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T.K. says: "there is many people like me all arround the world"

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received this sad story from a friend. Let me call him T.K. He got in big trouble because he believed the scammers.

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Date: 30october 2009
dear Miss Young
I just recieve another scam letter from:

In letter there is information that somewhere in bank of nigeria are some money (huge money) which must be send to me as a owner. I must say that many years ago I believe those liars and try to help. I even send them money to pay some documents. It was big amount for me which I send. Of course I lost it because I send money twice and everytime was something more to be paid. Money which I send was borrowed and I lost that. Now after years I still have financial troubless because of that. Collectors from bank want me to pay back but I can't because I have no money.
On this time, years ago I even go to other country about 1000miles away to pick up the person from the airport, of course this person was not in aircraft. Spend money for petrol which was borrowed as well. Because of that all troubles I lost house, wife take my son and find some other friend to live.
I stay all alone, my problems because of my stupid stay with me, and will stay forever because I have no chance to pay back all this debts which I make. Now as lonely bent person want to say anyone who has receive a similar message, do not trust them, they just want to scam You. They have no feelings and don't care what going to hapend with You if You do same stupid think like I did. Im 29 years old person which lost everything, 29 years old bankrupt!
Wife left me because I make so huge debts and take my son away from me, all savings, job, and past last four years everyday debt collectors wisiting me to pay back money which I don't have. I lost my life because is no chance to earn so much money and pay back that debts. For some people this money are not big but for my was and are beyond my possibilities to earn. Im sure there is more people like me which lost everything because they believe promises of better life, don't be another. Don't trust them.
Dear Miss Young, I'll be really appreciate if You place my letter somewhere on Your webpage as a warning, I can't laugh because of that, there is many people like me all arround the world, don't let do the same mistake any new person's. Im sorry for my language but I'm not very good in english.
Best Regards


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