Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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> Date: Fri, 5 Dec 2008 19:43:37 +0300
> From: beausveta@yandex.ru
> Subject: Hello my interlocutor !)
> Hello my interlocutor !)
> I'm glad to read your letter, I very much liked that we continue to communicate with you.
> I'm glad that with you is about what to talk, to me it very pleasantly surprises!
> At first sight I thought that Internet of acquaintance it simply any draw, but now I was mistaken.
> I was really convinced that here it is possible to find very good interlocutor as you and to talk and learn about each other much!
> I'm very glad to it and I shall continue to correspond further with you because you became me very interesting!
> I'm glad that you have sent me your photos, I'm so glad to it because I start to admire your photos!
> You became me interesting and I'm glad to it, you have started me to entice something while precisely I don't know!)))
> I wish to continue with you dialogue and I wish to tell you a little about myself!
> I already spoke you much about myself, but nevertheless I not have told all of you, and hardly I can tell all, because we are peculiar to something conceal)))
> And to that all at once cann't be told, because we have lived much and with us very much happened)
> I wish tell to you about a place a residence. I live in Republics Mari El, in Mari - Turekskom rayone, village Mari-Turek.
> This very beautiful village, I was born there and I live, it approximately 120 kilometers from city Yoshkar-Ola.
> I live in remote places of the area, I don't know as still me to describe it, but it so...
> And so, I had not greater attitudes, neither that serious simply pair meetings and nor that greater.
> I learned the person and if it to me was nice and liked character I still continued with it attitudes.
> But all the same any men has not achieved me, I couldn't find such men in the village and because of it I have dared to go Internet of acquaintance.
> I consider that my searches men will be very long, then at me very serious frameworks for them.
> I'm very captious and very jealous, it to you on a note if that!)))
> I continue the searches till now, but I hope that soon I shall understand that I have found someone which will understand me and will care of me!
> I have told to you in brief about private life, I hope you have understood an essence of my letter)
> I also want that you have opened soul to me and have told to me about you and about your former attitudes!
> I shall wait for your letter.
> I send you the photos, I shall wait comments)))
> Bye bye bye, yors Svetlana!!!!

Yoshkar-Ola Mari-Turek2






Mrs > Date: Mon, 8 Dec 2008 17:49:20 +0300
> From: beausveta@yandex.ru
> Subject: Hello my dear !
> Hello my dear !
> How are you???
> I so am glad to receive your new letter. You write such fine and gentle words.
> I re-read your letters on many times and I understand, that you very good person.
> I can discuss serious things with you, I can trust in you.
> You tell really write to me all seriously, you write to me sincerely?
> I ask to you such question only because we already speak about such serious things, as feelings.
> My dear such things it is impossible to joke. My feelings to you grow constantly.
> With each your letter I understand, that in you there is something such, that involves me, that my prince pulls me to you.
> When I receive your letters to me becomes so pleasantly, on me finds such feeling when I so would like to write to you,
> I cannot calm myself any more as on other doomsday there is such person who writes to me and waits for my letters.
> you in fact wait for my letters? I do not deliver to you troubles if I write to you?
> Today I had one very strange and even a ridiculous case a case. Today when I went along the street I thought of you.
> I represented the future and dreamed. I was lost in day-dreams up to such degree, that all my subconsciousness as though is has left in other world.
> I went and represented as though I am in your city. I go as along the street.
> All around for me is familiar, around the same buildings as well as in my city, but I precisely understand, that I am in your city.
> I went also I was pleased lives. Weather was very fine and solar. I long went directly and at last have curtailed on the right.
> And suddenly on turn with me the person has collided. I even have dropped a bag. When it has bent to help me I have understood, that it you !
> I was simply in a shock from such unexpectedness, I was so is happy, that have met you.
> Then I have asked to you a question: "you Have learned me or not?"
> You still long looked to me to face and then have sharply reddened also your person became such happy and joyful.
> You have exclaimed: "Good land! Svetlana! It you?" Still some time we stood and looked against each other at our persons.
> Then we have started to talk and lovely to talk. We have gone along the street.
> When you wished to take me for a hand and I have stretched to you a hand my hand has appeared in absolutely other hand.
> Here I have regained consciousness from the imagination. My hand has appeared in a hand of my girlfriend.
> There Is I went beside with the girlfriend. We went and silent and consequently my imagination so was strongly played.
> My girlfriend to me then has told, that all road while we went I talked to myself. I constantly repeated your name !
> I yet did not speak the girlfriend, that I have got acquainted with you. But after that case I have told to it about you.
> It was very glad for me. It all over again has not believed to me,
> it as well as I never trusted, that through the Internet it's possible to find such fine person as you !
> But I have found you and is very glad and happy to it. excuse me if I write to you such nonsenses which occur to me.
> But I very much wished to share with you it, I wish to tell about everything, that occurs to me. I also want, that you told to me about your life.
> Now I shall finish the letter and very much I hope to receive your fast reply!!!
> I send a lot of very gentle and sweet Kisss!
> Yours Svetlana!




> Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2008 09:28:40 +0300
> From: beausveta@yandex.ru
> Subject: Hello my dear !
> Hello my dear !!!
> How you my sweet???
> I'm fine. I was so is glad and happy to receive your next letter.
> you bring to me so much pleasures and pleasures, after acquaintance to you for me it's very important to receive and read your letters,
> to answer your letters. My the darling your letters so are fine, you speak about such fine things, your words so are gentle and lovely.
> When I have got acquainted with you I first of all thought, that we shall simply friends, orchestras on correspondence.
> But with each your new letter all of you have more and more me interested, I found with you more increasing and more than the general themes,
> the general interests. I earlier at all did not assume, that my feelings will come so far.
> I do not know you will understand me or not, but is similar, that I have fallen in love with you, I love you !
> Several days ago after next your letter I had any strange feeling, my heart as though something has pricked.
> When I have checked up mail, and there there was no your letter I have been very afflicted, I grieved on you.
> But your letter has then come. You cannot present how many pleasure at all and happiness was for me during that moment,
> how many positive emotions you have brought to me. after my acquaintance to you, you have made my life paradise.
> You bring to me pleasure, I constantly wait for your letters as though they became an integral part of my life.
> You and your letters for me are very important also I so is happy, that I could get acquainted with you.
> tell and what feelings are tested by you? Sometimes I so would like more and more and to communicate more,
> I would like to learn about each other all. I tell about myself everything, you tell all about yourselves,
> between us there are no secrets and it is correct, it is healthy. Certainly you can tell, that that I write that to you is only exaggeration,
> this short-term feeling when you yet do not understand, that such love. My love but if it was not love I would not suffer,
> I would concern without special attention to you and your letters.
> I do not know as you now from react after my letter. I do not know what emotions will cause in you my letter.
> But I have made this step, I have told about the feeling to you. My love understand now I completely has opened before you all soul,
> I have given the heart which is full of love in your hands. My dear I shall wait for your letter with very great pleasure and desire.
> I so would like to learn your opinion and your attitude to me and to my words! I love you!!!! You my prince!!!
> Kissss
> Yours Svetlana!!!

39789815 39938809




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