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AMERICAN CRUISE SHIP CORPORATION says: "As a crew member, yon will have a lot of fun"

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received this story from a friend. Let me call him Sanath. He was promised a job on a cruise ship, but it was all lies.

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Date: Sun 14 Jun 2009

Dear Madam,
One of my facebook friend is inviting me to Canada for work her company name call American cruise shipping line.
I have already sent an application and they are ready to grant me a job in mentioned company.I have provided some documents
including letter of invitation from company and clearance certificate fromAfrican Asian coordinator.And I have already paid some
money to get Clarence certificate, DHL parcel bills and Now they are asking 1500usd for health insurance process.
Dear madam I need to make sure this process is legal.I 'll send original mails I received from immigration and from coordinators
for your kind attention and please bekind enough to advice me soon.Thank very much for your kind attention on this mail
Thank you
yours Faithfully

Mr From: African Asian Co-ordinator Guinea <aac@africamail.com>
Sent: Wednesday, April 29, 2009 9:56:33 PM
Subject: Screening form for your clearance certificate

Immigration and Visas Information
The African,Asia Coordinator is an agency approved by the USA and CanadianGovernment for Africans and Asians and some part of Europe intending to enter USA or Canada for tourism, work and re-locationbecause of the growing global terrorism.
TheAAC. has a policy of making sure that the clients get the services thattheywantwithout delay. In addition, Asia ,African Coordinators, firmly believes that it's growth is based on satisfying and providing exceptional service to its clients therefore our policies and fees have been structured to meet those criterias.
Continental Offices:
Coordinators in the US and Canada,
Immigration Lawyer and Immigration police
In respect ofinternational applicationsto US/Canada,
Continental Head office and the Board of representative Africa and Asia:
B P 5797
Republic of Guinea
Tel 0022463172965
Email aac@africamail.com
The members and board of the U.S.A and Canada immigration representatives in-charge of all African and Asian Candidate for tour, re-locating,working Abroad and tourismas regards toyour entering into the US and Canada.Candidates are expected to reach us with the following requirement for screening procedure before we can issue him or her the clearance cerificate.
(A) You are to reach us with {2} passport photograph attach to the screening form that will be placed in your file which will be used for the official screening processes. This will be put in place as regards toall visitor's legalities You should download, printout,fill it and return the same to us.
(B) You are needed in our officewith your scan back and front international passport including pages 1-3 for a private interview on the screening process. But if you are far away from here or dont haveasseset,you cansend this requirements via email attachment asthesewill enable us speed up your screening process. You should forward along with the official screening fees of $150 USD Note, no applicant on Tour, Re-locating, working abroad and tourismwill be allowed into the US and Canada without the screening process,
All applicants wishing tovisit the office should come along with the screening fees and their Passport scan, Letter of Invitation for the screening process............................................................. Whilethose that can not come over for their private screening and examination before the issuance of their clearance certificate are expected to forwardtheir payment via our mode of payment and reach us with their documents through emailattachment : aac@africamail.com
MODE OF PAYMENY;-You should direct your fees to our office here in Guinea. Your payment should be directed to us via Money Gram or,western union money transfer allowed.
AttentionGenaral Accountant:
Name------ JOAO MENDES
Country----- ..Guinea
further information needed is as follow.
Names of sender----------------------
Country Money send from----------
Test Question ------------------------
Test Answer ---------------------------
Money Controll number-------------
Amount Send--------------------------
( If your country of residence does not permit sending money out of the country using the mode of western union or money gram; Account numberis provided for you to make the transfer through nearest bank around you to Guinea.
Account name; JOAO MENDES
Account Number; 4400520432011
Swift code; ECOCGNCN
Unless you wish to travel to any neighbouring country around you and make the payment with the required mode of payment of Western Union or money gram.
Attach is your B2 Visa Clearance Screening proccessing form, which you have to print out, then fill and return same to us by email attachment along with the screening fees. Any screening forms recieve, without the proccessing fees will not be given further attention.
Any screening formsreceive without the proccessing fees of 150 US Dollars will not be given further attention. The Immigration bureau representative to US and Canada has been implored to take full charge of all application influx fromcontinents other than north and south Americaby screening all would be candidates as this officeis mandated to under-go all collation and forward the same to the head office of the Immigration of the country you are about to enter.
Asia african coordinators(AAC) is a group of specialized Immigration Attorneys and Consultants who deal primarily with Immigration and Visa matters for the clients and represent clients all over the world. Immigration and Visas International is an international group that specializes in Immigration Services in the following Continents: North/South America, Asia, Europe and Africa. NOTE. You should make your possition known to us within72 hours of receiving this information..
Best regards
Dr.Patrick Goodnews
Mrs From: Canadian Immigration Services <canimg@usa.com>
Sent: Tuesday, May 19, 2009 6:17:48 PM
Subject: Visa Appointment date

