Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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Mrs Hi my new friend
It is my first experience of acquaintance through the Internet.
Therefore I now typing this text, worry a little. I wish to tell more
in detail about myself. My name is Anna I very much want will get
acquainted. I liked your questionnaire. It was very interesting to me
to read your questionnaire, and you became curious what person. I
would like to find the person who would like to lead with me a life
and with whom I would like to lead the life up to the end of the days.
I live in Russia, in city Kirov I like our city. It very big,
beautiful. Especially here in well spring when all blossoms. The
nature anew is born also I feel, that the new life begins. Therefore I
wish to correspond with you. To me 29 years. Mine put a birth on June,
20th, 1979. I very much love romanticism, little bit sentimental, modest
girl. At heart I very strong person, as though me did not beat a life
on a shoulder, I always try to be strong. Many my friends envy me, but
sometimes there come days when I so would like to love and be
favourite. I never was married, I have no children. I do not smoke and
I do not drink alcohol. I have higher education. I studied at
university. By education I the economist in sphere of economic. But me
it does not bring pleasure, because I work all on all as the seller in
shop. I like my work, I learn every day that that new, I communicate
with people, there are new friends. But nevertheless I would like to
work on a speciality to which it has been trained at university. I
cannot find work on a speciality because without the experience of the
economist anywhere do not take. And how it to receive? I do not know.
Here if there were houses a computer that it would be certainly
easier, but it is not present. Therefore I visit the Internet - cafe.
I hope to you I shall like. Well all I stop to write the letter. I
finish, the whole in both cheeks. I with impatience shall look forward
to hearing from you. Your friend from Russia Anna Golubceva
In park
It is pleasant to you
Mrs Greetings

I am very glad to receive your letter. You should understand, how it
for me is important. I wish to continue our dialogue, it is more to
learn of you. Where do you live? How live? Than be engaged? What your
interests? And with pleasure I shall tell to you about myself. As I
wrote to you earlier your address to me to a distance in agency of
acquaintances in which I have addressed in occasion of search of the
man for correspondence and probably serious attitudes. Whence your
address I did not ask them also it on mine now when we are a little
already familiar, not so it is important!

As I spoke you in the first letter, I live in city. I live here one. I
remove a room at the elderly woman and consequently I devote all free
time to work. To like me my work, differently to me without it would
be very boringly and melancholy. My family lives in other city, it is
very far. My family consists from 5 person, she is mum, the daddy and
two my sisters, senior and younger. Us in family three daughters who
can take care of the father. My daddy works as the taxi driver, very
much to like him his work. My mum works as the cook, she at me is very
tasty prepares. I very much miss on kitchen of mum. My senior sister
works as the nurse in hospital, and younger has left school. I very
much love the family. And what your family? With whom you live? It is
very interesting to me to learn about you. And I had to move to live
to other city. I have arrived to study here, and have remained to live
in this city. It too very much to like me. And when at me there comes
holiday, I necessarily visit the family. I call in to the grandmother
in village where often spent the children's vacation, being on fresh
air. But now I have matured and there was absolutely another. At
leisure I like to take a walk on city, easier to be passed, think
about good. And sometimes I compose small rhymes. It is a life fills
me with such inspiration!

Here to meet to us,
Here to meet,
To look against each other, to be noted.
If this ground nevertheless spins,
Here to meet to us,
Here to meet.

These are verses of my composition. On this I finish the letter to
you. With impatience I look forward to hearing from you.
Anna Golubceva
Mrs Greetings my dear.

I had a free minute, and I have come into the Internet of cafe. On
road to the Internet of cafe I went and guessed you have answered me
or not. And when I have opened the mail box that was so is happy and
glad to receive from you again the letter. It was very pleasant to me
to know that you understand me. Communicating with each other though
and on distance we all become closer. I very much like to communicate
with you, for me very important have the person with which I could to
share, let into the secrets. You agree with me?
I at once warn you, that I shall not send you the intimate photos
while we are still badly familiar, because I should be trusted the man
before to do such frank steps in attitudes! I hope you me understand?

Each person has problems which excite him, but communicating with you
I forget about all on light. I plunge into the world of love and
romanticism. I very much love the family. The family is a part me. I
love the parents who even in the big distance from me try to support
me in all my undertakings, to take care of me, give me advice. I love
the sisters, we never quarrel with them. We in general very amicable
family. Always we gain and we help each other. Parents are is
remarkable. But I nevertheless wish to take care itself of someone, to
love, cherish, make a breakfast in the mornings. I wish to create the
family. But the family is under construction on understanding and
respect. You as consider? In city where I now live at me there were
many friends. They play not a small role in my life. Because if not my
friends, not their support, me it would be lonely. Being in the
distance from the relatives. And at you it is a lot of friends? I very
much love dialogue with the nature. I like to listen to singing of
birds, rustle of trees, silence. These minutes my soul completely
relaxs. I receive a charge of positive energy. At leisure we with
friends visit cinema, museums, and sometimes simply we sit in cafe. I
like to walk in city parks, to admire beautiful flowers, to observe of
a growing lazy water of a fountain. All this delivers to me huge
pleasure and a life becomes brighter. And how you spend a free time?
On this I finish the letter. I want to write to you the home address
and I hope you to me too write the address. My address:

My name Anna, surname Golubceva
street VOROVSKOGO, 35
Apartment 20
city KIROV
postal index 610020
country RUSSIA.

