learn
at a meeting! Also The daddy has told, that I already adult, and
itself should choose that is necessary for me! I have told To parents,
that during other time I cannot take holiday on my work, therefore I
cannot To meet you the whole year. Also I explained to my parents,
that on it depends My future destiny! In general, I have convinced my
parents, that I wish to meet you. Mine Parents have agreed with it,
but my daddy has told, that it is almost unreal, that I Has gone to
travel to your country in two weeks. My daddy has told, that now At us
in Armenia crisis, and my parents cannot pay my travel! I am final
Asked the daddy that he tried to borrow money somewhere, but my daddy
has told, That it cannot borrow money anywhere! I have been very
upset! After all without money, I cannot arrive to you! , it is
very inconvenient to me to speak with you about money! But, I do not
have other way! I still had one hope of you! Dear, you could To send
money to me that I could pay my travel, and arrive to you? To me There
is nobody to address for the help, therefore I have addressed to you!
I with the big hope I will hope for that you can send money to me, and
we can meet! Inform me on it! Except all it, my daddy has told to me
as I should travel, That for me it was safe. The daddy has told to me,
that I should make out mine Travel only in travel agency «ARMEN TOUR».
When I travelled earlier, I made out my travel to the same travel
agency. This travel agency to care of all travel completely.
Therefore, it is the most simple and safe plan of my travel. My daddy
heard, that it is a lot of travel agencies presently the counterfeit!
Also that presently many people sell in other countries! Therefore,
for me it will be safe, if I mourn over my travel in «ARMEN TOUR». I
have told to my daddy that is possible , can book itself tickets
for me through the Internet. But, my daddy has answered at once, that
it is very dangerous to me! Therefore, if you can send money for my
travel then I can arrive to you to the country and meet you. Dear
, I will hope that you can send money to me, and we will meet you
in my holiday! Therefore, these days I will go to travel agency to
learn cost of my travel to your country, and that it will be required
to me for my travel. , and your work will allow you to take
holiday in two weeks? Possibly, your work has the intensive schedule,
and you cannot take holiday? If Your work will not allow you to take
holiday then I could arrive to you even if You will work. We will
spend time together when you will come back with Works, and on the
days off. It not a problem for me! Also, I would like to hear yours
Voice by phone. Unfortunately, I have no phone, therefore I will be to
you To call. Therefore, in the following letter inform me number of
phone, that I Could phone to you. Do not forget to inform me a
telephone code of your city, and Telephone code of your country. I
hope that you will inform me number of your mobile Phone. On it I will
finish my letter. I with impatience will wait from you the letter.
Yours Anahit.
Mrs De: "Anahit" <anahitarmguy@yahoo.com>
Enviados: Miércoles, 7 de Octubre 2009 4:56:04 GMT
Asunto: Hello my love

Hello my love . I am glad to see your message, and to learn, that I can hope
for your help in payment of my travel. Dear, it is very inconvenient me, as I
have addressed for the help in money to you. I never thought, that I will ask
money someone. I always considered myself as the independent and independent woman.
When I travelled earlier, It costed much more cheaply, and my travel was paid by
my daddy. But, now, my daddy cannot pay my travel. But, I am very happy, that I have
now you , - the person whom to care of me! It would be pleasant for each woman,
to have the person whom to care of it. I so am glad, that I have found you!
, today, I have visited travel agency, and have studied all information,
concerning my arrival in your country. I think what to make out travel to travel
agency, It is the easiest, and the safe plan for me. You agree? The travel
agency will prepare all necessary documents for me, will develop the ticket
aboard the plane, and delivers in the airport. From my city, there are no
planes which fly to you. Therefore, I should go to Yerevan, and therefrom
already to you. The agent has explained me all situation, about visa reception
to your country. Your government has made more strict control, on an input in
your country, because of terrorism. Therefore, to receive the visa to your
country it is more difficult. But, the agent has informed me, that they already
have let out some tourist visas to your country. Therefore, I will not have
problems with the visa. I so am glad, that travel agency, can issue for me the visa.
My agent, requires some information to develop a plane route, and to calculate full
cost of my travel. Therefore, inform me the address, and the name of the nearest
international airport. Also, inform me the city name in which this airport to be.
Well? This information is necessary that the agent could develop a route, and
establish exact cost of travel. Unfortunately, this travel agency does not accept
bank remittances from private people. The agency accepts such transfers, if travel
is ordered by group of people. Therefore, I should pay my travel itself, cash.
Besides, I have asked the agent, whether you for my can book tickets? But, to me
have answered, that so to do it is impossible. The Travel agency, develops only
all travel completely. Therefore, if you have booked tickets then I could not order
the visa. I pay certain cost in travel agency, and to me prepare all travel. It is
very convenient for me! , the most terrible that you cannot pay itself for me
my travel in any way as travel should be paid to me. But, the agent has informed me,
that some banks are engaged in the international remittances from other countries,
to private people. Therefore, you should send money for me. It gives me many hopes
that we with you soon can, will meet. Dear, I have informed you all news which I have
learnt in the tourist agent. I hope, that I can soon embrace you . I wait for
your message my favourite. My kisses and embraces. Yours Anahit.

