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Hello, I am Miss Young. A scammer often fails in making his victim pay him money. But he does not give up if he thinks it is still possible to convince the victim. He could try a new scam with hidden millions or a big lottery winning. Another approach is a compensation letter where he promises the victim a big sum as compensation. The compensation money does not exist, - it is simply the start of a new scam. The letter below is an example of such a letter.

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From: "jean.claude.ametchi@cantv.net" <jean.claude.ametchi@cantv.net>
Sent: Thu, December 10, 2009 3:37:33 AM
Subject: I did not forget all your past efforts and attempts to assist me in transferring the funds

I am Mr. Jean-Claude Ametchi , remember me? I quess you will. I have not been in contact with you because i have to take things easy and slowly after you abandoned me and our project despite the fact that I sent you several mails but you never responded in a project i have waited all my professional life for, a breakthrough for me and a financial security for my children and family in general, I brought it your door step but your trampled with it with the feet of ignorance hence I have no choice than to leave you alone, take my time thereafter I have to introduce someone else into this venture, it wasn't easy my dear, we spent alot of money and time but today my patience and investment as paid off.

I am glad to inform you that I have successfully transferred the funds under the co-operation of a new partner from France, presently I am in France for some investments projects; latter i will move to the United States of America to invest the rest of the money. If you wish i will provide you with a telephone number here in France where you can communicate with me.

Meanwhile, I did not forget all your past efforts and attempts to assist me in transferring the funds despite the fact that you couldn't continue due to reasons best know to you which I believe is in relative to financial inbalance, lack of trust and fear. I don't blame you, it is just a matter of choice, just the same way people missed out in great opportunities in life either because of fear or lack of trust or lack of finance to execute. As I told you in my previous letters, I have never relented in pursuing the successful conclusion of the project, you know in life, good things doesn't come easily, and you also know that this world is just like a battle field and it is only those that are strong enough to fight till the end that always wins the battle and make it to the end and at the end lays the breakthrough because persistance and determination is always the key factor to success.

The reason I am telling you all this is because you have missed out in this great venture that could have make you rich because of fear, lack of trust for your fellow human being and your inability to be financially commited, you should make the right choice next time if you desire wealth and riches in your life if an opportunity like this ever come your way.

Like I said, i didn't forget all your effort as a result I made out a Bank Draft of some money for you, not really because i have too much but because I want you to know that before an elderly man like me made up his mind to embarked on this project I have everything worked out all that was left was just someone with the same surname as you to pull this deal through; but since you lack the trust, the zeal, the desire and the financial capabilties to pull this deal through with me and pull out which was basically a bad and or wrong choice/decision at the time because this life is full of chances.

Now, I will like you to contact the legal Luminary that assisted us in making sure that the project suceeded, he is still in Abidjan Cote D'Ivoire, his contact is:

Barr. Leon I.S.Tristan
List Chambers-RCI
Tel: (225) 45110147
Fax: (225) 04793369
E-mail: inquirieslist@ismailia.cc

Call him or you send him a mail and request that he send to you the Certifified Bank Draft I make out for you, the money is not much, it is just £200,000 pounds ( Two Hundred Thousand British Pounds) I need you to used it to take care of yourself because you didn't revealed my secret and decision to claim the money to my bank, you must remember if it were to be some greedy people they will report me to my bank and I might either be in Jail by now or fired and also loose the money and my job as a result ruin my life but because you are a good person; you didn't report me hence i decided to compensate you in this manner because I have more than enough now.

I made out £200,000 pounds which I kept for you on a Certified Bank Draft which can be cash in any bank anywhere in the world, that is why I didn't issued a Cheque but a bank draft so that it will be easy for you to cash and receive the money at any bank anywhere in the world.

I am currently busy in France setting up businesses, I am also trying to avoiding disturbances from close friends, close and distance relations. I might not have another opportunity like this to correspond with you in the nearest future because since the past few days that i came here, today is the only time i have to send you this mail, go ahead and contact the Barrister.

Make sure you contact him now so that he will organize how to send the Bank Draft of £200.000 pounds to you immediately, Furthermore, I hope to be in United States of America soon when i get there i will invite you to come to America to meet me, you will not have any problem on that because if you manage this little money I am given to you very well, life will treat you better. I really thank and appreciate all your effort and your ability to keep me in confidence I will want you to accept the effort I have made to give you this money.

Remember that I have done my own posible best and have justified your effort by remembering you and given you the amount stated above, hope you and your family will have a great and happy life.

Yours faithfully.



If you received a similar letter, please ignore it. Do not answer it. If you do, you will end up on more of the mailing lists used by the criminals behind this fraud. Read more....

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