Miss Young

Anna says: "I had sexual dream of us"

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received this story from a friend. Let me call him Jacob.

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Dear Miss young
I have received emails from some girls claiming they are looking for relationship and they all in russia and they need money to come to uk.
First they are developing delicate realitionship and then when the time come they want to see me and want to come to the uk and for that they need money and and they keep asking money to come to the uk .I will attached all these details and email for your reference and i do not know so far how many people they have scameed .Plese tell the world that this is new and going around the world scamming people and to stay away from that .
Thank you


Mrs From: "annnnaefremovva@yandex.ru" <annnnaefremovva@yandex.ru>
Sent: Wednesday, 25 February, 2009 9:05:51
Subject: Dear Jacob!!!

Dear Jacob!!!

I look at your picture it perfectly.I have and I look at your soft eyes and your beautiful lips and you so hot a body, and I know that There is a GOD!!It has given me one of its best angels!!!Hope, that you always feel, as you do now about me I wish to be your unique person and you to be my unique person I have all your letters here and pictures which I fire, always hold close to me.Please tell to me more that you dream that we did together.

I would like to know. Only know it.You with me every second hour both each o'clock in the afternoon and everyone

Day of month and every month year also happens so, that a way from now on while you want me,You have made me very happy and proud person today My dear Thanks so.It became firmer and firmer because I cannot see you, hear you, I cannot touch you.It - so pity, that we not birds.We do not have wings, and at us are not present apportunity to depart to each other.Jacobdistance would mean nothing for us.We can meet in any point in the world.And to depart together to stars.I think much of you and our relationsJacob.I do not know, that it can love.But I know, that you are a best man whom I ever met.But I wish to know opinion. Tell to me about your relationsJacob.What does, has fallen to me?What do I grope you?Whether I am valid is expensive to you?

I will look forward to hearing from you.

Kiss you!


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From: "annnnaefremovva@yandex.ru" <annnnaefremovva@yandex.ru>
Sent: Thursday, 26 February, 2009 6:15:19
Subject: Hello my love !!!!!

Hello my love !!!!!

For me a holiday to receive from you the new letter! Your letters always to lift my mood! All these days I think of you. When I dream of us, I feel mood increase better and at me!! We have found each other in this world. I speak to you about my feelings because I trust you very much and think, that you are a person who will make me happy.. I will make you happy my dear. I show you my heart as is better, I can. To have someone, to come home to it my embrace and a kiss who cares of my bottom wants and, divides its day, well. It does for happy people who can possess their creation of love... It was my dream, and I hope, that it will be truly fast. I think, that you wish to meet me not less than I. I trust you my feelings, you can trust me all feelings, dreams and thoughts on me. I wish to tell to you, I had sexual dream of us yesterday. It is difficult to explain words, that I feel.

I wish to try it for the real. You can, think of it?

I finish the letter and I will wait for your answer with the big impatience.

Yours Anna!!!

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. When Jacob realized that it was a scam, he stopped all further contact with the scammers.

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