P.S. Do not forget to inform me the name of the nearest airport, and the city name
in which this airport to be.
De: "Anahit" <anahitarmguy@yahoo.com>
Enviados: Jueves, 8 de Octubre 2009 8:00:42 GMT
Asunto: Hello my love

Hello my dear ! I am glad, that my messages are pleasant for
you. How you feel road? I am a little excited, and yesterday I have
hardly fallen asleep, as I thought of our meeting. I often represent,
as we see for the first time each other. As we hold our first meeting
together. I think, that we will not allow to sleep this night. We will
be this time in a bed, and we will stop only for coffee and
sandwiches. Besides, I would like to take a bath together with you. We
will rub each other a back, and still something. I so am glad, that it
is necessary to wait very little. I often think of things which we can
make with each other. When I think of such things, I even am a little
raised. Even now, when I write it to you, I feel a shiver, and
excitation in the body. Therefore, I stop this theme in my message.
Yesterday I called to you, but to phone to you very big problem, say,
that connection is impossible. , I have informed the agent a
place where I will travel, and the agent has calculated full cost of
my travel. It will cost for me 3540 USD. As I informed in the last
letter, that the travel agency to care of all my travel. Therefore,
this cost of all my travel completely. In this cost are included:
tickets (there and back), documents, road to the airport, insurance. I
have personal savings in size 615USD. Therefore I still should add to
this sum 2925 USD. I hope, dear, that this money not difficulty for
you, and you can send me this sum of money that I have paid my travel.
, I hope, that I did not do any difficulties for you, concerning
this sum of money. Now, I wish to inform you news, how you can send
money. In our city, some systems are engaged in remittances from other
countries. It «MoneyGram» Or «moneytrans». Dear, I have received the
detailed information, concerning moving of money. To send money, you
should enter into bank in which is «MoneyGram» Or «moneytrans». In
bank to me have told, that such offices are accessible in each city,
therefore, for you a problem will not find it. You should take with
yourself the passport. To send money, you should know my full name and
a surname, and the address. As soon as you will send money, to you
will tell confidential number. That I could receive money, I should
know your address, your full name and a surname, and confidential
number. Therefore, as soon as you will send money, do not forget to
inform me confidential number, the address, and the full name. All
this moving borrows some hours. If you have not understood, how you
should send money then you can learn the detailed information on an
official site: www.moneygram.com. Also, on this site, you can find the
nearest address of this company in your city. I think , that it
is the most reliable and fast way to move money. Therefore fine, these
days, try to send to me 2925 USD. My information for this purpose:

The country: Armenia. A city: Gyumri. Street Shirakattsi 23.

My name: Anahit. My surname: Ogannisyan.

Do not forget to inform me the full name, your address, and
confidential number. I promised to travel agency, to pay money these
days. My kisses and embraces for you ! Yours Anahit. I wait for
your messages!


Mrs De: "Anahit" <anahitarmguy@yahoo.com>
Enviados: Domingo, 11 de Octubre 2009 11:47:05 GMT
Asunto: Re[2]: Hello my love

Hello my love ! Are you ok? I very much worry. From you there
were no letters already long time. What happens? Yours Anahit!
Mrs De: "Anahit" <anahitarmguy@yahoo.com>
Enviados: Martes, 13 de Octubre 2009 3:09:09 GMT
Asunto: Re[4]: Hello my love

Hello my love ! I’m gled to see you letter! How you have gone to
the travel? You know, I do not have phone where you could call. I
called to you from a public telephone booth, but to you have not
phoned. You can have sent wrong phones? I will try to call once again to you
on Wednesday evening. You only tell, on what number to you to call?
You speak, what you would visit my country? But, at us in Armenia, war
with Azerbaijan now can begin. Our countries, already were at war for
a long time. At this time, in some places, already shoot. Therefore
war, at any time, can begin. At us on news, showed, that on border,
have killed three Armenian people. Therefore, war can begin.
Therefore, it is very terrible to be in Armenia. It is a lot of
people, try to leave Armenia. Therefore, for you it will be very
dangerous to arrive to Armenia. I hope, that you understand it.
Therefore, it will be better, if I shall arrive to you to the country.
When you can help me with our meeting with you? I very much wish you
to see. Yours Anahit!

If you received a similar letter, please ignore it. Do not answer it. If you do, you will end up on more of the mailing lists used by the criminals behind this fraud. Read more....


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