Miss Young

Sence says: "dont try to fool me , i am serious about this"

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received this story from a friend. Let me call him Rudi.

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Subject: Nigerian Connection
Date: Thu 12 Mar 2009 11 47 19 0100

Hello Miss Young,
I will send you the contact of a person in AfroIntroductions.com had! As an attachment to the images of the person I got!
Yours sincerely,
Sense (12.03.2009 11:00:18): hi rudi dear. good morning
Rudi (12.03.2009 11:00:50): Good morninf sense!

Sense (12.03.2009 11:01:09): lots of love
Rudi (12.03.2009 11:01:32): How's it going?

Sense (12.03.2009 11:01:56): well i'm just cool, nothing much. and you ??
Rudi (12.03.2009 11:02:20): verry good!

Sense (12.03.2009 11:02:40): where re u now ?
Rudi (12.03.2009 11:02:55): much love in the morning!

Sense (12.03.2009 11:03:03): yeah
Rudi (12.03.2009 11:03:37): i'm home

Sense (12.03.2009 11:03:52): you re not working today ?
Rudi (12.03.2009 11:03:53): with you?

Sense (12.03.2009 11:04:03): i am at work
Rudi (12.03.2009 11:04:27): much love in the morning! with you?

Sense (12.03.2009 11:04:54): lots of love ...
Rudi (12.03.2009 11:04:57): wow!!!!! i'm working from home!

Sense (12.03.2009 11:05:59): how can u work from home, what do u do ?
Rudi (12.03.2009 11:06:40): I work with PC's

Sense (12.03.2009 11:06:54): ok but what do you do. what do u work
Rudi (12.03.2009 11:07:50): I turn on my other computer services to make!

Sense (12.03.2009 11:08:25): you work as an IT engineer or secretary ?
Rudi (12.03.2009 11:09:10): IT engineer for Software!

Sense (12.03.2009 11:09:50): software are wares you can see and yet can't touch right ?
Rudi (12.03.2009 11:10:48): I fix the programs on your PC!

Sense (12.03.2009 11:10:58): okay. lots of love
Rudi (12.03.2009 11:11:39): not by you! you can make self! in the morning with you

Sense (12.03.2009 11:12:10): yeah. can i trust you Rudi ?
Rudi (12.03.2009 11:12:38): you cam here to me?

Sense (12.03.2009 11:12:52): sure
Rudi (12.03.2009 11:13:04): i'm Rudi

Sense (12.03.2009 11:13:17): i know. can i trust you. ?
Rudi (12.03.2009 11:13:47): yes

Sense (12.03.2009 11:13:56): are you sure ?
Rudi (12.03.2009 11:14:05): you will see my?

Sense (12.03.2009 11:14:21): i have seen you. but this is a different thing. i have seen you before , but i want to know if i can trust you if i send some money into your account
Rudi (12.03.2009 11:16:05): I'm live!

Sense (12.03.2009 11:16:19): you have seen me too on sunday. remember ?
Rudi (12.03.2009 11:17:11): yes

Sense (12.03.2009 11:17:18): ok. i want you to collect some funds as the foreign beneficary in germany. but can i trust you that you are honest ?
Rudi (12.03.2009 11:19:14): I do not understand what you're talking about?

Sense (12.03.2009 11:20:20): yes i will make understand ,if i am sure i can trust you and you can be honest with me
Rudi (12.03.2009 11:21:42): Will you send me money? Have I understood correctly?

Sense (12.03.2009 11:22:41): yes. listen. it is my late father money in the bank , and it is $5million usd ,the bank will not allow me to collect it alone , they need a foreign beneficiary. so i want you to help me contact them and get the money into your account in germany , then i can come over to you in germany.and i will give you some percentage
Rudi (12.03.2009 11:25:37): Sens oh! Do not be such a crap with me! I know many stories that are all equal and Nigeria conection is known! No thanks, I do not have that desire!

Sense (12.03.2009 11:26:23): no Rudi, this not about nigerian connection
Rudi (12.03.2009 11:26:52): oh yes it is !!!!

Sense (12.03.2009 11:26:59): it is for real and serious ,i have all the documents with me to prove that. dont try to fool me , i am serious about this ok
Rudi (12.03.2009 11:28:41): see you on this site http://419.bittenus.com/. because you can find sites which all have the same goal. I have a lot of stories to read!

Sense (12.03.2009 11:30:39): what is funny. you think i am here to joke ,i am serious
Rudi (12.03.2009 11:31:16): Because you're with such a story come to me!

Sense hat sich abgemeldet. (12.03.2009 11:32)

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. When Rudi realized that it was a scam, he stopped all further contact with the scammers.

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