Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is about a fraud lottery. The lottery claims that I won, but the reality is that they want MY money.

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Datum: 2009-03-17 09:57:19

Thanks for your mail it was well understood, I will want you to understand that this is the UNITED KINGDOM NATIONAL LOTTERY, understand that you don't have to purchase a ticket as your email address was selected randomly from the world wide web and you were among the 5 lucky winner selected world wide, and you email address was selected, and thats how you were emerged the lucky winner.

However, since you reside in Sweden and our head office is here in UNited kingdom and we work with rules and regulation from the United Kingdom government and the gambling board, Understand that we don't demand Money from lottery winning before beneficiary can get his or her winning, But understand that the amount which you have been asked now is for the delivery charges fro our office because you and I know that courier company does not work for free.

However, If a winner does not reside in the UK and wants his prize-money to be sent to him via Cheque Courier or Bank transfer, the courier company or the Transfering bank as the case may apply will demand for their service charges to be paid upfront. Understand that the charges you are being asked to pay now is for the courier of your winning cheque and other vital documents to be sent to you. If you prefer to come personally to the UK Lottery office to recieve your winnings, then you will not have to pay the courier charges.

However, if you cannot come to the UK, you are obligated to pay these charges. I hope you understand that our courier company has to be paid for our services as we do not work for free. Also, i hope you understand that the category in which you won is different from the regular draws where participants purchase tickets. The terms in this online BONUS category apply differently.

If I were in your shoes I will make full use of it by all possible means. If you can not come up with this amount, or do not have the intention to pay this amount, your claims will be
cancelled, and your funds returned back to The National Lottery as unclaimed, I will advise that you choose any of the affordable options and get back so that we will instruct you on what to do next regarding the payment of your winning parcel delivery.

I hope am well understoood, I will await your choosen option back.

Thanks for your understanding.

Mr Ford Cobin

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Miss Young If you received a similar email, you should go to the homepage to read more about 419 fraud.

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