I shall look forward to hearing from you.
Your friend Anna Golubceva
Mrs Hi the my dear !

I am very glad to receive your answer again. For me this very good
beginning of day, with arrival of your letter. I hope for good
continuation of our dialogue.

I think that to you good mood my letters too bring. And it at us is
mutual. How are you doing? How your mood? How do you feel? You to me
are very nice. I get used to you. I get used to your letters. I wish
to tell about you to my parents. That they have approved my choice. My
close person to me on spirit. I think that they will be glad for me.
Though you and the person from other country. But you undoubtedly very
much like me. And I very much wish to be the main person in your life.
As I spoke you in the former letter, I live on a demountable
apartment. In one room I live. And in another the mistress of an
apartment. To be in my room my small world which I love. Here there
are my favourite books. My favourite things. And actually I have a
greater dream. I dream of the personal apartment or the house. That I
could feel myself freely. I dream of a beautiful paradise garden. I
dream that I will have the beautiful house, the loving husband and it
is a lot of children. I wish to be happy as my mum and the daddy are
happy. Today very romantic weather and me it becomes boring that you
are not present beside with me. I would like to hear your voice. It
would be desirable to be closer to you. But unfortunately at my place
there is no phone. And installation of phone costs expensively. It for
me big money and I cannot allow myself of this. However you can write
to me in your following letter your phone number and I at an
opportunity nevertheless shall call to you!
You very fine and charming person and consequently I wish to devote
to you a small verse from own composition.

The love is a gift of the nature
And without love there is no sense to live
Love people breathe all
Allow also to me with you to be friends.
On this I finish the letter. With impatience I shall look forward to
your reply. With the best regards from Anna Golubceva
Mrs Hi my dear !

I am happy to receive your mail day by day. Every day I think of you
about your letters.
Excuse that sometimes I write to you not every day, my work happens
comes to an end later than usually and I am not in time in the
Internet of cafe up to it closings, I hope you not so be upset when I
write with delay!

I feel that my heart is torn to you. We not so long ago correspond
with you, but it seems to me that we are familiar the whole life. My
letters it is a part of my soul. A part me. And this to me a little. I
dream of our meeting, I wish to see you. To look in your eyes. To see
a smile on your face. To be simple more close to you. You the person
of my dreams. Whom I see in the dreams. I am very glad that our world
became much more more interestingly with the advent of the Internet.
And we can do dialogue with people of the different countries. I am
glad that we have found each other. It is simple a miracle. And you
trust in miracles? I heard from many friends about attitudes of
Russian girls with men from other countries. They perfectly live,
bring up children and very much love each other. I think that at us
with you all will be good. That will be at us the attitudes penetrated
by love, respect and understanding. I like to dance, visit clubs. To
communicate with friends, to skate, float in pool. And the most
interesting to me extreme kinds of sports. Driving on racing machines.
I am am involved with abrupt bends and turns. That grasps spirit. It
very much is pleasant to me. And what interests at you? What most of
all you love? I hope that you that person which are necessary to me. I
have made the choice. I hope that you test to me the same feelings. I
wish to trust you. I wish to feel your support, and I hope that your
feelings to me sincerely. I hope that I was not mistaken in you. What
do you feel to me? What you opinions on me? That you wish to learn
about me ask your questions. I shall send to you photos of my city, I
hope it to you will help to know better where I live. I think of you
and I hope that your answer will come as soon as possible.
Your friend Anna Golubceva

Mrs Hello my good, the close friend .

Today we have a cloudy weather. In the street pours a fine rain and a
warm wind blows. Mood bad. But I nevertheless have again decided to go
in the Internet of cafe again to read through your letters. In fact
your letters is a part you, through letters I feel you, that you as a
line. Your letters give me heat and warm me in this rainy weather. I
very much value to ours with you dialogue. I am very glad, that we
though and on distance, but we try to understand each other. In fact
the understanding in attitudes is the most important. You agree with
me? I wish to devote to you a small rhyme.

I write the letter with a smile gentle
I wish, happiness with all the heart
When my letter you will receive
The answer write more likely.

I write the letter, and heart cries
In fact to heart very much it is not easy
The letter will reach, and I shall remain
I shall remain somewhere away.

My parents brought up me in severity. And I for it am very grateful to
them. They have learned me to appreciate and respect with people who
give heat and pleasure. This person - you. I wish to continue with you
our dialogue. I am grateful to you that with each arrival of your
letters, at me cheers up. One fine instant that the life has got pink
shades sometimes suffices. You are very expensive and important for
me. Each girl secret in the essence and not everyone the man can make
out it. Each meeting is mysterious and inherently and nobody knows,
than it can will end. I do not hurry in relations and I do not ask to
hurry you . I only think of an opportunity to meet here the
person close and native for me. It is chance to tell not only about
itself, but also to learn the same person of an opposite floor that it
thinks and knows. It not history about beautiful love and
unforgettable night of desires and hopes, it only acquaintance to the
close person and if you really share my ideas and feelings I am always
ready to listen to you in your following letter. Yours Anna Golubceva

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