The Visa section, under the services of Citizenship and Immigration Canada, deems it mandatory to notifyyou that we acknowledged the receipt of your work permit forms and having met the B2 Visa requirements, your entire document had been approved by the Director for Migrant Affairs Canadian Visa Authority Quebec immediatelly in other to appear before the embassy of Canada on 2nd of June 2009; by9am prompt for your Visa pick up at:

Street Address

6 Gregory's Road
Colombo 7, Sri Lanka

Conversely, you are requested to remit your Lawyers Signatory 268dollars and D.H.L Parcel Service Bill of489USDtotal 757dollars immediatelly to facilitate us deliver your parcels (Documents) to you and to the embassy of Canada before your appointment date. You are expected to reach us with your D.H.L parcel Bills before4 to5 working days tofacilitate the signatory anddispatching ofyour travel permit to the Embassy to enable them study the document ahead of your visa appointment date, which is on2nd June 2009. You should reach us with your payment receipt for confirmation through email attachment or by fax.To make your payment,Follow the instructions given below .

You will make your payment to the co-ordinator in Guinea where you obtained your Clearance certificate; pls email the African Asian co-ordinator in Guinea with aac@africamail.com for the payment by bank transfer detailswhile they will reach us with the payment through credit card.A copy of these documents below will get to the embassy while another copies toyou.

1. Your travel work permit to the Embassy and a copy to you
2 The original copy of your letter of invitation and a copy to you
3 Your visa pin code/ Your file number
4 Yourticket confirmation and hotel reservation confirmation in Canada (the reservations are expected to reach us from the Crusie Shipping Line within 24hours). Contact your company now for more confirmations on tickets and hotels and reservations
...You will only submit your passport international that day and get your visa that same date because we will post to their attention the original copies of these documents listed above and you will also recieve a package consisting of the same copies of the documents through DHL as well.Do provide us with your postal address for the postage.
Do not visit the embassy before the said given date otherwise your visa will not be authourised from here,resulting to the dishonouring of your visa to Canada because your document are yet to reach them by DHL once the payment is confirmed.

NOTE: Work and travel visas are been issued by the Canadian embassy.

Director of Immigration
Zone 6, visa services Ottawa
Mr From: Cruise Shipping Company Canada <cslcanada@royal.net>
Sent: Saturday, May 23, 2009 7:32:36 PM
Subject: Hotel Info and ticket to Canada

Applicant ,
You had been granted free hotel accomodation here in Canada at the nearest hotel near Cruise Shipping Company, you can find attached the hotel reservation information and receipt.1Ticket package had been enclosed and all the document (Original) had been forwarded to the Immigration Canada delivery department for delivery once your application process is finished.
We wish you good luck
Greg L Washington
Mr From: Canadian Immigration Services <canimg@usa.com>
Sent: Friday, May 29, 2009 7:06:26 PM
Subject: Health Form + Final visa appointment date

Congratulations; your document for your visa has been finally shipped to the Embassy of Canada for your visa; we also ship your own document to the Embassy as well because the information reaching us from the Embassyrecently statedthat you must provide your health insurance report and certificate.
But beforeyou getthe document; you must have completed your health Insurance form which had been attached with this email as instructed by the Embassy for all applicants
You will fill this form with the sum of 1500dollars attach the receipt to our email.Once the payment is completed together with your health insurance; you will be given a new date for your visa but if you could finish the procedure in within 5 workind days; you will still visit the embassyon the 10th June 2009to collect your visa.You will visit any hospital and reach us with HIVAIDS report and attach it to our email.The following document are needed from you within 5 working days
1.The filled health form
2. The hiv aids reports indicating your hiv aids free from any standard hospital in your country
3 Payment should be directed to the Insurance health center inGeorgia;United Stateswith Jones Williams.For more information pls email canimg@usa.com But if your country does not permit payment by western union, please you can easily email the co-ordinator in charge of your region and make the payment through emailing aac@africamail.com
Kind regards
Director of Immigration
Visa section, Ottawa
. When Sanath realized that it was a scam, he stopped all further contact with the scammers. He lost all the money he payed.

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